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The Shores: Simone The Seductress (Book 2)

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Book Two of The Shores Series; Simone The Seductress; A Dark Romance My stage name says it all; I’m a tart, a seducer, a floozie. Whatever you want to call me, I’m a bad bitch, and behind every bad bitch was a sweet girl who got tired of everyone's bullshit. In The Shores I have a reputation. Simone White, the crazy she-devil in these parts. I’m Franky’s number one girl, and I rule at the Velvet Room Stripclub. I may have been a villain in my sister's story, but every villain has a reason for their actions. I’ve succumbed to the darkness of The Shores because it's the only way I know how to survive. Used and abused, left to fend for myself, I’m no stranger to trauma. I’ll scratch and claw to get what I need, even in the most self-deprecating ways. When at my lowest point and the future is bleak, this pretty boy named Caden Cameron walks into my life. He infuriates me, yet he doesn’t give up and shows me that I’m worth so much more than the life I’m living. He shows me what true love really is. We draw strength from one another and enact our own revenge on those who hurt us most. They all underestimated me, and I will prove them all wrong. This is my redemption story. This is Simone’s Story. This book is 18+ and very dark. PLEASE READ THE CONTENT WARNINGS! I suggest reading book one, Ride Or Die first. (This book was renamed and was previously known as Simone's Story)

Erotica / Thriller
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Chapter 1


I watch the taillights of Colton’s Camaro make the final turn out of The Shores. There they go, off to live their happily ever after. I swallow the huge lump in my throat, and pinch my arm to override that emotion, to stop the tears.

Don’t show weakness, never show weakness.

Standing at the suburb’s mini strip mall, I feel the chill in the air. May is hit and miss for weather, and tonight it’s definitely on the cooler side.

“Hey sweet thang!” some thug yells across the parking lot at me. I ignore him and pull out a cigarette and light it, looking off in the other direction. I cross my arms over my chest to keep some warmth in my thin frame.

Amber and Talia stand close to me, chatting about the last job they were sent on. They seem to have fun doing it, I fucking hate it. I don’t have sex to get men off, I have sex to get me off. And doing this job, I’m never getting off.

I look at the corner again and my heart sinks knowing that’s the last time I will ever see my sister. They will never come back around that corner. I may have hated the two of them, but they worked hard to get out. Colt treated her like a queen and he’d make sure they never came back to this place, and I can’t fault him for that.

I will admit I was a bitch and pulled some fucked up shit towards my sister, but I had my reasons.

I know what you’re thinking. Why in the fuck would you even care about my story after all the shit I put Layla through? Well the truth is, I’m not the asshole everyone thinks I am. I’m doing what I have to, to survive here.

I’m not the smartest person and therefore I don’t make the best decisions. I use my sass and looks to get by, and unless I found a man to take care of me, I was destined to be a product of this fucking suburb from the day we moved in.

Layla on the other hand, was brilliant from a young age, she had so much potential. Once we moved here, I was worried sick that being in this environment would strip away her innocence and any opportunity she had to escape. When kids began making fun of her for being the bookworm nerd, I saw my opportunity to keep her away from bad people and I ran with it.

The way I went about it wasn’t the smartest, but it was the only way I knew how to protect her when I was going through shit of my own. I mean fuck, I was only thirteen when I was put into the position of having to protect her.

That’s the thing about this place, a little anxious girl like Layla would have been eaten alive. Keeping this image of her kept all the dickhead guys and bitchy girls away from her, the ones who would drag her down into the ways of The Shores.

Being a loner allowed Layla to focus on her studies, helping her to get her scholarships and grants, her meal ticket out of here.

Then entered Colton fucking Hawthorne. The asshole was thinking with his dick when he started pursuing her, threatening to derail everything I had done to protect her for the last ten years. Willingly bringing her right into his fucked up world of crime.

Little did I know, Colton would bring out the bad bitch in Layla. She handled everything way better than I thought she could, I didn’t give her enough credit. I am so fucking proud of her and because of the bad ass she is, she’s the one whose escaped. Not me.

When word got out that Colton wanted to leave street racing, and working for Williams, the people that made money off of him were pissed. Everyone wanted her gone, out of the picture by any means possible. I volunteered to ‘try’ to take her out and hurt her, because I knew if they sent anyone else, they’d make sure the job got done. I just acted like the stupid girl I am when my attempts failed, and no one questioned it. Eventually on Williams orders, everyone fucked off and left them alone.

The fact I even tried to hurt Layla has given me all sorts of street cred, and now I’m the psychotic bitch of The Shores. People have learned not to fuck with me. I mastered my bitch facade that would help keep me safe here.

I resented Layla immensely because I protected her fiercely. She was sheltered, pure and innocent because of what I did, while I was damaged goods by the age of thirteen.

Was it nice to remind her that she was the bookworm loser? That she had no friends? Fuck no. It broke my heart. But she was too smart to waste, she had promise for success far beyond this life. Friendships or relationships with anyone in this place leads you nowhere good, and I’m a perfect example of that.

I hate that I’ll never be able to tell her why I did what I did, or apologize for making her feel like shit. For attacking her, for trying to ruin her life. That is a regret I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life. But knowing that she’s far away from here and safe gives me some peace for the stupid decisions I have made.

