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Tales of a Shifter (P4) Blood

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Chapter 2 - Dangerous Rage

Chapter 2

True rage...was like being encased in burning honey. Suffocating. Painful. Blinding.

The rage of a Reaver....was like being swept up in an storm of these emotions....and being completely aware of every bursting nerve ending that wanted to be geared towards the satisfying release of violence. Ezkeiel felt his face shift into a grotesque mask of bloodthirst fangs and his claws lengthen into thick blades, slicking into his palms as he curled the deadly scythes into fists.

A sound, that Ezekiel hated, but he knew all too well shredded up and out of his throat. He felt every single body, behind him and in the room before him stiffen at the unholy cry. He sensed his brothers tensing to attack him....or attack Jacob depending on what the next few seconds came down too.

Time seemed to speed up, everything happening too fast to comprehend. Mantilo turned, saw Ezekiel and without fail, his eyes, teeth and Claws were instantly in Mid-Shift. Eyes burning like twin sons as a snarl resounded from his chest.

“Glen stop him! Now!” Mantilo called to his mother.

Something dark in Ezekiel laughed at the futility of those words. The small woman couldn’t stop him. She wouldn’t stop him.

Ezekiel lunged to get into the room, to tear it and Jacob apart.

Glen stood her ground between the men, only shifting her upper body towards Ezekiel, she hooked an arm like solid cement against his bicep, jerking Ezekiel up short in a show of power he hadn’t been aware his mother possessed. His momentum and her unmoving denial nearly dislocated his arm.

“Ezekiel!” His mother growled at him, her stunning green gaze, glowing like amethysts as she used her inner beast to overcome his boiling blood. “Stop! We don’t have time for this right now! Regain your self control!”

That growl that one sound of displeasure....and power was just strong enough to hold Ezekiel bound to his spot. This power his mother rarely used. A dominance power to rival his fathers.....it was the only thing that kept Ezekiel from ripping his arm out of her hold tearing across the hall and committing murder.

Jacob stood just beside his father with Mantilo’s huge claw tipped hand resting on his shoulder preventing him from breaking away. Jacobs dark hair looked ruffled, his dark eyes smiling and his mouth cropped in a nasty sneer as he watched Ezekiel nearly melt into a homicidal killing machine just at the sight of him.

The Lion was standing with his arms crossed, old scars braiding up his exposed forearms like tattoos, his narrow face and slim body were completely relaxed as he took in the blood lust that Ezekiel was sending him and had the nerve to yawn.

A short beat of silence followed before Glen, who was still using all of her might and calm to hold him in place started to speak again. “Mantilo, Nate, Lander and Walter...” His mother softly called to the men of the Mansion. ” Ezekiel needs our help. We are going to take the Lion Jacob to the Meeting room. Now. Do it now. Ill join you in a moment.”

Mantilo sent her a small frown glancing at the nearly rabid rage in Ezekiels body.

“Can you calm him? He has never been pushed this far...” his father asked his mother as if Ezekiel wasn’t in the room, and for all that Ezekiel felt his self-control burning away, he may as well have been a piece of paper in the wind. Swept away in the current of his own unfathomable rage.

For a second he wanted to regain control....but in the next, all he felt was hot claws beneath his skin. The Leopard itching to be release....to kill. To hurt anyone that would try to stand in his way.

With a patient smile and a small grunt, his mother walked, and whisked Ezekiels body around in a circle, physically turning his attention so that Ezekiels eyes were no longer on the man he wanted to kill, but were now forced to focus on only his mother, Erin and Drin, who were standing in the threshold behind him.

Drin with ice blue eyes glowing and responding to all of the heighted emotions sent Ezekiel a calming look, before turning his eyes to the side. His gaze cutting to the burden he was holding, directing Ezekiel to do the same silently.

Unsurprisingly the moment Ezekiel saw Brandon, and his young cousins....the rage started to buckle. The two youngest guardians and Brandon were the last beings on the planet he wanted to hurt. He cherished them.

