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Meet Me For Coffee

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Kate has sex on the brain, but she wasn't expecting to find it over coffee.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Lately, I’ve started seeing sex everywhere. I’ve never felt so insatiable, or reached this level of desperation. My pussy is throbbing all day long and it’s keeping me up at night as I masturbate multiple times before finally falling asleep. I feel self conscious that my thoughts must be apparent. People I work with or pass on the street must know my dirty secret. If I were a man I’d be walking around with a raging hardon all fucking day. I imagine I’d also be more at risk for arrest, as it would be more likely I’d get caught masturbating wherever I went.

I was touching myself in the car the other day, stuck in traffic, peering into the cars around me and trying to meet eyes with… anyone, wondering if there might be anyone out there who thinks about it, wants it as much as I do. I think about how easy it would be to find sex if I was really looking. How tempted I am to seek it out with anyone, anywhere. I fantasize about putting a sign in the rear windshield of my car that says, “Want to fuck? Follow me!” and luring strangers to come give me what I need.

Every time I close my eyes, one fantasy or another is always at the tip of my imagination. For the past few weeks, it’s felt like I cranked my arousal level up to max and then broke off the lever. There’s no turning it off, the blush on my cheeks is a permanent stain.

And yet, when I actually got hit on at the coffee shop this afternoon, I was somehow completely caught off guard. At that moment, I honestly didn’t think it was really happening… convinced that my raging libido was clouding my reality. Especially since I was sitting there working on a story, an erotic account of a recent fantasy I’d had. I was so wrapped up in it that I didn’t even notice the guy until he was standing right across the table from me and asking, “Is this seat taken?”

At first, I hardly looked up, just waving him away telling him it wasn’t. “No, go ahead, take it.” But he didn’t take the chair, or go away. I sensed that he wasn’t leaving and finally looked up, feeling a bit annoyed by the interruption and sure it was showing on my face. But if it was, this guy didn’t seem phased. He was just smiling down at me. A really fucking handsome smile at that, one that seemed to light up his face and put a spark in his warm, kind brown eyes. It caught me off guard.

“I actually meant to ask if I could join you?” he tried again.

I looked around, noting that there were at least two other tables unoccupied.

He saw me notice and added, “You just looked so intensely focused on whatever you’re working on… I felt like I had to come and see what you’re up to.”

Fuck. I felt my cheeks and neck burn, feeling totally transparent, suddenly paranoid that he’d somehow been reading over my shoulder somehow, without me noticing. I searched his face for any sign of teasing, but only found sincerity.

“Sure…” I finally replied, uneasily.

He sat down, still smiling, causing me to blush harder. “Are you working then?”

“I’m just writing a story,” I answered simply.

“Oh, nice. What kind of writing do you do?”

“Fiction, mostly…” It wasn’t totally a lie. More acceptable than the complete truth when speaking to a complete stranger.

“Very cool. Do you have anything published?”

“No, it’s more of a hobby, I guess…”

“Well if it’s got you this focused, I’m sure it’ll be worth sharing when you’re finished,” he smiled.

I felt the all-too-familiar blush creeping higher up into my cheeks as I offered a small smile back.

“Anyways… I don’t mean to interrupt. I can let you get back to it,” he offered, not yet getting up. I wondered if he was teasing me.

Some urge came over me then, to not let him walk away. ‘This is an opening, right?’ I had to run through the facts in my mind once again, to convince myself it was really happening, and not just a product of my crazy, lust-driven imagination. ‘He came up to flirt with me… He’s probably at least a little interested… I could just go for it.’

“I was going to head out soon anyways,” I said before he could get more than a couple of steps away. “You can have the table if you want. Or you could walk me to the bus stop?”

He smiled back and nodded. “Yeah, sure.”

I packed up my things slowly, trying to take a minute to build up courage. Can I really do this?’

He led the way out of the coffee shop, holding the door for me as I stepped out into the warm afternoon air. I pointed right to direct him towards the bus stop I needed and we started walking.

“I’m Graham, by the way,” he said first.

“Kate,” I told him.

“Ok, Kate… tell me more about this story you’re writing.”

I laughed a little in an attempt to cover up my awkwardness. “Well… it’s about a woman who’s been feeling kind of unfulfilled and thinking about making some changes in her life,” I answered vaguely.

“Unfulfilled…” he repeated, seeming to contemplate the concept. “How so?”

I shrugged, fighting off the embarrassed smile in the corners of my lips. I felt a sudden need to tell the truth bubbling up inside of me, and I decided to just spit it out before allowing myself to second guess it. “Mainly sexually.”

Graham’s eye’s snapped to me. “Oh yeah?”

I met his gaze, feigning the confidence I wanted to feel, and nodded. “It’s kind of autobiographical, actually.”

