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Club VORTEX-Forced to desire

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The SMNS club was a place where Melissa would go to let her hair down becoming the ultimate submissive. With a £2 entry fee, she knew her surroundings, regular faces passed her by and all of the Dominant men who attended the club took great care of her. When she returns after taking time out for herself and her own wellbeing, Melissa discovers that SMNS has closed its doors for good and both owners have retired. Where does that leave her? Entering a new club “Vortex” which is a playground for the rich and famous. Annual memberships for this private sex society will set her back by a staggering £795,000, of which, she doesn’t have. Admittance is by application only and a golden ticket to dinner must be collected in order for the owner to meet those who wish to attend before their application can be accepted. So, what if she enters the club not knowing the rules? She is about to find that out the hard way.

Erotica / Fantasy
Ivy White
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Chapter 1

Slamming her car door, Melissa Lillith approached the derelict building that was once described as the “crazy house” of the city. She didn’t think to call ahead of time before her arrival and waited until all of her work was completed before getting her tight lace back corset on. Climbing inside her car, she double checked that her black mascara wasn’t running down her face before she drove to the club in her thigh high heeled leather boots. Her eyes were itching her earlier on in the day and she put it down to being allergy season. Spring. Now she looks like a fool walking towards the boarded up swingers club that was once filled up to maximum capacity with those who frequently visited.

Melissa was never a woman who would stick to the hip of one Dominant. She was known as the woman who all the men would have to keep their eyes on. She wasn’t a brat as per to say, but she did try to break a couple of rules as and when she could to initiate a punishment. It was never too much to where she would be frowned upon.

Memories of the men entered her mind and she smiled. Sir T was the only man who wore blue jeans. He would smile and welcome Melissa into his thin arms for a welcoming hug each time she visited the club. Sir W was another man in the club. Melissa would collect her glass of VK off him every single weekend. He was known as the drinker of the club, then you had Sir H who would dance for her and make her laugh when she felt down. Sir K would make her full night pass by peacefully when telling the other men that she was to be left alone. This happened for three weeks straight just before Melissa handed in her clip on wristband and told them that she would see them another time. Both Mr and Mrs Magee said their farewells to Melissa and told her that they couldn’t wait to see her when she was to return. She never did expect for them to close the club down.

Looking at the boarded up entrance, litter filled car park and camera warning signs dotted around the building, Melissa slid back inside her car and searched up the name of the club with hopes that SMNS would have been moved to a new location. The internet was her best friend for years. The first time that she searched up the club, it was via a search engine and so she continued to scroll through the pages in search of the new location. Finding that the club had closed its doors for good, Melissa clicked on various links until she found another club, Vortex.

“Where is it?” She mumbled to herself trying to find the club and when she didn’t have any luck finding the location, she placed her mobile phone down on the seat and drove back towards her home in the pouring down rain. She was happy that she hadn’t been caught in the mist of rain when she got out of her car outside the club. Her hair would be a tangled, frizzy mess if that was to happen. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Melissa turned left out of the carpark and made her way down the long twisty road towards the city. The rain started just after she sat back on her red leather seat. An added extra that you could add to your car when purchasing a BMW. They called it a texture pack.

It was pouring down with rain and day turned to night. Melissa travelled twenty minutes and visually she couldn’t see anything through her windscreen. Both window wipers, front and back were on the highest setting and Melissa was squinting her eyes to try and see through the thick fog that was settling in for the night. It was minus two and nine o’clock at night plus Melissa was in the middle of nowhere when she felt the back end of her car step out slightly. It was common for that specific model that Melissa was driving and was recalled because of this defect. Melissa didn’t know so she never took it to the manufacturer to get it fixed. Traction control was off.

Struggling to keep the car under control, Melissa watched as her blue bonnet dipped. The engine cut out seconds later. She couldn’t have predicted that it was to happen. Removing the keys out of the ignition, Melissa tried to start her car back up again but it wouldn’t start. Click. The car was in a small stream which was high up, the current being too strong to the point where it was taking chunks of mud with it. The engine was flooded with water. Melissa didn’t stand a chance at removing the car from the ditch that it was stuck in.

