Jenna and the Professor

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Chapter 7

They came up for air after laying in each other’s arm for a little after, Jenna realized Sam is expecting her soon. But she didn’t want to tell the Professor. Jenna thought that would be hiding things from him. Jenna went to the bathroom to wash up. The Professor puts his clothes back on and Jenna comes back in and starts dressing.

The Professor can see something is bothering her. “Jenna, you’re being an open book again, baby what’s wrong?”

Jenna sits on the bed, “Before we started fighting, Sam and I made plans to meet in an hour. That was 15 mins ago. I know this is the worse time, but I don’t want to hide anything from you.”

The Professor sits next to her on the bed. He takes her hand. “That’s all I can ask for, no matter how jealous I get, I want you to tell me everything. And I will too, to you. God I am the luckiest guy alive right now, you know that.”

Jenna smiles and he kisses her hand and then kisses her lips. “Alright, let’s get you back.” She gets up and he smacks her lightly on the ass.

While they are driving back to campus the Professor is giddy. It’s almost a tad bit annoying.

“Okay, what details am I supposed to not tell you?” Jenna’s more paranoid it will start a fight later.

The Professor is quiet for a little bit, “It depends what kind of mood I’m in.”

She just looks out the window, “Well then same goes for me too.”

The Professor just looks at her, “Jenna, there’s nobody else right now.”

Jenna interjects “so you are planning on having more than one of me? Great.” She looks out the window again.

“No that’s not what I mean. Maybe we’ll try something different sometime. That’s just a thought. But there will be no one else but you.”

Jenna smiles. “But I don’t tell anyone I’m sleeping with you, right?”

The Professor turns into campus. “That’s entirely up to you sugar baby. Where are you meeting the Brit?”

Jenna just thinks for a moment.

“Jenna? Hun, don’t overthink it. Where are you meeting Brit?”

Jenna comes back “Hanks Hall”

He pulls up to a parking spot. “Do you want me to take you to your dorm first?”

Jenna looks at her bag. She had hardly anything in it. “No need baby. Thank you though.”

The Professor puts a smile on his face. “You’re welcome sugar baby.” He takes his right hand and rubs her neck. “Jenna, stop stressing. Whatever it is, you need to let it go. Sugar baby, you know you’re not going to get replaced. So don’t stress if you want to hook up with him. I know you’re attracted to him. Don’t have questions if and when you want to do something. I’m not going to lie it will hurt. A lot. But that’s not you, that’s me having this fucked up relationship with you. A fucked up relationship that I’m enjoying tremendously. I wish I could take you all for myself, but that wouldn’t be fair to you.”

The Professor was still rubbing her neck. She looks at him with confusion.

The Professor kisses her forehead “I know sugar baby. You better go. You are a half hour late for Mr. Tea and Biscuits boy.”

Jenna kisses him, “Thank you.” She opens the door.

“For what?” He yells right before she shuts the door.

She tilts down so she can see him, “The truth. Again.” She laughs and smiles as she walks towards Hanks Hall.

The Professor notices if anyone is around. He starts playing ‘Creep’ from Radiohead on his car stereo. Jenna quickly checks if anyone is around. They were in a parking lot that had no buildings around it. Sort of an off campus lot. Several students are caught making out or having sex on the weekends by campus security.

Since there was no one around he rolls down his window and screams “nice ass!” to Jenna. She double checks and flicks him off. He just laughs out loud. And Jenna with a smile on her face walks towards Hanks.

Sam was sitting on the stairs outside. She starts walking faster.

“I am so sorry Sam, I fell asleep and just woke up.” She thought she wasn’t telling a lie entirely.

“No worries darling. I was a little late myself. But the hall is closed right now.”

She had a confused look on her face.

“Unless you were lying, you needed to see if there was a note for you?” He looked amused that he just caught her in a lie.

“Oh, that, no I already got it this morning under my door. Thanks.” Jenna have a sigh of relief even though she wasn’t too sure he caught her. He had the most charming smile.