He froze up a little, missing a step as we walked, and I slowed my pace to match his.

“So, what kind of changes is your character thinking about making?” he asked, playing along.

“Well, she’s basically thinking about what could happen if she decided to give herself permission to finally go after what she really wants.”

Graham slowed as we neared the bus stop, turning to face me.

I stepped closer until there were merely inches between us. Still looking up slightly, to meet his eyes.

“And what does she want, exactly?” Graham asked, his voice noticeably lower, deeper.

I glanced around before looking back at him and answering, lowering my voice as well. “She really just wants to be fucked. By almost anyone, even a complete stranger…”

Graham swallowed.

Just then we heard the bus rumbling towards the stop. We both turned to look. In my peripheral vision, I saw Graham turn back to me first. I took an extra moment before meeting his gaze again, giving us both a chance to decide if we were really going to do this, or if I was going to just get on the bus as planned.

“I drove here… my car is parked just around the block that way,” Graham shared, pointing back past the coffee shop to the next block.

I looked back to the bus as it came to a stop, the doors opening near us. While others around us at the stop filed on, I pretended to contemplate my decision. I couldn’t hide my growing smirk, though… biting my lip.

Graham smirked back. He waited until the doors closed and the bus started on its way again. Then, he took my hand and said, “C’mon,” as he started leading me back the way we came, at a much faster pace this time. We practically sprinted the entire way. He only let go of my hand as we neared his car, a dark gray Jeep Rubicon. He reached into his pocket to get his keys, clicking the remote to unlock the doors. Then, in an unexpected gentlemanly gesture, he opened the passenger side door for me.

“Ladies first,” Graham smirked back with a wink.

“Thanks,” I smiled, blushing deeper as I climbed inside. I felt a flutter in my stomach that moved lower as I thought about what double meaning his words might hold.

As Graham closed the door behind me and started jogging around to the driver’s side, I turned in my seat to face him, knowing what I wanted to do as soon as he was seated next to me. He climbed in and shut the door, turning to me and asking, “Do you know where you want to go?”

I just shook my head, smirking and already leaning in. “Nowhere,” I answered, gripping the back of his neck and pulling him in until our lips met.

I deepened the kiss hungrily right away, moaning into it, grabbing fistfuls off his shirt and tugging him closer, sucking on and biting his bottom lip and then licking it better. My hands slid up into his dark, close cropped hair and I gripped it between my fingers. I moaned and tugged lightly when I felt his hands sliding over my waist and hips before reaching my ass. Then he was squeezing, digging his fingertips in and dragging me closer.

I pulled back from the kiss slightly and gasped, moaning on the exhale. The familiar throb in my pussy urged me on. So when Graham combed his fingers into my hair and started kissing down my neck, I reached over and put my hand on the bulge in his jeans, rubbing firmly. I heard and felt his growl, a vibration against my neck. I kept rubbing, leaning towards him and pulling him back into a deep kiss. Then I reached for his belt buckle.

“Fuck…” Graham pulled back and cursed, looking down to watch the progress of my hands as I went straight for the button and zipper of his jeans next.

“Your cock feels so big and hard… I’m dying to suck it, but I really need to feel you inside of me first… Right now. I’ll suck you afterwards if you have the time…”

He cursed again, looking out the window and glancing around as if to gauge the odds that we’d acquire an audience. I was expecting him to object to doing it right here in public, but what he actually said was, “I don’t have any condoms with me.”

I knew it was stupid and dangerous, but I didn’t care. And honestly, I felt more turned on by the thought of having his bare cock inside of me like that. “I don’t care,” I told him, hiking my dress up and sliding my panties down and off quickly. “I just need you inside of me, filling me up.”

Without giving him a chance to react or respond, I started moving over the center console, aiming to climb onto his lap. “Slide the seat back as far as it’ll go,” I breathed.

Graham immediately reached down to adjust the lever for the seat position, and then reclined it all the way as I climbed onto him carefully. “Fuck! You’re so fucking sexy…” he muttered, laying back and pulling me onto him, eager to move things along.

Once I was settled with my knees resting on either side of him, I kissed him again and reached for his cock, pulling it out from his underwear and stroking it. I leaned up a bit and started rubbing the head of his cock between my pussy lips, then pressing it into my clit.

He growled and pulled back from the kiss, pushing me back a bit so he could watch what I was doing, breathing heavily and cursing intermittently. As soon as I moved the head of his cock from my clit, Graham replaced it with two of his fingertips, deftly rubbing and rolling around my nub.

Then it was my turn to moan and curse. I leaned up and positioned his cock to enter me as he kept rubbing. I was so wet, and I knew he would slide into me easily, so I slid onto him in one quick motion, taking in all 8ish inches of him in one go.

