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When It Rains

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For all I know, you are what I needed for time being. I'm not sure where we gonna end up and how we gonna end up. Right now you are what I need and I'm gonna stay and see where we gonna end up. For all we know we have to stick together until one of us is fed up with the idea of being together. So tell me who it is going to be? Is it you who would be breaking my heart at the end of this six months or is it going to be me who is going to break your heart? Is it us who is going to break each other's heart?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

A smile played on Olympia's face as she looked at the rain from her apartment window. It's been a while since it rained in New Jersey.
"Enjoying the rain?" Eli asked wandering towards where Olympia stood.
"Eli... How many times did I tell you not to speak when I'm concentrating on some other thing."
"My bad, I forgot."
"Haha, Olympia doesn't like it when someone breaks her concentration," Milo said walking into the room with a coffee mug in his hand.
"You made yourself a coffee?" Olympia asked eyeing the coffee mug.
"Yeah, you are not going to make any coffee and I was not going to wait."
"Then why didn't you make for three people? Why did you just make it for yourself?" Eli questioned Milo.
"There is no milk for three people." Milo took a seat and smelled the strong aroma of his coffee.
Olympia took her seat beside Eli and watched the rain droplets on the window. "Are we going to have classes tomorrow?" she asked.
"We should be having classes tomorrow. They have been postponing the classes for two days because of these rains," Milo said sipping his coffee.
"Hmm, freshers must be disappointed. They must have been waiting for the first day at uni," Eli said.
"Do you know any of the juniors?" Eli asked. Milo and Olympia thought ab0ut it.
"I think I know a few of them from high school. They have taken up the business course," Milo said.
"If you know them, then I would also know them," Olympia spoke.
Milo and Olympia went to the same high school. They are now a part of the prestigious private university in the country.
They met Eli last year when they were freshers. Eli came from London, you can hear his thick British accent every time he speaks.
They have easily become friends because of their Elite group. The elite group consists of six members.
"Where are others?" Eli asked.
"Isla and Ezra went to meet a distant cousin. I don't know where the other one is," Olympia said looking out of the window as the rain stopped pouring down.
"Why didn't they tell me?" Eli asked with his brows confused.
"Because you were sleeping somewhere last night and they couldn't reach your phone."
"Do you know where he went?" Eli asked Milo.
"Did he ever tell us where he is and where he is going?" Milo replied and Eli shook his head.
"I have no idea where he is and when he is going to be there."
"He will be attending the classes right? We weren't able to sign up for the language classes last year and this year we did. We have to attend all the language classes if we want those marks," Eli said.
"We cannot ignore the language lectures. They are important for us and after a lot of pleading letters they have accepted our requests and let us join the classes," Olympia said.
"No one knows about this right? They shouldn't be knowing that we have practically begged Mrs Orman and Mr Tram," Milo said.
"Nope, no one knows. They believe that we haven't taken the language classes last year so we are taking this year with first-year students," Eli spoke.
"Do we have Mr McCoy's classes this week?" Eli asked and Olympia smiled. Eli groaned looking at the smile on Olympia's face.
"Ugh, I seriously don't understand why he is teaching us family law. I mean last two semesters he was there and I thought I won't be seeing his face this semester. I don't want to attend his classes," Eli groaned.
"Darling, he is one of the important professors and he would be teaching us for four semesters. Probably next year you won't be seeing his face," Milo said.
"Let's go somewhere before these classes start. We won't be able to have fun outside campus," Eli said leaning back in his seat.
"Bro, you enjoy and attend all the parties that are going to happen and yet complain about the fun," Milo said.
While Milo and Eli started talking about the upcoming campus parties that are going to happen Olympia stood up from her seat and went over to the wall where Ezra and Milo have stuck the pictures.
She smiled looking at the first picture they have clicked as a group. She couldn't believe one year has passed and now they are in their second year of college.
She laughed looking at the picture where Isla pushed Eli while Milo is laying on the floor with cake all over his face and neck.
She was not sure when she got into the university. She believed that she wouldn't be having any fun in university because of the course she has taken.
Even though BBA LLB is hard and full of classes she found her own escape space where she has all the fun in the world. She found her own group of people who brightens every day and all the tired days into tolerable days.
She stopped at the picture that she has taken with him, she is smiling brightly at the camera while he simply stood beside her looking straight at the camera.