He smiled at her. “Are you staring my darling?”

Jenna starts blushing and is embarrassed. “Was is that obvious?” Shit. I’m not even knowing it anymore. Yes, yes I was and I’m embarrassed as hell.

He puts his arm around her. “Oh Jenna, why are you so adorable? Maybe that’s why I find you so attractive. Where will you like to eat?”

Jenna has no idea. “The crap they serve here. Anything since it’s all crap.” He starts leading the way with his arm still around her. “I feel like we’re in a pizza mood.” Sam says as he holds the door open for her then puts his hand on the small of her back leading her to sit down.

That small touch just gives her goosebumps. “Shit” she thought to herself, “I’m in trouble.” He asks her what type of pizza she wanted and what she wanted to drink and went to order. As he passes Jenna notices for the first time how nice his ass was. If she wasn’t so torn and already in a sex crazed mood with The Professor, she probably would of had sex with him tonight. She felt like a slut thinking that way, but if The Professor didn’t point out that Sam wants to get in her pants she wouldn’t be having those thoughts.

Damn him.

Sam looks at her in the order line. He has this smile like she means the world to him. It was kind of creeping her out because she knew hardly anything about him. She spent the whole night with him. But not enough to have him look like that at her. Jenna was beginning not to trust him. There was something about him. Like he knew something about her that she didn’t even know. She just couldn’t get a handle on it. But he was fucking gorgeous. That’s all she knew.

He comes back with the food and sits down. While they get situated, he just begin that look again. Jenna was getting annoyed.

“What? Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

Sam just smiles. “Same reason I caught you earlier.”

They start to eat and talk about their lives.

Jenna realized how charming Sam was because he never stopped making her laugh. After they were pretty much done eating, Sam looked at her finally in a serious look.

“Jenna, I feel terrible asking this of you, but there’s been a million rumors going around about you and I wanted to ask you before I make assumptions. You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.”

Jenna was now uneasy. “Go ahead, ask it.”

Sam looked right into her eyes afraid what he was going to ask is true. “Are you sleeping with Professor Fraughton?”

She was stunned. Out of all the people that was giving her attitudes, Sam was the first to ask. And he sounded like he already knew.

“What? What are you talking about?” Jenna hated that she was a really bad liar.

“Jenna there is one thing I know about you for sure. You’re an open book. For some reason there is a gravitational force that keeps me coming back to you. It’s like I’m obsessed with you.”

Jenna put an alarming face on, he’s starting to scare the shit out of her.

Sam corrects himself, “Not in a scary way where you have to put a restraining order on me. You’re just a fascinating woman Jenna. And I’m sorry if I’m coming on too strong or needy but I just want to be with you.”

He looks at her. She has this look of disbelief.

“I lost you didn’t I? Want to take a walk. There’s that beautiful park across the way. Wanna go?”

Jenna has no idea what’s going on. A little bit ago she had a man telling her she can do whatever she wants even though it would break his heart if it wasn’t with him. Now she has a fantastically good looking British guy who says he can’t stay away from her. She gets a text. She grabs for her phone in her purse. She reads the text while Sam is cleaning up. Jenna is making to mental note that both men like to clean up after her. The text read:

P: hi sugar baby. Just seeing if you are having an okay time and I’ve been thinking about you, and I already miss you.

She smiled. Sam was walking back. “There’s that beautiful smile, let’s get going darling.” They start walking towards the park. The weather was perfect.

Sam asks, “why do you look so stressed out darling? Your shoulders are up to your ears?” Sam goes behind her and starts rubbing her shoulders. Jenna makes a groan.

“That sounds serious. Here come sit.” They sit on the ground, he brushes her hair away from her neck. She didn’t want to tell him that he was the reason, well part of the reason she had so much stress. But going over what they were talking about, she was sure he knew he was part of it. He told her to lay on him. He started to tell her to breathe in and out really slow. He kept doing it. She was getting really tired. She was so relaxed. He whispered for her to sleep for a little bit. She resisted. He said he had nothing else to do tonight besides be with her. She looked at him checking to see if he was serious.