“Yes...take back your mind Son. Ezekiel will be fine. I will be fine....” Glen said, and continued to speak, with a measured voice, that held all of the power and kindness that was keeping Ezekiel rooted to the spot. Glens green eyes swept across his face, not leaving it as his mother said. “I just really need you to get that Lion as far away from us as possible. The smell of him is unplesant...to say the least. ”

No questions or further words were posed as Walter and Lander quickly broke away from the door way, leaving Nate lingering for a few seconds. A dark look on his face as he started to walk forward.

The shuffle of feet, sounded too loud to Ezekiel’s ears. He was hyper aware of the thrum of blood all around him as hearts beat like acoustic drums and cloth swished.

He tried to wretch back control. He tried to focus on anything except the undying bubble of blood and hate in his ears. Images of Jacob injuring him, attacking Brandon, trying to take Brandon from him burned him to the core. It was a losing battle with the rage within, before Jacob opened his mouth.

“I smell unplesant!? Son of a..!” Jacob heavy baritone called out suddenly making Ezekiel zero in on his position, even though he couldn’t see him. The lion sounded disturbed...and outraged. “I can smell him all the way over here! Mantilo your sons a Reaver?” Jacobs’s voice was frosted in disbelief and contempt as if the word Reaver were a blasphemy on his cocky lips. “Are you fucking people insane? This bastard needs to be put down. Get him the hell away from my Lil One! Hes a monster, a fucking diseased beast that clearly needs to be in the ground like all the rest!!” The disgust...and possessive tone of his voice was like a whip. Ezekiel roared and tried to rip away from Glen, his claws swiping across her clothes releasing the tearing sound of fabric as he struggled. But Glen held him firm.

Lander shouted a gruff “Shut up and move the fuck down the hallway before we put you in the ground!”

This effectively silenced Jacobs outburst, but Ezekiel didn’t really have the mental capacity in that moment to care. He still wanted to kill the Lion and rend flesh.

“Ezekiel look at me! Focus on my words!” Nate barked. A mild sharpness in his tone that tore Ezekiel up from the darkness just enough that he didn’t hiss at him.

Nate glared at him and then pointed back to Brandon. “Look at him! Dude He’s covered in blood. He needs you....take Brandon to his room...and stop the bleeding. Hes more important then Jacob. We can take care of the Lion! Calm down!”

“Focus past the anger...you can do it.” With that Nate followed behind the rest of the brothers, but not before clapping a strong hand down on Ezekiel’s shoulder, as if he didn’t know or care that Ezekiel still wanted to rip out some one’s throat. Sensing a slight opening Glen tightened her hold, before she turned back to his cousins.

“Ok....Erin...Drin?” Glen sighed. “Ezekiel? I want you three to go upstairs and put Brandon to bed...”

“No! I’m going to that meeting! I’m not letting that BASTARD out of my sight!!” Ezekiel managed to growl past the fangs in his teeth that nearly made his words unintelligent.

“Oh no!” Glen grunted as he tried to push past her and she had to push him back. “No...you’re not. I need you to keep an eye on Brandon. He’s not safe alone right now. Okay? You can’t do anything for him down here snarling at Jacob.” Glen softened her tone. “Ezekiel go upstairs and stay with him. Help him.”

The logic of her words worked slowly on the rage. But it did work.

Who knew when Brandon would awaken? Who knew what he would do? And with Jacob in the home....Ezekiel knew Brandon wasn’t safe alone.

It took untold time before Ezekiel was able to still the shaking, but when he did...he felt weak as a child. The buckets of adrenaline that had poured into his system making him ignore the pain in his every nerve in his spine was now returning with a vengeance.

With slumping shoulders Ezekiel dropped his head down against his mother’s small forehead. Shame and Guilt threated to choke his words. His actions...his weakness could have hurt her. “God Mom. I’m....I’m so sorry.” He softly apologized to her.

The press of her small lips to his forehead was the final straw that beat back the rage into a whimpering cub in his soul.

“I know. I understand...you are weakened from the fight and in pain. You need to regain your strength my cub...” His mother said softly, then she pulled back, grabbed his cheeks, and sent him a serious look. “Now control yourself. Focus. And go make sure Brandon is safe and situated in his room.”

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