Now I’m left living in the world of messed up shit. In one night, my fucked up parents were killed and my sister left, leaving me all alone.

Only God knows what will happen to me now.

I grasp onto the locket she gave me and stare off in the distance letting out a deep, steadying breath. This place just feels that much more empty now. The street lights flicker above as the cool breeze feathers my skin and goosebumps rise. I rub my hands up and down my arms to create some heat.

“Simone, where is he sending you tonight?” Amber breaks me of my thoughts. She has bright red hair and she fucking rocks it. She has a slender build and a longer face with high cheekbones. Curves in all the right places, she’s a sexy woman and would go far in this field.

I shrug taking a drag of my smoke. “I’m not sure, I haven’t been getting along with the clientele lately.”

Talia snorts a laugh. “Yeah because you keep assaulting them.” She chuckles as she throws her long black hair over her shoulder.

It’s true, I don’t handle men being assholes to me very well and the fuckers that think they can manhandle me without consequence, get a punch to the balls. I don’t give a shit if they’re paying Franky three grand for the night, I don’t deal with that shit from those pussies.

“I don’t keep assaulting customers, I retaliate against men who assault me. There’s a difference. Word gets around though, and Franky’s not happy with me.” I say and take another drag of my smoke.

“Hey, I don’t blame you for defending yourself. I don’t know why you get so many bad customers.” Talia comments.

“Who knows. The assholes I hit shoved me around and I don’t take that shit, so it escalated.” I may be a tough girl, but I know Franky’s pissed with me and that makes me nervous. He doesn’t take my shit.

“Mmm I love when a man dominates me, throws me around a little.” Amber kisses her teeth looking off in the distance. She doesn’t understand these guys weren’t about dominating me, they were about hurting me. As one said, I’m just a fucking worthless whore, before he back handed me and tried to rape me, but I fought him and punched him in the dick. Alas, I’m now in this fucking position with Franky.

“Mhm me too. Guess that’s where we differ.” Talia adds.

“Yeah, these guys were out to hurt me.” I say sharply. Whatever, these stupid girls don’t know shit about these situations, yet, and I don’t give a fuck what they think.

A car with a loud muffler pulls into the parking lot and my mouth goes dry when Franky’s souped up chevy pulls up to the curb.

“Hello my beauties!” He calls out when he gets out of his car, his blond hair wild as always wearing one of his signature velour track suits. He walks up to us with his arms wide open and kisses each of our cheeks.

“Simone. Car.” Is all he says when he makes eye contact with me, his expression unreadable. I give the girls a nod and they give me sympathetic smiles as they continue to shiver on the curb. He goes into the store to get some liquor and smokes handing me the bag when he hops in. I cherish the warmth of the car. I hate standing out on the corner on quiet nights hoping for some drunk to come home looking for a hooker.

We drive in silence back to his house. Pulling into the driveway, the party goers move aside to allow him to park. I don’t even know who these people are, but it’s like they never leave.

Jeremiah is working security tonight, he’s an older gentleman, you can tell he has a heart inside but he knows who he’s working for, keeping up his tough facade.

We get out of the car and I follow behind Franky, holding my head down trying to ignore the thundering heart in my chest. I have no idea what’s about to happen. Some days he lets shit slide, others he doesn’t hesitate to hurt me, just depends on what business was like today.

I mean, I did assault three customers in the last two weeks, but maybe he needs to offer me more security and this wouldn’t be a fucking problem. Not my fault.

“Simone. Sit.” He says to me.

“I’m not a fucking dog, Franky.” I snap. He looks at me displeased and tilts his head in irritation, he’s not in the mood for my sass tonight, so I end up taking the seat.

“You hear about your parents yet?” His red rimmed eyes meet mine and I nod my head. I was there when Williams goons carried the bodies out. He paid me to keep quiet and said he was sending a cleaning crew. Getting ready for work while knowing there were pools of blood belonging to my parents in the kitchen was disturbing.

“Williams told me about everything. You’re better off without them, they were into some fucked up shit.” I give him another nod and then look at the floor.

Fucked up shit is putting it nicely.

“So it looks like we have a problem with punching clients in the balls.” He says rubbing his hands together as he paces back and forth. I bite my lip and don’t say anything, I’ve learned when Franky is in the midst of a speech to just listen. He loses focus then gets super pissed off in embarrassment. It's fucking hilarious.

He hates it even more when you laugh.

“I think what we have here is we’re not utilizing your skills in the right place. I have an opening at the Velvet Room, as a dancer and server. How does that sound?” I simply nod and give him a small smile. It sounds hella better than being an escort. Dancing, drinking, free drugs to numb my pain, not having to please some disgusting old rich man’s limp dick over and over again? I’ll take it.

He crouches down in front me and he rubs my chin between his index and thumb and pulls me to him. His tongue licks my lips and invades my mouth. It’s gross, slimy and he tastes awful. I reciprocate the kiss because once again, I’ve learned you don’t interrupt Franky.

He leans back and looks at me. “That’s my girl. Now, about your parent’s debts...” He smiles wickedly.

Franky owns this neighborhood and everything I knew in my life before tonight is about to change forever.

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