Passion And Desire

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Passion and desires is collections of short erotic stories. “You should be punished for making my dick want you, baby,” he said, licking my earlobe, and making me shiver. “I will slowly slide my cock into your heavenly honey pot, making you feel every inch of my cock inside you. I will make you cry and scream for more. And I shall make my name roll out of your tongue like a moan when I penetrate deep inside you. I will brand your body with my hickey, letting everyone know you're mine.”

Erotica / Romance
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How I met Taylor fox i

How I met Taylor fox.

I am in my twenties when I started working in a famous nightclub, “Exclusive Red Club”, some call it a hooker house, but it was a strip club, I was an exotic popular pole dancer among my peers, but the pay was not high, not enough for my luxurious life. Jenny was my only friend at work, she has a sexy and hot body to make any man go on their knees for her. She is the only girl who fits in to be my friend, she is rich, she dresses up so nicely, she uses the most expensive perfume, and she has a rich hooker. I talk to her about being a hooker apart from being an exotic dancer in the club. Jenny promised to help. After eagerly waiting for her to fulfill her promise, as she had promised me earlier. She called me to serve an old man in his sixties. If he likes me, he will buy me expensive things. I agreed and went in, he is an old man, but based on what I calculated. He’s a wealthy man. He is dressed in an expensive suit, watches, and perfume, He is one of the most powerful men in the country. I was happy and thinking already how rich I will be and the expensive pieces of jewelry I will get for myself after my season with my client.
I thank Jenny and promise to give her some share. My day was fun with the old man, and he likes how I play and give him some unforgettable hot blowing sex, and he seems interested in me.
And he asked me to be his only bitch and his plaything after some months with him. I was happy with him, he has been making me happy and spoiling me with expensive and luxurious gifts, watches, and money, he treated me so well, but I can never stick to him only. “I wanted more”, I need more, I want to get married to a rich man, it has always been a dream of mine. I need more sugar daddies.
One faithful day, I met Taylor Fox, the richest young play boy billionaire in town, the only child of the Fox family, he was in the company of his friends, he's the most outstanding guy among his friends. He captured my mind and conquer my heart and my soul instantly, he was chatting and smiling with them, I wish he would notice me until an idea comes to my mind, I hope its works …

I stood up and started walking to my dressing room to spruce up, as the most prominent dancer, I was allowed to have my private room.
After dressing up, I looked into the mirror appeased with myself, the way I look, I look hot as hell, no man will be able to resist me or repudiate me, I will definitely lure him, he will be mine after tonight.

I walked up to the spotlight doing what I know best, my pole dancing. I danced in a hot seductive way, many people were cheering me up, I had zero interest in them, and I keep yearning for him to glimpse at me, he finally looks up, and our eyes met and locked.
Yes finally he noticed me, he gazes at me in amazement, I keep dancing more exotically when I realized he halted chatting with his pals and was only concentrating on me. I wink at him, I make sure his eyes never leave me, I step down when I know I got him.
(mission successfully done)

I started walking back to my room knowing, completely aware he is following me, I feel a strong arm clenching me before I would enter my room.
He pushes me to the wall, “Easy, I said, What do you want? I ask innocently!

He smirks. You have been seducing me ever since you have been on stage, and you have successfully incited my mini Taylor, pointing down at his pants. I gasp, when I see his aroused dick begging to free himself from his pant, I smiled to myself proclaiming myself for being so brilliant).

“Oh that, I pointed and said innocently, I can, actually......before I know it, his lips are already devouring mine, imploring for an entrance, he kicks open my door before slamming it shut.

“Woman, I am going to punish you for making me so horny, and I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop,” he says.
“Oh, please, punish me, I need your punishment” I purred seductively.
“Oh, you little bitch, he said as he viciously shoved himself into me, I screamed.
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