Never too Late

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Chapter 2

Miles’s point of view:

May 2013: The Past

“Damn, it’s good to be home,” Jesse hooted out the window, the still chilly spring breeze blowing his hair in every direction as he slammed his open palm against the door as we passed the Welcome to Pineville sign. We hadn’t been home since Christmas. Our one stop light town we’d finally both escaped called to us more than we’d expected. Me more than him. Even if my best friend could never know the reason. “Who woulda thought we’d miss this shit hole?” He laughed as I easily manoeuvred through the familiar back roads.

“Definitely not me,” I called, making the last turn onto our street. I’d lived with his parents since sophomore year, unable to handle the abuse in my house for a second longer.

But that wasn’t completely true because I’d missed it the second we left, not so much the town, but Dawn- my best friend’s little sister. After pining after her for most of high school, I’d finally gotten her beneath me after my graduation last year. She’d run scared, not believing I could stay faithful being away at college. And I hadn’t seen her since. At Thanksgiving, she’d been on a school trip to the Indigenous Nation who owned our land before colonization. And at Christmas, she’d been on a trip with her best friend to Aspen. Her parents had let her go because she’d always wanted to. They didn’t have a lot of money, and couldn’t afford it, but Molly’s parents had paid for everything, and they didn’t want to deny her.

But that meant I hadn’t seen her in close to a year- a year I’d spent doing the same thing I’d done in highschool, pine after her.

“My babies!” Carla, Jesse’s mom, shrieked, clapping her hands and racing towards the car as I rolled to stop. She had her arms around Jesse before he was even fully out of the car.

“Mom,” he said, voice full of exasperation while he half hugged her, half pushed her away. He was a mama’s boy at heart, but hated affection.

“Miles,” she said, finally releasing her first born and making her way to me, wrapping me in a hug that gladly accepted. More than Jesse.

“Hi mama B,” I said. “I made your guys’ favourite,” she said.

“You ordered Chanello’s?” As soon as the question left Jesse’s mouth, a delivery driver pulled into the driveway.

“Yes!” Jesse hollered while his mom paid and tipped the kid. I recognised him. He was a year behind us in school. A senior this year then. Same year as Dawn. I had to hold back a sigh at just the thought of her. Shaking my head, I brought myself back to the here and now, before my thoughts could spiral further. Jesse was already walking into the house, arms loaded with three pizza boxes, wings, and another box I was sure held cheesy breadsticks. Jesse set everything on the table before grabbing plates and sodas from the fridge. “Where’s dad?” He asked.

“Last minute business trip, he’ll be back tomorrow.”

“And Dawn?” He asked, shoving an entire breadstick into his mouth.

“Hey asshole,” Dawn greeted Jesse, making a grand entrance as she walked gracefully down the stairs. Her long legs were on full display in the daisy dukes she was wearing. Long golden locks fell in soft waves over her shoulders, and those crystal blue eyes sparkled with mischief as she looked at me. I was rock hard in an instant. Flashbacks raced through my mind. Her legs wrapped around my waist, my hands grabbing fistfuls of her hair as I took her. Those pretty pink lips wrapped around me. I groaned internally, discretely adjusting myself in my jeans.

“Baby sister,” Jesse stood, wrapping his sister in a hug, lifting her off the ground and twirling her around like she was 8 and not 18.

“Put me down,” she slapped his back while he laughed at her.

“Hey Dawn,” I said when she was finally on her feet.

“Hi,” she said sweetly. Her voice sounded like honey, but the smile she gave me was anything but sweet. It was full of disdain. And lust. And wanton need. It was buried deep under the disdain, but I saw it in the way her lips pulled up at the corners and the slight blush that coated her cheeks. She was as affected by the memories as I was, even if she was putting on a front.

“Do you want to go to Kyle’s with us later?” Jesse offered.

“I’ve got a date,” she said. My blood ran cold. She spoke the words to Jesse, but they were for me.

“What?” Jesse flipped out the question that had been on the tip of my tongue. Only my voice would have been filled with jealousy and not brotherly concern.

“Yup,” she said popping the p before sauntering out of the room with a slice of pizza in her hands. I watched the extra sway in her hips, designed specifically to torture me as she disappeared out of view.

I paced anxiously as I listened to Jesse rant about how his sister was too young to date. If only he knew. By the time it was time to leave for Kyle’s welcome back to town party, I was seething. All I wanted to do was throw Dawn onto the nearest surface and fuck her into submission. To remind her about what we’d shared. I sounded pathetic. Jesse would kill me if he ever found out, but it’d be worth it to be with her. She’d been the one who didn’t think I could stay faithful while away at college. We weren’t even together, but that didn’t stop me from remaining true to her. No other woman would ever compare to her, and I didn’t need to have a taste of anyone else to know that. Once I’d had a taste of her, I knew I’d never want another woman. Ever.


The party at Kyle’s was pretty typical. It was basically like every party I’d ever been to, from freshman to senior year of high school and then freshman year of college- beer pong, truth or dare, keg. Scantily clad girls and hormones raging everywhere. I had one beer and tried to make small talk with guys from the football team, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get Dawn off my mind. Who was she on a date with? How many guys had she been with since she let me take her virginity and then never spoke to me again?

