Sinful Tales

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Enjoy this collection of erotic (and sometimes dark) short stories written by the dark writer. A little blood might be spilled, but everyone gets a happy ending here. ✨

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Freak Mansion

With trembling hands, I raise my arm and hold the heavy rock over my head. I don’t want to do this. Why are they making me do this? I could get caught and lose my scholarship over this stupid shit.

“Don’t pussy out now, Syd. You’re almost there,” Becca hisses out in a hushed voice from behind the trees. Next to her, I overhear laughter from our group of friends as she continues to taunt me. I hate being around that snobby bitch, but she happens to be friends with my best friend, Jules. So, I was forced to hang out with her by association.

Jules doesn’t even like her that much either, but since she’s also a cheerleader and friends with the rest of the squad, she feels obligated to invite her to our hangouts. I say forget Becca’s feelings and leave her ass at home because she’s always trying to get us into trouble. Afterall, it was her bright idea to play truth or dare and guess who got suckered into picking dare. Yup, you guessed it. ME.

Becca didn’t hesitate at the chance to make me suffer when it was my turn to pick dare. Which is exactly why I’m outside the freak mansion, about to break their windows with this huge rock. The deal is I have to throw three before I can make a run for it. It would be just my luck to get caught red-handed on the first one.

“Becca, this is ridiculous,” Jules snaps. “These people are filthy freakin’ rich. What makes you think they don’t have top of the line security cameras? For all we know, they could be laughing at us while the police are on their way right now!”

The thought of spending the night in jail 2 weeks before graduation makes my stomach churn. My parents would skin me alive.

“Take the stick out of your ass, Jules. Ever since Ryan’s crew busted their camera’s, they haven’t replaced them. I wouldn’t dare Sydney to do this unless I knew it was safe.” Right. Because Becca cares SOOO much about me. I still remember the time in 3rd grade when she snuck peanuts in my afternoon snack, knowing I was severely allergic to them. I’m still convinced she’s been trying to kill me ever since. Why else of all places would she pick the infamous Arison mansion, aka freak mansion.

There’s a story that’s been going around my small hometown for many years, and whether you believe it or not, it’s still scary enough to keep people from coming here. The Arison family is decadent of Jeff Arison, as in one of the world’s top ten serial killers. He brutally murdered over 30 people with an axe and when the police came to arrest him, he shot himself in the attic of his home back in the 70s. But people mostly stay away from this house because of his great, great, great, grandson- Blake Arison.

Blake used to go to school with us until about the 7th grade. He was a normal kid, just like the rest of us, until people started complaining about his unusual behavior. He was having these weird outbursts of rage in the middle of class for no reason and developing qualities like Jeff Arison. His strange behavior got so bad, his rich lawyer parents had to take him out of public school because he was too dangerous to be around. Mr. and Mrs. Arison told the school he was suffering a medical condition, but apparently that was just an excuse to cover up the truth. Legend has it, the soul of Jeff comes back to possess one of his descendants every 15 years so he can get his craving for blood.

Our sophomore year, Blake ran his car into a tree, killing his little sister. He felt so guilty about it afterwards; he punished himself. Like taking a knife to his skin and doing some damage kind of punishment. Now he doesn’t look the same. Some say he looks like a freak ready to consume your flesh and chew on your bones, just like Jeff Arison.

Over the years, the kids at my school dare each other to come out to the Mansion to catch a glimpse of the freak. Honestly, I’m not sure I believe any of that nonsense, though it still gives me the creeps. Unlike my friends, I don’t care about seeing what Blake has turned into. I just want to get this over with and go home.

“Sydney, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Let’s go home,” my best friend offers, but then Becca gives me a challenging smile and damn if it doesn’t change my mind.

It all happens so fast. I don’t even remember the exact moment I reared my hand back and threw the first rock. Then the second. Third.

“Run!” I heard Becca shout, but I was already fast on my feet before the third rock made an impact through the window. And you know what they say about karma. Well, that bitch came fully prepared to screw me over.

I was running through the thickness of the trees, halfway to my friends, when I tripped and fell over a hole in the ground. A sharp burning pain shot through my ankle and a warm liquid ran down my arm. Fuck. Slowly, I lifted on my elbow and saw the huge gash on my right arm oozing out fresh blood. I must have cut it on a sharp rock when I twisted my ankle. Oh, god my ankle!

