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Rejected Alpha's Possession

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“Your bed is made of thorns.” “And you're going to be the flower on it.” “If I sleep there, I will bleed to death.” “Then, you will finally know how betrayal feels like. Yeah, that's what I want. So, don't make me force you. Get your ass on the sheet and strip. Now.” ~ ~ ~ While fighting his own terrors, Calhoun grew up as a ruthless Alpha King who would tolerate anything but lies and betrayals. When everyone believed he wasn't blessed with a true mate, after five years, he finally found her in a room, naked with another man. After being abused by everyone, Heather got her little hopes up when Lucian gave her attention. She thought he was the one for her until the Alpha King appeared and her whole life turned upside down. He rejected her rejection, killed the one she loved, and even forced her to be his. Being a powerless Omega, she could only hate him for hurting her badly and being so cruel. He treats her like his possession but it was only his aggression, a way to punish her for not only rejecting him but also the untold things that gave him sleepless nights. However, she was given a chance...a chance to make him tired of her and end this mating bond.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


Alpha Lucian stripped me on his soft mattress caressing the sensitive parts of my body with his delicate fingers. To such a sensation, I could only moan in pleasure and curl my body.

“I can't wait to fuck you.” He confessed in a husky tone that tickled my core and ragged my blood. I felt heat cruised between my thighs, making my panty awfully wet. Oh fuck, I can't wait anymore. I have waited so long already. For his touch. For him.

Lucian is the Alpha in our Blue Moon pack. He is tan, has dark brown hair, and a perfect masculine body. On the other hand, besides being a warrior's daughter, I am just an omega, too lower in ranks for an Alpha. But, he chose me among all the girls out there who yearned for him. Yeah, Alpha Lucian chose me.

His whisper in my ear is so vivid in my mind that it still rang, tickling my skin. “I can't wait for your 18th birthday. Grow up fast, little girl." Lucian liked me since last year when he decided to train me as a warrior. Even though I failed every time as a trainee, he still wanted me and waited for me.

Today, I have finally stepped into my adulthood. Soon, I will find out my mate too. We, werewolves get blessed by mood goddess with a mate the moment we turn eighteen.

It was eleven in the morning. Still, I couldn't smell anyone. Even though Lucian told me not to worry and that it will be him, I couldn't stop myself from panicking. If it was him, I would have smelled him the second I saw him today.

God. What would I do if it's not him? I was used to dreaming of myself as his bride. For real, I love him. Please, let it be him.

While I pondered hard, Lucian finished undressing himself and began trailing kisses on my bare body. I squirmed as happiness flooded through my spines. Someone, well not just someone, Lucian will take my virginity that I saved all these years.

“Are you ready, baby?” He asked after he positioned himself spreading my legs.

Did he even need to ask? Hell, I was ready a long ago. Nodding hesitantly, as I closed my eyes and prepared myself to feel that hard thing inside my core, a scent invaded my sense.

The scent... My lips curved with a smile believing it was Lucien. But when I clung to his body and breathed in, there was nothing, no scent was emitting from his body. Anxiety replaced the heat of my body while Lucian's groin slowly traveled down between my legs. I gasped, however, before he could enter me, a cold voice filled the entire room, echoing off the walls.

“Having fun?”

No, it was not Lucian. The voice was solely foreign. It had had nothing at all– no warmth, no gentleness, no emotions but only coldness that I shivered.

The next moment, Lucien leaped away from me, and shortly, my eyes flinched open. What the fuck was going on?

Witnessing how his face had paled, my mind became a tangled mess. As curiosity spilled me, I covered ourselves with a blanket and turned in the direction his stare was fixed at.

My heart throbbed fast as soon as I met that pair of grayish blue eyes; clouded with hatred. I had seen him once or probably twice. His face was so magnificent that forgetting wouldn't allow itself even if one tries hard to.

Alpha King. He is the King of all packs, Calhoun Stewart.

Well, women didn't die for him for nothing. His dark hair had framed his well-defined, chiseled face so faultlessly with a right-sided mold. He had a slim figure, but broad shoulders. Yes, definitely, he was attractive but not my type.

“I stink because of you” The King whined as he sniffed at his white shirt that looked like an art on him.

Alarming his nerves, Lucian immediately bent his head. “Milord, my apologies. I don't know what I did.” Then why the fuck are you acting like a scared cat?

The king gave me an empty look before glaring at Lucian. “I scented you on my mate.”

“Mate?” Lucian was extremely confused until his eyes met mine and slowly, they widened in surprise. “You...?”

I shook my head, but just then, the tang of heavenly scent hit my nostrils; sharp and overwhelming laced with cinnamon, warm and sweet, with a hint of spice. The kind that makes me feel cold and numb, the kind that burns my eyes to the point I cry.

That little shit... no hell no.

“That's impossible.” I shouted in apathy and blinked my tears away. There was no way in hell that Calhoun is my mate.

Everyone in the village knows that he is only fond of a flawless face and figure. I had none. Even except that, he is a king, and for him, I am below average.

“Two minutes. Get yourself dressed up and come out.” He ordered sternly and left shutting the door loudly.

Without wasting a second, Lucian obeyed and dressed himself up real quick. He didn't even say a word to me. I was so foreign to his acts right now. He never behaved like this. I always thought he was brave and straightforward.

