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Jackson Reid is not the best that Leah's ever had. But something about him just makes her feel desperate...

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I’ve always been happy to perform oral sex as a part of a mutually pleasurable relationship, but I’d never felt so desperate to do it. I couldn’t explain why. Jackson was attractive, but not the most attractive guy I’d ever dated. He was good in bed, but not the best sex I’d ever had. There was just something about the connection between us that made me feel so out of control and… insatiable. I found that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was dreaming about it. I was seeing it everywhere - all of the subtle phallic innuendos hidden in plain sight, like a cucumber at the grocery store, a tall tree, or the picture of the Eiffel Tower on my screensaver… The simplest trigger could send my mind back to Jackson’s cock, and how much I wanted to have my lips wrapped around it again.

Still, I probably shouldn’t have surprised him at his office like that. It was the middle of the workday. I’d taken a long lunch and found myself driving to Jackson’s office as if on autopilot, very little conscious thought involved. I just needed him. I needed to feel his hands on me, his lips on mine, the pressure of his hard length pressing against me. I don’t think he knew the effect he was having on me, until that day.

I stepped off the elevator on the second floor of the gorgeous and modern building where Jackson’s law firm had its offices. The exterior of the building was all glass, floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides that created a serene effect with natural light and greenery from the surrounding trees and lush landscaping. The interior was bright and open as well, some low cubicle walls organizing most employee work spaces, with the exception of a few closed-in offices near the back, one of which was Jackson’s. My eyes were trained on his open office door. I could feel an invisible force drawing me towards it, towards him, and was tempted to just keep walking past the receptionist who called out a greeting and asked how she could help me.

“I’m here to see Jackson Reid,” I said, barely offering her a glance before my eyes returned to the office across the floor.

“Okay, do you have an appointment?” the woman asked with a smile.

The question brought me momentarily back to my senses… Of course I didn’t have an appointment. What if Jackson was with an important client and didn’t have time to see me? How was I going to explain why I was here? We’d only seen each other a handful of times so far, and while I thought I knew that we were both feeling things escalate between us, I suddenly felt self conscious about how desperate I might seem. I certainly felt that way, as I was Googling the name of his company and bringing up the address on my phone, speeding away from my own office. But now I wasn’t so sure if he’d see my spontaneous visit as sexy or… stalkery.

“Umm… no,” I admitted to the young, brunette woman whose name plate identified her as a paralegal named Rachel. “I’m a friend… I was just in the area and stopped by to see if he was free for lunch. Sorry, I probably should’ve called ahead…”

“No problem!” Rachel chirped with an unphased smile. “I can check his schedule and see if he has any appointments coming up.”

Before I could decide whether I should accept or tell her not to worry about it, she was already clicking away on her computer. “Oh… okay, thanks,” I said.

“Let’s see… he should just be finishing up a client meeting now, and then he doesn’t have anything else scheduled until 2,” Rachel shared. “If you want, you can wait for him over there,” she indicated a waiting area beside the elevators, furnished with plush, comfortable looking sofas and chairs, as well as a refreshment station with coffee, water, and a pastry case. “ I’ll let him know you’re here.”

“Oh, that’s okay…” I objected, shaking my head. “I don’t want to interrupt. I’ll just wait and… surprise him, if that’s okay?”

Rachel’s smile was uneasy as she agreed, as if she was wondering whether she’d get in trouble for allowing me to ‘surprise’ Jackson. Or maybe I was the one she was uneasy about.

I helped myself to some water and then sat on one of the sofas in the reception lounge, looking out the windows at the natural art that the greenery provided. In the moments that passed, I kept talking myself into and out of what I had come here to do. Was I being crazy? Maybe I should just leave. Or, I could just go with the story I’d created and tell him I really was there to see if he was free for lunch. I was afraid of what I might see in his eyes, his expression, when he found me here, showing up unannounced like this.

I had just about convinced myself to go when suddenly, I heard his voice booming through the open workspace. I looked up to see him heading out of his office towards reception with another man, a bit older, also dressed in a suit and tie. I hadn’t seen Jackson dressed up like this yet. Each time we’d gone out, he’d been dressed nicely, in sweaters or long-sleeved shirts with slacks or nice jeans. But something about seeing him in the suit and tie was making me feel like my stomach was somersaulting. I took another big gulp of water, finishing the glass I’d poured.

He didn’t notice me until he’d nearly reached the elevators with his client, and then he did a double-take, his eyes catching on me, his expression inscrutable, as he forced himself to turn back to the man he was talking with. I could sense him trying to wrap things up, a new tension in his body language as he promised to be in touch with the man soon, and that he would let him know if he was free for golf on the weekend.

