Friends, Right?

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Mason, Amiah, and Levi are best friends, but Mason and Levi happen to be dating. That certainly doesn't stop the two men from flirting with Amiah and trying to convince her that there's room in their relationship for one more. So what's a girl to do? Risk tanking the friendship she has with them, or be stuck forever wondering what could've happened?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1



“It’s a great movie. You’re just miffed nothing blew up.”

“It’s not a great movie if nothing blows up, Mi.” retorted Levi.

He, Mason, and I were sitting on the couch in their living room, completing our weekend ritual of dinner, a movie, and bitching. Lots of bitching. And me occasionally passing out on their couch from too much wine.

“I think it was pretty good.” said Mason, looking to me, “Definitely better than that zombie droll he picked last week.”

I laughed, taking my wine glass from the table, “Told you so!” I directed at Levi, who was sitting next to Mason, his arm around the blonde’s shoulders.

“Oh whatever.” he huffed, rolling his eyes at us, “We’ll see what you," he directed at Mason, “Pick next weekend.”

Oh shit.

“Um...about that...” I started, standing from the couch and stretching my arms above my head, trying to calm myself. This was no big deal. We'd been friends for over six years, nearly inseparable - except that Mason and Levi were dating.

“I’m not going to make it next weekend.”

Levi raised an eyebrow, but Mason looked slightly annoyed.

“You never miss movie night.” said Levi, “Don’t tell us you’ve got a hot date.” he joked, even Mason cracking a smile.

I couldn’t really be upset; it had been ages since I’d gone on a date. But...

“Right...actually...yeah, it is a date.” I managed to spit out. I had no idea why I felt so awkward about telling them.

“With who?” asked Mason, eyes slightly narrowed.

Ah, that’s right. That was why.

“Does it really matter?” I hedged, not really wanting to relay that information.

I emptied my glass, walking back into the open kitchen, still in plain view of them, and poured another glass of the bubbly champagne I’d been sipping since roughly 6pm when I’d arrived.

Mason opened his mouth, but Levi spoke over him, “If you end up missing it’d be nice to know who we’d have to hunt down.”

I couldn’t help the smile from tugging at the corners of my lips. Levi always made things less tense.

With a sigh I said, “Theo.”

Both of their eyes widened, though Mason's immediately narrowed.


I nodded, feeling my cheeks heat under his intense silver gaze, “He came to my office on Friday. One thing led to another and...and now I have a date.”

“Wiles is just a -”

Levi elbowed him sharply, ”Enough.”

The two seemed to be having a silent standoff before Mason released a deep breath and looked away from him.

“Where’s the lucky bloke taking you?” asked Levi, his chocolate eyes wandering over my -


That was not a good train of thought to follow. Levi wasn’t looking anywhere.

I cleared my throat, putting the champagne back and perching on the arm of the recliner they had off to the side of the couch we’d all been sitting on previously, glass in my hand.

Firefly. A bit much for a first date, right?” I asked, relaxing back into the friendship I’d had with them for so long.

“We would take you somewhere nicer.” scoffed Mason, rolling his eyes as he glared at the spot on the couch that I’d vacated.

I rolled my eyes, used to their harmless flirting, and said, “On the law firm's pay I shouldn’t even be setting a toe in that place.”

“We offer to take you out on the weekends too, you know?” said Levi with a smirk, “You tell us no, but Theo gets a yes? We’re hurt, Mi.”

I laughed, the wine making me a bit shameless as I said, “Yes, but sometimes stimulating conversation just isn’t enough. A date with Theo might actually get me laid.”

Levi smirked, and even Mason looked a bit less annoyed, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“I’m sure we could offer you a far better night in that department than Wiles could.” said Mason, his silver eyes sliding over my body -

Stop it. They’re just poking fun. Like always.

I cleared my throat and stood, grabbing all three of our empty glasses and taking them to the kitchen. I then slipped into my sandals, grabbing my cardigan and my purse from the coat rack by the front door.

“Anyway, you’ll have to let me know what kinky shit Mason picks this time.” I said with a laugh, pulling smiles from both of them.

“You’ll be missing out.” called Levi as I pulled open their front door.

“I hope not.” I said with a wink.


“Goddamnit, Levi.” I snapped, dropping my head back against the couch with a groan, “Now she’s going on a fucking date with Wiles.”

