Ties Hide Darkness

By TheHoovinator All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Thriller

Admiring The Fram

It was a hot day in the classroom. The fan in the corner twisting and turning in various directions to keep people cool. “You need to take this serious, we are using real scalpels, the ones’ that doctors use. One small cut and you’re in the hospital” Mr.White’s voice echoed around the room like a bang of thunder.

Standing to Mr.White’s right side was William Crosswhite, his red face even redder than usual. Everyone could see that William was amazed by Mr.White, (Or as others called him Mr.Clean) and how he looked up to him as a father.

The class was near to ending when Mr.White put his hands in front of his cooking apron and smiled widely at the student that he was so proud of. “Well, I’m very glad to help you all today and if you don’t mind, I would like to give a round of applause to William. My trusty side kick for today’s experiment!” William’s eyes looked down, feeling his cheeks redden even more. Mr.White patted his favorite student on the back and started walking to some of the other classmates that were having trouble with their project. William lifted his head up slightly, seeing the hotness in Mr.White’s face as he helped Kate with her frog that just wouldn’t croak. All he could ponder was his stupidity, William knew that a relationship with a teacher was far from achievable.

Grace walked over to William in the hallway, it had been 2 minutes since Science class had ended. “Seems like you’ve been pretty tightened lately around Mr.White” she jokingly gestured towards his crotch. William quickly put his hands over himself, feeling his cheeks redden once more. “It’s just a boner...Sometime’s I get them...randomly...” he said, trying to hide any secrets about his yearn for his science teacher. He gathered his belongings in front of her, and gave Grace a menacing look as he made his way to 7th period.

William stretched his arms, his body in a sweat from the event earlier. Crosswhite didn’t know how long he could keep this secret, not only was he in a deep love with Mr.White, but he also had a very noticeable boner protruding from his pants. “William, come up here and get your paper” Mrs.Moxley’s squeaky teeanger-like voice made it’s way around the room. Everyone’s face turned into a wide cringe at her high pitched vocals. William looked around nervously as faces started to turn near his own. In an attempt to hide his secret, he grabbed his binder and put it up against his crotch. “William-paper-now.” a turquoise fire surging through Mrs.Moxley’s menacing blue eyes. “S-sorry…” he mumbled, grabbing the paper from her hand and dragging his feet back over to his desk.

As William sat down his chest heaved, a large feeling of angst was washed away. “Hey, tomato face, looks like you’ve got the hots for Mrs.Moxley” William turned to face his worst enemy, Payton. “S-shut up.” he said, placing his binder over his crotch once more. ‘Only if dad were here’ he thought anxiously, ‘dad would’ve beat him up for me’ William’s mind spiraled into a collapsing state, sending him onto the verge of crying. He missed his father more than he had ever known. “William is pointing his finger at Mrs.Moxley!” Peyton yelled loudly, sending William into a hurricane of shock. He looked around for the last time, staring at Mrs.Moxley who was angrily peering at Payton and himself. “I-I-I….” William’s vision went cold as darkness corrupted his mind.

“Stop fumbling around, we’re going to get caught if you’re not careful enough..” Mr.White’s beautiful blue eyes were glistening into William’s. Quickly, William brought his hand to Mr.White’s member stroking it. “William!!” he winced as Mr.White screamed, blinking erratically. “W-what?!” he was extremely confused, taking his hand away from the now limp body part. The voice changed suddenly to a high pitched yell of a woman, the sound was one that he was very used to.

William jolted his body up, staring into his mother’s flaming eyes. “You’re going to be late! Get your clothes on right now!!” she yelled, pointing to the pile of clothes in the corner as she angrily stomped to the kitchen to make breakfast. His eyes fluttered to the clothes, getting up and grabbing a pair to pull on. “I can’t believe you fainted in English! Last class of the day, you hear me?! I was busy, but no…. You were more important! I had to come and pick you up from school, you were out cold all night! For heavens, I thought you died!!!” he could hear his mother yelling all the way from the kitchen. William rolled his eyes and grabbed his backpack, walking past his siblings, Owen, Ainsley, and Emily. He yawned as his feet unconsciously dragged down the steps, causing William to slip and plunge face first on the concrete sidewalk. “Ughh…” he groaned as he got up and ambled to the bus-station, his scarcely opened eyes scanning around. Without one thought, William’s legs dropped him into the seat at the stop, making him wobble from uncertainty.

