Jenna and the Professor

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Jenna has to get an A to stay in school. Will she accept the offer her Professor will give her for the A. Or will she quit school because she didn't want to sleep with him? Jenna was a student who was on the edge of getting kicked out of school for not having enough money. She needed to get an A in one of her classes to stay . Little did Jenna know that the most popular class wasn't just for learning something inside the classroom. The Professor chooses a girl who will sleep with him in every office appointment for the semester and that student will get an A. To her surprise, she was chosen as that student. Jenna wanted to make sure the Professor lets her live her life outside of the office visits. Will Jenna be able to handle the stress of the office visits and hanging out with the boys upstairs without the Professor getting jealous? Will Jenna be able to have a surprising relationship with a hot guy too? Jenna starts to realize her sexuality as well as keeping all the men in her life in line. This is a story full of love, sex, jealousy, sex and a little more sex.

Erotica / Romance
Jenna Snap
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Chapter 1

Jenna was in deep shit. Since the school has changed their scholarship requirements this year, she needed to find a class that would give her an A to stay. She looked at the course catalog and looked for an easy A. Of course all of those classes were already full. Then she started looking for interesting classes and she saw one that looked really interesting. Intro to Biochemistry. She’s always liked science and when she found out she could add it, she automatically signed up. Then she realized it was being taught by Professor Faughton. And she thought “uh-oh”.

Jenna knew that this class had a reputation. She just thought it was hearsay. A couple seniors bragged about how they slept with the Professor and how they got A’s just for doing that. She asked some of the girls to see if they knew anything about it. Always same reaction, a sarcastic laugh, and usually a lot of girls saying good luck. But a couple girls told her if you really want him to choose you as his “girl” there were things that needed to be done.

They told her that she should wear tight fitting clothes. Maybe even a button down blouse that will show her cleavage. They said the only way you know he’s into you is if he asks you to come to the other side of the desk and look at the monitor. Jenna thought that was ridiculous, but she really did need that A.

She kept asking herself over and over “is it really worth it?” she finally decided it was. It wasn’t like he wasn’t a bad looking man. He was little older, with a touch of grey in his hair, which she always thought it made guys looked sexy. There was something about him that Jenna found attractive.

The day of her meeting with him, she wore a button down white long sleeve shirt with the shirt sleeves unbuttoned. She wore her only really sexy black lacy bra, so she could show it off under her blouse. Jenna wore a skirt that was half way down her thighs so she could hide her garter belt to hold up her black thigh high pantyhose. Jenna hated to wear heels, they always made her feet hurt. She never wore heels unless absolutely necessary. And she thought it was absolutely necessary to be picked.

She wore flats as she walked through campus and slipped into the red stiletto heels when she was right at the professor’s door. Jenna was nervous and pretty much terrify. She thought to herself all day, “He’s never going to pick me, I don’t even know why I’m bothering. I’ll just have to work extra hard to get this A.

Jenna had one last glance at herself in the mirror right outside the Professor’s office. She went for a more natural look, she didn’t want to seem like too much of a floozy. That made her laugh in her head, but she was scared shitless. She just had to keep telling herself “this will keep me in school.She stood there in front of his door for about 30 more seconds and took a deep breath.

She knocked lightly on the door. She heard a “come in” from behind the door. She came in and was kind of in the dark. He was looking at his computer and without looking at her he said “shut the door, might as well just lock it; just in case Professor Casey comes roaming in here like he normally does.”

Jenna didn’t know is that was a good sign or not. He told her to step into the light. And right then and there, she saw him look her up and down. Twice. With a little sexy smirk on his lips, he said, “Come sit down Jenna. So you need help with this week’s assignment?” Jenna answers “Yes, sir.” She was told by one of the seniors that you had to always end your sentence with “sir”. It took the Professor a back a little. Looked at her with amusement in his eyes. “Why Miss Snap, you’re so proper. I like that” he says with a smile. Gave her another look at her chest. This made Jenna really nervous and embarrassed. She didn’t like to be judged on her body alone.

“So what is the problem?” The Professor asks while still staring at her body. Jenna explained what she was having problems with and he told her to step over to his side of the desk to see his monitor. Jenna smiled for that. She knew she was passing phase one. She walked over to the desk and while she was looking at it, she shoved her cleavage close to his face while looking at the monitor. Jenna felt like a fool. But she was kind of enjoying the fact that he was still interested. “So Miss Jenna, you look very nice today.” Jenna looks at him with a blushing face as he stares at her chest again.