“Well, maybe we just need to tell her before next weekend.” he offered, running a hand through his unruly, curly mess of hair.

“Tell her? We’ve basically been telling her for the better half of six years that we -”

“Want to fuck her. Not that we want to be with her.” he interrupted.

Bloody hell.

“Do you think she’d hit it off with him?”

Levi snorted, rolling his eyes, “Please, we both know she at least finds us attractive, there’s no way she’s going for Theo.”

It was true. Amiah did make it rather easy to read her emotions - the pink flush that would cover her cheeks when I caught her watching Levi and I kiss, for one, was very telling.

That didn’t make me feel any better.

“That’s supposed to be us taking her out.”

“Well it could be us if we just did it.” he smirked, his knee bumping mine.

“Aren’t you at all worried that we’re going to completely fuck up this friendship?”

“No.” he answered easily, “She just needs to be open to the idea. We just need to help her read between the lines.”

“So what do we do?”

“Let’s start with lunch.”



I raised an eyebrow, a smile sliding onto my face, “Yes, lunch. Tomorrow. Maybe even early does Mi get up? It’ll be Sunday, after all.”

I slept well into the afternoon most days, so on the weekends when she slept over the two of them were long-up by the time I made it into the living room.

“Earlier than you’re capable of rising, love.” he said, running a hand through his hair, “What are you planning?”

“I could get up early for her.”

“But not for me?” he countered, eyebrow arched.

I laughed, pressing a kiss to his lips before standing to put out the fireplace, “We’re going to turn up the heat. If you’re too chicken to tell her, then we’ll just have to show her.”

“I am not -”

“Are you listening to me?” I asked, holding my hand out to pull him from the couch, “Tomorrow morning, breakfast for her, in bed.”

Mason smirked, "I'll believe it when you actually get up tomorrow."

I really did hate mornings.



I woke up to the sound of soft murmuring, and then the bed shifted slightly on either side of me.

I sat up with a start, completely shocked to see Levi and Mason sitting on either side of me on my bed, both holding a f tray filled with various breakfast foods.

“What in God's name are you two doing here?” I asked, looking between the two smiling men.

“We felt like breakfast.” shrugged Levi, setting the tray on the bed as Mason did the same.

I blinked once. Twice.

“But why are you here?”

“Aren’t you hungry?” asked Mason, taking a strawberry between his full, pink lips, “We’re starved.”

My eyes widened slightly, and I was suddenly very aware that I was in a t-shirt and knickers. I pulled the blanket more firmly around my hips before leaning against my headboard, “I’m always hungry.”

I took a strawberry as well, choosing to dip mine in a bit of whipped cream from a pancake before biting into it - how they always managed to have the freshest fruit still stumped me.

“Besides, we know you’ve been having a hard time at work.” said Levi.

“You wouldn’t shut up about it.” murmured Mason, his eyes trained on my lips as I licked away a bit of cream.

My stomach clenched at the way he was looking at me, like he wanted to devour me.

But I couldn’t think about things like that. Right?

I cleared my throat, looking away from both of them to grab a piece of bacon, “George really is a slave driver.”

Both of them laughed and I immediately relaxed. I was just imagining the sexual tension. They flirted harmlessly, clearly too enamored in each other to bother paying another person any attention in that way.

The two men were obviously in their pajamas, long silk bottoms in a dark green and simple t-shirts, yet I still felt under dressed.

Though I was in my underwear.


“You know, a girl could really get used to waking up with breakfast in bed." she said with a chuckle, taking a bite of a chocolate covered pancake.

Levi and I shared a look, and he was the one to respond, “You’d get breakfast every morning if you stayed with us.”

Her cheeks tinted pink, but she laughed it off, “Don’t tempt me.”

“We’ve been tempting you, Amiah.” I said with an eye roll, “Little good that does.”

“What?” she asked, taking another bite of her pancake - though this time a small drop of chocolate was lingering on her bottom lip and fuck I wanted to lick it off.

Levi raised an eyebrow at me, clearly wondering if I was actually going to tell her the truth.

No. Not now. The words seemed stuck in my throat.

“Tempting you with food.” I said, forcing a smirk onto my face, “If you’d let us take you out once in a while I’m sure the food would be even better than when we make it.”