“Jules! Marissa! Claire…. somebody help me!” I try shouting for help, but all my so-called friends are gone. Probably laughing hysterically as they speed away without even realizing I’m missing. I can only hope they won’t go too far without me.

Careful not to move much, I look down at my ankle, raising my pant leg. Thankfully, there’s no visible bone sticking out, so I’m hopeful it’s just a sprain and I’ll be able to walk the stage in two weeks. The hard part is getting up off the floor and walking back the long acre to the car.

I’m struggling to put pressure on my ankle when a twig snaps in the distance. My heat stops. “Hello?” I look back to the house, but no one has come to investigate, and I can’t see much of anything past the darkness. But I can feel it. Someone is watching me.

“Is someone there?” Great. Now I’ve become one of those stupid girls in the horror movies. Get up, Sydney, before you die like them too.

More snapping and shuffling through the bushes triggers my adrenaline, and I stand to my feet. It hurts like hell, but the last thing I need is to get caught by the owners of the mansion. Except they have already caught me. A shadow steps out of the bushes, the moonlight cascading over their hooded figure. This person is insanely tall, like almost 7feet and they’re holding something.

I step back and they walk faster. My soul leaves my body the minute I spot the outline of the axe. Holy shit. It’s Blake Arison, and he’s on his way to chop me up like thanksgiving turkey.

My ankle throbs as I turn around and run like my life depends on it. Well, because it does. Blake is hot on my tail as I weave my way through the trees and try to avoid stepping on anything that will make my ankle worse. At one point, I look behind me and Blake is right there. Just a few feet away from chopping me up and drinking my blood. I kind of want to tell him I won’t taste very good, but I feel like that would just entice him more.

My lungs are screaming for air, and I don’t think I can run any farther. He’s going to kill me. I’m going to die tonight. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact when I trip once more and fall flat on my ass. When Blake reaches me, he hovers over my exhausted body with his axe, and I try to get a good look at his face, but it’s covered by his hoodie.

“Please, just get it over with.” I’m a sobbing mess when he leans down on his knees to face me. If he’s going to kill me, I’d rather he gets it over with, so I don’t feel the excruciating pain. He tilts his head to the side and a scarred, chilly hand comes to cup my cheek, wiping away my tears. I’d almost think that gesture is sweet if he wasn’t seconds away from killing me.

I close my eyes and prepare for the worst when suddenly an angel from heaven appears. “Syd!” Jules is shouting for me in the distance. She came back for me. I knew I loved that girl for a reason. Blake gets up at the sound of her voice and disappears into the darkness.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jules appears at my side.

“I twisted my ankle back there. I need help.” She carefully lifts me up and wraps my arm around her neck. “Jules, he was here.”


“Blake Arison. I saw him. He was about to kill me with a freakin’ axe, and then you showed up!”

She stops to look behind her and sees nothing. “Well, the freak is gone now. I dare him to sneak up on us. I got pepper spray in my back pocket,” she speaks loud enough so he’ll hear her and then she continues to assist me to the car.


“Sydney Ann Marsh!”

I’m startled awake by my mother’s voice. It’s been three days since the incident at the freak mansion and I’ve been having terrible nightmares ever since. I was dreaming about Blake Arison chopping my body into tiny pieces when mom bursts through my bedroom door.

“I can’t believe you!” She points her manicured finger at me, and somehow, I know she knows what I did. My throat is dry and sweat trickles down my neck as she inches closer to my bed. “I raised you better than this.” She throws her phone down in my lap with video footage of me damaging the Arison’s property.

Becca is a lying bitch, and I should have listened to my gut instinct.

My mom shouts over the next hour about jeopardizing my future and the consequences I’ll have to face. Luckily, Mrs. Arison was kind enough to email my mother about the situation instead of going to the police. She thinks I’d benefit more from learning from this mistake of almost getting my scholarship taken away, then ruining my future forever.

However, I don’t really see much of a future because, as punishment, Mom is sending me to the freak mansion for an entire month. I’m supposed to clean and help Mrs. Arison with anything she needs. Including her son, who almost tried to kill me. I try talking mom out of it, but she’s already discussed this with Kelly (Blake’s mom) and says she’ll be more than happy to have me help at her home because the maid quit a few weeks ago.

Later in the evening, after mom is fed up with seeing my face and leaves the house to go run errands, Jules texts me.

