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Sebastian Scott meant business. He was rich and liked things a certain way. He had worked hard over the years to be where he was and keep his secret hidden. That is until he met her. He never thought the day would come when he would finally find his soul ,mate. But would she except him? Could he trust her? Would she be His? Luana was independent, clever and never committed to anyone. But all that changed when she meets Mr Scott.. His dark eyes and magical touch left her wanting more. But could she give in to him? He was her boss and demanded a piece of her she was reluctant to give. Could she give in to her dark desires and become His?

Erotica / Fantasy
Lisa Rhead
4.8 40 reviews
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Chapter 1

The security guard was cute.
Tall, blond with a cheeky smile.
I'd do him, I thought.
I watched him run a metal detector over people coming into the building and then dismiss them with a polite nod.
Taking a note of his blue eyes, I hitched my skirt up a little higher and crossed my legs at the ankle.
Look over at me, I willed in my head.
Sure enough, he glanced over at me and rewarded me with a smile.
He had noticed.
I slowly licked my lips and kept eye contact with him.
He almost dropped his metal detector, making me smirk.
A women in her fifties came through the security check with a piece of paper in her hand and scanned the waiting area where two other girls and I were sat.
"Luana Mackenzie?" she called.
I stood up and picked up my briefcase and made my way towards her, my four inch heels clicking on the marble floor.
She gave me a once over and raised her eye brow.
"I'm Mrs Hallow," she introduced.
"Nice to meet you," I greeted warmly.
"Follow me."
I followed her to the security area where the cute guard stepped forward with a huge smile.
"Do you object to being searched?" asked Mrs Hallow.
I gave the guard a heated look and smiled.
"Not at all. Where do you want me?" I asked him.
His face turned a little pink as he held his hand out for my suitcase.
I handed it over, still keeping eye contact with him.
He ran the metal detector over it and then placed it down, before stepping towards me.
"Hold you arms out wide," he instructed.
I spread my arms out and thrusted my chest forward in my see through white shirt.
He ran the detector over each arm and then down my back before he ran it over my front.
The metal detector beeped half way down my thigh, making the guard look up at me quick.
I just smiled at him and waited.
"Do you have anything under your skirt that is made of metal?" he asked, his blue eyes shinning.
"I do. Do you want to see?" I asked, huskily.
I watched him swallow the lump in his throat before nodding his head.
I ran my hand down my skirt and lifted the hem up, revelling my garter clip, holing my skin coloured stocking up.
"Do you want to see the other one?" I asked him.
Mrs Hallow coughed, breaking the tension between us.
"No...it's fine. You can go through," said the guard.
I looked at his name badge.
"Thanks Daniel. See you around," I said, warmly, picking up my suitcase.
I sat in a chair, opposite Mrs Hallow as she read through my C.V and recommendations.
"This is very impressive, Miss Mackenzie," she said, warmly.
"Thank you. I have worked very hard to get where I am today," I told her.
"I can see that. Your last employer seemed to be reluctant to let you go?" she pointed out.
I smiled.
"I will be honest. The job I had there was not a challenge and within three weeks of me being there, I had everything and everyone on such a schedule that they were happier to work there and is now a thriving small business."
"This company is not a small business," she pointed out.
"No it is not. But it will be great by the time I am finished with it," I promised her.
Her eyebrows raised and she nodded, turning in her seat.
"I admire your confidence," she told me.
I nodded and turned in my chair when I heard a commotion from outside her office.
Through the glass windows of the office, I saw a few people running away and even some duck and hide in cubicles.
Mrs Hallow got up from her desk and opened the glass door, poking her head out to see what was going on.
Leaning to the side so I could see around her, I noticed a tall dark man coming towards her office wearing a black smart suit.
His hair was black as ebony and his handsome face was set in a scowl, directed at Mrs Hallow.
What had she done to piss him off?, I thought.
I noticed that his eyes were dark as he came closer and I watched Mrs Hallow step to the side as he came into the office.
He stood before her, not noticing me and folded his arms over his broad chest.
Fuck me, he was pantie drippily gorgeous.
"Tell me why that no one knows what is on my schedule today?" he barked at her.
"Did Joanna not send it to you this morning, Sir?" asked Mrs Hallow.
"No she did not. Otherwise I would be in the meeting I was suppose to be in an hour ago!" he said, harshly.
He fished into his trouser pocket and practically threw his mobile phone at her.
"Why is it that we don't have a decent executive assistant working here?"
"Because you don't have me," I muttered under my breath, smugly.
The dark man turned as if he had heard me and his eyes scanned me from head to toe.
He took a step towards me, his dark eyes intense and challenging.
He could not have heard me?
I practically whispered it.
Moving closer, he stopped when his leg was almost touching my knee and stared down at me.
"And you are?" he barked.
"The answer to your prayers," I told him.
His dark eye brows rose up in amusement but he kept his face firm.
"This is Luana Mackenzie. I am interviewing her for the executive assistant position," introduced Mrs Hallow.
I stared right back at him, squaring my shoulders.
The man held his hand out to Mrs Hallow and she gave him his phone back.
"You think you can answer my prayers do you, Miss Mackenzie?" he challenged.
"For a decent pay check? Perhaps?" I said, firmly.
He leant down slightly and took a deep breath, inhaling the air around me.
A warm tingle shot down my spine and I took a steady breath, still staring at him.
Leaning closer, the distance grew shorter as he bent at the waist towards me.
His face came in line with mine and we were eye level.
"Follow me," he commanded.
He straightened and moved towards the office door, making Mrs Hallow step back.
"I can finished her interview for you, Sir?" she offered.
He turned his head to her and gave her a warning look and I swear he growled at her.
I stood from my chair and grabbed my suitcase and followed the dark man out of the office.
He walked fast ahead of me and I was only briefly aware of workers looking in cubicles as I hurried to keep up with him.
He took a right down a corridor and then pressed for a lift.
By the time the lift arrived, I had caught up with him and stood at his side.
He stepped into the lift and turned so he was staring at me.
"Are you coming?" he asked, firmly.
I nodded and stepped into the lift, turning my back on him as he pressed the top floor button.
Keeping my back straight, I stared ahead at the silver lift doors.
Suddenly, I felt a slight touch on the side of my neck and turned my head.
The man was stood right back against the wall away from me.
That was weird.
It felt like something had touched me but he was too far away to have done so.
I shook my head and watched the lift light move up each floor.
Finally it stopped and the double doors opened with a ping.
I stepped out quick, not waiting for him and froze.
The lift opened up into a huge private office.
Black marble flooring covered the entire floor and twenty foot in front of you was a large desk and black leather chair.
Two more chairs were opposite it and behind the desk was a black marble fireplace.
What an odd thing to have in an office?
Maybe he lived here?, I thought.
The dark man stepped around me and stalked to his desk, lowering himself down in his leather chair.
On the left was a seating area with a brown leather sofa and a glass coffee table.
There were no plants and very little decoration.
On the right was a large bookcase that spanned out along the whole wall and in the top right was a mini bar that closed into a cabinet.
There were two large windows with black blinds running lengthways on either side of the fireplace that lit the whole room and in the centre of the ceiling was a small black chandelier with electric candle shaped lights.
This room screamed I am rich and I know it!
My eyes turned back to the dark man who was signalling me to come here with his finger.

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