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Chase Of Paradise

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Emerging from his past October James is looking for love to be his key to paradise. Shackled by his past October struggles to learn to love again. October meets four women that becomes his keys and wins his heart while he matures in his world. Can love survive for October and his lovers or will his past dwell over his future?

Erotica / Romance
Jamal Byas
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I wrote this story to express my feelings about people who have a disability and it led me to publish the story.

I took my time to fix my story and make sure I did not leave out any details about the story.

This is my eleventh edit even though I thought I was done with the story the first ten times.

Just a reminder that this story is not for kids. The materials in the book are too strong for a child to read.

This book contains bullying, name-calling, strong sexual situations, nudity, drug use, strong language, thematic material, and strong sexuality.

As the story was being written the details got completely darker and lead to a better idea and versions of the story.

This book did start off based on my life in high school in a fan fiction way, but I fictionalized the story to stick to my roots.

This is my first book.


Jamal Byas

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