We both froze for a moment as soon as he was all the way, deep inside of me. Looking at one another with furrowed expressions of pleasure, pulling each other back in for another kiss, and holding on, squeezing around one another.

Then we started fucking. It was hard and fast, I was writhing up and down on his cock desperately while he held my hips and thrusted up into me. We were cursing and moaning and yelling out, and I could feel that I was building up to the most intense orgasm I’d had in as long as I could remember. “I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!” I told him.

“Holy shit, you feel so fucking good… this is so fucking hot… you’re so fucking hot…” he muttered back.

Then we were interrupted by a car horn.

We both cursed and froze, looking up to find the source of the noise. Sure enough, there was a white SUV pulled up right next to us with a middle-aged woman driver who was staring with an angry expression and starting to yell about calling the police, and something about there being a school around the corner.

With that, I scrambled off of Graham’s lap and back across the console while he hastily put himself back in his pants and readjusted his seat, holding a hand up to the woman in a gesture of apology and yelling back, “Sorry, we’re going!” through the closed windows.

He turned the car on and we both started snickering and laughing as he pulled out from the spot.

“Fuck…” he breathed once we started driving.

“Bad fucking timing…” I said. “I was so close.”

He looked back at me, his chestnut colored eyes glazed over with lust. “We can go back to my place,” he offered.

I shook my head, looking around and then spotting something promising. “There!” I pointed at a multi level parking garage coming up on the right. “It’s closer.”

“What if we get honked at again?” he laughed.

I laughed with him. “Go all the way up to the top, it’ll be empty.”

Graham just gave me a look and a smile before saying, “Fuck it,” and turning into the garage.

I laughed as he pulled in and we started making our way up to the top.

The top level of the garage was the rooftop. There were a few other cars parked there, but no people were present.

Graham pulled into a spot and put the Jeep in park, turning off the engine. Then he turned to smile back at me. “Where were we?”

I smiled back and started climbing back over the console. “Let me see if I can remember…”

Graham put his seat down again and we resumed the position. He pulled me into a kiss, cupping my cheek and then holding behind my neck. I ran my hands up his chest, over his arms. Then reached to the hem of his shirt and started tugging it up until he leaned forward for me to pull the shirt up and over his head. He kissed me again as I ran my hands over his bare neck, shoulders, and pecs, making my way down.

I felt his hands sliding up my thighs and around to squeeze my ass as I pulled his cock back out and started stroking, finding him a bit sticky from being inside of me. “Mmmm…” I moaned. “I can’t wait to taste your cock after I cum on it…”

“Fuuuck…” he growled, his eyes and hands roaming over me. “Where the fuck did you come from, Kate?”

I just smirked down at him, laughing a little and sitting back down on his cock. I followed his gaze to the strap from my dress that had fallen down off my shoulder, revealing most of my bra. I pulled the other strap down and then pulled my arms out of the holes, letting the dress bunch around my waist. Then I reached back to unhook my bra, letting those straps fall from my shoulders as well and discarding it to the passenger seat.

Graham’s eyes were trained on my large breasts the whole time. His hands followed as soon as they were free of my bra. He growled and squeezed them together, leaning in to suck on them one at a time before burying his face between them. “God, your tits are so fucking perfect,” he muttered into them.

“Mmmm…” I moaned, resuming stroking his cock, playing with his balls.

Graham cursed and laid back on the seat, his eyes and hands roaming all over me as I sat up on top of him.

“You weren’t expecting to get a wet pussy with your coffee today, were you?” I asked, leaning up and positioning him to enter me again.

“Holy fucking shit…” Graham muttered, clearly overwhelmed by sensation.

I slid down onto him again and started to ride, moaning and smirking down at him.

“No, I fucking wasn’t,” he continued. “I feel so fucking lucky right now… I’m so glad I came up to you. I almost talked myself out of it but you just looked so sexy there working on your computer…”

I picked up my pace, hands on his shoulders, grinding and bouncing on his cock. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. Fuck! I’m so fucking close already… your pussy feels so fucking tight.”

I moaned. “Put your hands back on my ass,” I directed, wanting to feel him guiding me like he had earlier.

He slid his hands up my thighs and over my hips, then grabbed two handfuls of my ass and squeezed, using his hold to pull me on and off of his cock. “Like that?”

“Yeah, just like that…” I moaned. I reached down to start rubbing my clit as I rode him.

“You like it when I pull you onto my cock like that?” he asked.

“Yesssss!” I moaned. “That feels so fucking good. Fuck! Keep talking! Hearing you talk like that is turning me on so much…”

Graham groaned, seeming focused on maintaining control as long as he could. “Fuck! You’re such a dirty slut, aren’t you?”

I moaned, feeling a sudden throb of pleasure in my pussy to hear him call me that. “Yessss, I am. Does that turn you on?” I asked, unnecessarily, starting to ride him again.

