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In the blink of an eye, there’s one person who can change your whole life. “You, will, make, me, look good and that is all, will not sleep together, will not kiss unless needed, not touch unless relevant to the audience.” His large finger lifted her chin and she could see a storm flash threw his eyes. They closed immediately as pain struck his face. His finger left her chin leaving the spot to frost over with coldness at his next words. “You’ll never, ever, be in my bed, nor will you ever feel my love, understood,” he growls a death growl. Please keep in mind, this story is unedited.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Landon

I’ve known for a few years now that I would one day have to marry. My father tells me I will like her, I seriously doubt that. No woman has ever brought me joy, I’ve never liked anyone of them truly. Unless he’s found some drool worthy model from a runway in Paris or LA it’s not worth my time. I stand at assertive power as men come at me. Fending off everyone of there blows, unresponsive to there initiations to defeat my blows. Training is always a task I’ve found to be down right boring. Father says it’s a necessity, I think it’s pointless. Other then the girls that watch I'd fall to the ground trying to keep my eyes open from boredom. “LANDON,” my fathers shadow calls from the steps.

“WHAT,” I yelp as it throws me off and I take a hit to the gut pissing me off.
I growl and grip the towel from the trainer maid, wiping my face. In a second flat the wolf that hit me is lying on his back on the ground from my returning hit. Growling more as I walk across the yard towards the steps. “You could wait until a match is over,” i snark at Biden who’s now looking threw the schedule for the day.
His eyes wander up me to my eyes, “it’s urgent,” he says with a slight smirk.
Sometimes I wish I could wipe it off his face with a good smack but then again he is my fathers help, and good friend not to mention, human. The mere thought of killing him that way would send the whole pack into a frenzy of questions.
Instead I smack his clipboard out of his hands and keep walking for the doors. Stalking in to find my father in the sitting room. His casual comfortable sit tells me he’s not in a bad mood thankfully. My heart stops dead as I smell the air, the sent giving me chills. Struggling to swallow and breath I stiffly walk farther in to see an older man and a very young redhead seated across from my father. The mix of both sent’s driving my defences up. Human and a different wolf, what in the world is this. I frown as my father points a long finger at a chair, then it hits me with absolute knowledge. That and the brick wall of this smell I can’t put a name to. My scalp tingles as I sit, and look at my father patiently awaiting his explanation. It’s then that I immediately feel the stare. “Landon,” my father says, breaking me from wanting to meet the heated gaze of the owner boring into me.
My eyes instead flash to his resisting my first response to heed to the eyes of the stare. “Yes father,” I respond respectfully.
“The discussion we had the other day, about you marrying,” he continues.
“Yes father, I remember,” I answer quickly the eyes now boring a whole in my head like death.
“I’d like you to meet Renesmee Frederick, her father is Alpha Frederick of the half moon pack,” his father informs him.
Shit that’s exactly what this is, my bride, the one that’s supposed to be my equal. She’s human though I can tell that much. There’s something else though, and I can’t figure it out. I stand as her father nudges her and she stands, she steps past him towards me and I’m hit with a new sent. One that makes my nostrils flare, my wolf dose backflips and howls. 'NO, DOWN BOY, SHES HUMAN, and she’s super young'. My eyes widen as I reprimand my wolfs instincts to fuck the living shit out of her. Perhaps it’s because of the new sent, driving me nuts I can feel my member twitch as well then this dull pair of green eyes smack me across the face making my lips part. Oh if they could shine. 'STOP YOU IDIOT SHES A CHILD!' I inwardly bark, my heart racing, thank god for the cover of training.
“Hi,” she says quietly, just loud enough for me to hear.
Her gaze drops submissively and this makes my body go into over drive, Fuck man get a damn grip! I take her hand as she raises it and the air thickens so thick you couldn’t cut it with the sharpest of knives. “Hello,” I respond.