Well... maybe, he is just too afraid of the king.

We stepped out of the room in a minute and strolled to the living room. There, Calhoun sat on a chair, busy studying the file in his hands. Amusement flooded his eyes as he tore his gaze apart and noted our presence, “You are fast.” He said.

Acknowledging we were fast without having a glance at his watch. Indeed, he was the smartest one.

Latching my attention, I found myself sickened by the sight of Lucian kneeling in front of the King. “Milord. I apologize. I didn't know she is your mate.” With his chin held low, he wept in fear that had brought sweats to his forehead.

“You talk too much.” The Alpha King whined as he auctioned a look with one of the guards he brought here.

I was confused as hell until that guard walked to Lucian and held a dagger behind his back. “Leave him alone.” My loud voice rumbled as I attempted to yank the blade away but another one grabbed my hands, tied them behind my back, and kicking my legs made me knelt before Calhoun's chair.

He was holding me so tightly that I couldn't even move a muscle. Weak! I was just too weak. Mom was right. I was never capable of being a warrior. Yet during the training period, my dad never gave up on me. Even when at last, I failed, he believed I was mentally strong and that was enough.

“I still stink. You need to take a bath as soon as possible.” Calhoun's sudden voice repulsed me.

Meeting his dark gaze, I gritted my teeth. “I don't accept this mate bond.” Of course, I wouldn't accept him. I would never destroy my life that way.

Calm as icy water, Calhoun grabbed a pen from his manager and began signing the file letting out an exaggerated sigh. “Of course. I saw how you were enjoying his company.”

At his response, I couldn't help but snort with disdain. “Then why did you ruin it?” He must have smelled me. However, whatever it was, he didn't have any right to barge into the room.

Handing the file to his manager, as Calhoun watched me again, his thin brows pulled up in a line that depicted his amusement. “And who taught you to talk like that to your King? Your Alpha?” He asked.

Before I could retort, the guard tightened his grip on my hands, making me bend my head. Jeez, it fucking hurt.

Moments later, a maid who arrived holding a tray bowed and placed the food on the table in front of the King. If I was there, despite my weakness, I would have killed him twice already.

“I was just... having a little fun. There is nothing between us. I don't even know who she is.” This time, Lucian wailed who was silent until now.

Fun? Nothing between us? My heart bled at these two phrases. It was still fine when he ignored me, and only thought about himself. Everything was just okay. But how could he deny everything that happened between us?

I was so stupefied by his extortion that I didn't even realize when Calhoun grabbed a fork and threw its points in Lucian's direction until his clamor shook me up. “You disgust me.”

I ignored Calhoun's comment and immediately turned back to Lucian's outcry. The sight was so horrifying that it almost made me want to puke in fear.

The sharp tines had stabbed through the flesh of chest. So that he couldn't scream or move, the guard taped his mouth and tied his hands within a minute as his skin grew red and blood streamed down the piercings.

“Lucian!” I shrieked and struggled to grip free my hands in which I failed and led my eyes to burn with tears.

Hatred surged through my veins. “Don't hurt him.” I raised my voice, facing the King.

Those expressionless eyes pinned me, arising tension through my body as he stood up and waddled toward me lazily. “Now you are ordering me, woman.” He sneered, stopped and squatted near me, probably one or two inches away.

Since our distance was dangerously close now, I could feel his scent invading my nostrils. Mate. He was undoubtedly my fated mate.

At Calhoun's hiss, the guard who held me left my hands and fled in a flash.

Without showing the least gratitude, I scoffed and shifted my gaze to Lucian. He now was rolling on the blood-drenched floor in pain.

“Lucian... according to what you say, you don't even know her, right?” asked Calhoun.

The guard pulled the tap off Lucian's mouth. Right then, surprising me, despite his struggle, he spoke. “I swear, I don't. She seduced me.”

“So, who do you think deserves punishment?” Calhoun asked again.

“She is a whore, milord. She forced me to...” He couldn't talk anymore. At Calhoun's signal, his mouth was taped back and the fork was pulled out by the guard.

The wounds sprayed blood everywhere. Lucian whimpered mutely while rolling on the floor like a fetus in the womb, with his feet occasionally giving little kicks.

It would have been painful to watch even a moment ago. However, not now. Everything I felt for him mocked me. Whore... I was a whore to him.

He was nice to me all these whiles to get what he wants which is my body. Now, I know why he waited a year long. It was all because mating with him before getting blessed with a fated mate would have made him my chosen mate. Therefore, to make sure it won't happen, he didn't touch me until today.

Hah. Should I pity on myself?

Shiver ran down my spines by the touch of a cold finger that lifted my chin and steered my face back. Calhoun's eyes greeted me with something bizarre that engulfed my pain but caused the tears I held back to run down in torrent.

“Say something... anything.” whispered Calhoun, very softly.

People like him seek pleasure in making others miserable. He must be enjoying torturing Lucian. My tears were probably a bonus for him. Now, what is it? Was he planning to trick me being nice?

“P-please. Tell me. What do you want?”Although I didn't want him to win, I had no other choice but to beg.

He sneered, not breaking our eye contact. “Maybe try accepting me? Instead of being your Alpha's whore?”
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