Picking up her mobile phone, Melissa tried to call a vehicle recovery company three times. No signal. Throwing her car door open, Melissa left her headlights on full beam and stepped out of the vehicle, her foot landed in sticky wet mud. Running out of the stodgy mud, Melissa checked her phone again. No signal. It was boltic where she was. The temperature was minus three as she opened up the boot grabbing her thin black leather jacket. Throwing it over her shoulders, she looked around. Pitch black. She could see her breath each time she breathed out a deep breath. Rubbing the tops of her arms, her mobile in hand, Melissa walked down the road until a sign caught her eye.

“VORTEX,” in capital letters.

What a coincidence it was for her to be at the exact location that she couldn’t find on her map. The font was neon purple standing tall at the top of a black metal pole. In her mind, she would get help at Vortex. The men at SMNS would do anything for her and after being in the lifestyle for years, she thought that if she was to get help then it would be from club Vortex.

Walking past the sign, Melissa made her way up the cemented hill. The path was lit up with small tea lights, very welcoming to anyone who would want to get a good seeing to in the night. A sign was brightly lit up in red led lighting.

“No person’s beyond this point. DO NOT ENTER!”

The building was out of the way in the middle of nowhere. Believe it or not, Melissa never did drive through that area, making it a first for her and she lived in the Countress of Laxton which was a half hour drive away from where she was. What she did know about the area was that it had a residential area filled with expensive houses at the top of the hill.
Shivering, her hair dripping wet and her corset barely covering up any skin, Melissa turned back around to check on her car. She left the door open with her headlights on which she could barely see in the dense fog as it swiftly travelled around with the cool air. A strong breeze whipped her brown hair around over her shoulders. Remembering that she should have really closed the door over, Melissa sighed and wondered how many people would travel past the rich building called Vortex. Not many at all. The area was filled with trees. A large forest was where she was. The road being the only road that was built to travel directly through it from the city to the beach on the other side. Miles that road travelled for and it took street racers over two hours to get from the city to the beach when racing.

Plus, her engine didn't work, nor did the car have any keys in the ignition. Checking the distance between where she stood and where her car was, Melissa came up with a plan for the following week in regards to her travelling to and from work. Being a member of the police never was easy for her and she was lucky enough to be able to take a stationed vehicle from outside her work to use when she was to arrive that Monday morning.

Continuing her walk up the brick driveway, she passed a garden landscape designed lawn and stepped up three stairs until she was looking up at the tallest black door that she had ever seen in her life. Reaching her hand up to grab the gold knocker, Melissa moved herself back when it violently opened up. A man not much smaller than the door stepped out of the mansion sized house. His black shoes clicked on the marble paving stone. Melissa’s teeth chattered, she clasped her hands together in front of her stomach as she gave him a hopeful smile. She shouldn’t have been in that garden, never-mind standing at the door. She was trespassing on private property. The land was owned completely. She had no right to be there. Vortex was stood on private land. Nobody should be there without a pass and Melissa knew that but she was desperate and in need of assistance.

“You have the wrong building.” The man stated coldly. He reminded her of the Japanese Akita that had gone out of its way to attack her when she was out on shift two days before. It was viciously barking chasing after her as she ran to her car. It was in search of blood. She had to get it put down. The dog named Brogan was a fighting dog that had been trained by criminals from the young age of six weeks old and when Melissa met face to face with it, the dog was a fully grown adult. It terrified her. Shivering, Melissa looked up at the tall broad man with terror in her eyes. He had a cut from the top of his forehead all the way to his jaw. Caused by a knife and Melissa knew that. When she would wear her police uniform, she felt invincible but that night, she wasn’t shifted into work and was stood in a corset that didn’t leave much for any man’s imagination to have to figure out. She felt uneasy, the man was a criminal and she knew that. She could smell the criminal within him. A musky scent with a mix of cigarette smoke and strong bourbon.
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