She said very sarcastically “what are you Prince Charming?” He kisses her forehead and whispered “maybe. There was no where else he would rather be.” She dozes off.

When she awoke it was dark out. Sam was sitting in the same spot and was watching her. Jenna sits up.

“Oh my God, how long was I sleeping?” He gets up stiff like He didn’t move at all.

“Half hour or so.”

Jenna embarrassed “I am so sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Sam smiled, “No sweetheart. I’m fine. You’re beautiful when you sleep.”

She just shakes her head.

“Will you stop? Everything coming out of your mouth is just perfect saying and I’m starting to get annoyed because you’re making the shit up.”

Jenna starts walking away from him.

Sam catches up and grabs her arm. “Sweetheart, what is going on? Would you like me to stop telling you how I feel?”

She keeps walking “I don’t know. I just feel like it’s perfect and I don’t know what the lies are or not.”

“They’re not lies Jenna. Why don’t you believe it.”

He walks in front of her and stands in front of her and holds her chin up. And kisses her. And Jenna got the chills. She thought fuck, I do like him. And he kisses her again gentle but firm. Pretty much perfect. She didn’t know what the fuck to do. He held her a little bit longer and kept his mouth close to her with his eyes closed. God she was in heaven, this is exactly what she was looking for in a guy in a long time. Then she thought fuck the Professor. She forgot about him for the two kisses. Fuck fuck fuck.

Sam was going in for another kiss and she stopped it. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.” And she walks fast back to the dorm.

“Jenna, what’s wrong?” He starts catching up to her. “Jenna just tell me what’s wrong.” They make it to the dorm, he swipes them in.

“Sam, you don’t want to deal with me. Just stay away, it’s not a good idea.” She makes it to her door, she just wants him to go away, but she knew he wasn’t going to.

“Tell me why it’s not. Come on let’s go in, and we can talk.”

She gave up. She was going to have to eventurally. “Fine.”

She opened the door put her shit down and sat on the bed. He was about to sit next to her, but Jenna put a stop to it. “Can you sit on the chair? I have a feeling in a minute you’re not going to be next to me.” He sits in the chair after he moves it closer to her.

“Okay, talk. Why can’t you be with me?”

She just doesn’t want to tell him. “It’s not that I don’t want to be with you, you’re perfect. You’ve been what I’ve been waiting for since like 13. But I just can’t right now.” It’s starting to hurt to disappoint him but she’s also disappointing the Professor too.

He just pulls her hand so he could hold it. “Why’s that?”

She shakes her head. “You are going to think different of me after I tell you.”

He kisses her hand, “try me.”

Jenna just growls, “stop being so damn perfect!”

He kisses her hand again. “Sorry!”

Jenna pulls her hand away. “Okay, I’m on full scholarship here. And it just so happens that I have to get at least three Bs this semester to keep my scholarship.” Sam’s face showed he knews what she’s going to say. “And knowing Professor Fraughton’s reputation of teaching I signed up for his class. Little did I know he had a reputation of picking girls to become his each semester. And when I first heard of this I was like yeah right. He’s going to pick me. And then he did. And he offered giving me an A. I need the A, otherwise I can’t go to school.”

She looks finally at Sam. He looks straight ahead. She couldn’t tell what he is thinking. He all of the sudden just gets up and says he has to go to his room. He’ll see her in class tomorrow. And he was gone. She just sat there in disbelief. The whole time she kept thinking this is how he would react and it was true. So now she’s left with a 40 year old sex addict who says he cares about her. She just lost the perfect very hot British guy who she hardly knew but he is so fucking charming it hurts. She just stares and she feels like she let a good thing go out her door. She’s so exhausted she just started crying. And all of the sudden her phone started chiming.

S: My dearest Jenna, I apologize for my sudden departure. I was just taken aback by the truth. I was just hoping it wasn’t true. It’s not fair to you to get that reaction. You’re a beautiful woman, of course the Professor got you as soon as he could. I just wish I got to you first.