“Thank you, sir.” He points very close to her chest and says that her shirt’s a little low there. Jenna then asks “would you like me to button up sir?” Jenna thought, “shit, did she screw up or something?” He shakes his head no. “That won’t be necessary Jenna.” He starts to graze her breasts with a pencil while she is still looking at the monitor. Jenna was scared on how turned on she was getting with a touch of a No.2 pencil.

He looks at her and says “Jenna, I’m sure you heard sometimes when I find a student attractive,” he paused for a moment, eyeing Jenna up and down. “Would you like me to teach you some things?” She whispers “Yes, sir.” Jenna thought to herself, “Oh God, do I ever.

“Very good Jenna, you are catching on fast. You’ve been trained well, start unbuttoning your blouse.” She leans on the desk as she unbuttons her blouse. She starts getting really turned on by this but she wondered why her hands were shaking.

“That’s a beautiful bra. I first noticed it when you came in.”

He grabs her hips and turns her around making his legs on the outside of hers. As he watches Jenna, he commands her to “keep going.” with a slight glaze of sexiness in him. He starts to rub his hands on her thighs as her shirt comes off and hits the ground. “Beautiful” he whispers to her, biting his lip.

She was instructed before that she had to always look at him in the eyes. She hated doing it, but she kept her eyes locked on him.

“Stop looking so scared Jenna.” The Professor says this with a suggestive smile.

Jenna asked him “how do you know I’m scared?”

He puts his hand on her chin to lift her face up. “It’s in your eyes. Just relax, why you don’t put your knees up in my lap.”

As she lifts her thighs, her thigh high kept peeking through her really short skirt. She puts her knees where he pointed to on the space on each side of his lap. Making her straddle him. Jenna thought “It’s just for an A, It’s just for a fucking A. Just breathe.” He takes a feel for getting his finger under the beginning of the thigh highs, and snaps it. She gasps. He whispers “nice” looking right into her eyes.

He grabs the back of her neck and brings her mouth to his. He begins to passionately kiss her. He starts to explore her mouth. Jenna was a little taken back, since the girls never said anything about heavy duty kissing, but she went with it. He started moaning, she could feel the bulge come up in his pants. That really turned Jenna on. She thought, “hey, maybe he does find me attractive.” She started to move her legs a little more towards the middle which was teasing him senselessly.

He then pulls his mouth to the side of her face and starts kissing her neck all while tangling up her hair, directing her where he would like to move to. Jenna starts to dry hump him through his jeans and he then notices that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

He just stops and smiles right at her, “wow. Bold move Ms. Snap. No one has ever come in this office with no underwear on in the first visit.” She smiles right back feeling proud of herself. That was her choice alone. He then pulls her forward a little so he can unsnap her bra. Once he glides the straps off her shoulders, he pauses for a moment to observe how hard her nipples were. “Whoa, Jenna, you must be horny. Is that because of me, or are you cold?” He starts to feel these nice beautiful nips. “I do believe it is you sir.” He just cannot believe how hot she is making him.

He pulls Jenna closer in, and begins gentling pulling on her right nipple with his teeth.

He circles around her nipple again and again, where there is this little whimper coming from Jenna.

“What are you doing Jenna?” he takes his face out of her breasts for a second.

“I was told you don’t like too much sound coming from the female students’ sir.”

He was trying to think of why on earth they would say that?

“On the contrary Ms. Snap you were missed informed. I like hearing you moan. It turns me on. Just don’t be too loud. Dr. Frankensteckle is next door.”

He continues with Jenna’s nipples. “I have never seen such fabulous tits before Jenna…” He pulls one of her nipples with a tug and she makes a sensual gasps. “That’s what I like to hear.” he smiles and he continues sucking at this new treat he has gotten. Jenna didn’t realized how aroused she can be by looking at him looking at her when he had her nipple in his mouth. He lifts her off his lap and leans her on the desk while he unzips his fly.

“Why don’t you spread your legs out for a little bit Jenna” As he sits back down, Jenna starts to remove her garter belt disconnecting her thigh highs and spreads her legs out and moves the small skirt over. She places her legs on the armrests, each leg on each side. Her heels touching the back of the seat. She leans her elbows back when he begins to kiss her inner thighs, brushing his teeth over her thighs. He starts to edge in more with his head closer to her sex. His hands are on her sides and pushing her a little forward. She can feel his warm breath on her upper thighs as her skirt goes over his head.

He comments, “God, you smell so good Jenna.” He puts his mouth on top of her sex. He gives it one long lick then blows on it. “Oh my god, sir.” She could feel his lips smiling. She has never experienced this before, the goose bumps on her arm was making her shiver. “You like this Jenna?” He brings his head out of her skirt waiting for an answer. He could tell she was getting aroused. He loves when his “girls” are getting turned on by him.

