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Erotic One shots - Each Chapter a new story Warning - my stories includes explicit, mature and triggering content that may or may not be of a sexual nature Do not read on if this is a problem

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Story Number 53 - Not What I Thought

WARNING - all my stories include explicit, mature andtriggering content that may or may not be of a sexual nature

Do not read if this is going to be a problem for you

He was mine. He was rich, powerful and handsome. He was my dream man, the prefect man. He loved me, and he cared. Thoughtful texts, late night phone calls, flowers and surprise visits. Just 5 months and I was hooked like an addict. The door to the bedroom opening, I watched from the bed as Andre entered the bedroom. Towel wound around his hips, his six pack trailed down to the V of his body which sunk low beneath towel level.

His eyes pinpointing my own, I turned my head as my cheeks heated. This was the first time I had seen him with so little clothing, the first time I had agreed to sleep over. Walking to the bed, a low chuckle reverberated through his chest as he pressed one knee on the bed leaning toward me. “Adorable.” When I did not think my cheeks could get any redder, I was extremely wrong. His hand softly placed on my cheek, he pulled my gaze to his own.

Swallowing the saliva in my mouth, I watched him, just waiting for what was going to come next. His hands faltering, he dropped them severing the burning contact of our skin. “Cass, I like you. I really like you, and I want more then anything to be with you, but I don’t want to force this before you are ready. Getting females has never been an issue for me, they have never meant anything, not until I met you.” My heart pounding, his honesty bit into me. I had known when he started pursuing me that he was a play boy… well play man, but even still, I could deny the attraction I had to him.

Keeping our relationship clean and causal, we had dated for a long time. Kissing and a little touching was as far as we had gone, he never pushed me for more. Still not having said anything, I watched as Andre slightly pulled back. Retreating from the mattress, I felt a swift kiss placed on my forehead burning the flesh. His voice turning quite shaky, “I… um, I thought this was a good idea Cass, but I might sleep in the guest room. I don’t want to force you, but I don’t trust myself to not ruin what we have if I stay.” His body turning, I could see the erection he was trying unsuccessfully to hide under his towel.

His voice almost sounding pained, my chest had a light burn as a sense of guilt and excitement set in. I made him like this, he was reacting to my body, holding back for my sake and the idea of a future together. Emerging from the bed slowly, I watched and followed after Andre as he walked to his closet. His shoulder blades protruding, I could see the deep breaths he took trying to calm himself before heading to the robe in front of him. Closing the distance, I walked silently behind him placing my head to his back as my cold hand closed around his body. His body flinching under my touch. “Don’t sleep in the other room.” My voice was so low, I was almost concerned he did not hear me.

Warm hands enclosing over mine, they dwarfed me, making me feel so small. Andre turning in an instant, I could feel the heat pulsing off his skin as he dragged my hands to his chest warming them up against his flesh. His lips dipping to kiss them softly, I could see the excitement in his eyes as he appeared to seem less eager than he was. “Are you sure Cass?”

Chewing on my lips, I could not get out a single word out as I nodded slowly. A small smile pulling at his lips, the simple display sent me turning my head unable to look as his dazzling handsomeness. Hands moving to my face, his mouth dipped lower taking my own. Softly pressing and pulling as his tongue continuously flickered out at my lips asking for entrance. Keeping my lips sealed tightly, I could not help but smile as his hands moved lower to my hips. Realising his intention to lift me, I pulled back breaking off the kiss. His eyes boring into me, I could see the desire clearly as day as I backed out the wardrobed to get back into the bed.

Following after me like a prowling tiger, he knelt on the mattress once more as his towel loosened falling to the cover before sliding off the side of the bed to the floor. Having snuck in underneath the covers, Andre pulled them slightly back slipping in while hovering over me. My chest quaking, I could feel the hardness of him against my thigh as his face grew closer seeking another kiss. This time as our lips met, I parted my mouth allowing his entrance as I thrusted my own tongue forward to meet his. Expecting to be devoured, I was surprised as he pulled back lowering himself further down the covers. A final peck on the lips, he peppered kisses across my jawline continuing down my neck to my chest.

Slowly pulling at my pyjama’s, his eyes watched me warily as if searching for an adverse reaction. Even when he was struggling with his own needs, my heart swelled knowing he was still so conscious of me. My hand reaching up to his own, he paused as I held him for but a moment. “Its okay Andre, I want to.” A breath sucking into his chest, his lips rose swiftly taking mine once more as he continued to strip me bare underneath him. Licking and pushing his tongue deeper, he finally pulled back leaving me breathless as his kisses once again took him down the length my body.

A single finger running from my belly button down to my centre, I could hear the rumble of hunger surge through his body. “You have no idea how many nights I have dreamt of this Cass, how many nights I have dreamt of you.” His words sending spasms of pleasure through me, I could not help but moan out under his touch. His finger tracing up and back across my entrance, I could not hold my voice as he chuckled with amusement. He body lowering further still, his tongue dipped inside my navel before he moved lower leaving a trail of kisses before his lips surrounded my clit.

Sucking softly his finger ever so slowly poked and prodded, opening me slowly. Sucking harder, I cried out as the finger finally sunk inside. Hooking and curling, I could feel it pressing at my contracting walls trying to clamp him in place. A final kiss placed at my clit, I could feel his body rising as his lips stopped just in front of my own. “I was worried you might not be wet enough Cass.” His voice clearly edged with humour, I could feel his body rearranging as he opened my legs. Pulling my ass down the bed to sit at the base of his knees, Andre’s lips moved to my ear. His voice sounding almost proudly, “but I was wrong, you’re soaking for me.”

His body slightly rising, I felt a flutter in my chest as his tip positioned at my entrance. It had been a long time, but I still knew how this went. Feeling like he thought I knew no better, feeling like he thought this was a knew thing for me. I had a burning itch to prove him wrong. My legs breaking free I used them to grip Andre’s hips, flopping him down to the mattress. Unsuspecting of my movements, he was easy to manoeuvre as a smile befell my lips playfully. Mimicking the way he spoke to me, I sat atop his waist leaning down to speak in his ear. “My turn.”

Moving my mouth to the tip of his leaking cock, I did not expect it to be so big. Fitting my mouth over his head, I placed my hand at the base of his cock as the body underneath me froze. Hearing a shaky breath leave his lips, my confidence soared as I sucked a fraction harder letting my tongue round the top sucking up every leaked drop I could get. Building up the saliva in my mouth, I slowly took him deeper down my throat, coating the length of him. A throbbing action physically pulsing through his cock, I could slowly feel it somehow growing bigger in my mouth.

A suppressed groan surfacing his lips, I felt like I was in control. It felt good, it made my pussy start to pulse with a heartbeat of its own as I licked and sucked taking him faster. Bobbing my head up and down quicker and deeper, I could feel him hitting hard at the back of my throat almost making me gag. A hand coming down of my hair, I choked loudly as cum shot into my mouth. My brain not registering what had just happened, I wiped at my mouth realizing he had just cum almost instantly in my mouth.

“Fuck me Cass! The man that taught you to do that better never let me find him. I kill him knowing what he has done with you.” His tone hard, I could not help but smile, almost giggling at his words knowing he was only joking. My face staring up at him from between his legs, I could feel his cum dripping down my chin as his body had me flipped and underneath him in a half second flat.

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