“Yeah, it does.”

“You’ve been wanting a dirty slut like me to fill up with your cum?” I could feel him gaining momentum with everything I said.


“You want to fill up all of my holes, don’t you?”

“OH FUCK! I’m gonna cum!”

He seemed to be saying it as a warning, maybe assuming I wouldn’t really want him to cum inside my pussy, despite what I’d said earlier.

“Yeah, I want you to fill me up with your cum!” I said again, erasing any doubt.

He still seemed hesitant, holding on.

I fought back, riding him harder, squeezing my pussy around him. “I’m gonna cum with you!” I shouted amidst moans and curses, hoping to push him over the edge.

Sure enough, Graham buckled under me then, thrusting his hips up hard, impaling me on his cock. I could feel multiple hot streams of cum shooting into me and gasped, watching his furrowed facial expression and smirking. I kept rubbing my clit and riding him until I was coming, myself.

“Mmmmm, that’s so hot! I’m gonna cum on your cock!” I told him as I let go, yelling out and writhing on him, my thighs quaking from the intense release.

Graham growled and cursed, reaching up to grab my breasts, pinching my nipples as I came, adding another sensation to my pleasure.

We came down slowly, the sound of our heavy breathing consuming the small enclosed space. It wasn’t cold enough outside for the windows to steam up, but the air in Graham’s Jeep definitely smelled of sex with all of the windows up. It was kind of intoxicating… enough to dissuade me from suggesting that we open the windows.

Our eyes met and I watched the giddy grin spread over his face as he laid back. I smiled back and chuckled a little, not in a rush to move off of him.

“That was amazing,” I gushed. “I really needed that.”

“Yeah?” he asked.

I nodded. “Feeling more fulfilled already.”

He laughed. “Good, happy to help.”

“And it was good for you, too?” I asked, coyly.

He sort of scoffed and chuckled again. “You couldn’t tell?!”

I laughed along. “Just wanting to hear you say it…”

He smirked back, shaking his head. “That was… by far the single hottest experience of my life so far. How’s that?”

I nodded, blushing. “That’s really good to know.” Then, after a brief pause, I urged myself to say more. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be insecure, it’s just that I’ve been going through some stuff and not quite feeling like myself lately. So, it’s just nice to hear the praise, I guess.”

He stared back at me with those deep, warm eyes, examining me as if trying to read my expression like he might read a book.

The more moments that passed, the more anxious I became about what he might say next. Finally, I couldn’t take it any more. “What are you thinking?”

Graham shook his head slightly. “Just wondering what could’ve possibly happened to make someone like you feel insecure in any way, I guess…”

I felt my flush ramping up again and looked down, shrugging slightly.

“You don’t have to tell me anything, I didn’t mean to pry… I just think… I’ve barely known you for half an hour, but I can already tell you’re special, Kate.”

I couldn’t help smiling warmly at him, his words were so sweet. They also made me feel guilty enough to admit some more of my truth. “I should probably tell you that I’m married.”

Graham froze up, his eyes assessing my expression as if searching for some evidence, a wink or a smirk, that might suggest I was kidding. He didn’t find it. “You’re… what?!”

“Sorry if it was wrong not to tell you… I didn’t mean to take advantage of you…”

Graham cursed and started getting upset. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about that. I mean, is this some sort of jealousy game you play with him? Is he gonna want to kick my ass?”

I shook my head and tried to dispel his concerns. “No, he doesn’t know. I’m not planning to tell him.”

Graham looked back at me, still searching my eyes. He cursed again and said, “That’s pretty fucked up.”

But he still wasn’t pushing me off of him or making any move towards getting up. In fact, I could feel his cock twitching inside of me, still hard… or perhaps growing hard again. So I decided to call him out about it.

“That’s not really how you feel, is it?”

Graham didn’t answer.

I started telling him more, wanting to work him back up. I told him more about what I’ve been thinking and wanting, and that the story I was writing was basically a version of this.

“I think I’ve just realized that one man, one cock is never gonna be enough for me. I need more. I used to think it was just a slutty phase that I’d mostly gotten out of my system, but now we’ve been together for twelve years and my feelings still haven’t changed. So, I realized that I need to figure out a way to give myself what I really need.”

Graham still looked uncertain, processing everything I was saying. I could feel his cock growing, taking up more space in my pussy, my swollen walls squeezing around him. I started lightly running my fingertips along his chest and abs, clenching around him tighter in pulses.

Graham swallowed a moan, shifting under me a bit, but still not attempting to get me off his lap.

“What will you do if he finds out?” he asked, finally.

I shrugged. “I’m not sure. I guess I would have to tell him the truth and see where we could go from there.”

