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[Coming Soon] After a long trial Christian is locked up behind bars and cannot harm anyone anymore. However, the criminal environment is not unfamiliar to the ex attorney who have gotten his license revoked after everything that went down. He need a plan. A way out of this confinement so he can finish what he have started. In his desperation to get out his eyes lands on a beautiful redhead, Vanessa. His eyes are set on her and he is determined to win her over in order to escape this shithole. Vanessa has been through so much in her 25 years that she can barely trust anyone. In order to stand on her own feet she finds a job as a correctional officer at a prison where hardcore criminals are locked up. This is no place for a woman but without an education or a family she needs this job to survive and move on. Her life changes slowly when one of the inmates starts to show genuine interest in her. Her broken heart was beyond repair when she had left her ex-husband but Christian is determined to make her feel again. Like a poisonous snake Christian will do everything he can to make her fall for him but will he be able to fix a broken soul while his thirst for revenge is this invincible?

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