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Brandon realises that he is no longer fighting to just save his reputation and his business, he's now fighting to save Katie as well. The clock is ticking and he will loose more than his millions, he will also loose the woman that unveiled the ruthless business man and revealed the man beneath. But the war is never just about the battle, the aftermath and destruction is where Brandon will be challenged. He must decide if he can be the one to pick up the pieces and rebuild the Hedonistic Island and be the man that can repair Katie's damaged heart.

Erotica / Romance
Joanna B
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Chapter 1 - Brandon

These last few days had been a complete and utter clusterfuck, and that was putting it mildly. The HH Island was, in a nut shell, haemorrhaging money. It wasn’t like I couldn’t cover the losses. The amount would barely make a dent in my account, which is why I hadn’t noticed the slow slide from black to red in the company bank balance.

I wasn’t even unduly concerned, as I knew this resort should be raking in the profits and I, Brandon Hyde, the prodigal son, who had attended the best business schools in the world, could turn this place around in my sleep.

The simple problem here was two fold. Dealing with the HH resort was more of an inconvenience as I had the more important Hyde Hotel Group to run. This secret project, belonging to my late father, was sucking up my valuable time.

Secondly, the years spent being trained to run businesses with efficiency and profitability, never really taught me how to deal with corruption and fraud. Not to mention when it was carried out by someone that I had known and respected my whole life.

But this was now a fight of principles, not just money, and I was going to destroy Harry and take back every dime he had stolen. But with every fight there was always collateral damage and my reputation was in the firing line.

As soon as the connection between Brandon Hyde and this hedonistic resort came to light, my other hotels would be tainted. The fallout would be huge and Hyde Hotels would bear the brunt of this association.

It was now my job to mitigate the long term consequences and be prepared to rebuild, both here on the Island and the prestige of the Hyde Hotel brand around the world.

Yet I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that as the dust would settle, there would be a rainbow at the end of the storm, and that was Katie.

The beautiful and talented genius had seen through Harry’s deception in minutes. Yet behind the alluring intellectual power house, lay a shy, self effacing bundle of insecurities. When she looked in the mirror I didn’t know what she saw, but it sure as hell wasn’t what the rest of the world could see. But I would change that, no matter how long it took me.

I had already broken down her defences in the bedroom and now that she was exposed and unguarded, I would teach her how to explore her sensuality with me, and me alone.

Only the thought of another man listening to Katie’s soft moans, or experiencing the overwhelming pleasure of her small palm skimming across their throbbing cock, could drive me to the point of violence.

I was known to be ruthless and aggressive in the boardroom but Katie was the only person that could make that anger spill out into the rest of my controlled life.

To be honest I didn’t like it. I detested that I felt jealously for the first time in my life and this sense of vulnerability I felt around her appalled me. Instinctively, I should have repelled any feelings I felt for her, fending off these alien sentiments and move onto a more convenient yet satisfying fuck.

Instead, whether it was because I was caught off guard or merely curious at the feelings she conjured up inside me, either way, I had yielded to the intense attraction and now I was addicted.

I tried my best to avoid the temptress as she was the definition of a distraction, until I finally gained some clarity. Katie was not a distraction, she focused me. She honed my concentration, guided me through the discovery of Harry’s deceit, whilst keeping the temptress purely to the bedroom.

She was the muse that I never knew I needed. I worked alone and yet with her by my side I felt more in control. Added with the fact that she was more beautiful than words could describe, she offered me something no other women had ever done before.

I sat back in the arm chair and twisted my phone between my hands, spinning it on the table in front of me. The very table that I had laid Katie across only hours ago, flooding her perfect body with syrup before licking ever inch of her clean.

I reached down and adjusted the tightening in my crotch. This was turning into a continual problem since Katie had entered my life, as it tended to occur at inconvenient times such as this one.

I had only just hung up my phone after a 45 minute call with the Royal Bahamas Police Force. The advantage of so many off shore accounts in this region, was that there was a fraud task force already set up and assisting in multiple international cases.

The fact that I was offering them a case so close to home interested them enough for an urgent response.

Whether it was because this was a case that was not managed via a chain of international emails and actually required an onsite investigation; or whether they wanted an excuse to visit the elusive HH Resort, either way, it ignited a response that was as swift as I had hoped.

More importantly, they offered me discretion. Something that I was thankful for but not blind to the inevitability that there was a short shelf life of this secrecy. This story was too juicy and had the potential to snowball once in the hands of journalists. This stunning, luxurious hedonistic resort would soon be described as a sleazy sex dungeon full of prostitutes or even worse, women held against their will.

Even though there was no truth in any of it, the fact was, sex sells. When a paper needed a scandal to generate a front page headline, who better to fill that spot than Brandon Hyde, businessman, playboy and soon to be depicted as a sex crazed pervert.

I spun the phone one last time before slamming my palm on top of it with frustration. I let out a long tiresome breath. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I had about an hour before the police arrived. I didn’t want uniformed police roaming the island so I was luckily this task force was plained clothed, although, they said one Officer would be arriving in uniform to take Harry in for questioning.

It was too early for actual arrests but they were to take the evidence and Harry back to Nassau for questioning.

In the mean time, the account in question would be frozen pending the full investigation. How much money was still banked in the mysterious account was still an unknown to me. I could see the payments that had been made but what had happened to those transfers was still unclear and was crucial to discovering how much of my stolen money I would eventually retrieve.

I stood up and walked around the table, collecting the copies of the invoices that Katie had organised so throughly. I stacked then together, straightening the odd post-it that labeled the relevance of each invoice. She had neatly hand written the corresponding payment, date and time of the transfer from the HH Resort bank account.

As I read each note and inserted the pages into the file, it was clear that Katie had pretty much already done the job for the Police. There wasn’t much left to investigate, they only had to reconfirm her conclusions and arrest Harry.

I knew for sure that Katie was one of the best in her field. The speed that she worked with such thoroughness, not to mention organised efficiency, set her apart from anyone else I had ever met. She was amazing, but more than anything else, she was mine.

A smile crept on my face. Even in the depths of this shit show, Katie could still put a smile on my face.

I had made the right decision to not drag her into this investigation. Not only could it cloud her relationship with her current employers but she had already helped me enough. I couldn’t ask any more from her.

It felt important to keep our relationship clean of this baggage. If we were to walk away from this island and embark on something new and special, I didn’t want it soiled with this corruption scandal.

It would be a new fresh start for both of us. A clean slate where Katie would get the boyfriend she deserved and never had. And I would get Katie. I would get everything.

I smiled, stroking a thumb across her neat italic hand writing. She deserved so much more that just an afternoon of pampering. But this was only the start. Tonight, when we finally talked I would give her my heart.

It was insane, it was fast, it was probably reckless but so were these feelings that engulfed me, leaving me breathless, just at the mere thought of her smile.

Once she was relaxed from her massage we would open a bottle of wine, sit on the sand and talk. It was time to plan out a potential future and officially create an us.

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