J: If you knew, why did you want to keep talking to me.

S:Because I’m obsessed with you. And I still want to kiss you.

J:Why? Why would you want to after you know about me?

Then there was no more texts. Jenna didn’t know what to think anymore. She lays on her bed. She stares up at the ceiling. She feels empty inside. The first time in awhile. Before she met the Professor and Sam. She thought her life was so fucked up now. She starts crying again. She wants to know why he hasn’t texted her back. She fucked up again that’s why she thought.

Then all of the sudden there was a light tap at the door and Sam walks in. “You asked me why I would want to kiss you after I knew about your secret. I don’t care.” He takes Jenna’s face in his hands and kisses her again. And again. And again. When they come up for air she starts asking why and he quiets her.

Sam wipes the tears off her face. “Darling, you’ve been crying. Because of me. I’m so sorry.” Sam bows his head. Jenna touched his hair. Rubbed his head. He lifts his head and takes her hand and kisses it. She grabs his head and kisses him. He slides up into the bed with her and they keep kissing. Sam’s hands are starting to wander. Jenna is grabbing his back. They both start to breathe heavily. Sam’s hand goes under her shirt.

Jenna abruptly stops. “Sam, we’re traveling in some really tough territory now. Are you sure you want to? Even if it’s just for tonight? Granted we would not be able to have sex unless you’re into the bloody thing. I got my period.”

Sam asks in excitement, “really?”

Jenna just looks at him “seriously?”

Sam was actually looking like he was into it. Jenna again asked “really?“. Sam smiled and said “It’s not my thing, never tried but if I had to I would.” He had a devilish look in his eyes that made Jenna laugh. His hand was still under her shirt.

Sam did his sexy smile at her, “Jenna, we’re just having fun. Don’t get stressed out. You think too much in that pretty little brain of yours. You’re a really good kisser. It’s turning me on more than I usually do.” Sam inches his hand up to her breast. “Just let go darling.” He unsnaps her bra in the back as he starts kissing her again.

Jenna retreats to just letting go. She had to think here is this really sexy guy on top of her kissing her and starting to fondle with her breasts. What more could a girl want. She suddenly takes her shirt off and removes her bra and says “Fuck it.”

Sam looked like he was in heaven. “That’s my girl.” He whispered as he looked at her breasts. Jenna grabs his mouth with hers and shoves her tongue inside. They both start moaning. Jenna’s hands are on his back and while Sam has both of his hands on her breasts.

“Fuck Jenna, You didn’t tell me you have perfect breasts.” Sam whispers when he broke out of their kissing.

“There was no reason to.” Jenna whispered in his ear as she nibbled on it.

Sam’s hands were all over her breasts and now teasing her nipples. “Oh Jenna, I always imagined sucking those hard nipples I always saw poking out of your shirt. May I please take advantage of those dirty dreams I always have about you.” Jenna moves Sam’s head down a little while she moved up a little for him to put his mouth right on her right nipple. Her hands are buried in his hair. “By all means Sam. Make your dream come true.” Jenna says at the same time he puts his mouth on the nipple. Jenna makes a moan as she watches him put his mouth down on her breast. Watching him move his tongue around her nipple. Watching him making sucking noises and he pulls up and the nipple bounces. He looks at her watching him. He is so turned on, he is making some noises while he teases her nipple. Jenna keeps moaning. Sam then takes his tongue and makes a path from the right to the left. He then starts sucking the left nipple while his left hand is still on the right breast. Pinching the nipple every so often making Jenna make purring sounds. Jenna could feel in between her legs was a hard cock throbbing in his jeans.

Jenna tries to make a move to put her hand down there, and Sam catches her hand at puts it above her head.

“I’m sorry darling. But we won’t have anything to do with me tonight.” As he continues his assault on her nipples. Every once and awhile he would come back up to kiss her. He then asks, “Have you ever cummed just by playing with your breast alone? Fully clothed on the bottom?”