“Does he know you don’t wear your ring?”

I looked into Graham, realizing this was part of the issue: he felt tricked. I shook my head slightly.

“Do you have it with you?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m my bag,” I answered, indicating the shoulder bag holding my laptop and other things, on the floor of the Jeep on the passenger side. I wondered why he was asking, a small thrill of hope bubbling in my stomach and my pussy, hoping he was leading where I thought he was.

“Put it back on,” he ordered, confirming my curiosity.

My chest heaved and I let out a breathy moan. His order sent a straight shot of arousal to my pussy and I hoped he could feel it. Without climbing off of him, I leaned over carefully and reached for my bag, hooking a finger around the strap and dragging it closer. I hefted the bag onto the console and reached in to unzip the little pocket on the inside where I was keeping my rings. There were two: an engagement ring and a wedding band. Both white gold with a smattering of tiny diamonds, the engagement ring also featuring a larger, pillow cut diamond. I felt Graham’s eyes on me, watching my every move as I extracted the rings and slid them back onto my left ring finger. Then, I put my hands back on his chest, running them over his taught pecs and shoulders, then down his arms. I felt him tensing up, his cock pulsing a bit more, inside of me.

When my hands had nearly reached Graham’s, he took my left hand and held it up in front of his face to examine the rings more closely. “Very pretty,” he commented.

“They are,” I agreed.

“Your husband picked them out?”

I shook my head. “No. I did.”

Graham seemed to be considering that. “Is that how you wanted it to go?”

I shrugged a little. “He said he wanted me to pick it out. He wanted me to have what I liked.”

“If I were with you and about to ask you to marry me, I would already know what you liked.”

I was surprised by how much those words turned me on. While I knew that being with Graham meant I was committing to cheating on my husband, I didn’t know I could or would feel aroused by the idea of it. I sighed again, starting to grind on his cock, just a bit.

He easily picked up on my reaction, letting my hands go to rub and squeeze my thighs. “It turns you on to hear me talking like that, doesn’t it?”

“Yessss,” I hissed, grinding harder.

“Mmmm,” Graham moaned. “Your pussy is so wet right now… full of our cum.”

“Yeah…” I breathed.

“It’s hot to think about you going home to him with my cum inside of you. Does that turn you on, too? Is that why you wanted my bare cock to fill you up so badly?”

“Fuck!” I cursed, bucking over him and starting to ride him again.

“Mmmm, my dirty little slut wants more cum?”

“Yes!” I yelled. “I want to suck your cock and taste our juices together! And then I want to feel you fucking my face.”

“Fuck yeah, I want that too… let’s get in the back where there’s more room,” Graham suggested.

But I had other plans. I shook my head and smirked, grabbing the door handle and opening the driver’s side door, carefully climbing off of Graham’s lap and stepping out of the Jeep. “I really want to be down on my knees in front of you feeling you use my mouth,” I told him, grabbing his hand to pull him outside with me.

Graham cursed and followed, his big, thick cock leading the way, glistening in the sunlight. He was looking around again, making sure the coast was still clear as we were both exposed.

I was about to kneel down when Graham stopped me, grabbing my arm gently. “Wait,” he said, walking around to the back of the Jeep. He opened the rear door and pulled out a folded dark gray wool blanket, placing it down on the ground beside the Jeep to cushion my knees.

I blushed and smiled at his thoughtfulness. “Thanks.”

He smiled back, “I think it’s the least I can do.”

I laughed at that as I knelt down before him, looking up and keeping hold of his gaze. I reached up and started stroking his messy cock, also leaning in right away to suck on the head lightly for a taste. It was salty and a little bitter, almost metallic tasting. But knowing that I was tasting our juices mixed together turned me on to no end. “Mmmmmmm,” I moaned.

Graham cursed and tensed when he felt my lips touch his cock. “You like tasting yourself on my cock?” he asked.

“Mmhmm,” I agreed. “You taste really good, too.”

“Mmmm good,” he groaned, his hands coming to my shoulder, to the back of my head loosely. I moaned louder to encourage that touch. “I feel your cum dripping down my thighs,” I shared.

I felt him twitch in my hand when I said that.

“Ohhh fuck,” Graham growled. “That’s so hot…”

I smirked and leaned in again, licking him all over, cleaning his cock, and his balls, too.

“Shit! Fuck, that’s so fucking good… God, your mouth feels fucking amazing, Kate…” he muttered, watching as I licked him clean.

I kept sucking him, feeling his hand on my head a bit more firmly. I was about to pull back to reassure him that I really did want him to get rough with me and fuck my face, but he didn’t need to be told twice this time.

Before I could pull back, Graham’s other hand was gripping my hair too, grabbing two handfuls in his fists and starting to pull me on and off of his cock.

