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This story is going to be very explicit also I may have misspelled a few words.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Cory and frank met at a party. They were both horny and on the make that night, but neither one of them expected what happened... to happen! They both thought, at best, they’d get a one night stand with someone forgettable out of the evening. What’s the line? “The best laid plans of tops and bottoms oft go awry” The party was one given by a couple who had been together for about 17 years, and married for about 13. Jake, a Professor of Physics, and best selling author, had met his future husband anthony when anthony was competing in a body building competition (amateur), that Jake’s former lover and good friend Jon, had taken him to. As Jake would tell the story, laughingly, “it was lust at first sight” for him. anthony took a little longer, but they were soon sharing Jake’s big apartment, with anthony’s golden lab (they were on their third one now), with their roles very well defined: Jake was the top and the DOM, and he expected anthony to follow his rules. Jake’s strong sense of discipline brought out the best in anthony. It might surprise people who don’t know D/s relationships very well, but being sexually dominated by Jake brought out anthony’s independence everywhere else. Soon, this handsome blond/red head developed an interest in going back to school, and he eventually became the second PhD in the family. After that, he became the second professor. Jake’s filed was theoretical physics, and anthony’s was theology. He would laugh “in a way, we both study the same thing.” (You can read more about them in a story called “Jake’s boys”). The party they were giving was actually one Jake had planned with another ex-lover, Pete, because anthony had received tenure. He had made his way through “publish or perish” and while he wasn’t a full professor yet, like Jake, he would be an associate professor with tenure. It was something he never thought would happen - just like he thought the man of his dreams would never ask him to marry him. Now, that’s all by way of background. Let’s go to how frank and Cory figure into the story. frank was a research librarian at the main library for the university where Jake and anthony taught. He spent his days assisting helpless undergrads who had reached the limits of their on line research capabilities, and grad students who were looking for references that weren’t on line and never would be. He’d finish his work and spend time at the gym. He went 2, sometimes 3 hours a day. It showed. frank had resigned himself to the fact that he’d never have a sixpack, but his arms were big and muscular: if he wore short sleeves, you’d wonder if the fabric would hold them, and if he wore one of his tailored sweaters or shirts, you would see all his muscles as well. He kept his black curly hair cut short, and while he didn’t have a moustache or beard, he always - ALWAYS - had the sense of a developing beard. It was something like 5 o’clock shadow, but maybe a little stronger. He was hairy all over: his chest, arm, leg and pube hair all reflected the short curly hair on his head: dark, and kinky. He wasn’t a tall man: maybe 5′8", but “built like a brick shit house” would be a good way to characterize him. He had a big, bright smile, that he used when he met someone he , in his words ’wanted to spend more time with.” That didn’t happen very often: he was picky. And his build suggested “top man” to many people, and frank was anything BUT a top man. When a guy he liked would say something like “but I thought YOU’D be the one to fuck ME” frank would find himself, the next day or soon thereafter, sitting down with his “gal pal” Thelma wondering “WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING ALL THESE DAMN SQUATS IF NO ONE ADMIRES MY ASS.” Thelma, used to hearing frank’s “first world sex problems,” as she put it, would blow across her tea ( a tisane actually: dried blood orange peel and rose petals), and say something like “Maybe you simply need to make clear that you want to get drilled, darling. ” “BUT I DO. THEY DON’T LISTEN.” Thelma sighed. “And now you know how women feel every day.” Anyhow, frank used the university gym. Why not? It was well equipped, clean, and... you never know who you might meet there. And that’s where he met anthony. frank was bench pressing as anthony walked by. He was drenched in sweat, clearly at the end of a workout and, that day, he had taken off the chain collar he wore - which would have identified him to frank IMMEDIATELY as a sub (the wedding ring anthony wore didn’t concern frank: he had slept with “married” men before), and frank could have sworn anthony smiled at him as he walked by . He did. anthony smiled at everyone. The smile, anthony’s hairy body (frank didn’t know that it was two days from anthony’s every other week full body shave, at the hands of Jake), his build, and frank’s active imagination brought him to: “I wanna get fucked by this man.” That all went out like air out of a balloon when he saw anthony put the slave collar on in the locker room, and begin to squeeze into the tight clothes that Jake liked. As his body developed, Jake insisted that anthony wear clothing at least a size, and sometimes two sizes too small. He got noticed. frank noticed him again. He noticed him so thoroughly that anthony began laughing. “You know, you’d be a more effective cruiser if