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How many sexy secrets can one Southern girl have? A former lover. A bachelorette party. A night she'll never forget. Helena King has always been the kind of girl who has secrets, but she promised never to keep a secret from her fiancé, Blake. The strength of that promise will be tested when Helena's best friend/maid of honor/secret former lover Raven comes to town for the Mardi Gras themed wedding festivities. Can Helena have her cake, eat it, and still keep her pristine good-girl reputation intact for the sake of her father's political career?

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All the breath left Helena’s lungs in a hot rush when Raven strode into the bar, decked out in a killer little black dress. A Mardi Gras mask was perched on top of her coffee-dark curls, and beads accented the neckline that plunged to highlight her pert breasts. This delectable beauty was her best friend, and there was a time when she’d been much more than that.

Helena licked her lips and waved. “I’m so glad you could make it!”

“Are you kidding?” Raven pulled her into a fierce hug and planted a lingering kiss on her cheek. “I wouldn’t miss my bestie’s bachelorette party for the world!”

Helena’s fingers burned with the effort it took to resist stroking her former lover’s hips. After all, one never knew who might be watching and Helena had appearances to keep up. If it were only her reputation she had to worry about, Helena might have come out, but her father’s political career hinged on the image of his “perfect” Southern family that embodied the majority of the voters’ values. In Mobile, Alabama, it would not do for the governor’s soon-to-be-married daughter to be outed as bisexual, but that didn’t stop her from aching with the desire to rekindle what she once had with Raven.

“So…” Raven absently twirled one of her curls around her finger. “What’s the plan for tonight?”

“Well, Blake and I agreed on no strippers, so I’m thinking we round up all the girls and bar hop before and after the parade. Sound good?”

“Sounds like fun!” Raven smirked, and Helena didn’t miss the mischievous, tempting twinkle that fluttered through her dark hazel eyes. “How long do we have before the other girls get here?”

“Not sure,” Helena shrugged, toying with the hem of her skirt to keep her fingers busy. “I told everybody six, but you know how relative a concept time can be down here.”

“So, no time to get into trouble, but what do you say to a tequila shot for old times’ sake?”

“Ooh, starting the night dangerously, huh?” Helena wrinkled her nose and grimaced.

“Come on,” Raven coaxed, with her signature seductive grin. “A little tequila never hurt anybody, especially not at a bachelorette party.”

Helena had always been weak for that smile. Raven knew how to undo every single one of Helena’s best intentions with just a bat of her eyelashes or a quirk of her luscious lips.

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