“Good, now then, the wedding will be 2 weeks from today, we’d like for you two to get to know each other as much as possible before then,” my father says.
Her father stands a saddened look on his face, “yes pumpkin, you’ll stay here at the full moon pack house,” he informs.
We both turn looking at him, my eyes probably more wide then hers, although she looks super frightened. “Father, um, don’t you think perhaps this is,” she starts to say but his hand flys up stopping her.
“I’ll see you next weekend dear,” he says then leans in kissing her cheek as two suitcases come in the door.
“I, um,” she steps after him to the door, stuttering.
I almost feel sorry for her as a pang of sympathy hits the pit of my stomach, then the smell hits me again as I walk towards her. Witch, the smell grows in my nose and I can’t be anymore appalled. Then the human side of her it’s me again and I tens up as she turns to look at me her father closing the door. My eyes start to blur as my father talks to her, my wolf fighting me. I turn quickly away and start walking for the door as my blood boils, he just comes and pawns off his daughter stupid half moon pack always doing shit like that. I take off out the house doors shifting into wolf and run as fast as I can threw the woods to the cliffs. I need to clear my head, I also need to come to terms with this girl before I kill her, either by my strength or rape. My wolf so all over the place with her smell. Witch, dose she know, but her human side and she found me attractive I know it, I could smell her arousal. She can’t be a day past 18 if she is, if she’s older I’ll be dammed. Do witches age slowly, I could tell she was scared, that’s when I was hit from the side. I felt fuzzy and heated, angry, furious even. I rolled and finally my claws caught ground, stopping in a cloud of dust. I was met with a heated stare and growl, matching my own anger. My stance growing taller as I stood up more, the wolf in front of me now shivering a bit and lowering his head. ‘I’m sorry, I hit you so hard,’ he said mind linking me.
‘Your from the half moon pack, I can recognize that stench from anywhere,” I growl back at him.
‘Hey careful Alpha to be, your bride to be is one, and I’m sure you won’t mind the smell when your pounding that tiny ass from behind,’ he snorts.
I let out a growl making him cower slightly, ‘WHAT DAMN BUSINESS IS THAT OF YOURS’ I snap.
‘I, I, I’m sorry, I mean um, I just, well, sh-she um, she is part of our pack ya know, and, I mean we, sh-she and I’ he started to stammer before I stepped closer.
My eyes widening as I stopped, ‘she’s your mate,’ I asked.
‘Uh, huhuh, n-no, I mean, we used to hang out and, um, stuff,’ he stutters more.
It’s then that I realize this kid is as young as she is, ‘how old are you kid,’ I ask, backing up a bit.
‘Uh, 7-17,’ he stutters.
‘And how old is she,’ I ask, sitting down, fuck me if he says 17.
My eyes close, I’m 24 what the hell am I to do with a wet behind the ears 17 year old. I look at him waiting for a response, as he sits down. ‘She’s, 19,’ he says and hangs his head.
‘I see,’ I respond, well at least she’s not under age.
‘I really l-like her, and, um, she stood up for me when I needed it, kinda like a big sister but, not really,’ he whimpers.
‘I see, so basically your telling me your into older woman,’ I almost giggle at the comment.
‘Yes, I mean, n-no, no, that um, she don’t see me that way,’ he stammers.
‘She was picked on too, in school, and some of the girls still pick on her still cause she’s adopted and different, but she’s the Alphas daughter so, I mean, they never went too far’ he informs me more.
‘Mm, you should get home kid before someone notices your gone, you should also not go after a next in line alpha, you could get your ass killed doing that,’ I tell him.
‘Your lucky I have restraint,’ I say more.
‘Y-yes sir, I was just kinda mad that her dad brought her here, and all because you need a wife to become alpha, and I mean the fight,’ he says then whimpers and lays down.
‘Crap, um, disregard that, I have to go,’ he says quickly and takes off running back for his land.
Fight, what fight, now I’m intrigued, and I’m relieved that she’s not underage, slowly I turn watching his tail disappear threw the trees. How bad can a fight be between anyone and a witch.

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