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How much can you love a man to be able to pass over everything just to be with him?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was the summer of 2012!I just graduated the college and I was so happy that I can enjoy my holiday after a long hard year.Michaela,my mother's very good friend was insisting on visiting her,but being too busy with her work,she asked me to go.

"Come on,sweetie!You can do it!You used to love that place when you where little!Is so beautifull there,you know that,honey!Fresh air,all green!Come on,you know I can't make it!I'm too much busy!"

"But,mom"...I started with a pitiful voice..."I don't want to go there!You know I hate her stupid son!He's so arrogant and...in one word,he is a dick!"I finished with my arms crossed to my chest.

"Watch your language,miss!You know people can change and,maybe,now that he grew he is more mature!You were stupid kids,Bella!Give him a chance!Please?"

"Do you think he changed,mom?!That guy will never change!He's just too full of himself to do it!Please,mom!Don't make me go there!"

The truth is that I used to love that guy,but I was a fatty girl,so he and his friends used to make fun of me by calling me names,just because he was three years older then me.That's why I started to hate that place and him asswell and I didn't want to spend my holidays there anymore.

I gave up,after all,maybe,because I was too curious to meet him after seven years.Nor his sisters with whom I had a great relationship so I packed my bag for only one week,because I wasn't going to stay longer.

When I got to the bus station I couldn't see anyone I knew so I called Michaela.

"Hi,Bella!Raul left after you 15 minutes ago!He should be there allready!"

"Okkk,but I can't see no car..".I said looking around..."ohhh wait,I only can see a black BMW,I think!"

"Yeah,that's him,sweetie!Hurry up,I can't wait too see you!"

I got closer to that car and I easly knocked the right window.Raul rised his eyes from his phone,starring.

"Are you going to do this whole day or are you going to let me in?I'm melting here!"I said a little bit iritated because of the bad memories with him.

He unlocked the car door and let me in, then, taking his sunglasses off, he uttered a long "Helllllo" with a grin on his face.

"Hello to you too, Raul!" I said politely. "Oh, God,is so good in here,! I said, waving my hand.I thought I will die because of this hot weather!"

"Yeah,I can see that!"he said with a deep voice and was now staring at my corp top's neckline, looking at the sweat running between my voluptuous breasts.

I looked at him for a second and I smiled.He turned on the engine and started driving.

He was so handsome! He had been handsome before, but now he had that masculine beauty that would drive any woman crazy. He was much taller than me, brunette, short haircut, big dark-brown eyes, surrounded by long, thick eyelashes , so that they looked dyed. Thick eyebrows, perfectly arched, full lips and he had a shadow of a beard which made him more hot. He was full-bodied, and his tanned skin was in perfect contrast with his white teeth, which he displayed in a smirk when noticed that I was studying him.

"You've grown up, Bella!" he said to break the silence. "You're very beautiful! And I see you've lost weight aswell!"he was looking now at my bare thighs.

"Thank you!" I said softly looking out the car window. "Now,please be careful on the road, will you? "I said ironically.

"Ha ha! Are you scared?" he said, pressing the accelerator, making my heart go up my throat.

"Stop the car,you crazy bastard!We are going to die!"I began to scream, but he was laughing out loud. "Stop or I swear I will get out the car!"

He suddenly pressed the brake and if I wasn't wearing a belt, I would definitely bite off the dashboard.

"Are you crazy or somethig?"I yelled angry "I swear I willnget out the car and I will never get in.EVER!"

"Who's stopping you?" He said nonchalantly.

"Ok! "I said and wanted to go out, but he grabbed my thigh, caressing it slowly. "Stop it!" I said trying to remove his hand, but without success, because I was already out of breath when he touched me between my legs. "STOP IT, RAUL!"I growled slightly.

"Do you still love me,Bella? Come on, I know you were after me when we were kids!" he said and took his hand away from me,starting to drive again.

"No way!" I said, trying to look disgusted." I was a stupid girl back then! Now I've grown up too, but it seems that some of us didn't!"I uttered raising an eyebrow.

"I'll show you how grown up I am, when it's only the two of us alone at home! "He said glancing at me a naughty look which melt me from inside.

I lied. All my childhood feelings were now tenfold when I saw him in the bus station.
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