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These are just more of my dirty mind. This is a continuous amount of smut with lots of sex. Warning graphic language used. 🔞 You have been warned.

Erotica / Fantasy
J. A. White
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The Hot wife and The Dom

I’m a Hot Wife and an author. Becoming an erotic writer came well after my kids were growing up. You see, this whole lifestyle came about when I met my husband Steven. When I found out what his kinks were. I fell in love with him right away and never stopped.

We started going to a swingers club. We met a lot of interesting people. But when we returned to see them again, they had either moved away or went to another club. That’s when I became a Hot Wife.

Then one day, when you thought you were invincible, I got pregnant, twice. Don’t get me wrong, we wanted a family, not just yet. So our lifestyle went into a slow crawl. We would make arrangements to have fun once a month with a babysitter. Then go to a hotel and do our meet and greet.

They were fun, but I wanted more. So I decided to become a writer about Steven’s and my adventures. The websites were gobbling this shit up every weekend. That’s when we started to film ourselves with other couples.

We didn’t post our videos online. I used them for research and write. Most of the time we would watch ourselves with other couples fucking and sucking, which would entail us fucking after.

After about 20 years of marriage, our kids moved out of the house and had their own lives to live. That’s when Steven and I decided to go back to that lifestyle once again.

I had my 6 bulls that I could pick from at anytime of the day. All I had to was give them a call, and they would show up.

Steven on the other hand had his sluts. He was more of a Dom to them then to me. Which made it more exciting to watch him take over one of his girls. I would get so wet watching him spank one of his sluts.

In our house, we have two rules.

Rule #1. We are not allowed to have sex with another partner without telling the other.

Rule #2. We must film everything. So we can watch it later together.

On this particular day, my publication wanted some more stories. For the past two weeks, I’ve had a little bit of writers block and couldn’t focus on the writing. Of course, this is the day I had to write and Steven had one of his sluts over.

I would sit at my desk and stare at my laptop trying to find a story or an adventure we’ve had. Nothing. Blank. My mind was wondering somewhere else and not at the task at hand.

Then, I would hear a smack with a yelp. A smile hits my face. I hear another smack, but no yelp.

“I think she’s finally learning,” I say quietly. I sit there wanting to hear more, trying to be very quiet listening. Then another smack.

“Good girl,” Steven said.

My clit becomes swollen listening to what Steven was doing. I pull my shorts off as a cool breeze hits my panties. That’s when I realized, I’m soaking wet just from listening. I peel them off as I hear them hit the floor. I begin to rub my swollen clit with my fingers. I moan to the sound of Steven spanking her. I need to see. I want to see. I get up and walk to our bedroom door.

It’s not open, but it’s not closed. It was just enough for me to see Steven fucking her doggy style holding her leash. She had a blindfold on as I prop my leg and start to finger myself while rubbing my clit.

Oh my god, watching my husband take control of her was hot. My husband has so much control of his orgasms, he could go for hours fucking me. He would stay hard the whole time. When I’m ready for him to cum, he could turn it off like a light switch and cum inside me or all over my face and tits.

I begin to go faster on my pussy when I cum standing up. I must have made a noise, because he stopped fucking her. I look back in the room trying to be quite then I see him give me the finger to come here.

He points and wants me under her. I pull my shirt over my head letting my tits bounce out. I get close to him as he bends down and puts my tits in his mouth. His slut doesn’t move an inch. Steven was still inside her while sucking on me.

He commands her to sit up.

“Yes master,” she said.

Once she’s up, I get into position.

“Down!” he commands. She bends back down as her head is above my pussy. I look up and watch Steven put his cock back into her. His cock was all wet from her. I could see her juices dripping down her leg. I move my head and lick her juices that are dripping.

“Eat her pussy!” he commands his slut.

“Yes master,” She bends down and takes my whole pussy in her mouth and begins to suck on my clit. “Oh baby, she’s good.” I said looking up. I moan watching him pump her pussy. Then in one quick move, he pulls out and puts it in my mouth, then back in her pussy. Each time he pulled out, he would go deeper down my throat. She tastes so sweet.

“Baby, I want you to cum inside her. I want to taste you and her together.”

He starts to fuck her faster. He grabs both her hips and plows into her hard and heavy. His nuts were smacking her clit hard. She stops eating my pussy because she was coming. Steven bangs his cock deep inside her as he cums also.

Couple drops of cum drip down as I catch it with my tongue. He slowly pulls out as his seed falls out. I cup her ass and push her down on my face. She squeezes the walls inside her pussy as all the cum gushes out into my mouth. I had to swallow twice there was so much.

She falls on top of me as I clean her up. Steven then puts his cock in my mouth as I clean him up. He started to get hard again.

“Baby, you want to go for another round?” I ask.

He nods his head as he lays down on his back. He instructs her to sit on his face. He wants me to ride him. I get up and straddle his hips then reach down and grab his cock. I put it in and slide all the way in. Twenty years of marriage and my pussy is as tight the day we met.

I sit there waiting for my pussy to adjust to his size. Then begin to ride him good. I stand up and bounce my ass up and down making loud slapping noise. His slut still had the blindfold on.

“Take it off,” he tells her. She pulls off the blindfold and watches me ride my husband.

“You see how she’s fucking me?” he asks.

“Yes master,” she said back.

“That’s what I want from you next time.”

God, I love when he’s assertive.

“You want to cum in my pussy?” I ask him.

“Uh um,” he said with his mouth full.

“Let me have it,” I tell him, and just like that, I can feel his warm seed spilling inside me. I sit there for a minute taking in what I’m watching. I slowly get off as all that cum falls out and covers his cock.

“Bend down and clean me up,” he tells his slut. She bends down and starts to suck up all his seed as she cleans him up.

I go back to my desk and write about everything that just happened.

You see, I needed the motivation to get my brain to function. I can get my deadline in on time. Then I feel something wet between my legs. I look down and it’s more of Stevens cum oozing out. I take my fingers and wipe it up, then stick it in my mouth,

“God, I love my husband.”

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