Then, as soon as the elevator had closed behind the client, Jackson turned to me and met my eyes again. He waited a beat before walking towards me, and I suddenly felt sure that I’d made the wrong choice. This was going to be awkward… he didn’t seem happy to see me. I stood too, and looked around for a place to put my used water glass. Not finding one, I just continued to hold it, awkwardly.

“This is a surprise,” Jackson said with a growing smirk as he approached me.

“Hey…” I started, barely able to make eye contact with him as I felt the flush creeping up my neck to my cheeks. There was that magnetic force between us again, making it feel nearly impossible for me not to reach out and touch him. I thought about running my hands up and down his chest, sliding them into his suit jacket and around his back. Could this really just be in my head? It felt too powerful, too tangible for Jackson to not feel it, too… “Sorry for just showing up like this… I didn’t mean to… interrupt your day.”

He shook his head, looking at me curiously. “You’re not. What’s up, is everything okay?”

I felt relieved that he didn’t seem to be too freaked out. “Yeah, everything’s fine, I just thought… Rachel said you have a break in your schedule until 2?”

He glanced back towards the reception desk briefly before looking back at me. “I do… I have a few things I need to take care of before my 2 o’clock meeting, but I do have some time. Did you want to get lunch or something?”

“Actually, could we… go to your office for a minute? There’s something I wanted to ask you… privately.”

Jackson looked somewhere between nervous and intrigued. “Yeah, sure… come on back,” he agreed, gesturing for me to go ahead of him. He fell in step right behind me. “It’s the one in the corner on the left.”

I led the way down the implied hallway between cubicles and open workspaces, building myself up for what I came here to do. The force between us was radiating as he followed me into the office. I looked around the office and noted that the two exterior walls were floor-to-ceiling windows, like the rest of the floor. The wall between Jackson’s office and the next was solid, with some mirrors to reflect the sunlight and give the illusion of a completely open space. The wall facing the interior of the building was glass as well, but there were white shades that had been pulled down. At the right time of day, you would likely be able to see the shadows of whoever was in the office, but for now they seemed mostly opaque.

Jackson closed the door behind us softly, and then it felt like there was a perfect balance of risk and privacy for what I had in mind.

“Have a seat,” Jackson offered, gesturing towards a sitting area with a couch and chair that matched the ones in reception, which felt like a more comfortable and less formal option than sitting on either side of his desk.

Still, I declined the offer. “That’s okay…” I said, turning towards him, approaching him slowly.

His eyes trailed over me then, taking me in, checking me out. “Okay…” he echoed. “So… what did you want to talk about?”

I felt the physical sensation from Jackson’s gaze on me again, and told myself it couldn’t be just in my head. So I decided to just go for it and let him know what I’d been thinking about. What I wanted. “I hope it’s okay that I came by. I didn’t mean for it to be weird or anything, I just… I was at work and I couldn’t stop thinking about you and… wanting you…” I allowed myself to reach out and touch his chest as I got to my point, my fingertips trailing down his torso, along the buttons of his shirt, coming to a stop where it was tucked into his pants, at his belt buckle.

I felt and heard Jackson’s intake of breath. “Yeah?” he asked, tensing up under my touch.

I nodded and looked up to meet his eyes, which were already hooded with wanting. “I’ve just felt so distracted all morning, like I couldn’t focus without thinking about touching you, and tasting you, feeling you…” I reached down to brush my fingers over his cock, through his pants. He was semi-hard already. I cupped my hand around him and started rubbing, earning a groan from deep in Jackson’s throat. “Then suddenly I was looking up your office and on my way here…” I explained.

“Fuck…” Jackson muttered, buckling a bit as his cock hardened.

He reached out to touch me, his hands running down my arms to my hips. He reached around to squeeze and caress my ass before trailing his hands up my back to my neck, holding me there and pulling me into a deep kiss. I moaned into him and gripped him tighter, feeling the outline of his cock through his pants and stroking him firmly, then starting to work on unbuckling his belt.

Jackson pulled back with a groan. “Not here…” he muttered. “Anyone could see in, or hear us.”

I paused, but didn’t move my hands away. “Please?” I asked, softly. I wanted it to come off like begging, and didn’t need to put effort into sounding as desperate as I felt. “I need you, Jackson. I need to suck your cock. It’s all I can think about… I can’t wait, even until tonight, even until we could get to your car, or anywhere else… I just need you, right now… right here…”

The sound Jackson made next was more of a whimper. He didn’t move away or take any action to stop me. I continued unbuckling his belt slowly, quietly. When I’d finished, I carefully slid it out of his belt loops and set it down softly on the nearest chair. Then, I reached to unbutton his pants, and to slowly take down his zipper. His erection was bulging by now, so I took extra care to slide the zipper down and over him gently.