Jenna swallowed “No I haven’t.”

Sam just looks at her while he teases her nipples with his thumbs and forefinger. Sam says devilishly “Pity. I would love to watch you cum because I’m doing it to you.”

He takes his hands off her breasts. “Are you hot for me baby? Do you want me to keep going? Or do you want me to stop? Do you want me to take my shirt off so we can feel flesh on flesh? Or do you want to forget it? If you want to keep going you’ll have to get me to take my shirt off.” Sam then slides to the other side of the bed leaving her able to move towards him. He sits at the end of the bed against the wall.

Jenna crawls over to him. Sam notices even when she is all fours her breasts look magnificent. They are the perfect shape and size. Her eyes look right up at him like she was a lioness going to pounce him. She was on a mission. He was so fucking turned on. Damn it why she’d have to have her period, he’d be fucking her by now. Fuck she was driving him crazy.

She came up to him, “Well Miss Jenna, what do you suppose we do now?”

She sits on her knees. “I would like to take your shirt off please.” She gets closer to him. She’s about to go to the bottom of the shirts but then stops. “May I?”

Sam puts an amused grin on his face. “You may darling.” She then puts her hands on his chest and slowly drags her hands down him watching him. She then lifts his shirt up as he lifts his arms for her to lift the shirt all the way off. When she does free him from his shirt she straddles him and kisses him exploring his mouth with her tongue. He grabs a hold of her tightly to feel the flesh on flesh that he just talked about. Now that Jenna was on top of him, she can definitely feel his hard on now. She was glad to know he was just as turned on as she was.

She began swaying into his crotch making him moan. He pulled her so she laid on her back and went back down to sucking her nipples. At the same time he started to dry hump her. She started to moan as he started pinching her nipples with both hands again.

“Oh, Sam.” Jenna whispered.

He loved the sound of that. He answered, “Yes Jenna, my sweet darling?”

She whispered in his ear “Let me have sex with your dick in my mouth.”

God damn fucking holy shit Sam thought. “Now Jenna I told you that wouldn’t be fair to you.”

Jenna looks right up at him. “I don’t care baby.”

Sam frowned. “I do.” Then he had an idea. “You got a vibrator baby? It might get a little messy but I just need to see your face and hear your voice. Would you like to play?”

Jenna couldn’t do anything but smile. It was amazing he wanted to make her cum even though he couldn’t physically touch her down there.

“If you would like to.” He kissed her long and hard. Jenna breaks away.

“You want me to get the toy. I’m so hot right now for you.” She gets up and goes and gets the toys and a couple of towels. It’s like deja vu from what she was doing yesterday minus the period. Sam is taking his pants off. She sets up her towels and lays on the bed. Sam gets the chair to move to the best view, moves over to her. He starts kissing her. She starts to moan. He starts to get crazy turned on.

She turns the vibrator on. He starts to move down to her breasts. He starts to suck her nipples. Jenna starts to moan in a low humming noise. Sam watches her as she puts the toy in her crotch. She starts to loose control a little. He’s still sucking her breasts hearing the panting sighs of her breath.

“Come my darling, show me how you get excited. I will share with you how you are exciting me. Darling, you have no idea how you are.”

Jenna makes a groan. He puts his mouth on her right nipple and tugs it before he goes and sits down.

His hand is in his underwear petting his cock. He whispers to her “baby, show me how you let go.” She stares at him. She moves the vibrator around in circles.

She closes her eyes and she is ordered to open them again. “Your eyes will show your sex to me. Damn Jenna, I don’t think I can take you anymore.” He sits down and starts jerking off his big cock. Which Jenna wanted to hold it, suck it.

She then says aloud, “fuck Sam, you have a big sexy cock.” She starts to moan louder, “I want to hold your cock.”

He starts going faster watching her the whole time.

“God you fucking tease, you know you are. You did this on purpose.”

Sam just laughs. “How was I supposed to know you’d have your period. Fuck, you would have had me at least three times by now.” He groans. “Darling, I want you to go first. I want to watch you.”