Jesse was in the corner, his ex all over him. They’d probably hook up all summer again before splitting again before we went back to school. I watched as he pulled her towards the stairs, most likely in search of a bedroom. Grabbing the opportunity, I downed the rest of my beer before heading back to the house.

Once I was back, I ran into the house and straight up the stairs. I opened her bedroom door without knocking, heart racing, terrified of what I might see. It was empty. Breathing a sigh of relief, I closed the door and went back downstairs. I searched for her in the kitchen and living room before finally walking out to the back porch. She was nowhere to be seen. That could only mean she was still on her date. Which left me with only one option. I walked back out the front door and hid in the tree line. Was I being completely creepy? Absolutely. Did that stop me? Absolutely not. Did I care? No.

It didn’t take long before headlights from a pickup turned into the driveway. I watched, holding my breath, as Dawn hopped out of the truck as the headlights cut off. Her suitor hopped out quickly after, not knowing I was looking at them while he walked her to the front porch. I could see Dawn, the porch light giving her an angel like glow, framing her face in a halo. I still hadn’t seen her date’s face and, frankly, I didn’t care to. He said something, and I saw her laugh, but it wasn’t a real one. Not like when she laughed at me. It was forced. Her smile didn’t reach her eyes. They were speaking too low for me to hear anything, so I moved silently closer. My jealousy bubbled back to the surface as I watched him lean in to kiss her, but my resentment quickly faded to pride as I watched Dawn put her hand on his chest, shake her head no, and push him away. That’s my girl.

I saw her face go from steadfast to scared in an instant. He invaded her personal space, pinning her between the front door and his body. Oh, hell no. I pushed myself off the tree I was leaning on and sprinted to the door. “Stop!” I heard Dawn yell as she struggled against him.

“The lady said stop,” I barked out while pulling him away from her and pushing him off the porch. He landed on his ass at the bottom of the steps.

“What the fuck, man?” He bit out at me.

“Leave!” I seethed. Dawn’s gentle grip on my arm was the only thing keeping me from closing the distance between us and pummelling him into the pavement. I didn’t say anything as I stood on the porch, arms folded over my chest, as I watched him back out of the driveway. Once he disappeared, I turned to face Dawn. I was torn about what I wanted to do. Part of me wanted to be gentle with her after having just had a guy try to force himself on her. But the other part of me, a bigger part, that wanted to remind her who she belonged to. Remind her well enough that she’d never forget it.

She stared up at me, blue eyes wide with a strange combination of lust and angst. It wasn’t me she was afraid of. It was her feelings for me. My hand found its way to her throat, covering the narrow column; I felt her breath hitch against my hand. I wasn’t squeezing. Yet. “Dawn,” I said her name like a curse.

“Miles,” she whimpered.

“It looks like you need to be reminded of who you belong to,” I told her before tossing her firearm style over my shoulder. She whimpered as I started up the stairs, but when I slapped her ass, it spun into a moan. It took no time to get through the small house to her bedroom. Tossing her on the bed, I couldn’t help staring at her. The short dress she had on crept up her thighs, and her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. “Not a sound until I tell you to, Dawn. If you can’t be still, I’ll stop until you can be quiet like a good little girl.” Her eyes widened even further. I could read her like a book. She was dying to defy me. To utter a single word, but she swallowed, her head falling to the side as she fluttered her eyes at me.

Giving her my best smirk, I pulled my t-shirt over my head, grinning as she greedily took in my chiseled form, licking her lips at the same time. I popped the button on my pants before sliding them down and kicking off my shoes. My socks followed quickly, and I stood before her in just my boxers. My hard dick not hidden by the loose fabric. Kneeling on the bed, I climbed between her legs, pushing her dress over her hips and quickly pulling off her underwear. “Not a sound,” I warned her again before settling between her creamy thighs. Her whimper died on her lips when I shot her a warning glare. Biting her lip, she let her head push into the bed.

I pushed my nose against her clit, inhaling her scent. After tonight, we’d never be apart again. I’d make sure of that. Looking up at her, I saw her biting harshly on her bottom lip, desperately trying to keep quiet. Good girl. “Is this all for me?” I asked wickedly, running a finger through her folds, collecting her dripping juices onto my finger before swiping it around her clit. Her hips lifted from the bed, begging silently. My tongue followed the path of my fingers, licking around her opening before finding my way to her clit. Pushing her thighs further open, I continued flicking my tongue against her clit while I sucked it. A moan tore through her body. I pulled away from her dripping core, looking up at her. “What did I say?” She shook her head. I waited while she collected herself, eyes begging me to continue. I smiled at her after she’d been quiet for long minutes, while all I did was stare at her dripping pussy. I lapped at her with my tongue, building her orgasm back up, since she’d lost it because she couldn’t be quiet. I slid a finger in her, preparing her to take me while sucking on her clit, biting down on it, daring her to make a sound. I could tell her orgasm was nearing as her legs began to shake and her hands went to my hair, pulling at me roughly. “Good girl, Dawn,” I whispered against her flesh. “Come for me. Let me hear you.”