That was her first picture with him. "He always wore a serious expression on his face," she whispered under her breath tracing her finger on the photograph.
She smiled looking at all the photographs they have clicked all throughout the year. The en number of parties they have attended and had fun.
At the music festivals, they went and danced their hearts out. It was a beautiful year and she found her people. She hopes nothing happens between them and they stick together no matter what.
"Did Ezra take the film camera with him?" Milo asked.
Milo and Ezra are the photographers in the group. They have a huge collection of photographs. "Yes, Ezra and Isla will stop at a location and Ezra wanted to use your film camera to click some pictures," Olympia explained.
The apartment they are hanging out in belongs to Ezra and Isla. Eli stays with Ezra and Isla while Milo and Olympia stay in New York.
Their parent's mansions are in New York and the university is a thirty minutes drive from their home. Milo and Olympia have been best friends since childhood but they never developed any feelings for each other.
To Milo, Olympia is like a little sister that he never had and to Olympia Milo is like a twin brother.
"Will they return back by evening?"
"I guess so, Ezra doesn't plan to stay with his cousins. They will be returning back soon," Eli said.
"Anyway, let's go out and have something to eat. I'm hungry and there is nothing to eat," Eli said.
"Can't we order?" Olympia said.
"Olympia... Don't be a lazy ass. Let's go out and chill somewhere. The rain stopped and it would be a pleasant afternoon," Eli said wandering over to where Olympia stood.
"Yeah, we need to step out. I haven't been out for the last two days because of these rains," Milo said placing his coffee cup on the table.
"Put the cup in the washbasin, Isla doesn't like it if you leave it over there," Olympia reminded Milo. Milo smirked shaking his head and Eli laughed.
"Olympia honey, he loves to get scolded by Isla. Let him be, he hasn't heard Isla's voice for two days. He wants to hear her scoldings."
"Shut up," Milo said picking up his car keys.
"Come on," Eli said wrapping his arm around Olympia's arm.
Eli made eye contact with the girl with blue highlights. She wore a blank face as she picked up her coffee and wandered over to the last table.
He looked away not wanting to get caught by her again. He listened to Olympia as she spoke about tomorrow's classes when it started pouring down again.
"I don't think we are going to step out of this cafe soon, it's pouring again," Milo said looking out.
"At least this is a good place to hang out. You have to go somewhere?" Eli asked sipping his cold coffee.
"We don't have to go anywhere but we could've roamed around the campus," Milo said and Eli didn't say anything. He normally leaned back in his seat and looked at the table where the blue hair girl sat.
He watched as she frowned looking at her Macbook screen. Eli doesn't know who the girl is but he feels like he has seen her somewhere.
"Isn't it Elio?" Milo said when he saw a man entering the cafe.
"Elijah?" Eli asked looking at Milo. Olympia turned her head and looked at where Milo is looking.
"Oh yeah. He is Elijah," Olympia confirmed.
Elijah let out a heavy breath as he looked at the menu. He isn't sure if he needs to have a proper brunch or if he should go for a simple coffee.
He wants to eat something but he doesn't have any company. "Good afternoon, mate. Ready to order?"
He looked at the barista and smiled at him. "Good afternoon, I like to order a veg cheese sandwich and a small milk coffee please."
"Parcel," Elijah added.
Eli looked at the white boy with blonde hair and normal height. Eli eyed him up and down and found him cute.
"You guys know him?" Eli asked.
"Elijah Wilton, youngest son of the attorney general," Milo said.
"He is the son of the attorney general?"
"Yeah, he was our junior in high school. A good guy, I must say," Milo said.
They aren't surprised, they have seen and met a lot of students coming from a political background. Most of them in their course are from legislative and administrative backgrounds.
"But why did you select law when your families are from a business background?" Eli asked Milo and Olympia.
"Because we don't have corporate lawyers in our families. And our siblings are already into business, we decided to go for law," Milo said and Olympia nodded her head.
"This is the seventh time you have asked us this question, for your enlightenment," Olympia added eating her pasta.
Elijah looked around the cafe to pass his time. He wanted to roam around the campus and know all the blocks but because of rain, he wasn't able to leave his dormitory.
"Are you sure you want to step out in the rain? It's pouring down heavily," the barista said. Elijah looked at the barista surprised that he is talking with him.
