Never too Late

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Chapter 4

Mile’s point of view:

August 2013: The Past

“You brought way too much stuff,” I said, putting the last of the boxes into the truck and closing the bed. I hadn’t brought my truck with me freshman year, not wanting to pay the parking fees on campus. I knew I’d be able to hitch a ride with Jesse whenever I wanted. This year was different. Dawn was coming to college, the same one as me, and if I wanted to take her on dates, I’d need my own wheels. Plus, Jesse and I had an off-campus apartment. Our trucks were full of secondhand furniture, crap for the kitchen, and whatever else his mom decided we would need. We teased her about it, but truthfully, we were thankful.

“How else was I supposed to pack? It’s not like I can come home whenever I want to pick up something I forgot, and I won’t have money to replace whatever I forget,” she tried defending herself. I shook my head at her and kissed her forehead.

“I’ll remind you of that when we’re carting all this stuff to your dorm.”

Jesse and I had rented an apartment together off campus before coming home at the end of last year. He was unhappy about it now, knowing his sister would spend nights with me. Dawn had tried convincing her parents that she should live with us since it would save everyone money, including them. Dorm fees were ridiculous, especially for the tiny amount of shared space. They’d put the brakes on that quickly. Dawn hadn’t thrown a fit. Her parents lived two hours from campus, and she was eighteen. There was no way they could stop us from spending all our nights together.

When we’d first told them about our relationship the day after her graduation, they’d had one rule. We weren’t allowed to share a bed under their roof. It was archaic, especially considering Jesse’s high school girlfriend had been allowed sleepovers in his bed. Dawn had called her parents hypocrites, but I’d been able to calm her down, reminding her we would be gone in a couple months and then we could do whatever we wanted.

The two months of summer had been nothing but bliss, just like I always knew it would be with her. We’d stayed up late, slept in, gone for late night swims in the river. We’d laughed and fucked and whispered promises about loving each other forever. Dawn was it for me; she had always been it for me. She would always be it for me. No other woman would ever compare to her. There was nothing in this world that I wouldn’t give her. She was rare, like a shooting star that occasionally flashed across the sky, lighting up anyone who was close enough to see it. She was my star.

Jesse came out of the house, followed quickly by his parents. He loaded his suitcase into his car and closed the hatch. He was begrudgingly becoming more accepting of our relationship, finally figuring out that he didn’t have a choice. If he forced my hand and made me choose between them, it would be Dawn, no questions asked.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving,” their mom blubbered.

“Mom. This has been coming all summer long.” Dawn had no patience for long drawn out emotions. I was the more emotional one in our relationship.

“I know, but I’m going to miss you so much.”

“Last year, before I’d even left, you were so excited about being empty nesters.”

“We were jus teasing you then, sweetie,” her dad said.

“I’ll see you at Thanksgiving,” she said as her parting words.

My girl rolled her eyes but hugged her parents one at a time, letting them each cling to her for as long as they needed to. Once she’d finally been released from their holds, she waved goodbye and climbed into the passenger seat of my truck. My truck had never looked as good before she started riding shotgun. She prettied it up. She’d chastised me when I’d told her as much, but that didn’t stop it from being true.

I waited behind Jesse, basically in line, to hug my surrogate parents. I hadn’t seen my own at all this summer, and if I had my way, I’d never have to see them again. “Be good,” she whispered as I hugged her.

“Always am,” I said, pulling away.

“Take care of my girl,” Jeff said, shaking my hand.

“I promise.”

I would always take care of her.

“You following me or am I following you?” Jesse asked.

“Either is fine.”

“You drive like an old man,” he said. “Follow me.”

“I’ve got precious cargo.”

“What, I’m not precious cargo?” I shoved his chest, pushing him towards his truck before climbing into my own.

“Ready, baby?” I asked her.

“Sure am,” she said. “I can’t wait. I’m so excited.”

I didn’t want to dampen her happiness and excitement for school by telling her it really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Sure, there were parties, and more freedom than high school, but the work was a lot harder, and there was a shit ton more of it. She’d figure it out. Luck for her, she’d have her brother and me to navigate through it. We’d been completely on our own and had done too much partying our first semester.

While we drove, I put my hand on her thigh, following Jesse through the back roads that would lead us to the highway and take us back to school. “What if I don’t like my roommate?” She asked nervously.

Jesse and I had roomed together, not taking a chance to end up with a random guy we wouldn’t get along with.

“Then you spend all your time at our apartment.”

“Jesse will love that.”

“He’ll get over it.”

“He still hates us being together.”

“He’s just worried he’ll lose both of us if we break-up. When he realises that won’t ever happen, he’ll relax.”

I glanced over at her, taking my eyes off the road to catch a glimpse of that perfect smile she flashed me.

“Forever,” she whispered.

“Forever,” I whispered back.


“Why did you let me pack so much stuff?” Dawn whined while we were making our fourth trip to her dorm. Her room was on the sixth floor in the twelve story building. Waiting for the three elevators took forever, so eventually the three of us just started carrying her boxes up the stairs.