I moaned and rested my hands on his hips to brace myself, keeping my eyes trained on his, opening my throat as much as possible.

“FUCK!” Graham shouted loudly, as he forced himself all the way down my throat until my lips nearly met the skin of his torso. “I’m so fucking lucky to have found such a good little slut in that coffee shop today… But not as lucky as your husband, to have such a slutty little wife! If you ever decide to tell him the truth about what a cock hungry whore you are, I want to fuck you in front of him and make him watch me fill all your holes!”

I gasped when Graham finally released his hold, letting me back off of his cock to catch my breath. His words sent another jolt of pleasure through me and I felt my throbbing pussy get wetter still. I moaned and reached down to start rubbing my clit while I continued stroking him, looking up and waiting for him to pull my mouth back onto him. “More!” I begged, opening my mouth for him again.

“Fuck yes, that’s it… take this big hard cock all the way down your throat, baby… You said I could use all of your holes… did you mean it?”

I moaned affirmatively, feeling a tingle of excitement in anticipation of what he wanted next.

Graham pulled himself back, out of my mouth, allowing me to speak again. “I want to hear you say it,” he prompted.

I was so turned on that my moan came out as a whimper. “Please Graham, I want you to take my ass…” I begged, looking right up at him, into his eyes.

Graham growled and pulled back, pulling me to my feet before bending me over to lean my elbows onto the front seat of the Jeep. He pushed my dress up over my ass and brought his hand down hard with a slap.

“Fuck!” I shrieked, more from surprise than pain. I followed up with a moan and once again begged for more. “Please slap my ass again!”

Another slap. Graham complied right away and I shuddered, reaching down to touch myself again, two fingers rubbing a circular pattern over my clit.

“Are you close?” he asked, evidently having noticed the quiver of my thighs again, and/or my hand between my legs.

Before I could reply, I was already coming undone, rubbing frantically and pushing my ass back to grind against Graham’s cock, my hips jerking up in uncontrollable spastic motions. Another hard slap on my ass as I was yelling out and cumming caused aftershocks to my orgasm.

It was so intense that my whole body sagged as I came down. My legs felt like jelly. Graham seemed to notice and helped out by holding me up by my hips. “I want you to come again while I’m in your ass,” Graham ordered.

I was so spent already that my whole body shivered at the thought. But I didn’t dare tell him to stop- I wanted everything and anything he’d ask me to do, implicitly.

I was expecting to feel his cock rubbing against my asshole right away, but I was pleasantly surprised by his tongue instead. I gasped and cursed, turning around to watch Graham’s mouth, buried in my ass as he ate me there.

“Fuck, that feels so good…” I moaned.

I felt him rolling his tongue around in a circular motion, then rubbing it flat against me, along my crack. The pleasure was enhanced by his moans, vibrating against me there. Next, I felt his finger rubbing around my hole, following the circular path his tongue had just marked, before pressing inside a bit at a time. There was a pinch on my ass cheek, and it took me a moment to register that he’d just bitten me there.

“Fuck!” I moaned, desperately, laughing a little and looking over my shoulder at Graham.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” he smirked.

“It’s ok,” I laughed.

I was back to rubbing my clit, feeling myself building towards another orgasm. I loved the feeling from the penetrating motion of Graham’s finger, in and out of my ass, feeling more juices flowing from my pussy as a result. I kept moaning, encouraging him to continue.

“Tell me when you’re close again,” he commanded, increasing the tempo of his fingering.

“Fuck, I already am!” I yelled back.


“Yes!” I gasped. Then, to encourage him, I added, “I want you to take my ass!”

I heard a low groan as Graham removed his finger from my ass, rubbing his hands over my ass and squeezing. He rubbed along my slit, up to my crack. Then, he started rubbing the head of his cock between my pussy lips, getting it wet to make for a smoother entry. Between the ass licking and fingering, and now this, I realized gratefully that he must not be new to this. Still, I was nervous about accommodating his size.

I’m not sure if Graham sensed my hesitation, despite my confident words, or whether he just felt the resistance as he started to press himself into me there, but he paused a moment to ask, “Have you ever had a cock as big as mine in your ass before?”

“No…” I admitted, shaking my head in case he couldn’t hear me through the layer of traffic noise coming from the streets below as I faced away from him into the Jeep.

“Your husband is smaller?” he asked.

“Yeah, a bit,” I admitted. I looked back over my shoulder to make sure Graham heard me. “He’s not as thick as you are either, but he even has a hard time fitting in. Even after a toy or butt plug.

Graham growled, reaching to pet my head, his hands running down over my hair until he was gripping it in a ponytail in his fist and pulling.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” I whimpered, arching my back.

“You love having your ass filled, don’t you, you filthy slut?”

