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Budding Rose, Book 3: Moving into November, Rose is into her soccer finals. The pressure builds up as to if Birch Creek is going to finally come home with a trophy, or leave empty handed again. Coach Tanner is hoping Rose will be his golden key to bringing the small bayou town a victory. As classes go back to normal, Rose is needing to balance work, school, living with Cassandra's ever growing affections, and tying to find time to date others. When is it the right time to stop dating someone new?

Erotica / Romance
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Saturday Morning in the City

I wake up to my phone singing ‘The One and Only’ at four in the morning. I don’t recall how much sleep I got, but I don’t think it was enough… Why am I getting up this early on a weekend? I ponder as I roll away from the warm body beside me. Soccer finals, right!

I lay on my back, staring at the ceiling. I feel so good this morning. “You are the one and only.” Nora’s sweet voice purrs. She shifts and snuggles against me. “Last night was amazing!” She lifts her head, looking at the hotel clock. “Why are we getting up so early in the morning?”

“I wasn’t sure if you were a morning person or not,” I say in a seductive tone.

Nora takes a moment for that to register. “Oh!” Then I feel her smile against me. “Does that mean I have you this morning? And maybe another shower?” she kisses my shoulder.

“Definitely.” I smile playfully.

Nora purrs and continues to kiss my skin. Making her way along my chest and up my neck. She slides on top of me. “Good morning, gorgeous.”

I slide my hands up her body and lace them in her hair. “Good morning darlin’.”

We kiss passionately. Her body pushes against mine as she does, reviving my senses. Looking for more, she smiles seductively and kisses down my body. I moan. I love waking up to a horny lover.

I continue to play with her hair as she kisses down my body. Like last night, she really knows how to tease pleasure from my breasts, and I’m soon gasping, moaning and whimpering as she brings me off.

She keeps kissing down and finishes waking up my stiffening member. “I want you in me this morning.” She says hungrily, letting my hard-on go with a popping sound.

She slides up my body, still naked from last night, and reaches down. She’s still inexperienced, so it takes a moment for her to find her mark, and tentatively pushes back. My hard-on finds her entrance. She gasps, rotating the knob around her opening, getting used to the size of me. I grab her hips and slowly push her down onto me. Nora squeals and then moans as I sink into her. She’s so horny this morning. It doesn’t take long for her juices to cover my shaft as we slowly work to get me deeper into her tight hole.

She brings her knees up and places her hands on my chest as she lifts to ride me. She has her eyes closed, gasping, moaning, and giving little squeals of pleasure, as pushes herself up and down on top of me. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last this morning. She’s so tight.

Nora’s not far behind me as I feel the wonderful feeling build and my hard-on swells. She gasps and lets go a long moan, cumming with me as I fill her hole. She smiles contently as she lays down on me.

I’m not done with her yet, and I roll us over. She gasps and then moans louder as I make love to her in earnest. The tempo of her gasps and squeals increases as I feel another orgasm building in her. I pick up my pace to make sure she gets the most out of it. When she stiffens and moans loudly. I stop my attack on her hole and let her ride out her orgasm.

She looks up at me. “Fuck me harder!” she commands.

As I double my efforts, I smile seductively and kiss her. I’m really glad she cuts her nails, otherwise, I’d have claw marks down my back as we go at it like two animals in heat. I feel sorry for her neighbours in the next room. We are anything but quiet this morning as my sounds of passion mix with hers.

We’re drenched in sweat. I’ve lost count of how many times she’s cum as we keep going. When she hits the largest one yet. I can’t hold back any longer and empty into her. Time stands still, and our bodies both stiffen in the release. It seems the orgasm last forever. It’s almost painful with how hard her hole is milking my shaft. I finally collapse on top of her. She holds me close to her as we both gasp for breath.

I don’t know how long we lay there, breathing hard, recovering from our intense morning rutting. Nora is the first to talk. “And I thought last night was amazing!”

I lift my head. Her eyes are even more orange in the dim light. “That was intense.” I smile dreamily.

“I don’t think my legs work…” she giggles. “Bad Rose, how am I going to play today?” We both start giggling. She pulls my head to hers and kisses me lovingly. “Gods, you are one hell of a lover!” she gushes. I kiss her nose. “Am I ever going to find someone else who can make love to me like this?”

“I don’t know,” I reply honestly. “Till then, there’s always me…” I say suggestively.

“Yes, I have you.” She purrs and we kiss again. We continue to kiss and hold each other closely.

“We should shower,” I suggest. “We still need to get dressed and go for breakfast.”

“You mean you have to leave me?” She pouts. Looking up at me with need.

“For now. This will not be the last time we spend together.” I promise.