She laughed as she replied, “Are you two really still miffed about next weekend?”

I couldn’t focus past that little bit of chocolate at the corner of her mouth, so Levi jumped in.

“We’re hurt, Mi.” he said dramatically, “Choosing Theo over us.”

She rolled her eyes, taking another strawberry between her lips before saying, “I’m not choosing anybody over anybody. You two are my best friends, Theo’s just...just...”

“A quick fuck?” I supplied, unable to keep the smirk off my face.

She narrowed her eyes at me but I could tell she wasn’t really upset, “Not how I would’ve put it, but yes.”

“Was Flynn the last bloke you slept with?” asked Levi, taking a bite of his eggs.

Right. Eating. I was supposed to be eating.

“Bloke? Yes. Last person I slept with, certainly not.” she said with a smirk, her eyes twinkling at our surprised faces.

“Well fuck, Mi, never would’ve thought you had it in you.” chuckled Levi.

She laughed again, that damn bit of chocolate finally licked away by her tongue.

“Who was it?” I asked.

“Luna. We’ve had an...on again off again thing since college.” she admitted, a slight blush staining her cheeks.

Bloody hell.


Surprised wasn’t even the word.

But, this could be very useful in Mason and I’s plan. If she was open minded enough to have an “on again off again thing” with Luna, she may well be open minded enough to join our relationship.

“So let’s get this straight,” I began, leaning forward slightly, “You slept with Krum, Mat, Flynn, Luna, and now you’re telling us you’re going to sleep with Theo?”

She rolled her eyes, buttering her toast as she said, “Yes, what’s your point?”

“Why won’t you sleep with us?”

"Levi!” snapped Mason, glaring daggers at me.

I couldn’t be bothered. I said I was going to turn up the heat, and that’s exactly what I was doing. The last thing we needed was Amiah actually falling for Theo. Then we’d really be kicking ourselves in the arse.

“Excuse me?” she squeaked, her cheeks an adorable pink.

“Why,” I began slowly, enunciating each word, “Won’t you sleep with us?”

“I - you - stop that.” she said, forcing a strained chuckle, “You two are always teasing me.”

“What if it wasn’t teasing?” asked Mason, his voice soft as he looked down at his plate.

"What?” she asked, eyes wide, looking between the two of us. “Mason, look at me.”

He did as she asked, his cheeks a bit pink, too.

“What are you saying?”

I watched for a moment as he opened and closed his mouth, clearly unable to answer her question. He really was adorable when he was flustered.

“We’re saying that we’d like the opportunity to take you on a date and ravish you after.”

Her eyes looked about ready to pop out of her head, her cheeks flaming as she looked down at her hands on her lap.

Mason looked about ready to melt into the ground, his cheeks almost matching hers.

“I...where did this come from all of a sudden?” she asked, biting her lip as she looked to me, then to Mason.

“All of a sudden?” he snorted, “Try at least the last four years, Amiah.”

"Four years?” her eyes were wide and her voice was slightly louder than I’m sure she wanted it to be.

“Don’t seem so shocked, Mi.” I said with a smile, “We flirted with you pretty much every chance we got.”


“You two are dating!” I yelled, throwing my hands into the air, “How was I supposed to know that you were serious?”

It was true that we’d been practically inseparable since our friendship really solidified, but that didn’t mean I ever really thought that my little fantasies were justified...

“We’ve spent practically every weekend for the past five years together.” said Mason, “What did you th -”

“As friends! That’s what friends do. I spent years with Clark and Stephan back in school, but God help me I’ve never slept with or wanted to sleep with either of them!”

I couldn’t keep my voice down, though I realized I really should. I had normal, respectable neighbors that surely wouldn’t appreciate all the commotion at a quarter till eight.

“I highly doubt they said any of the things we’ve said.” smirked Levi, ever the picture of calm, cool, and collected.

I shook my head, “Of course not! They’re like my brothers.”

“We’re not.” said Mason with a small shrug.

I opened and closed my mouth, unable to figure out what I wanted to say. I’d obviously had a few not-so-friend-like fantasies about the two men in front of me, but I’d really never thought that even one of them looked at me that way, let alone both of them.

“So what do you say?” asked Levi, grinning at me.

“I...I really don’t know.” I said, realizing that it was the truth. “Are we...are we still going to be able to be friends after -” cough “After sleeping together?”