I moaned loudly in response, reaching down to keep rubbing my pussy after feeling another surge of moisture with Graham’s words.

Apparently that sufficed as a response.

“You want my huge cock in your tight little hole?” he continued.

“Yes!” I yelled back, barely waiting for him to finish the question.

“Tell me, then,” he demanded.

Graham was driving me wild with his commanding attitude. I knew he wasn’t the only one who had gotten lucky. I let go, aiming to turn him on as much as I could with my words, in hopes of showing him how good he was making me feel. “I want to feel your giant cock in my ass, Graham! Please! I’m gonna cum so hard when I feel you taking me like that! I want it so much!”

I could hear his ragged breathing and the sound of his hand moving rapidly on the moist skin of his cock. Then he was there, pushing into my ass as we both groaned and cursed. He managed to get in past the head with his first push, likely because his cock was so rock hard by that point. Then, he pulled back out and pushed in again, and again, working on creating a gap in his size. He gradually pushed in deeper, bit by bit, until I felt like I might split in half.

“Fuck!” I yelled.

“Ok?” Graham asked, breathing heavily.

“Yeah, don’t stop…” I begged. It was painful enough that I knew it would be hard for me to cum, but I was determined. I resumed rubbing my clit and took in my surroundings, thinking about how long I’d been wanting to be with someone else like this, and how good it felt to be taking control of my pleasure. Fucking a stranger, out in the open. We’d been caught by a random woman driving by… she’d watched us having sex, even if it was just for a matter of moments… and then there was Graham and all of his hot dirty talk and other turnons… these thoughts and the image in my mind of him fucking me like this, as if I were outside of my body watching from above, were enough to bring me to the edge again.

“FUCK, your ass feels so fucking tight! I’m not gonna make it much longer…” Graham muttered, his fingers digging into my ass cheeks and spreading them while he fucked me.

Hearing that he was so close again already did me in. “It’s okay, I’m about to cum!” I shouted. Then I gave him some instructions that I knew would put me over the edge. “Pull back for a minute and just keep sliding the head of your cock in and out.”

There was a groan and then Graham was pulling himself out, then popping the head of his cock back in, as requested. In and out, in and out.

My moans turned into yells as I felt a huge wave come over me, the best yet. “Ohhhhhh my god!” I whimpered as I gave into the pleasure, my body writhing and jerking.

I pushed my ass back onto Graham’s cock further in the midst of my orgasm, causing him to slide deeper into my ass than before. That seemed to trigger him. “Shit, I’m cumming!” Graham yelled, just before I felt the first spurt in my ass. “Ohhhh fuckkk!” he growled, pushing in deeper to fill me.

This time, Graham pulled out shortly after cumming with another groan. “That felt so fucking incredible,” he gushed.

I started to lean back up to stand, but he stopped me with a gentle hand on my back. “Wait, fuck… You look so sexy with my cum dripping out of your ass and your pussy like this… That’s the hottest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

I smirked and blushed, arching around to look at him, wishing I could see it, myself. I was about to tell him so when I suddenly had an idea. “Take a picture,” I told him.

His gaze lifted from my ass to meet my eyes again. “Seriously?”

I smirked and nodded. “Yeah, definitely. I want you to have it to look back at while you jerk off. It’ll be so hot to know you have it and touch yourself thinking about me like that.”

“FUCK!” Graham barked, laughing again. “You’re gonna kill me. I’m hard again.”

I laughed along, but then made sure he knew I was serious. “Take it! Or at least take one for me… I want to see it, too…”

“Jesus fucking Christ…” he muttered, still chuckling as he took his phone out of his jeans pocket.

I laughed with him, then watched as he took his time with the picture, or pictures, trying it from different angles. “I want to make sure I capture the gleam of the sun on all of that cum drizzling down your pussy and legs… and make sure my shadow’s not blocking it,” he explained.

“Mmmm, good thinking,” I smirked.

He looked up and met my eyes, smirking back.

Once Graham was satisfied that he’d gotten the best possible shot, he said, “Okay, how’s this?” He turned the phone towards me so I could see.

I stood up, holding my dress up around my waist to keep it from getting sticky in Graham’s on my ass and thighs. “Mmmm… that is hot…” I agreed. “Will you send it to me?”

Graham looked back at me, eyebrows raised. “Yeah?”

I nodded. “If you don’t mind?”

He just smirked and clicked the share button on the picture, then handed the phone to me to type in my number.

I entered my number and saved it as a new contact called, “Coffee Shop Slut,” then handed the phone back.

Graham snickered when he saw what I’d done. “Nice…”

I laughed along.

“You want me to call you sometime?” he asked, starting to get redressed.

“Yeah,” I smirked. “Text me about meeting for coffee if you want to hook up again… that’ll be our code.”

“Ok,” he chuckled. “What are you gonna save my number as?”