“Okay.” She smiles. I go to get out of her and she whimpers. “I won’t like this?” I shake my head and pull up off and out of her. She gasps and whimpers. “Okay, I don’t like that feeling.” She whines.

“Sorry darlin’.”

I take a moment to get my balance. Wow! That took a lot out of me! She’s one hot tamale in bed. Making love to her is going to be fun in the weeks to come. She looks at me expectantly. I grin and then scoop her up in my arms. She gasps, squeals, then giggles, holding on to my neck as I pick her up bridal style.

“You are so strong! I’ll never get over how you can pick me up like I’m a mere child!” she sighs against my chest.

I carry her into the bathroom. This morning’s shower is short. Mostly to wash the sweat of our lovemaking off. It gives her enough time to regain the feeling in her legs — though she’s still a touch off-balance when we’re drying off.

I slip on my dress from last night and slip my panties on. I don’t bother with my body sock, and just hold it under my arm as I slip my shoes on. “Knowing how little you have underneath is tempting me to ask for more…” Nora purrs, running her hands over my shoulders, kneeling on the bed behind me. She’s wearing one of the hotel’s bathrobes. “It’s going to be a long week till I can be in your arms again.” She says sadly.

“If Matias has a movie date planned with Monique, ask him to bring you with him. We could double date.” I say, leaning back and kissing her.

Her eyes light up. “I’ll let you know,” and kisses me once more. “See you at lunch?”

“See you at lunch.” I smile. She smiles between kisses.

I gently break away from her, and she follows me to the door. “Till later, my lovely.” She smiles tenderly. She reaches up and cups my cheek. “I never knew I could love someone, crave someone… so much, after only one night together.” She caresses my shoulders. “You made my morning incredible!”

“You’re pretty amazing yourself.” I smile lovingly. “See you soon, mon choux.”

She kisses me one last time and waves to me as I walk away from her room, whistling. I see the door next to hers crack open. I wink, and it closes again with a giggle. She’s going to be so teased at breakfast this morning.

The night clerk does a double-take, and I wave to them as I leave the hotel. The moment I step outside, I regret not having worn more last night. Brr! It’s chilly this morning! I check traffic and stay by the hotel entrance till I spot the light is about to change, then dash across the street to my hotel.

I’m rubbing my arms as I go to the elevator. “Morning Rose”, Carol teases me as she comes out in a tracksuit, looks like she’s going to go for a morning jog. I get up to our room just before six, and the moment I close the door, Tina is in my arms.

I respond to her passionate kiss, dropping my purse and bodysuit as she drags me to the bed. “Where are Pam and Mia?” I gasp between passionate kisses.

“Out jogging.” She says huskily. “I’m looking for a different exercise this morning.”

She slips out of her robe and pulls my dress off. “Don’t rip these panties. I want to keep them for a while.” I feel her tug at my underwear.

“You’re no fun,” she pouts, dropping to her knees, and pulling my panties with her.

It doesn’t take long for me to get hard. Tina is the best head I’ve ever had. What she does to me is beyond description.

Once I’m rock hard, she pops my hard-on out of her mouth. She holds on to it, using it to pull me onto the bed. “Do you want me to…” I start as she lays back and pulls me between her legs.

“I want you to fuck me and don’t stop till you’ve come twice!” she commands.

I feel her need, sense her desire. She must have gone to bed horny last night and has been anxiously awaiting me to come back to the room — knowing I’d have to change before breakfast. She lets go of my member and pulls me on top of her. My member finds home. She’s so wet that I slip almost halfway in with no resistance.

“Yes!” she hisses. She locks her legs around the small of my back and pushes me in deeper. While not as tight as Nora, the things her vagina can do make me crave her every time.

We kiss hotly as we don’t waste any time making passionate love to one another. We have a hand on each other’s breasts as I revel in the feeling of her muscles as they grip and massage my shaft. It doesn’t take long before we’re both really going at it.

“Baby, push it all the way in!” she groans, as I feel her orgasm building. I shift myself forward and push deeper into her hole. “Yes!” she draws out, gasps and whimpers. I push again, deeper, harder, hitting her womb. I suddenly feel her vagina clamp down, not wanting me to pull back out as she hits her peak. The sudden feeling of her muscle tightening around my shaft triggers my first orgasm. Tina gasps and cries out. “Yes, fill me up, fuck me!” she yells.

I’m hoping that Penny, Amber, and the other girls have already left their room. I’m pushing the bed against the wall with the intensity of my thrusts. Nora has nothing on Tina when she’s at her peak. Tina’s a play-by-play vocalist in how deep, how hard, and how much she wants it. She moans how it’s so good, so big, and she wants it so much, begging for me to cum again. I don’t know how much more I can take of this. I’m pretty sure she’s just experiencing one long orgasm at this point. My crotch is soaked, as is the bed. We’re drenched in sweat, my arms and legs can’t take any more….