HER: You really have to be at the freak mansion for a month?!

ME: Yup. (Insert crying emoji) I tried to tell mom about what happened, but she just accused me of telling lies to get out of my punishment.

HER: But we had summer plans. You leave for New York in two months and then I won’t see u very much! :’(

The reminder makes me want to cry. Don’t get me wrong, I was more than happy to be accepted to a college thousands of miles away from my shitty hometown. But I’ll miss my family and Jules terribly. I’d planned the whole two months to do as many fun activities as possible before I leave, but now those plans have turned to dust.

ME: At least we’ll still have July together.

HER: True, but it still sucks.

ME: Don’t rub it in.

I take a good five minutes to grab my crutches and go to the kitchen for a snack. My phone lights up with another message by the time I get back to my room.

HER: Fine, I’ll quit being a Debbie downer. Stay off the foot and remind me to give u a can of pepper spray just in case that creep pulls anything. You know I’ll always be your backup if you need it. Love u!

I smile and turn my phone off for the rest of the evening. My brain needs some peace and quiet.


Two weeks after graduation

Dread. Pure. Fucking. Dread is how I feel about the entire drive to the freak mansion. I put in my headphones, read a book, ignore my mother the whole way there, desperately trying to block out my emotions. I can’t believe my mom is making me stay with them for a month. All I want to do is cry, but I won’t give my mother the satisfaction of watching me break.

“Call me if you need anything or if there’s an emergency. I gave Kelly your dad’s work number and mine, just in case. Did you remember your EpiPen?”

My eyebrows draw together. “You don’t care if I die, remember? You’re sending me off with the boy who likes to play with axes,” I snort mirthlessly, shooting mom with a death glare.

She purses her lips, meeting my glare. “Don’t be smart with me, Sydney. You did this to yourself, and you owe it to the Arison’s for not putting you in jail.”

Slamming the passenger door, I get out of the car and unload my bags from the trunk. A petite blonde woman comes outside and waves from the porch. I’m assuming it’s no one other than Kelly Arison. I meet her halfway, dragging my luggage on the long cobblestone pavement. She takes one of my bags and waves again at my mother as she drives off, leaving me to die.

“Sydney, hi,” she chirps, flashing me her pearly whites. Weird. That’s not how I was expecting her to greet the girl who broke her windows. “You’re just in time for lunch. Let me show you to your room.”

I put the fakest smile on my face and follow her into the mansion. Kelly is absolutely gorgeous. She’s got that hot gym mom body, her skirt hugging at her hips in all the perfect ways. You wouldn’t think someone who looks like her would have a lunatic for a son. But hey, I guess people can’t pick who they give birth to, right?

We walk all the way up to the third floor and stop at the door at the end of the hall. Everything is so white and clean; I think for the most part, my cleaning duties around here will be fairly easy. The guest room I’m staying in is massive and there’s a balcony with a perfect view of the mountains. At least I can pretend to live lavishly while I’m here.

“My husband and I stay downstairs, but my son Blake is just across the hall if you need anything.” Oh, give me a break! “I’ll give you some time to get settled in and when you’re ready, you can come downstairs.” She says this with the same wide grin as if everything is peaches and cream.

“Kelly, wait,” I stop her before she leaves. As much as I hate being here, there’s something important I need to tell her. “I’m really sorry about what I did. You do not know how much I wish I could push a button and take it back.” Her expression doesn’t falter as she steps in front of me and pats my shoulder.

“I know it wasn’t your idea, Sydney. We all make mistakes and besides, that’s not the worst thing that’s happened to our home. People can be cruel these days.” Damn. She really knows how to make a girl feel like crap. I shift uncomfortably when she grabs my hand, her eyes pleading. “All I ask is that you’re nice to my son. Please…. he’s had a tough time these last few years, Sydney, and you seem like a nice girl. I think you guys could be good friends.”

Not if he tries to kill me first. “Yeah, maybe,” I say instead.

At the dining table, I meet Sydney’s husband, Robert. And to that I say… damn. If you think Kelly’s gorgeous, you should see her husband. Even with his streaks of gray, messy hair, and sweatpants, he still looks handsome. He’s not very talkative like his wife, but he still makes a little conversation.