“I don’t know…” I pondered.

“Coffee Shop Cock?” he suggested.

I laughed. “I think that would defeat the purpose of the code.”

“True,” he agreed.

“Do you have anything I can use to wipe off a little bit?” I asked then

He gave me a look, smirking slowly. “You should just leave it.”

I laughed. “But it’s going to make my dress stick to me!”

Graham laughed and gave in, picking the blanket off the ground. Rather than handing it to me, he moved closer, stepping right behind me. Rather than turning around to face him, I waited to see what he would do. Next, I felt his hands on my waist and then he was turning me, bending me over against his Jeep again, and crouching down with the blanket to wipe me off himself.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned, feeling so turned on to have him taking care of the mess for me, and just feeling his hands on me again. I could feel him wiping off my ass cheeks, and the backs of my thighs. Then he roughly pulled my legs apart, spreading me to wipe between my thighs, too.

“I’m not going to wipe off your pussy,” he said, standing back up behind me.

“No?” I asked, intrigued to hear what he’d say next… feeling the anticipation building in my still-swollen pussy.

“No,” he answered, his hands finding my hips, his lips brushing over the skin of my neck and shoulder. “I want you to go home to your husband like that, with my cum still dripping out of you.”

I closed my eyes and sighed, leaning back against his chest, feeling my pussy clenching yet again. “Fuck…” I breathed.

Then I felt Graham bite my neck suddenly. I gasped, my eyes flying back open, but I didn’t pull away.

“Gonna have to have some kind of story ready… in case he discovers another man’s cum in your pussy and ass, and a bite mark on your neck…” he breathed into my hear, nibbling and biting on the lobe.

Then I felt another hard slap on the side of my ass as he reached around with his other hand to hold me against him. I gasped again, an involuntary yelp escaping this time.

“And my red handprints all over your ass…” Graham added.

Fuck. I was so wet for him again, and I could feel his cock hardening through his pants, against my ass. I moaned and arched my head back onto his shoulder, reaching back to run a hand through his hair, holding him to me. My other hand reached back to his thigh.

“Fuck!” he cursed against my neck, his hands roaming all over me, squeezing my still bare breasts, rubbing over my stomach, then holding my hips and pressing himself against my ass through his jeans. “I want you again… you turn me on so fucking much, Kate… I can’t believe how lucky I am to have just found you in the coffee shop like that…”

“Mmmmm,” I moaned, smiling and starting to grind back against his cock, encouraging him. I couldn’t deny that everything Graham was saying and doing was turning me on beyond belief. I knew it was wrong. But the feelings of guilt that I thought I should have weren’t there. Instead I just felt hungry for more, like I was on the verge of losing control.

Still, I decided to put a stop to things before we got too carried away again. I started pulling back slowly, turning to face him while gently pulling out of his arms. “I think I better get going soon…” I said with a gentle smile.

“Mmm, okay,” he conceded with a sigh. “Keep me wanting more, is that it?” he teased.

I laughed. “Something like that.” Then I reached into the car for my bra and put it back on before readjusting my dress.

Graham wrapped the blanket up into a ball with the sticky parts inside and put it back in the trunk before continuing to the passenger side of the Jeep and opening my door for me again.

“I have to say, I’m thankful for your ‘ladies first’ motto…” I flirted as I climbed back up into the Jeep.

Graham chuckled. “Figured you would be,” he winked before closing the door after me.

I reached down to pick up my panties from the floor of the Jeep by my feet and slid them back on while Graham made his way back around the Jeep and got back in on his side.

“Good call on the parking structure… I guess we got lucky no one else came all the way up to the top floor,” Graham said as he turned on the Jeep, buckled, and then reached an arm behind my seat to look behind us as he backed out of the spot.

“I don’t know if lucky is the word I would use…” I smirked. “But at least we didn’t get interrupted again.”

Graham laughed. “Yeah, that’s for sure.”

After we neared the exit to the garage, Graham offered to drive me all the way home. Based on what I’d seen so far, I figured this was just another gentlemanly gesture, but still, I declined, feeling like it would be too risky. I told him the bus stop was fine, so he just drove me the few blocks back to my stop near the coffee house.

He kissed me again before I climbed out of the Jeep and I smiled, feeling dizzy with pleasure and adrenaline from what we’d just done. At the last minute, I decided to make one more move, slipping my panties back off and handing them to him to keep.

“In case you want something more than that photo to jerk off to…” I offered with a smirk.

Graham bunched up my panties and brought them to his nose to smell them right away, groaning into them. “Thanks,” he said. “I’ll let you know when I need a fresh pair.”

I smiled back. “Sounds good.”

We heard the next bus coming down the street, so I got out of the Jeep, waving one more goodbye through the closed window before going.

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