“Gods! I’m so close, so close!” Tina moans. “Fill me up! Cum with me!” she begs.

She doesn’t have to ask twice, and I empty myself into her. She gasps, squeals, and pulls me tight to her as we experience the moment of release together. I finally collapse on top of her.

“I so needed that this morning!” she lets go a happy sigh of contentment. “No one’s ever fucked me as you can. Thank you, baby.” She coos and kisses me deeply.

I lay on top of her, trying not to put my full weight on her body. “I’m glad we don’t play first this morning.” I moan. “You’re incredible!”

Tina giggles and kisses me lovingly. “You are the most amazing lover I’ve ever had. I never want to leave you.” She says, looking into my eyes. “Please never let me go?”

“Never will I ever let you go,” I say lovingly and we kiss again.

She holds me tight. “As much as I care about the others, I’ve loved no one the way I love you.” She says into my shoulder. “It scares me how deeply I need you sometimes.”

She pushes me up so I can look into her eyes again. “One day I want your baby.” She blurts.

I look at her, startled. “Not soon… I want to have a career first.” I relax in her arms. “But I want your baby when I finally settle down. Does that make me selfish?” she searches my eyes.

“No, not at all.” I smile at her lovingly.

“Thank you!” She pulls me down and kisses me lovingly.

Pam and Mia come into the room. “Wow! Couldn’t you two wait till tonight?” Mia teases, seeing us totally naked in bed. Neither Tina nor I have the strength to cover ourselves.

“My sister was right. You have one hell of a beautiful ass,” Pam says appreciatively.

“She said that, did she?” I say playfully as I lay on Tina’s shoulder.

“You two should come down and eat some breakfast, or you’ll miss the opening ceremonies.” Mia comments, grabbing a towel and dabbing the back of her neck. “I’m going to grab a quick shower and change into my school colours.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you downstairs, honey.” Pam kisses her girlfriend before she leaves the room.

“Good, that gives me time to get my legs to work again.” Tina sighs. “The things you do to my body, girl!”

Tina whimpers as I slip out of her. “I need an energy drink after that… both you and Nora wanted hot, passionate sex this morning.” I moan.

“How is she in bed?” Tina asks, caressing my back. I feel no jealousy in her comment, and it amazes me.

“I… um… took her virginity last night.” I start.

“Bad Rose! How many have you deflowered now?” she teases, and we giggle.

“Three, if you count taking Dee’s backside cherry, and then I’ll be taking Cassi’s tonight,” I reply with some concern.

“What’s wrong, sugar?” Tina senses my mood.

“I’m just feeling guilty that Nora gave herself to me like that.” I look up at her.

“I’m sure she knew what she was getting into.” Tina kisses me on the forehead.

“She says she’s falling in love with me and hopes we can be together again.” I sigh. “What is it with you girls?”

“You are the best sex imaginable. It’s why we keep coming back for more.” She says playfully. “Will you get smaller as you keep up with your hormone treatments?”

“Maybe in a few years from now? I’ll have to ask my endo about it.” I reply.

“So I get to enjoy this nice hard cock through to university?” she plays her hand along my body.

“Absolutely.” I smile.

“Good.” She leans down and kisses me lovingly. We hear the shower turn off. “Care to wash me down before breakfast, lover?”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” I kiss her again.

“Are you two still naked and in bed?” Mia probes, wrapped in a robe, towelling her hair.

“We were waiting for you so we could take our shower.” Tina grins. “Help me up?” she nudges me.

Mia stares at me, as I don’t cover myself up. She stares at my crotch, then my chest. “Wow..” is all she can say. “I thought you looked amazing in a bathing suit!”

I help Tina up, who leans on me. “When you can’t walk after sex, hun, that’s when you know it was amazing!” Tina says playfully. I give up trying to help her walk, crouch, and pick her up. Tina gasps, squeals and giggles as I carry her off to the bathroom. Mia giggles at our playfulness.

“See you downstairs,” I call back as I close the bathroom door.

Halfway through our shower, we hear the room door open and close. Tina isn’t looking for shower fun, she’s just looking to get clean, and get circulation back into her legs. We dry each other off. Get into our school shorts and Ts first, then slip on the sweatpants and jackets. It’s chilly this morning. We’ll want to stay in our warm-up suits till we’re ready to play.

It’s seven by the time we join the girls downstairs for breakfast. Half of them have already finished eating. We get teased that it’s about time we join them, and playfully question what we were up to. Mia unbashful tells the girls we were still naked, and the room smelled of sex when they came back from their morning run. Tina comes back at them with how horny she was. After what they got up to last night, what did they expect her to want when I finally came back to the room? Her comment leaves the table laughing.

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