Seal the Deal: Rebel Souls MC # 6

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The sixth instalment of The Rebel Souls Motorcycle Club is Seal and Lucia's story. A second chance romance for the dark, quiet, sharp shooter of the MC.

Erotica / Romance
Violet Bloom
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Seal the Deal by Violet Bloom

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This book is intended for readers over the age of 18, and may contain subject matter triggering to some readers, including: graphic descriptions of sex, violence,


They met on a mission year ago... so many years ago. But he’s never been able to forget her, or the night they shared. But he’s still a soldier, even if it’s not for the army anymore and for his brothers in The Rebel Souls Motorcycle Club. And like any good soldier, when the mission finished, he went home and forgot her. At least he tried to, but he never could. Three years later and everything is different. The old ladies within the club have tripled, and there are kids everywhere.

Seal wants that. He wants a woman and kids... specifically the woman he can’t forget. He hasn’t touched a single woman since he’s had her, has barely looked at one. He helped her escape Mexico for Canada. She traded in her privileged life, living in the corruption of her father’s regime, to a life of quiet comfort.

But no matter how hard he tries, he can’t forget her.

Lucia knew it was just a matter of time before her past caught up to her, until the men who tried to kill her in the first place found out where she’d been hiding.

She narrowly escapes with her life and has nowhere to run... except to him. To Seal, the man she can’t forget, the last man to have touched her, and the only man she ever wants to touch her again.

He’s probably forgotten her, forgotten their night together, but she can never forget it, or the souvenir it left behind.

She’s got no money, but she has to get to him, has to ask for his help... even if he’s unhappy to see her.

Coming April 2022

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