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Fate or my Chosen Path

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Chapter 3 – New beginnings

Keeping one hand on the small of my back while his other slid from my wrist down my arm and back up over my breast, I was unable to control my voice. Noises of arousal leaving me, my moans surfaced in quick succession unable to hold back falling prey entirely to the bond and this man. A growl of approval leaving his chest, Grayson finally retracted his fangs from my neck licking at the puncture marks he created slowly with utmost sincerity and intimacy.

Dropping his hands further down my body, Grayson wasted no time undoing the buttons to the top of my pants pushing his hand inside. Sliding beneath my underwear right into the heat of me, my eyes saw white as Grayson remained unaffected and full of eagerness and confidence. Caught up in his sudden unexpected action, there was not a chance or even a thought that I would stop him running through my mind. Might cheeks beneath me clenching tightly in reaction to each movement, my whole world was changing in a matter of minutes. Rocking into his fingers, I loved every second as my whole body hummed craving his attention and touch.

I was getting close, so close as he continued sucking as my neck anchoring me closer and harder into his body. Grinding into his erection, I lost all traces of what was right and wrong as his fingers continued slipping inside my folds without reservation. I could no longer bring myself to care about anything, this mate thing was the real deal. I had never been so swayed and overwhelmed in my entire life. No training or lecture could prepare you for this feeling ripping through me like a wildfire completely out of control. His presence was going to break me, destroy my will and totally consume me. With this man, there was no way I could protect myself and harden my heart, he just cracked me wide open. Though honestly, I did not think I could survive the pain of another heartbreak, that was not to mention the intense physical pain that would come with it.

“I will not hurt you.” His words shooting through the room with a low growl that echoed through the office. Thoughts! He could hear my thoughts, true mates could enter each other’s minds, at least what they intended to share. I had heard of it, but once again hearing it was nothing like experiencing it, especially when you did not know how to control it. “You are mine, there will never be another mate, but I need you… I need you now.” His eyes appearing to electrify before my very eyes as he pushed himself closer, his mere gaze sent my cheeks scorching hot.

“Sophie.” I rushed out my name before he took it straight from my mind.

“Caleb, I am Caleb Grayson little mate.” His grip tightening on my body, I felt his hand lift out of my panties to grip my breast with strength. Fingers pinching my nipple, his head fell into my neck as he continued to suck and nibble at my skin. Rocking his cock into my core, I entered his mind like he had my own. I could see and feel his excitement and desperation which matched my own sending me higher knowing he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

Needing more, I slid forward off the desk pushing my pants and underwear down as Caleb rushed unbuckling his belt allowing his thick cock to reach towards me unrestrained. His muscular arms running down my sides as his hands landed on my bare ass cheeks, Caleb lifted me back to the desk. His fingers trailing their way between my legs for a second time, thumping footsteps sounded down the corridor getting closer by the second.

I did not even care anymore, a passion filled haze taking over me, I needed this man, I needed him now. Ethan? Who was Ethan? Caleb, his name reverberated through my mind on repeat. I wanted him, I needed him… I needed him now, I felt like I could die without him. Grabbing me by the hips Caleb pulled me slightly forward pushing his way between my legs, positioning himself at my entrance. I could see the darkness and excitement in his eyes as I anticipated what it would feel like to be loved by such a man. His intensity burning right through my body, I chewed into my lips.

The handle of the door rapidly being forced up and down, the lock held on by a thread. Caleb’s eyes trailing over my shoulder darkening further as a blackness started bleeding into his eyes. A feeling of hate and malice poured through the bond into my body, it was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life, even at my darkest points. Locking his gaze back with my own, Caleb moved forward ever so slowly. Pushing through my entrance, Caleb’s cock ploughed inside my body burning through my skin as my folds widened attempting to accommodate his size. Deeper and deeper, Caleb continued moving as I gripped at his shoulders releasing a shaky breath.

His eyes were as dark as night as his lips pulled into a smirk like he knew something I did not. Banging and yelling coming from the other side of the door. “Sophie! Get your ass out here. What the hell have you done!” I could not even bring myself to care at Ethan’s yelling as my body took in Caleb’s full length, clenching around him. It had been so long since I had wanted sex, since I had wanted someone. I felt every movement and agonizing inch of him as he filled my pussy and stretched me wider than ever.

The door shaking again, Caleb’s lips collided with my neck as if in synchronization. His fangs penetrating my skin for the second time, I could not hold back as I almost screamed his name. “Caleb!” One word reverberating between our minds, “mine.” I didn’t know if it was my word or his, but I felt like that was what we were. Like the word would be branded on each of our hearts for an eternity. Caleb pulling back out, I whimpered at the loss before he pushed back in filling me fully. Groaning out, Caleb began hitting a steady rhythm moving his hands to my bare hips to jerk me closer with each thrust drumming all the way to the hilt of his cock.

The door continually rattling with more and more force, I could feel Caleb’s irritation grow as he picked up his pace slicing through my body with his weapon. Each stroke becoming harder as his fingers dug into the skin of my hips deeper. The heat within my core continuing to build to a point where I was losing control. Every grunt and groan from Caleb speared through my body sending me higher. Crying out as I tipped over the edge, I buried my own fangs into the base of Caleb’s neck almost viciously out of desperation. The action causing a loud roar to surface from his chest, I felt his warm seed spill inside my body coating every inch of my walls. Clinging to his chest, Caleb sat down in my large office chair pulling me with him to sit still straddling his lap. His cum still held in still by his erect cock, Caleb started to move my hips up and down forcing me to ride him.

The searing heat of my orgasm burning at my pussy, I followed his silent command to keep going as my knees dug into the chair. Breathless and sweaty, I slowed down unable to take the pressure still rippling through me. Stopping altogether I felt his hands tighten on my hips lifting me in the air as he drove his cock upwards continued to pump inside me. My insides throbbing with pleasure as my attention was drawn to the door rattling harder than before. Caleb turned the chair swivelling around as he spoke into my mind, “Focus on me Sophie.”

Finally bursting open, the door flew right off the hinges crashing to the floor as I froze with Caleb still deep inside my body. My nakedness exposed, I clung to Caleb with all my strength relying on him eternally for support and protection as Ethan stood in the doorway with a growl still bubbling in his throat.

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