Just when I thought my time here might not be so bad, I hear the slam of a door and then Blake Arison walks in and sits right next to me. From my peripheral, I can see that he’s wearing the same black hoodie that covers his face and arms.

“Sydney, I don’t know if you remember my son, Blake. You two used to go to school together,” Kelly announces.

I look down and glimpse his scarred hands before turning my attention back to my plate of delicious stir-fry. I clear my dry throat and speak softly, “I remember him.”

“Blake,” she hisses when he just sits there without acknowledging me.

I don’t expect him to say anything, but the moment he opens his mouth, I’m shocked. “Hello.” A deep masculine voice shakes me from the inside and my skin breaks out in goosebumps. That’s not good. You’re not supposed to feel voices like that.

But I can’t even begin to explain what it felt like when he reached out and shook my hand. I don’t know what the heck that was, but I could feel his touch linger from the tips of my fingers down to my rose-colored toes. I know he feels it too, because I have to pull my hand out of his tight grip.

After that awkward introduction, I tried hard to concentrate on what Kelly and Robert’s conversation was about, but my brain couldn’t comprehend anything other than the heat of the person sitting next to me. For one crazy moment, I wanted to reach out and pull his hoodie away so I could see his face. What is your problem, Sydney? This guy chased you with an axe. He will not be your friend.

“Honey, could you give me a hand in the kitchen?” Kelly asks her husband after lunch. I offer to help, but Kelly insists I am the guest, and they leave us alone. Just me and Blake.

Silence eats me away as we both sit here for a while. I thought it would never end, but I am shocked for the second time today.

“Which one of those dumb bitches talked you into it?” I swear if I didn’t know anything about him, I’d fall in love with him just by the sound of his voice. I mean, what the heck am I saying?

With a wobbly hand, I put down my glass of water. “Excuse me?”

“From what I can remember, Sydney Marsh is a good girl. You’d never do anything like that unless they pressured you.” He says this all while facing forward, never showing me his face. Suddenly, I want to play Sydney Marsh is a good girl on a loop with his voice.

“No one pressured me into anything, and I don’t appreciate you calling my friends dumb bitches.”

His chair squeaks as he shifts closer to me. “So let me get this straight. Your friends dared you to bust my windows, knowing we had security cameras and left you behind when you injured yourself and now you’re defending them. Sounds like you need to get better friends.”

“At least I have friends.” He says nothing after that. I regret the second those words leave my mouth. “I’m sorry-“

“No, don’t apologize,” He interjects. “Never apologize for speaking your mind.”

My cheeks flush with the heat of embarrassment and even though I shouldn’t feel bad, I do. “I mean, maybe you’d have more friends if you didn’t chase people around with an axe like a madman.” The least I can do is give the guy some advice.

“You and your friends came to see the freak mansion, so I thought I’d give you a show,” he mutters and takes a sip of his water.

What? “So you were just messing with me?!” How dare he scare me like that! I stiffen when he pushes his chair back and stands behind me. His scarred hands come down on the table, trapping me with his body. I flinch back.

“What do you think?” he chuckles, and I hate to admit that it’s the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard. “Maybe I planned to get you back here, so I could get you all alone.” He takes a strand of my hair and curls it around his finger. I can smell the musky scent of his cologne and it triggers the slow growing ache in my lower belly.

“I’m not scared of you,” I sound breathless, knowing damn well he saw the fear in my eyes that night.

The weight of his chest comes down on my back. “You should be,” he whispers in my ear, sending chills down my spine. I release the big breath of air I was holding when he leaves the dining room, and I don’t see him for the rest of the day.

Sometime after dinner, Kelly knocks on my door to talk about all the chores I’ll be helping her with while I’m here. I bite down a groan when she tells me most of those chores will involve Blake. He doesn’t have a license because of his “medical condition”, so I have to be the one to drive him around to his appointments and other important events. She also wants me to keep him company during the day because he spends far too much time alone.

I’m happy to learn that the dude wasn’t trying to kill me, but that does not mean I want to become his new bff. Nope, I want absolutely nothing to do with him.

I tell myself this when I’m in the shower and our interaction pops into my mind. I tell myself this when I’m still thinking about him five minutes later while I’m brushing my brunette hair. I tell myself this when I’m in bed and restless, my hand sliding down to my panties and I make myself come to the thought of his scarred hands touching me.

This is going to be an interesting month...

Part II coming soon.

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