you were more discreet about it.” He walked over to frank who was now blushing to his roots. “I appreciate the attention, but this is real.” He held up his wedding ring. “And so is this.” Now he fingered the lock on his chain. “I’m very flattered. You’re a sexy man, but if you REALLY want to pursue this, you have to check with my husband, Jake.” Now frank was REALLY uncomfortable. “Are you... are you Professor Gold’s husband.” “Guilty as charged.” frank had had a crush on Jake for a million years. He understood nothing about the physics that were Jake’s specialty, but Jake’s popularity as a writer and his openness about his lifestyle, had made him well known to everyone. He was, as one writer had put it “the pin up guy of the academic crowd.” For frank, he was more than that: WAY more than that. He had masturbated, way more than once, thinking about Professor Gold tying him down, and edging him to the point where frank yelled “PLEASE SIR. I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT.” Now, frank was thinking that he’d do anything for either of them. But... anthony had just made clear: he was a bottom, he was a sub. The two of them? frank remembered what a good friend had said to him once about the two of them in bed together “we’d kick each other to death.” “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself. So if you’re.. if you’re Professor Gold’s husband then.... ” “Yup. I’m a professor here too. Theology. Cross your fingers for me. Tenure decision this month. By the way, I don’t know your name but you know mine. That seems unfair. “Ffffff frank. I’m frank. I work in the libraries here.” anthony smiled. He held out a business card. “frank, tell you what? Let me check with Jake to see if it’s ok. Maybe we can have coffee together or something. He’s not keen on me hanging out with top men unless he’s there but...” he grinned mischievously. “If I tell him you thought I was a top, he’d probably be ok with it.” Jake was. He was so ok with it that he tied anthony down that night and shaved him ahead of schedule. Then he fucked anthony HARD. The thought that someone else was interested in his sub brought out the animal in Jake, and anthony knew it would. As anthony moaned “Oh yes Sir. Yes Sir Jake. Why would I even THINK another cock should get in me? NO. Just yours. I’m YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOURS...” He trailed off because he could feel Jake’s jizz filling him. “OH GOD SIR. That was one of the best. EVER.” Jake smiled. “Invite your friend over. Let’s see if...” A dinner date followed. frank wasn’t Jake’s type, so a threesome never happened; but frank and anthony became gym buddies and coffee dates. And when anthony received a positive tenure decision, of course he invited frank to the party. “Probably lots of tops there, frank. Jake knows a LOT of people.” Jake did. Cory wasn’t one of them. He knew who Cory was, and so did anthony: Cory had purchased a closed restaurant near the university, and had resuscitated it. He had jokingly named it after a line in an old humor article “Casa della Maison” because his cuisine was “eclectic.” You could get pizza there. Or baked snails. Or both. (No one had ever asked for a snail pizza yet, but if they did, Cory would have made sure they got it). He had a moustache, and he was turning gray. At 45, his body needed more work than he could give it, but he did go to the gym as often as he could. He was toned, without being overly “jacked.” He would joke that his “jack” was his cock: 10.5 inches. When erect, it went to about 11: “a shower not a grower,” as they say. He had met Jake’s old lover Jon one night at a club. An affair followed: like frank, Cory had no trouble with sleeping with married men, and Jon’s relationship with Gunther allowed for that. So, when Jake invited Jon to the tenure party, Gunther was out of town. Cory went as his date. Cory knew almost no one at the party, and many of the people who were there were academics: they didn’t pay much attention to “that restaurant guy” if they knew who he was. None of them knew that Cory had gone into the restaurant business after getting his PhD in economics. The day after he defended his dissertation, he left academia forever. A series of events not relevant here brought him into the restaurant business, and a fondness for, as he put it, “the grad student look” had brought his restaurant to the area around the university. His “assets” kept him busy, but he hadn’t met “the one”. He and Jon had been talking about that. “Maybe you’re gonna realize one day, Cory Sir, that a grad student is not gonna keep you interested. Too callow.” Cory sighed. “You’re right. But they’re so.... GOD, they’re like fruit just before it gets overripe and.... I can’t resist.” Jon laughed. “There’ll be some at the party. Maybe you’ll find the perfect peach.” About an hour into the party, Cory took Jon aside. “Remember what you told me about the perfect peach? I think I found it.” He pointed to frank, who was talking with anthony and a few other people. frank knew how to present himself well: his designer jeans were skin tight, and so was the bright red polo shirt he was wearing, that outlined his nipples, his biceps, everything. anthony was dressed soberly that night, so it was hard for anyone to take his eyes off of frank. “THAT ASS. That may be the perfect ass! Who is he?” Cory asked. Jon shrugged his shoulders. “No idea. I’ve never seen him before. Gimme a minute. Chat up someone else, and I’ll see if I