“One more trip,” I said, ignoring her antics and kissing her sweaty forehead before pulling her out of her room and back down the stairs.

“Miles,” Jesse shouted, when we got back down to the car. “Are we almost done? We’ve got to meet the landlord in less than an hour.”

“One more trip, dude,” I said. He nodded his head before going back to talking to a pretty brunette. She looked shy, and he was laying it on thick.

I checked the last of the boxes that were labeled ‘Dawn’ to see which one was heavier before handing her the lighter one. “I can live here all four years, right?” She asked. “No way I’m doing this again at the end of the year.”

“I told you it was too much stuff.”

“Yes, yes. You’re were right, again, great and all powerful man. I’m just a lowly woman. When will I learn to listen to you?” My body shook with laughter at her antics. She could be so damn dramatic. She made her voice high like she was some seventeen hundreds princess.

“We both know you’re the one who’s always right,” I teased her.

“Good man. Good man,” she purred. As she spoke, she used her hip to push open the door to the stairs, and I had to watch her walk up them in front of me. I was addicted to her. Her thick thighs jiggled slightly with each step, and her shorts hugged her voluptuous ass. The sweat pants style material hung to her from the sweat and all I wanted to do was christen her new bed. “Stop staring at my ass.”


She grinned, and we both knew damn well she didn’t want me to stop staring at her ass. If I ever walked by without touching it, she pouted.

As soon as we had the boxes set down, I had her in my arms, pinned between me and the wall. My lips caught hers and she moaned into the kiss, her hands snaking underneath the back of my t-shirt to touch my skin. “Miles,” she groaned before pulling me back in and plunging her tongue into my mouth. Her hips pushed out and I could feel her hot against me, and my cock grew in my pants.

“Well, I see we need to have the sock on the doorknob conversation already.” Dawn squealed and pushed me back a little, turning her head to who I assumed was her new roommate. The girl was pretty, cropped red hair and an ivory complexion that was covered in freckles. She was built pretty similar to Dawn, pear-shaped with thick legs and a narrow waist. I knew immediately that Jesse was going to hit on her and Dawn wouldn’t like that. She grinned at us, looking like the cat who ate the canary. “Let’s not make this a habit.”

“I’m so sorry,” Dawn said. She couldn’t tell that her roommate was kidding.

“I’m teasing you. I’m Kira. You must be Dawn?”

“I am. Nice to meet you. This is my boyfriend, Miles.”

“Nice to meet you, too.”

I could tell that they were going to get along, and I relaxed instantly. Dawn had been worried all summer that she would get a roommate that she wasn’t compatible with, but I could already tell they were going to be thick as thieves.

“You bought so much stuff,” Kira said.

“Told you so.”

“Please don’t encourage him,” Dawn pleaded with Kira. Kira laughed at her.

“How long ya’ll been together?”

“Forever,” I answered.

“Not really,” Dawn said. “It’s a little complicated. He’s my brother’s best friend. So we’ve always had a crush on each other, for forever, but we didn’t get together until a few months ago.”

“Aw. You guys are gross and I hate you.”

Dawn and I both laughed. I ran my hand along her back before moving a little further away from her, and Kira stepped into their dorm room.

“Dude, we gotta go,” Jesse said, coming around the corner. I watched him stop dead in his tracks and check Kira out, not so discretely.

“Not gonna happen,” she said before he could even get a word out. He looked shocked, and then disappointed, while Dawn laughed harder than I’d ever heard her.

“Jesse, this is my roommate, Kira. Kira, my brother Jesse.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said giving him one of those half nod things while she tossed a suitcase onto her unmade bed.

Jesse raised his eyebrows at me and gave me a look. He wouldn’t be deterred easily, even though I knew he’d gotten the girl’s number who he’d been standing by the car with.

“I gotta go, baby,” I said. “There’s a bunch of parties tonight. Why don’t we come pick you guys up around nine? That’ll give you time to unpack, nap, shower and eat.”

“Sounds great. You coming with us, Kira?”

“Of course.”

“I love you.”

“Love you, too,” she said, kissing me. I gave her a lingering look before walking away with his brother, who was staring at Kira still. I pushed him down the hallway and away from the dorm.

“Don’t creep her out.”

“I’m not a creep.”

“Doesn’t mean girls won’t find you creepy. She said not gonna happen.”

“Didn’t Dawn say the same thing to you?”

“Fuck no.”

Jesse said nothing else as we walked down the stairs and out of the dorm to our trucks.


“You ready?” Jesse asked me, coming to stand in my doorway in our new apartment. It was small, two bedrooms, one bath, with a tiny kitchen and living room, but it was cheap and enough for the two of us. All I cared about was having my bedroom.

“Yeah.” I put a snapback on my head and sprayed some of the cologne Dawn had gotten me for my birthday in July on. She loved the smell, and I’d do anything to make her happy.