Mason raised an eyebrow at me before interrupting Levi to say, “Who said anything about being friends after, love? The whole point is that we,” he motioned between himself and Levi, “Want you to be part of this relationship.”

I blinked once. Twice. Three times.

I still didn’t know what to say. This could all end so badly.

“Mason might actually faint if you don’t reply, Mi.” joked Levi, nudging him with his shoulder.

I looked to Mason, but he was glaring daggers at his boyfriend.




“Why not?” asked Levi, clearly undeterred.

“Your friendship is so much more important to me than a fling or -”

“We don’t want a fling, Amiah.” I interrupted with a smirk, “We’ve been putting up with you for six years so far, what makes you think that’s going to change?”

She bit her lip, her eyes falling back to her hands as she clearly ran through different scenarios in that big brain of hers.

“How do you two know this is what you want?”

We both smiled, and Levi said, “We’ve had over four years to talk about this, Mi. You’re the one caught off guard.”


“One date.” I said, a smirk tugging at the corner of my mouth, “We’ll wine and dine you, and after, if you don’t think it’s...going to work, we’ll drop it.”

“Won’t that be awkward?” she asked, her lip still firmly between her teeth.

Levi chuckled and I said, “Not unless you’re going to think it’s awkward.”

When she said nothing Levi said, “Besides, we’d rather try than find out you fell in love with Theo.”

At that she laughed, the sound immediately releasing the tension in my shoulders.

“I wouldn’t fall in love with Theo, idiots.” she said, still smiling as she shook her head, “You two really are serious?”

I rolled my eyes, but he jumped in, “Of course we are. So what do you say, Mi?”

“I guess it's a coffee date now.” she said with a small smile, eyeing the two of us from under her lashes.

“You’re still going -”

“That sounds great.” Levi said, interrupting me with a sharp glare in my direction, “We promise you won’t regret this.”

She rolled her eyes, a smile on her face as she said, “I don’t ever regret spending time with you two.”

“I don’t know about that.” I said smirking at her, “There have been a few movie nights where you were ready to kill both of us.”

The three of us laughed, the awkward tension most definitely gone.

“That’s a good point.” she mused, “Now get out of here; I need to get up and get dressed. I have some files that I need to work on for tomorrow.”


“Oh come on, Mi. Haven’t you ever heard of a lazy Sunday?”

She looked at me, eyebrow raised as she said, “Lazy Sundays are for people who can also afford lazy Mondays. I can’t. You guys know that George -”

“Is a slave driver.” quipped Mason, “We remember.”

“So go.” she said, nudging each of us with one of her feet. “I’m sure I’ll see you both for lunch tomorrow, yeah?”

I grinned, and before she could pull her foot back, I tickled her through the fabric of her blanket, pulling a sharp squeal from her as she laughed.

“Stop that!” she said, attempting to twist away from me, the blanket sliding just a bit lower than she probably wanted it to, exposing the top of a very lacy pair of red panties.

“Bloody hell, Amiah.” groaned Mason, his eyes on the small strip of fabric, “You’ve been sitting here the whole time in your knickers.”

She gasped, yanking her foot back and tugging the blanket up around her hips, “I told you two to go.” she groaned.

“Well I’m certainly glad we didn’t, aren’t you, Levi?”

I nodded, “Indeed, we would’ve never known our Mi had such great taste in lingerie.”

Her cheeks flamed, but she kept her nose high, “I have excellent taste in lingerie, thank you very much.”

“Hopefully you’ll show us sometime.” murmured Mason, his eyes dark as he watched her.

Suddenly she smirked, “If you two aren’t going, I still need to get my work done.”

With that she flung the blanket back, covering both of our heads with it. When we’d yanked the offensively obstructive fabric away all we saw was a flash of her red-lace-covered bum disappearing into the bathroom.

“Fucking hell.” he groaned, dropping backwards onto the bed. “This is really happening, isn’t it?”

I laughed, leaning over him to press a soft kiss to his lips before murmuring, “And we’d better make sure that it happens again, and again, and again.”

At that he smirked, “I certainly look forward to the challenge.”

“Judging by her reaction, I doubt it’s going to be too challenging.”

He snorted, pulling me up so we could head back to our flat, “Have you met Amiah?”

Fair point.

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