"Yeah... I would be dampened but I don't like to eat alone," Elijah replied looking at the barista who stepped away from his place and a new girl took up his place.
"A fresher?"
"I'm Joel, second-year BBA LLB," Joel said.
"I'm Elio, first-year BBA," Elijah said pushing his hand out for a handshake.
"I was going to have my lunch, if you don't mind you can join me," Joel said removing his apron.
Elijah looked at Joel in surprise. Joel turned around to speak with the lady for a second.
"You don't mind me joining you?" Elijah asked.
"No, why would I mind and I don't think you will be able to step out in this weather."
Elijah turned around to look outside. "Yeah..."
Milo looked at Eli who turned his head to look at the blue-haired girl. "Wassup Eli? Got a crush on the girl? Kept on looking at her, go and ask her if you are interested," Milo said and Eli immediately turned his head.
"Shut up."
"What? You have been glancing at her and I'm sure she must've observed that too. Why not go and talk to her."
"I'm not interested in her, I just felt like I have seen her somewhere."
Olympia used the tissue paper before looking at her phone when it vibrated. She received a new text from Isla.
'Got stuck over here because of the bad weather, will be reaching tomorrow morning.'
She read the text before sending back a reply. 'Okay, be safe and text me when you are getting started.'
"Isla and Ezra won't be coming back by evening. They will be reaching tomorrow morning."
"Bad weather?" Eli asked. Olympia nodded her head standing up from her chair.
"I will go and use the washroom."
"Come on, let's sit over there," Joel said pointing to the empty table.
"Yes." Elijah picked up his food and followed Joel.
Joel's gaze met with Olympia. He immediately looked away not wanting to have eye contact with her. She looked beautiful as ever.
Olympia saw Joel turning his head away when he saw her coming his way. Her brows frowned in confusion but she didn't stop.
Joel topped second-semester examinations. She never spoke with him as he always seemed to ignore her and her friends. The only person who he spoke to from her group was Ezra.
Joel isn't an introvert, he is a social butterfly and has a lot of friends from different departments. People even say that he is the friendliest person in their department but Olympia never got the chance to talk with him.
Elijah saw Olympia but didn't say anything. He knew that his seniors from high school are also in the university as him.
"Tomorrow you must be having classes," Joel said.
"Yes, classes have been postponed but hopefully we will be having classes tomorrow."
Joel picked up his burger and took a bite of it while Elijah started eating his sandwich.
"You are coming from?" Joel asked.
"New York and you?"
"North Carolina, you come from NYC?" Joel questioned.
"No, I shifted here."
"Dormitory or apartment?"
"Dormitory and you?" Elijah asked.
Milo pulled his phone out and started browsing Instagram while Eli looked around the cafe to find it getting full. All the tables are occupied and a lot of chatter is going on.
"I stay in the campus villas. You will be able to change next year, but dormitories are good too."
"Yeah, they are basically like apartments," Elijah said truthfully. He is having a private dormitory that has a kitchen, living room, bedroom and an attached bathroom.
"Shared or private?"
"Private campus brother and you will find everything exclusive and elite."
"You will love the campus life, don't worry about anything. Not everyone is an asshole and you will be able to make friends if you are open to conversations," Joel said and Elijah laughed.
"Let us add each other on messenger and exchange numbers. Call me if you need anything, I would love to show you around," Joel said.
"Sure, I was going to ask you for your number," Elijah said.
Elijah and Joel started talking about the campus. Olympia walked out of the washroom. On the way back she looked at Elijah who is laughing at something, Joel has said.
"Looks like everyone is making friends with each other on this rainy day," Eli said.
"True, it's a good thing I guess. They get to meet others," Olympia said taking her seat.
"What are we going to do now? Did you call him?" Eli asked Milo.
"He is not answering my calls."
Olympia didn't say anything. They knew that they are not going to meet him and would be seeing him directly in the classroom.
"Cool, let's hang out here then we will go to the villa house. Everyone is gathering over there for the slow party," Eli said.
"Slow party?"
"Only selected people and not a mandatory one."
"Olympia, you will be joining us right?" Eli asked.

Elio's name has been changed to Elijah. I hope you don't get confused between Eli and Elio. They are different characters, for more clearity

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