Jesse and I walked from our apartment to the dorm since it was only a few blocks, and we wouldn’t be able to find parking at any of the parties anyway.

“Do you have your campus ID’s?” Security asked when we got to the entrance of their dorm.

“Yeah.” We scanned both of our ID’s.

“You don’t live here. Can’t let you up.”

Somehow, over the summer, I forgot how strict they were with access to the buildings. “I’ll call Dawn,” I said, moving back out to the street.

I pulled up our message thread and clicked the icon to call her.

“Hey, baby,” she answered, her voice sounding as sultry as it always did.

“We’re downstairs. We can’t come up.”

“We’ll be down in just a minute.”


“Oh, and Miles?” I waited for her to speak. “You’re not going to be able to keep your hands off of me.”

With that, she cut the call and made me groan.

“What’s wrong?” Jesse asked.

“Nothing. They’ll be right down.”

Jesse and I moved to some benches on the patio of the building and waited. I faced the door and watched it until I saw my girl walk out.

My jaw hit the floor.

Dawn looked downright sinful. Her red dress hugged her perfectly and was so short that I could nearly see her panties. Her thick thighs were on display for me and all I could think about was having them wrapped around my head. The dress had cutouts on her stomach, up to her chest. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra, and her tits nearly spilled out of the tight fabric. The spaghetti straps were the same deep red as the dress and contrasted perfectly with her creamy skin. The high heels she wore made her legs seem to go on forever. Her hair was done in soft waves and framed her gorgeous face. She wasn’t wearing a ton of makeup, but her eyes popped with eyeliner and mascara.

“Fuck me,” I breathed out. That was when Jesse turned his head.

“Hot damn.” He was looking at Kira while I looked at Dawn.

As soon as Dawn was within distance, I stood and pulled her flush against me. “I’m not letting you go anywhere. I’m taking you home and stripping that tiny dress off of you and fucking you all night long.” She giggled against me. “You’re so beautiful, baby.”

“Thank you,” she whispered. I could hear Kira and Jesse murmuring, and by the tone of his voice, I could tell he wasn’t getting anywhere with her.


“Yeah,” Kira said, coming to walk next to Dawn while Jesse stood on the other side of me. I interlocked my fingers with Dawn before walking us across campus to Greek Row. It seemed like each house was throwing a party tonight and we’d have our pick.

“We party hopping?” Jesse asked.


“What’s the rule?” Kira asked Dawn.

“We came together. We leave together.”

“Atta girl.” The girls bumped fists before we walked into the first party.

The music bumped as we walked into the house. The lights were low and flashing colored lights flashed across the makeshift dance floor.

“Don’t take a drink if it’s opened,” I told Dawn and Kira. They both nodded. “Actually, only take drinks from me or Jesse.”

I hated that I even had to say it, and I knew they were both smart enough to know better, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“I’ll get drinks,” Jesse said.

When he came back, he had four beers in his hand and handed us each one. “To our first night of college,” Kira said, tilting her glass to Dawn. Dawn tilted hers back before taking a sip.

“I’m gonna walk around with Kira,” Dawn whispered to me, kissing my cheek. “Don’t go anywhere.”

“As if I’d leave you.” I kissed her before grabbing her ass and squeezing before she walked away. “You gonna back off Kira?” I asked Jesse.

“Probably,” he shrugged. He loved the chase, but after he got a girl, he got bored quickly. We were completely different with the way we went after women, mostly because the only woman I’d ever gone after or wanted to go after was Dawn.

I did a lap too, keeping my eyes on Dawn. I wasn’t trying to make sure nobody spoke to her, especially guys, but I wanted to make sure she was safe. She partied in high school, but we come from a small town. Parties weren’t the same at home as they were here. The risks were higher here.

After a little bit, I posted up next to the dance floor, knowing Dawn would find me when she was ready.

Jesse was on the dance floor, dancing with random girls until they pushed him away. He’d find one to go home with and then disappear, leaving me to get the girls home okay.

“Hey sexy,” Dawn whispered, coming back up to me. She wasn’t drunk yet. “Wanna dance?”

I took the cup from her hand and set it down before pulling her to the dance floor. Her body pushed against mine, letting me feel all of her curves. With her arms wrapped around my neck, she pushed us together and I moved my hands to her hips, guiding her movements.

Freshman year of college had been fun, and I’d partied, even danced with a few girls, but I’d never had any interest in taking any of them home. But I’d be going home with Dawn or bringing her home after every party all year long.

My cock grew behind my khaki shorts and I knew she could feel it. “Something on your mind?” She asked with a smirk in her voice.

“With you in that dress pushed against me?” I whispered in her ear.

“Maybe you should take me home then?” She suggested. I ran my hands lower along her body until I got to the bare skin of her thighs and ran my hands up until I felt the soft skin of her ass. Her breath hitched.

“Maybe I should.”

I dipped my head down and captured her lips, feeling her melt into me while I ran my hands all over her body.

Yeah, this was definitely going to be the best year ever.

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