can run some reconnaissance for you. ” Cory bounced around the party, grinning as he heard two academics talking about economic theory. He thought about joining in, but.... he felt Jon tug on his elbow. “He’s a friend of anthony. Name is frank. He works in the libraries here.” Jon dropped his voice. “He’s single, and a bottom. More than that, I dunno.” “Thanks,” was Cory’s reply. “At some point tonight, I’m gonna make a move on him. ” He got his chance about half hour later. frank had been sitting on a love seat with someone, who got up to get a drink. Cory moved in, smiled at frank and put his arm behind frank on the sofa. “So, I wanted to ask you something ,” Cory began. “There’s a debate going on here tonight: what’s a man’s most erogenous zone? Some are saying nipples, some are saying lips, some are saying ears... What do you think?” frank gave this guy a look. Not bad. A little direct, but not bad. “And he’s flirting with me,” he thought. His mind raced for a minute as he thought about flirting back, until he said to himself “sure. Why not?” “Well, I can’t speak for men in general. I know mine though.” Then he smiled. “He took the bait ” Cory thought “Ok. Start playing him. Sink the hook.” “So, what IS yours?” “Oh, I don’t just give that kind of info away.” frank smiled his big smile and turned. As he did, his biceps flexed, and Cory began to think about how much fun it would be to have this hunk underneath him. “So I’d have to find out?” “Unless I told you. And that’s something I’m not doing.” “Is that an invitation for me to try to find out?” frank smiled, and said “maybe.” “Hook’s going in. GOOD.” Cory had a plan. First he introduced himself, and frank did the same. “frank, how’s this sound. I betcha I can name five things that get you hot and bothered. If I can name five, without a mistake, you gotta give me a chance to find your most erogenous spot.” He smiled. “I already think I know what it is.” “REALLY? Do tell?” “AH. Dynamics shifting” Cory thought. “Set the hook like dad taught you.” “Nope. You told me I had to find out. If you’re not interested.... ” He moved to get up. “I’ll take my soft ten somewhere else.” Cory saw the look on frank’s face. “You’ll have to prove that.” frank WAS a size queen, and he hadn’t had ten in... he couldn’t remember. “I will. Let’s play.” frank smiled, cocked his head and folded his arms. “Go for it.” “Ok....” Cory smiled. “Number one. Kinda obvious from what you’re wearing. Nipples. Tits. Whatever you wanna call them. I bet if I touched them, I’d get a rise outta you.” frank snorted. “Yeah, that was too easy. And the thought of touching them seems to have gotten a rise outta you.” Indeed, Cory was beginning to bulge. “Could VERY WELL be ten,” frank thought. “Number two. Ears. I bet a tongue in your ear drives you wild.” It did, and frank felt a twinge in his own cock. Every man attacked his ears, and some were better at it than others. He suspected this Cory guy was VERY good at it. “OK, you knocked down two easy ones. You said five though. ” Cory felt the hook sink into frank and continued. “Number three. I’d say a guy like me with his scruff, could rub your neck and make you feel quite out of control.” He was right again. frank thought of the guys who had been REALLY good at scruffing, especially that guy after the Halloween party who was...” “OK, three down, but those are easy. What’s number four?” “Well number four... Have you ever heard the expression ‘my taint’? “Yeah, because it’s not your ass and not your cock. That line of flesh.” Cory dropped his voice. “What would happen if my tongue touched yours?” “I might cum all over your face,” slipped out of frank before he knew it. He blushed and Cory laughed. “Well, just telling me I was 4 for 4 would have been enough.” “ha ha. Maybe you’ll find out, maybe you won’t. You have to guess one more. ” “Just one more? Hmmm. I have a feeling that there are about twenty I could pick and win, but....” Cory was wearing a thin jacket. “Tell you what frank? Put your hand in my right pocket and feel what’s in there. I bet it gets you excited.” Cory never went anywhere without his handcuffs. He had thoughts of using them on Jon later that night but now... He saw the look on frank’s face as he ran his fingers over the cuffs. “Hand cuffs? You’d use them on me?” “Damn right. And I won. So if you have a jacket, go and get it because...” Cory dropped his voice again. “I am going to take you home with me right now, and within an hour, I’m gonna be fucking you so hard you’re gonna wish I had gagged you.” He saw frank’s face and laughed. “Geez. I just went six for six.” “I’ll go get my coat, Sir.” frank said, smiling. As he went off, Cory walked around saying his goodbyes. Jon smiled: he had seen the whole thing. So had anthony. He whispered to Jake that frank was probably gonna be hurting the next morning. “He’s not gonna be the only one, you sexy strawberry blond.” Jake grinned. “Maybe people will leave soon.” frank came back, his leather jacket on over his bright red shirt. He said good night to anthony and Jake and thanked them for the party, congratulating anthony again. “Call me tomorrow afternoon, frank. I wanna hear about your night.” Cory looked at them. “He may not be in a position to talk by tomorrow afternoon.” He looked at Jake. “He knows what I mean.” Jake gave him the thumbs up as he walked out with frank. If his cock could grow to 11, it was getting there now. So was frank’s 7.
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