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Club VORTEX-Forced to desire

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Chapter 2

“I know, apologies. I’m in some trouble, my car wanted to drift and I lost control. I have no signal and I can’t get in touch with a recovery company to collect me and my car. I don’t know what to do.” Melissa stammered loudly, speaking as quickly as she could. The man turned his back on her and pushed the half closed door back open. Glancing over his right shoulder, he gave her a nod.

“Master F will be out now.” Leaving the door open, the man entered the house leaving Melissa outside. She was divering in the freezing cold temperatures looking around at the beautiful gardens that were to the right of the white building with black window frames and bulletproof glass. The area was lit up brightly.

“You may come in.” She heard a loud voice and stepped inside the mansion through the large black doorframe. Standing to the side of it, she rubbed the tops of her arms feeling out of place in what looked like a reception area.

“Do you live in a barn?” A voice startled her through a speaker. Masculine, chilling and uncalled for. Closing the door with a push, Melissa apologised to the man who was watching her. She could imagine him. Visualising how he would look and how he stood but he wasn’t in the room with her. She met her fair share of men who carried that type of voice. A voice that would make any woman’s palms sweat. The kind of man who would make all turn away from them when they were to enter a room. Intimidating, unpredictable and hard to get along with. Those who would be against women working in the police force. She knew him all too well, yet she hadn’t laid her eyes on him before.

“Driving in heeled boots is forbidden.”

“Forbidden?” Melissa’s eyes darted around the room. The big guy left her alone and she didn’t know who she was speaking with. The imaginary man inside her mind. Tall, handsome and scary all at the same time. He would tell her to get lost and she knew what to expect.

“You should know that Melissa since you are a police officer, am I wrong?” Clasping her hands in front of her lower stomach, Melissa looked around the room and nodded her head. How did he know that? She wondered if he was a criminal that had previously crossed paths with her. Did she get him sent to prison or was he one of the men that she picked up before handing him a fine for being drunk and disorderly?
She hoped not. Many of the men that passed by her would want her to be stood in their mansion. They would never let her leave without hurting her. She shouldn’t have been driving. She should have stayed home in the warm. For a police officer, you are more likely to be murdered because many look at you as if you are vermin. Melissa would never do it again.

“You are right Sir.” She was getting breathless as she swallowed the saliva that was sitting at the back of her throat comfortably, not that she was. In fact, she was the opposite as her fear of intimidation raised to the surface. Could she make it home in one piece? She should have thought about what she was doing before she even stepped foot on private property. A flashback of the day when she stood behind the bulletproof glass at the station entered her mind. She could see Brogan Stott as he picked the scabs off his shoulder to forearm tattoo. It was filled with skulls. He couldn’t see her but she was watching and listening to him. He was oblivious to his surroundings. That’s how she was feeling. As if she was going up against an invisible force that hadn’t even bothered to attack her yet.

“Sir? Interesting of you to say that. My question is, what brings you to my private club?” His deep voice rumbled through her body all the way to her core. Pointing out of the door, Melissa bit the inside of her right cheek.

“I’m in some trouble, my car wanted to drift and I lost control. I have no signal and I can’t, I can’t get in touch with a recovery company to collect me and my car.” Melissa was feeling frustrated with herself. She couldn’t understand why she was struggling to form a simple sentence. Was it down to her not having any backup the way that she usually would. That could have been a possibility but Melissa was showing her weakness and she knew that.

“And you was driving from where?” The man interrupted her thoughts. Melissa looked around the room for the speaker of which he was talking through but she couldn’t find it. Clearing her throat, Melissa brushed her knotted wet hair back over her shoulders.

“SMNS Sir.”

“I thought right. That club closed down a couple of months ago, not that I have had any applications for my club from anybody who attended there.”

Melissa didn’t care. She just wanted to get out of there. She was in the middle of nowhere, talking to a man she had never met before hoping that he wasn’t a man who would want to kill her, stood in a corset that barely covered her body, shivering from the cold, alone and scared.

“With all due respect Sir, I’m not sure why you feel the need to ask me all of those questions.” Melissa was annoyed. She didn’t want to stay and the man was delaying as much as he possibly could. Her car door was wide open in a ditch at the side of the road which was covered by fog.

“Private.” The man was giving her short answers. Feeling unwanted Melissa held her hands up approaching the door.

“I don’t want to come here. I’m asking for help! Not to worry, I will leave now.” Melissa grabbed the gold door handle ready to turn it.

“Shh. You talk when I ask for you to. Respect is very important here Melissa.” She stopped what she was doing and twisted herself around. Her back was facing the camera.

Is anybody reading this book? Let me know your thoughts so far as it can be hard to determine if there is any point in writing a story. Thank you. 😊

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