“Miles,” she screamed right on cue, her legs wrapping around my head while she screamed in pleasure. Fuck, I’ve missed her. The first taste, the only taste I’d had, didn’t compare to this one. Pulling myself away from her, still stunned by her beauty as her eyes fluttered open, looking at me while she basked in pleasure, I stood.

“On your knees, baby.” She complied instantly. She dropped to her knees before me, eagerly waiting for whatever I would give her. “That pretty little face deserves to get fucked.” I pulled her dress over her head, leaving her completely bare before dropping my boxers and letting my cock spring free. She reached her hand up, stroking me languidly before licking over the head. Wrapping her mouth around me, she slid down as far as she could before pulling back. She spit on my now throbbing cock, “fuck, that’s hot,” I appraised her. Holding her head, I pushed myself into her open mouth, forcing myself to the back of her throat in one motion. The gagging noises she made only spurred me on. “Take it,” I commanded, reaching down to her throat, squeezing gently before moving both hands back to her hair. I couldn’t hold back as I thrust into her mouth, having gone too long without her wrapped around me. I was insane with need. Her eyes were open, blue pools shining with tears and need and filled with lust, begging me to take her. “Fuck. I can’t wait anymore,” I said, dragging her back to her feet.

How was it I still hadn’t kissed her? I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her up to my mouth and claiming her mouth, diving into her, battling her tongue for dominance, which she easily gave. I kissed her like my life depended on it. And it felt like it did, like I’d die if I didn’t have her. “Dawn,” I moaned when she bit into my bottom lip. She moaned back into the kiss, taking control. I didn’t let her have it for long as I pushed her backwards, so she landed in the middle of the bed. Her legs were open in invitation. I climbed between them, cock in hand as I rubbed the head across her wet folds before diving in.

“Miles!” She yelled, head rolling back in pleasure as her nails scratched down my back.

“Just as tight as I remember,” I whispered in her ear, nibbling at her sweet spot behind it. One of my hands was next to her head while I gripped her thigh in the other, holding her open so I could slide myself deeper into her. “What were you thinking?” I growled at her while I pounded into her, my hips slamming against hers with every thrust.

“W-wh-what?” She stuttered out, her eyes searching mine.

My hand slid to her throat, only resting against her delicate skin. “What were you thinking?” I grunted out. “Going out with that fucking prick?”

“Oh God,” she whimpered when the head of my cock rubbed against her g-spot. “Miles. Please.” Her leg tightened around me, pulling me deeper into her. Her needy whimpers and cries were like gasoline to a fire for my libido. But that didn’t stop me from needing her to answer my question.

“Answer me!”

“I wanted to make you jealous,” she admitted through panting breaths. Her gorgeous tits heaving, pointy nipples rubbing against my chest.

“It worked,” I roared while squeezing her throat, cutting off blood flow but not airflow. Her eyes rolled in pleasure, her heels digging into the mattress as she lifted her hips to meet mine. “Never again. Has anybody else been inside this sweet little pussy since me?”

“Only you,” she admitted. Her response had my body relaxing, tension releasing as her answer registered with my brain. I released her throat, cupping the side of her face. The sweet gesture must have caught her off guard because she snapped at me. “And you? How many college bimbos have you fucked since me?”

“None.” My answer confused her because she stilled. I stopped too, my eyes meeting hers, pouring my feelings out. I’ve been in love with her since she was 12 and I was 13. She knew it. I knew it. It’d only taken us over 6 years to admit.

“No one?” She asked, shocked?

“No one,” I enunciated slowly. Pulling out and sliding back in inch for inch as she squeezed around me. “Only you.” I could hold back as I put her ankles on my shoulders and bent her legs back, fucking into her while she bucked underneath me. “I own this fucking pussy,” I growled again. Her body trembled beneath me.

“I’m yours,” she cried. Her hands locked around my neck, dragging me down to kiss her. I met her eagerly half way, plundering her mouth with my tongue. “Fill me, please,” she begged as her muscles contracted around me.

“Come for me, Dawn. Come on my cock.”

“Fuck! Miles. Yes, yes. Mmnnggff,” she cried while she came, her baby blues locked on mine as her orgasm rocked her.

She squeezed me with her. “Dawn. Fuck!” I groaned, spilling myself into her. She pulled her legs from around my shoulders, letting them fall open as I collapsed on top of her. I nuzzled her neck, peppering her sweaty skin with kisses. “Mine,” I said.

“Yours,” she confirmed.

“Don’t make me remind you again,” I warned, before pushing my way back into her warmth.


“You’re not sneaking out again?” She asked when I stirred in the middle of the night.

“No, just need to pee. I’ll be right back,” I said, kissing her. I peed quickly before climbing back into her bed and pulling her against me. “Tomorrow, we need to tell your parents. I won’t disrespect them and everything they’ve done for me by sneaking around with you. They deserve more than that.”


“You’re mine, Dawn.”

“And you’re mine,” she whispered into the dark.

I nuzzled into her neck, murmuring my agreement while we drifted off to sleep again.

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