The Nanny

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Warning!!! This book is about a polyamorous relationship. This is pure fiction and inspired by a dream I once had. Do not read if you are sensitive to the subject. Sam was now a single dad after losing his wife in child birth. He was exhausted and way behind with his work. His twin sons helped him out as much as possible but Sam had no choice but to ask for help. He never dreamed a young woman who made him ache whenever she was near would answer his advertisement. Rowen was a breath of fresh air who not only worked magic with his young daughter but awakened dark desires, not just with him but with the whole family. Rowen was looking for a new job. A new life , a new start. What she did not expect to find was an irresistible intense sexual awakening, not only with her employer but with his twin sons as well.. Unable to resist, Rowen let herself be drawn in with the promise of pleasure and protection from her past.

Erotica / Romance
Lisa Rhead
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Chapter 1

Checking the GPS for the third time, I looked at the tiny screen on my phone and then back at the house set back in the woods.
This could not be right?
The house was huge.
It was a log cabin set back near a woods with grey tiled roof and gorgeous white flower boxes on every window ledge.
There was a gravel driveway that led down to the front of the house where the front door was up on a large porch.
I rolled my truck down the drive and parked up, grabbing my handbag and file with all of my qualifications and recommendations inside.
It made sense that the people who owned this placed would be looking for a live in nanny as they could clearly afford it.
Straightening my smart white shirt over my black leggings, I made my way up the porch and knocked on the front door loudly, full of confidence and determination.
Almost immediately, I heard a baby crying and the sound of heavy steps coming towards the front door.
But I was not prepared for him.
The door unlocked and a swung open to a pair of light green eyes.
So light green that they were almost a shiny aqua.
Fuck me, my head screamed.
He stood over six foot with a huge shoulders and arms.
His face had a shadow of of a beard that went up to his side burns and over his top lip, giving him a hunter in the woods look and I felt my knees shake a little.
His hair was black like his facial hair and he wore a denim dark blue shirt over black jeans.
"Can I help you Miss?" he said, his voice, making me jump.
"Lost?" he asked.
"No. I'm here for the live in nanny position," I said, my voice, feeling tight.
His eyes travelled up and down me, making me bite my bottom lip nervously.
"Are you not a little young?" he asked, frowning.
"I'm a fully qualified child minder with first aid training," I said, thrusting my paper work before him.
His stunning eyes never left mine as he took my paper work and then held the door wider for me to enter.
I stepped inside the house just as the sound of the baby crying got louder.
"It's my daughter Lilly, I'm not actually sure what's wrong with her," he mumbled, running a hand through his thick hair.
"Can I meet her?" I asked, helpfully.
The man eyed me suspiciously with a frown before nodding.
I followed him through to a large kitchen where a grumpy little baby girl was crying in a high chair.
From the squashed remains of food on her table, I could tell she had just had her lunch.
I watched the man unstrap her from her chair and lift her up in his arms.
His hand felt her bottom and he gave a deep sigh.
"She needs changing," he said, softly.
I could tell he was fed up and exhausted.
"I'll change her," I said, holding my arms out to her.
He passed his daughter to me and instantly she stopped crying, her chubby face turned into a curious stare.
"Well, hello there beautiful," I cooed.
"There is a changing room in the downstairs toilet. I had it converted into one so I did not have to keep going up and down to the nursery to change her," he said, pointing the way.
"Okay, no problem. Excuse us while we ladies go freshen up," I said, bouncing the baby on my hip.
The baby's face broke into a gummy grin and she rested her head on my shoulder as I took her into the changing room.
Once clean and dry, I brought her back out to her father who was pouring ice tea into two glasses on a kitchen island.
"What is your name?" he asked, pushing a glass towards me.
"Rowen Lea but please just call me Rowen," I told him.
I ignored my glass of tea and bounced the baby on my hip softly, who had stuck her thumb in her mouth and was leaning her head on my shoulder.
To both of our surprise, her eyes began to close so I switched the bouncing to gentle swaying back and forth.
"And how old are you Rowen?" he asked
"I'm Sam, also known as daddy," he laughed.
I watched him go through my papers and read my letter of recommendation and go through my certificates.
"So, the last family you worked for had to move away?"
I looked down at Lilly and smiled when I saw she had fallen asleep and nodded in response.
"I see you have your own truck so the ability to drive is handy and I have all the car seats you need for Lilly if you were to go anywhere."
"Do you have a play pen or a cot where I could put her down?" I asked, nodding to his sleeping daughter.
I followed him into a living room and he lifted her from my arms and placed her down in play pen full of soft blankets.
Lilly sighed and stayed asleep, content.
Sam turned suddenly and bumped into me, his hand cupping my breasts by accident, making us both jump apart.
"I am so sorry, I did not me to touch you," he said, quickly.
I shook my head.
"It's okay. An accident," I said, shrugging it off.
I followed him back to the kitchen and took a sip of the offered ice tea.
It was delicious.
"Okay, so I will explain a few things before I will show you to your room."
He slid onto a bar stool so I did the same.
"You will be paid monthly and you can have one weekend off a month. I practically work twenty four seven and since my wife Kathy died, I have been bring Lilly up myself and have fallen way behind on my work. This is why I need the live in help with her."
I nodded.
"Your room is next to Lilly's nursery and if she wakes in the night, you are to see to her because to be honest I'm exhausted and have not slept in nine months since she has been born."
Poor guy.
"No problem. Do you have any type of routine with her?"
He shook his head.
"I would like you to eat with us at meal times. I like to eat together and more than likely it might be the only time you will see me, so if you have any questions or you require anything you can ask me then and not disturbed me in my office or if I am outside in my workshop."
"Your advertisement required other light duties? What will they be?"
"Yes, I was coming to that. I am willing to up your wages if you could clean cook and do washing but obviously Lilly has to come first. She must be your main priority."
"No problem, I did that for the last family I worked for and I also walked their dog," I told him.
"I have no dog. If you don't mind me asking what were your monthly wages with the last family?"
"About eight hundred but my bed and board were included and my gas for the truck was included too."
He nodded.
"I am willing to pay you one thousand two hundred a month."
My mouth dropped open in shock.
"You realise that you won't have much time for a social life and if we go on holiday or visit places, you have to come too?"
For that amount of money, I would do cart wheels naked for him!
"That sounds very generous," I told him.
"There is just more thing you should know," he said, avoiding my eye.
I heard the front door open and the sound of heavy steps could be heard.
Two identical twin men came into the kitchen and my mouth dropped open again.
"My twin sons Alex and Dean live with me here also."
The first twin that came in stood dead when his eyes fell on me and the other bumped into his back, not seeing me yet.
"Who does that shitty green truck belong too outside the house?" asked the second twin.
His eyes fell on me and all of us just froze.
Talk about uncomfortable!
"Alex, Dean, this is Rowen our new live in nanny. Rowen, my sons," introduced Sam.
I stood from my stool and held my hand out to shake.
Both twins rushed forward to take my hand and I felt myself blush.
"I'm the older twin Alex and this is my baby brother Dean."
He gave my hand a gentle squeeze and a knee trembling smile.
I was staring at a pair of men who were the younger version of Sam and equally hot and attractive.
This was job was not going to be easy, I thought.

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