“Please, Jackson?” I begged again before reaching into his pants to cup him through his boxer briefs. “Please, just let me suck your cock?”

Jackson shuddered, his hands coming to squeeze my hips again, as if to steady himself.

I reached in further to cup and massage his balls through the soft fabric of his underwear before sliding my hand up to continue stroking him. “I can hide under your desk if you want… in case anyone comes in without knocking,” I offered. “Or I can get down on my knees in front of you while you sit on the sofa… then no one would see my outline, or shadow, or anything… I promise to be quiet. If I’m making too much noise, you can shove your cock down my throat to stop me…”

Suddenly, Jackson’s hand came to my throat and he squeezed, causing me to gasp. It felt like his last scrap of resolve, trying to stop me from what I was so determined to do. But then, I reached into the elastic waistband of his boxer briefs and pulled him out, stroking him gently with both hands. I felt his length extending in both of my fists, his girth expanding as I tightened my grip. Jackson didn’t stop me, so I slowly slid down to my knees in front of him. His grasp around my neck eased as I knelt. And then, I took him into my mouth right away. I sucked and stroked him, taking him in deeper with each bob of my head. Jackson’s moans and groans were soft… he seemed to be struggling to control his volume. My hands came to his hips and I pulled on them as I took him in deeper, encouraging him to fuck my face and hold it against his crotch.

“Oh, holy fucking shit…” Jackson cursed. He pulled back suddenly and gripped a fistfull of my hair, dragging me back to my feet and around his desk. I smirked at him as he sat in his desk chair, pushing his pants and underwear down to his ankles. Then he pulled me back to my knees in front of him, under his desk, his hand coming to the back of my head and pulling my mouth back onto his cock.

I smirked and moaned softly, reaching for him again eagerly. “God, I’ve been wanting this so much,” I whispered as I came up for air, reaching down to hike up my skirt and start touching myself through my panties as I kept stroking him with my other hand.

Jackson groaned softly. “Yeah? You’ve been thinking about sucking my cock like this?”

“All the fucking time,” I answered. “I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve never wanted it like I do with you. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel like I want you all the time… in my hand, in my mouth, in my pussy… wherever you want to be inside of me… Just the thought of getting on my knees and sucking your cock makes me come so hard whenever I touch myself…”

“God that’s so fucking hot…” he groaned. “You turn me on so fucking much, Leah… You’re so sexy… I love hearing about how much you want me. It’s so fucking hot that you came here in the middle of the day because you couldn’t wait until tonight to have my cock…”

I moaned on his cock in agreement.

“Did you touch yourself at work?” Jackson asked.

“Yesss….” I hissed, rubbing my pussy and stroking his cock while I pulled back to answer. “I had to go into the bathroom to touch myself this morning, and I was looking back at the texts you sent me the other night, and everything we did… but that wasn’t enough. I just had to come find you and taste you again.”

“God, you’re gonna make me come…” he warned. “I’m gonna come so fucking hard, you’re so fucking sexy… It’s so hot watching you touch yourself like that while you suck me. I love knowing that it turns you on, too… I love hearing how much you want this…”

“I want it so… much…” I whimpered, rubbing my clit frantically, leaning down to keep sucking and stroking him desperately. “I want to feel your cum shooting down my throat and dripping down my chin,” I begged. “Please, Jackson… come in my mouth… I want to taste you. I want to swallow all of your hot cum…”

“Oh my god…” he groaned, a little louder than before. “Fuck… I’m so fucking close… that’s it… that’s it… that feels so fucking good… I can’t wait to feel your pussy and fill it up with my cum later tonight… I’m gonna fuck you all night long… fill you up over and over again… is that what you want, baby?”

I moaned on his cock, a desperate, pleading sound, nodding my head slightly without pulling back off of him.

Then, with another groan, Jackson thrusted his hips up suddenly, holding the back of my head and fucking my mouth as he came down my throat in several spurts, with muffled grunts.

I moaned and swallowed every drop, sucking him dry.

“Fuck!” Jackson muttered, finally pulling back as he finished. He stood up and pulled his pants back up right away, rezipping them and walking around the desk to get his belt, threading it back through his belt loops before refastening it. He looked back at me with a smirk as I stood up and readjusted my skirt, wiping my lips and running my fingers through my hair.

“Do you still have time for lunch?” Jackson asked.

I looked at the clock on the wall in Jackson’s office. “Probably a quick one.”

“Okay,” he smirked. “Let’s go. My treat.”

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