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Tank and Austin ought to be a perfect match for a casual fling. They are both wildly attractive and the sexual chemistry between the two are explosive, They are both the types of people that deem a fling as a "relationship", but when you are one of the children of the infamous Mafia Boss Emma, things are definitely not going to be so casual.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1- Ending a Habit


“Yes Tank, just there, faster, I’m close”, Ruby moans digging her nails into my back which I am sure will leave marks. She knows I don’t like her marking me for everyone to see. Well, at least she’s a good fuck, her voice is high pitched and fucking annoying. Why did I go down this road again, I think to myself? Pressing her legs down on her stomach I move faster hitting her cervix with every thrust making her moan my name. After a few more thrusts I feel her clench around me as she reaches her orgasm shouting my name. I keep up my hard relentless pace until I find my own release.

I drop down next to her on the bed trying to steady my breathing. Ruby takes this as an invitation to trail her manicured hand over my chest moving down my stomach, reaching my still semi erect cock she removes the filled condom and throws it in the bin next to her bed. She sits up straddling me. I know her by now, she is trying to get my shaft to fully rise to the occasion for round two, but I am done with her. She always tries the to go the second-round bare thinking I wouldn’t notice. I have become apathetic towards her. I am bored as fuck with her, tonight was my way of saying goodbye. Lately every time we have sex she tries her level best to keep me in her bed even though she knows I never stay over. We fuck and I leave until the next time when I need a release. Recently she has even suggested we go to my place to fuck, which is an absolute no for me. I never take them home and was not about to start with her. Rule number one, always go to their place this avoids them showing up unannounced at my apartment especially when they become clingy as fuck or trying to get back together with me, my apartment is completely off limits to all the woman I fuck. I am not a complete asshole, I only have one partner at a time and I expect the same from them even though there are no strings attached I don’t like sharing. Yes I am a cunt and proud of it.

“Ruby, we need to talk.” Her eyes become glossy, tears on the brink of spilling over, obviously she knows what I am about to say she was probably expecting it.

“Please Tank, don’t end it, we have a good thing going, don’t we”?

“We did Ruby but you have become clingy as fuck and too needy. You want more from me and frankly I just don’t have it in me to give you more. You knew what this was before it even started, I made it abundantly clear that I am not interested in a relationship except a sexual one.”

She is sobbing now, tears streaming down her face. “But Tank I thought after you agreed to give me a second chance you were ready to commit to more than just sex.”

“That is my fault I should have reiterated what this was. I know it sounds harsh Ruby but this was purely sex, satisfying sex, but it ends tonight. Please don’t try and contact me again, you know it is for the best. I will just end up hurting you if we continue this especially because I don’t feel anything for you. You clearly have feelings for me, which I do not reciprocate.”

I get up from her bed grabbing my scattered clothes from the floor, I get dressed quickly. Ruby is still sitting on her bed her knees bent, her head resting on them, the tears still streaming down her face. Kissing the top of her head I turn away from her grabbing my leather jacket from her couch I put it one walking out of Ruby’s house, closing the door for the last time behind me on the chapter known as Ruby, I walk to my Harley swinging my leg over the seat straddling my baby between my thighs I gun the engine making the engine roar. I love the vibrations between my legs and the thrill my baby gives me when we take the open road. I ride to my apartment without giving Ruby a second thought she knows how I am. The distance my baby puts between her house and my apartment freeing me from the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped.

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