William walked over to Mr.White’s classroom, it now being the end of the day. His hand wearily shook as he knocked on the oak door that was suitably shined. “M-Mr.White..?” William stood silently as he remained halted at the entrance. Suddenly, the door swung open and a gleaming Mr.White appeared, a toothbrush in his mouth. “W-wilam!” he smiled, the toothbrush still dangling from the crease of his lips. “Come im, im!” he said cheerily as his legs moved the body that William admired so much to the side.

William strode in, setting his belongings on the black plastered table to his left. Mr.White walked to the sink on the counter and washed his mouth out, setting the toothbrush down. “Sorry my boy, I don’t have running water at home.” his smile still stained across his face, “What can I do for you today?” William looked at Mr.White’s chest, himself having a well manicured physique. “I-I uh… I was wondering if you could help me with homework…?” William’s voice was wearing on Mr.White’s expression as his large smile lengthened to a frown. “William, whats wrong? You’re my favorite student and I have never heard you speak like this. There must be something you want, something that you shall not tell me?” he looked wearily at William, his voice full of good-hearted wonder. “W-well… I actually came here to tell you that I have a confession about something..”

Mr.White stared at William, his eyes darting up and down at William’s toned body as his student continued, “A-and..” William’s voice trailed away as he noticed the looks that were coming from his beloved professor. “Go on” said Mr.White, still staring. “I wanted to tell you that you need to find a better way to hide your… y-your b-b-boners…” he swallowed at the last studdering word. Mr.White’s breath hitched, quickly looking down at his crotch, his face growing a dark crimson at the site of the tent that had emerged. “S-sorry my boy, it’s a habit-with eccentric students…” he said, his voice coursing a barely audible tone at the last part. William’s face grew bewildered, picking up the end of his teacher’s’ sentence. “E-eccentric..?” William mumbled, trying to avert his eyes from Mr.White’s crotch as his teacher nodded. “Yes…” he said quietly, “eccentric”. William couldn’t help but feel confused at this moment, he was called eccentric by the one person he admired more than his mother, although he had no possible recollection of the words’ meaning. William looked at Mr.White’s “tent” for one more second before moving his eyes to his teacher’s face. “W-what does that mean…?” William asked, partially afraid of the answer he would get. “It means strange, some…” Mr.White stopped himself, wondering if he would offend William, with one less thought he continued, “Some people… that are not exactly in the group of normal are considered eccentric. It makes you… special.” Mr.White finally said, gazing into the boyish beauty in front of him.

“O-oh…” William’s face grew a rosy red, taking this as a compliment. His feet brought him a few inches closer to Mr.White, his hands now in range to touch his teachers’ chest. Mr.White acted in front of William’s movements, turning from him and going to shut the door. William frowned at the absence of his masculine teacher, turning to see where he had gone. A wave of surprise came over William as he was pinned to Mr.White’s desk, a hand stroking at his crotch. “M-mr. White…” he groaned, his voice cracking partially. “Call me Andrew, my boy…” he answered huskily. William nodded in agreement, his body shaking with confusion. Mr.White’s lips pressed quickly onto William’s, his tongue slithering into the wet cavern.

As if William was in a trance and it had just recently ended, he looked up. William jerked his head from Mr.White, in all knowing that what they had just began to enjoy was wrong. “N-no.” William said sternly, staring at the perplexion on his teacher’s face. He jolted his body from Mr. White, hurrying away from him and grabbing his things. “William.. this isn’t what you want…” Mr. White mumbled, his tone barely audible as he walked over, his hand getting ready to caress his student. “G-get off!” William yelled, walking to the door in what seemed as to be an emotional breakdown. In a sudden shock, William’s mind went blank for the second time this week. His body fell to the ground as darkness consumed his vision and he was no longer conscious.

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