“Yes sir. Yes I do, sir.”

He thought to himself, “how hot she looked leaning on his desk on her elbows. She looked like a Playboy model.” He smiles. “God you’re hot,” he said. He moves back to under her skirt. He starts to kiss her sex and starts flicking his tongue, as his hands are massaging her thighs. Jenna arches her back, and leans her head back and moans.

He says into her crotch, “Yes baby, and enjoy it. It’s going to be rough soon.” Jenna didn’t know what to think about his comment. But what the hell, she didn’t care. It felt fucking fantastic.

He starts to drag his teeth into her wet lips. He sticks his tongue onto her clit. He starts to swirl around. The Professor thought “it won’t be long now, god she taste so sweet.” She grabs the edge of the desk and moans loudly.

“Oh baby, you’re ready. Why so soon? Do I need to stop?” She sits up, “oh no sir. I am loving this, sir.” He kneels up a little and takes his head out of he skirt. The Professor looks at Jenna and she is starting to breath heavily. He smiles devilishly, and he shoves two fingers in her vagina. She gasps. The Professor realizes “You’re not ready yet baby. Are you?” as he moves his fingers in and out. Continually thrusting deeper and deeper. “No sir. I can be ready when you want me to be sir.”

“Good answer, Jenna.” He lowers his head to under her skirt again. He says under her skirt, “you ready to cum Jenna?” As he starts to tease her clit again. “Whenever you would like me to, sir.” Her voice changes more and more with more need. He starts to finger her harder and harder. She is ready. He knows it. He then says while he pulls his fingers out, “this is your test Jenna.” He puts his hand on her back while she brings her hands lower and panting. He goes to his drawer while saying the rules.

“You are going to hold yourself up by your elbows.” He leans into whisper into her ear, “and you are going to just take it,” he smacks her ass and she gasps. “Understand my sweet?” She takes hold of the edge of the desk.

Jenna says weakly like she’s a little frightened, “yes sir.” She hears him rip open a foil wrapper, and moves her skirt so it is out of the way.

“Are you scared Jenna? You act like you want it, you’re wet enough. And you put your hair in a ponytail. It’s almost like you’re asking for it missy. Are you?” He moves her hips to adjust her to line up with him. “I can’t hear you?”

Jenna is ready, she can’t stand the suspense, but she knows he’s doing it on purpose.

“No sir, I am not. I’m sorry if I offended you, sir.”

He puts two of his fingers in her again. “Still wet for me, huh? You know how much that turns me on?” He slowly goes in and faster going out. He puts his fingers in front of her face. “Suck it Jenna.” She puts her mouth on his two fingers. Jenna has never tasted herself before. But when she sucks his fingers, it was sweet. “Hmmm. I think you’re ready.” He pulls on her ponytail while she lets go of his fingers. And right then and there, he just shoves his dick right into her. She gasps. “That’s right baby. Get ready.” And he just starts slowly, letting it go in and out, in and out. He starts going faster and faster getting hotter and hotter on both of them.

“Oh shit, Jenna.” He lets go of her ponytail and holds on to her hips. Pushing him in deeper and deeper. She starts moaning, louder, and louder.

“Now when I say to, you’re going to cum, okay?”

Jenna barely can say “yes, sir.” He goes faster and faster. He starts moaning and he can’t handle it anymore.

He loudly says, “Go Jenna go, cum now.” Right at that second she explodes. She screams out “fuck, sir.” And right when she says that he cums just as hard. Holding her still when he just lets go. They both collapse on his desk. Actually hitting the keyboard, he picks her up off it and sits her in his chair while he takes his condom off, ties it in a knot and throws it away. He zips his pants back up and gives Jenna her shirt and bra back. She starts to put it on. She gets up and refasten her thigh highs back to her garter belt.

He sits back down in his chair. “Well Jenna, I really, really hope I helped you today with your assignment. Could you possibly need more help on the assignment later on this week?” At first, she’s confused, but then she realized he wants to do this again.

“Why yes sir. Any help I can get of course would be appreciated sir.” He just looks at her up and down like he did in the beginning of the office visit. He looks right at her with a half-smile says, “good.” After that,after what of could been 20 minutes or 3 seconds. Jenna doesn’t know what else to do so she turns around, unlocks the door, and walks out. Jenna then sits down on the chair right outside his office and thinks “what the fuck just happened”. But she didn’t care, smiled and walked down the hallway.

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