Never too Late

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Erotica / Romance
Violet Bloom
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Never too Late by Violet Bloom

Copyright © 2022 Violet Bloom

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Content Warning: This book contains subject matter that may be triggering or inappropriate for some audiences: violence and graphic descriptions of sex.

This story happens on a bouncing timeline until we get to the rejoining of the two main characters. Every other chapter goes past to present, and to make it less confusing, each chapter is clearly marked at the beginngvin as past or present.


I was fifteen when I realised I was in love with my older brother’s best friend. I was sixteen when I realised he loved me too. I was seventeen when I lost my virginity to him and broke both our hearts by not wanting to be with him while he was away at college, unable to trust him to stay faithful.

I was eighteen when he came back and reminded me that I belonged to him and only him, that I had always belonged to him, that I would always belong to him.

My brother wasn’t happy about our relationship, but it didn’t matter because I knew one thing that he didn’t - Miles would never hurt me.

And I was sure of that. Right up until I wasn’t, the proof right in front of my own eyes that I’d wasted years loving him.

He broke my heart right after his college graduation and I still had a year of studying left. I spent that year pulling myself up and trying to forget him. I thought I’d been successful.

That was until five years later I showed up for a gig, the stripper at a bachelor party. Miles wasn’t the groom, but he was still there. Despite the layers of makeup and the fake wig, he recognised me instantly.

Old habits die hard because less than ten minutes in his presence and I was already in his bed again. But it had just been a relapse, falling into old patterns.

When I snuck out of his hotel room bed in the middle of the night, I was sure I’d never see him again.

But now that he thought he had a chance to win me back, he wasn’t giving up. But I can’t ever forget what he did.

Until I learn that what I thought he did, he never did.

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