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Story Number 54 - Mate to which wolf

Alexis’ erection pressing deep into my core, it burnt my insides as his face watched mine intently. His eyes always searching my own to make sure I was okay, making sure that he was not hurting me. It had been this way since the day after we met. Alexis had wrapped me in cotton wool and never taken me roughly again. At first that was what I had wanted that, but now I wanted it, I wanted it hard and fast. I wanted it rough and exciting.

Softly just did not satisfy me, in fact Alexis did not satisfy me at all. He was nice, but I always felt like something was missing. His smiling face looking down at me, I could feel as he stroked in and out of my body, his hands softly running the length of my sides lovingly. Continuing with the same rhythm, eventually his muscles tensed and teeth gritted. I could see him holding back, see him struggling to maintain his control as we got deeper into the act. Yet he never wavered, never took things further. His cock pulling back, he was leaving my body. Leaving my body before even cumming. My hands gripping at his neck, I pulled his face to mine wanting this to work. Willing this to work.

My tongue slipping inside his mouth, I felt as his cock slowly re-entered my body throbbing hard. Moving my ass, I encouraged him faster as I dug my fingers into his skin. Trying to turn him over, he finally bowed to my will laying flat on his back as I rode him up and down. The pulsing between my legs growing, this was it, I was going to cum. Faster and harder, I forced his length the whole way in hitting deep inside me. Over and over, I was so close, so...

“Stop.” Alexis pushing me off his body with a huge amount of strength, I flew back against the mattress before slipping off the edge hitting the floor. His breath just as panicky as his voice, I still could not work out what the fuck was going on. My body throbbing from my near orgasm and now aching body from slamming into the floor, Alexis’ eyes filled my own as he lifted me from the floor apologizing over and over.

I would ask for more, ask for harder, ask for faster, but he would not even attempt to. With me he was always holding back, always holding onto his control. Never changing since that first incident. That first day we met. Now I took things into my own hands and I was thrown literally off the bed. His face awash with apology like that first night. I had been drunk. To be completely honest, I do not even remember most of that night, but I remember his hand gripping me so tight that I could pop. I remember him thrusting so hard that tears flowed from my eyes as I begged him to slow down. I remember the orgasm hitting me so hard that my brain fizzled out. I must have gone unconscious because what I remember next was a wolf and glowing eyes and all sorts of weird shit.

Walking down my street I played anxiously with my ring. I was engaged, but it was wrong, it felt wrong. I was swept up in the moment when Alexis asked, and now I was going to return it. I was going to break things off before it became too complicated. It was never going to work between us anyway, he had secrets that he would not share. We could not have sex properly, the bruise on my ass still reminding me of the other morning when I was thrown from the bed. God, we could not even talk about our feelings. He was aggressive, possessive and well weird would be the only way to put it. He was not what I pictured spending my life with. So I asked to meet him, meet him at the river where we first met and I somehow always found him.

Turning toward the reserve, it was getting late, but I had to do it today. I had to break it off, to be honest I knew he was going to be mad, but it was the right thing to do and I think deep down he knew that too. A bunch of shirtless men walking out from the far off tree line, they shoved and laughed at each other as I picked up my speed not wanting to get closer.

Averting my gaze, I could not help but peak out of the corner of my eye as a silence suddenly rang through the small clearing. One man clearly staring at me, all the rest of the young men appeared to be staring at him. Pausing for a second, I watched as Alexis ran out from behind them, closing the distance between us. A calm befalling my body, my anxiety at the sudden appearance of the group ceased. Alexis’ hands pulling my body firmly to his, he dropped his nose to my neck taking in a deep breath.

Now this is exactly what I was talking about, he did weird things. He was great and kind, but he had so many odd quirks. Pushing him back, I could not allow this to continue, we were breaking up. “Alexis, I need to talk to you about something.” The group now once again moving toward us, I almost lost my nerve, this was not a group affair.

With the widest smile on his face, Alexis turned me to face the men as he spoke. “Lucy, there is something I need to show you. Now that we are getting married, I have been given permission to...”

“Well that’s exactly what I need to talk to you about, but it is kind of a conversation we need to have in priv…” Cut off, I could feel his body rippling behind my own. Locking eyes with the same man that had been staring at me from across the open space, something felt different. I had no idea what it was, though as the slight rippling behind me turn into the full-blown shaking, my thought process was cut off. Turning to see what was wrong with Alexis, I could see the anger ripping through him. “Alexis you need to stop, you can’t be like this. I can’t do this anymore.”

Backing away from Alexis, I tried to back up faster only to trip. Not hitting the floor, strong thick arms surrounded me, dragging me back to a broad chest. It was the oddest feeling, but my body, it felt warm, soft and safe. A low amused sounding voice in my ear, the man spoke as growl ripped from in front of us. “I found you little mate.”

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