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Slow Burn

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READ AUTHOR'S NOTE IN DESCRIPTION BEFORE READING. If you asked me when I fell in love with Ryker, I wouldn't be able to tell you, but if you asked me what I loved about him, I could talk about it all day. We've known each other since kindergarten, and no one knows me better than he does. I can't say whether anyone knows him better than I do, because even 15 years later, it seems like I learn new things about him every day. I know about the heart shaped birthmark on his chest, right above his actual heart, and I know all of his insecurities. The one thing I swear I'll never know is how he truly feels about me. He touches me as if he loves me, and he swears that I'll always have a part of his heart, regardless of how small it might seem. I question everyday if he means that, and seeing him with other women will always hurt me. I'd give him anything he asked of me, but deep down, I know that when he says the same he doesn't mean it. Even if he thinks he does mean it. Maybe in the moment he does. But do words mean anything when actions never change? Content warnings: sexual scenes, mentions of mental health and suicide/self-harm in Astrid's history.

Erotica / Romance
Ridley 📚
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Songs that are most important to the story’s themes:

“Let You Go,” “Hangover Cure,” “My Ex’s Best Friend” and “Bad Things” by Machine Gun Kelly

“Dirty Laundry” and “My Favorite Place” by All Time Low

“Love Song” by Yungblud

“Ghost of You,” “Teeth,” and “Lover of Mine” by 5 Seconds of Summer

“Cry” by The Used

“In Bloom” by Neck Deep

“Me and You” by Lil Peep and Cold Hart

“Not the One” and “Spotlight” by Lil Peep

“DRUGS” by Lil Aaron

“High and Hazy” and “How to Make a Heart Hollow” by Sparks the Rescue

“Intoxicated I Love You,” “Here’s My Heart,” “Someone else,” and “Bruise My Bones” by SayWeCanFly

“Move Me” by Badflower

“1 Sided Love” by Blackbear

“Nails” by Call Me Karizma

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