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Cherry Locked (BOOK ONE)

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Madison Hart is a virgin who sexts and is well educated on positions. She's saving herself for marriage, and ends up piquing the mind of a CEO billionaire. Jace Harrison is a advocate for world hunger and housing for unprivileged children. The billionaire is also a playboy and a heartbreaker. He flirts with ease and flaunts new women like jewelry. Madison is aware of his lifestyle and distances herself, but his charm and beauty draws her back in. Will she lose her virginity to the racy Billionaire? Or will she stay with her first boyfriend? Who will she choose? Read to find out more 😈😈😈 Pure doesn't have to mean inexperienced and Locked Cherries draw all men crazy

Erotica / Romance
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I kick off my shoes after a long day serving drinks at the country club. I groan and reach down to press on the red areas of my feet. Damn it...I need new shoes...or I need to stop standing for so long. I’m sure they’re swollen. I close the hotel room door, which is where I live since it’s closer to my job and cuts rent in half. $30 a night beats $950 any day. That’s not even including bills. At my last place, a one-room apartment, my rent was $1250. I’m saving $350, which is nice. I can use it on necessities.

I walk to the club, which is five miles away. I don’t mind walking twice daily to keep my stomach flat. I stride barefoot on wood floors, wincing each time they flop. My soles are killing me! I open a glass door of a shower-tub combo in a white bathroom. Then I lean to clog the tub and run cool water. I turn to the vanity, where a bowl sink and tall mirror are.

An olive-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl stares back at me in the mirror. Hmm...I’m breaking out. I move closer to examine the pimples all over my forehead. “Ugh! I need to cut out sugar.” My light voice pouts, then sighs. My hands open a bottom cabinet on the vanity to retrieve Epsom salt. My fingers curl up the bottom of the high-waisted jeans I have on. I walk back to the tub and pour the salt in. I sit on the wide ledge and swing my feet over to submerge them into the steaming water. I exhale in pleasure. Ahh...that’s so much better! A buzz from my back pocket makes me smirk. I slide it out, face unlock my phone, and click on Tinder. Nine messages wait. I reply to each.

Your eyes are so big and beautiful 😍 Thank you, I’m flattered.

Are you free tonight? 😈 - No, I’m not free tonight. I just got back from work. I’m exhausted.

You’re so fucking hot 🥵. I wonder how much hotter you can make me 🙈

Hello beautiful ❤️ can we FaceTime? - Maybe tomorrow.

Hi there, how’s your night going? I hope it’s as fine as you - Lol, nice pickup. My night was busy. How’s yours?

I want you in my bed. I want to suckle your nipples 😋

Can I ask you something? - Sure, what is it?

Bring that pussy, baby; you’ll love what I’ll do to it 😏. - I hope that’s not all talk...

Hi, I’m Mark. What are you looking for on here? - Hi, I’m Madison. I’m looking to sext, but without showing anything. What about you?

I rub my sore back as I view 3k matches and swipe right on a dozen. Each of the guys are Cali 10s and could even be models. But I know looks don’t always mean the guy will be the one. Hot guys are sluts....man whores, not husband material. They’re good to toy with and nice to look at, but that wears off after a while. Beautiful men don’t seem to settle down until they’ve sown their oats as much as possible. I need someone who’s hubby material. I’m not dumb. I know I won’t find that on Tinder. I’m just on the app to pass the time while I wait for Mr. Right

Some people think men don’t want virgins. But I think men find it hotter than any fast girl or cam girl. Judging by all the men in my inbox, which has to be close to one hundred, I found that this surprises and arouses them. I haven’t had one guy get turned off; instead, they wonder how tight I am. I love telling them I’m completely untouched. No insertion of any kind has gone inside me. Sex toys aren’t for everyone. Some guys ask if I don’t have experience, then how would I be good at sex? I study technique books for mouth positions and sex positions. Their stunned replies always amuse me. I guess they think virgins are still living in the 1950s. They probably think I don’t masturbate...I do. I’m not entirely insane! All I know is that I won’t be unprepared. Whoever my future husband is will be screaming on our wedding night. And yes, the honeymoon will be traditional. No sex beforehand...yet fooling around will be allowed.

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