Jenna changed the speed faster. “Oh god, oh god.” Jenna moans.

Sam jacks his cock faster. He sits up “oh Jenna, you make it so hard to hold on.”

She moans louder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Sam, fuck. Oh God, God, God. Fuucckk.”

Jenna was breathing so heavily when she opens her eyes she sees Sam standing right above her. She could tell he was almost done. He leans over and keeps moaning. He looks down at her “Oh God Jenna, you are so beautiful after you let go. You want me to let go now?”

Jenna leans over to his dick. “Most definitely.” She licks the tip of his penis.

Sam moves her head over and lets go. “Fucking Jenna. Damn it. You are amazing.”

Jenna has a teasing smile on her face as Sam finishes and just goes over to her and kisses her. He moves the towel he came on. He checks the other towel.

“Is it gross?” Jenna asked embarrassed.

“No not at all. You will need to shower but you’re alright right now.”

Jenna gets up. Sam asks where she is going,

“I gotta clean up real quick. I’ll be right back.”

Jenna goes wipes herself off. Puts a tampon in after she pees puts the towels on the ground and comes back in the room. There she sees a naked Sam twisted in the sheets with his eyes closed. It was a magnificent sight. The sheet was wrapped along his legs. You couldn’t see his penis but around it. Making it look like he was posing for a painting. He looked beautiful. She had to make a mental snapshot of him. She wouldn’t imagine this being in her bed. She didn’t imagine all these things happening to her this past week. So insane she thought.

He then opens his eyes, “Jenna I know you’re admiring how beautiful I am but I want your beautiful body laying next to me.”

“My body needs some work to be beautiful, but I would love to snuggle with you.”

Sam moves the sheets over to make a spot for her but gives her a don’t be silly girl look. “Alright imperfect body that I think is so sexy, come here.” He pats the mattress and she goes over.

Jenna realized that they fit perfectly together. He kisses her shoulder and squeezes her tight. Jenna was loving how it felt in Sam’s arms. She compared it to the Professor where it was still warm and inviting, but there was a mystery in Sam that she couldn’t tell if it was good or bad. She didn’t like the feeling but it attracted her more. “I feel your pretty little brain working. Darling, don’t think. Just do. And you definitely did for me. Didn’t realize there was a little vixen in there.” He kisses her spine on her neck. “Now rest darling.” And like that her eyes were closed.

Jenna awakes with Sam trying to not wake her. “Hun, it’s okay.” Sam stills then moves over to where his clothes are. Jenna couldn’t ignore his ass as he went across her. Sam catches her and pretends that he didn’t see her. He had to cover and hide his smile. Then he makes a little show without having Jenna seeing him. He then turns in front of her before he put his boxers shorts on all the way. Her reaction was priceless that he finally shows that he knew.

“Darling, you are really bad at trying to hide your sneaky looks.” She just looks up at him with a smile of being caught and shrugs her shoulders.

“Could you blame me, geezus Christ Sam. You are pretty much perfect.” He sits down next to her while he puts his shoes on.

He looks right in her eyes. “You’re so beautiful, you know that right?”

She just looks at him. “Are you fucking kidding me. Mister walk down the hallway and everyone looks at you. You’re a walking sex God. You know that right?”

He puts his hand on her face, “Darling, just take the compliment and smile. That’s all I ask.” He bends down and kisses her.

“Thank you.”

Jenna grabs his hand and kisses it. Sam just looks at her.

“Thank you for what?”

She smiles at him and says “For giving me the compliment even though you’re lying” He jumps in the bed and sits on top of Jenna.

“You are so frustrating sometimes my darling. When are you get it in your head you are sexy, beautiful, and I’m so lucky I have the opportunity to sit on you and tickle you to make you smile.” He starts tickling her making her scream all giddy. He kisses her hard and long.

“I shall see you at 10. I shall get tea for you my sweetness.” She lays on her side as she watches him leaves. She lays on her back and thinks to herself, Oh Jenna what did you get yourself into.

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