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Transforming Into Sheila

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Imagine yourself transformed into a woman. What if it's not just a transformation, but a recollection of the woman you really were, full of erotic experiences? Take your mind where it may be afraid to follow. But it will thank you once you get there.

Erotica / Fantasy
Jane Thin
Age Rating:

The Transformation

Lie down and close your eyes.


Just relax.

And let your mind wander as it will

Now let it wander more, but you will find it hard to stay focused on any one thing.

Every thought leads to another and then to another.

This leads to that.

Hear only the rush of your thoughts.

In your stream of thoughts, you are lost.

Never focusing on any one before you are onto the next.

Slow deep breaths. Heart rate slows.

Relax. Thoughts trailing on. Not focusing on any one.

Slow deep breaths. Heart rate slows.


Slow deep breaths. Heart rate slows.

(long pause)


Sheila. Yes, that’s right. Sheila.

Sounds right. Sweet Sheila.

Lovely Sheila.

Yes, you feel a bond to that name. It’s lovely. She’s lovely. You’re lovely.




Sounding more correct by the second. More... you.

Yes, Sheila.


This will seem uncomfortable for a moment, but then it will sink in.

You. Are. Sheila.

Sheila is you. Yes! That is correct.


You are still doubting it. That’s perfectly understandable. That’s normal.


Your heartbeat increased, but now it is slowing down.

You relax.

You understand this is true.

You find new comfort in the name. Sheila.

Your heartbeat slows.

Yes, you know that is correct.

Your pulse slows.

That’s right, Sheila. More normal by the second.

Your breathing becomes more relaxed.

You are calm.

You are yourself.

You are relaxed in yourself.

You forgot who you were, but now you begin to get brief glimpses.

Glimpses of your body. Your mind. Your. Mind. Sheila’s mind. One.


Sheila’s mind. Your mind. Sheila’s body. Your body.

Relaxed, deep breaths.

Your lovely body. Inside.

Feel the weight of your body as you breath. Your legs. Your arms. Heavy with relaxation. Your head comfortable.

Your back against the bed. Your ass against the bed. Relaxed.

Your lovely ass.

Heart begins to pick up.

Your lovely ass pressed against the bed by your hips. Lovely feminine hips, pressed against the bed as you are relaxed in your body.

Slight increase in breathing and your pulse.


Your sexy legs. Relaxed.

Good woman. Lovely woman. Sexy. Woman.

Your breaths in and out, up and down.

You feel the weight of your breasts with each breath.

Lovely breasts. up and down.

Yes. Your. breasts.

Sheila’s breasts. Your lovely breasts. The breasts that many guys have stared at with lust and the deep, carnal desire to touch.

Your breasts. They wanted to touch your breasts. Lovely breasts.

You begin to remember being touched. Your first time with a male. A boy. Senior year. Behind the school. His hand sliding up your body as you kissed. You tried to stop him with your elbow, but... you didn’t try hard enough.

You were distracted.

Just as you are now.

As you breathe, slow measured breaths. Up and down.

Distracted by your thoughts. Wanting a hand to caress your breasts as he worked up your side.

Distracted by his hand. Distracted by his body.

He was hot... for a boy at the time.

You felt his erection against your leg. You think that’s what it was. you had never felt an erection before, but what else could it have been. He was excited. You were excited.

Your heart rate increases with your breathing as you recall the first time his hand caressed the edge of your breast.

You want to feel that now, don’t you?

You do so. You touch yourself as you remember him touching you. A young hand with a gentle touch. He was nervous. You were nervous.

As nervous as the first time you unzipped the guys pants in the back of the bar. That was so unlike you. In such a public place. You had never done something so bold. Reaching your hand in and feeling him get ever harder in your touch.

Feeling him harder as his breath accelerated just like yours is now. He was not so gentle with your breasts as he squeezed them. He was distracted. Just like you. He was distracted by your hand in his pants. On his member. Jerking him off. In a bar. His hands on your breasts.

You want to feel your breasts now just as he was feeling you.

Your breathing is rapid.

Your heart rate is increasing.

You continue to fondle yourself as you recall the way he was fondling you as you stroked his member. In his pants. You can feel the tightness. Of your hand. In his pants. Against his member.

Feeling dirty.

Feeling wet.



Blood pumping. In his cock. In your squeezed breasts. In your body.

Feel the rush!

You feel the wetness. You weren’t sure whether it was sweat or pre-cum in the darkness as he squeezed your breasts... just like you are doing now.

Was he moaning or were you moaning? Or both of you?

Both of you. You can’t avoid moaning now, can you?

Just like then. You enjoy moaning. Moaning brings you pleasure. You discovered that then? Moaning him to climax. In his pants.


You are moaning.

Wishing he was coming. Somewhere else.

Feeling that ache.

Down there.

Moaning as you touch yourself all over your lovely body.

Your responsive body.

Heart racing.

Down there.

That desire. Pulsing in time with your heart beat.

Panting now.

Increasing intensity as blood flows. Down there.

Filling. Wanting to be filled.

You can’t help but touch yourself down there now.

Feel it.

Panting like a wild animal.

Swelling. Wanting to be spread.

Caressing yourself.

Opened. Widened. Entered.

You think of fucking Alex. On his bed.

How many times did he take you on his bed. From the front. Through your legs. From behind. By surprise in the night. Waking you up with the feel of his wet cock sliding against your pussy.

You didn’t think you were ready, but he was so wet and you... you get wet quickly don’t you?

Touching yourself. Your breasts. Your hips.

You do. When you want it badly. Like you do now?

You feel the wetness. Dampness. Sign of your arousal.

Arousal filling your breasts. Your lovely breasts. Feel your breasts.

Your erect nipples. Remembering Alex sucking on your nipples and getting you wet.

Feel your lovely nipples.

Your nipples poked through every bikini, especially when you were excited. At the beach. At the pool.

Touching your inner thighs.

Looking at the boys and wanting them to touch your nipples. They wanted it. You felt so dirty.

So slutty. But you can’t deny the facts, you would have taken several of them at once. Watching the young men at the pool.

Several at once.

Like you did with the two friends.

One sucking you as you sucked the other. Deep. Deep inside as you felt a tongue penetrating your inner sanctum.


Heart racing.


Touching yourself. What else would you do with your hands when you have a cock deep in your throat and a tongue deep in your pussy?

They love watching you touch yourself.

Almost as much as you enjoy touching yourself.

Your body pulsing with erotic energy.

Blood coursing through your body. Heart racing. Mind bending.

Building toward that climax, but not wanting to get there.

Enjoying the ride.

Enjoying your lovely body and glad you are a sexy, hot woman with breasts that men die for.

Enjoying all your parts as you caress yourself in the most intimate of places.



Heart racing.

Mind getting blown.

As you blow someone else.

As they blow deep into you.

Enjoying the sensations.

Enjoying the deep pressure.


Writhing. Can’t control your body now.

Your sexy female body.

Oh, Sheila.

Alex calls your name.

Others call your name as they thrust themselves into you. Wanting to fill you. Wanting to own you.

Wanting what only you have. Your body. Your sexy breasts. Your pussy. Your lovely pussy.

Being on the receiving end of many dicks over the years.

Remembering a thick one that spread you wide and made you walk funny the next day.

Remembering one that was long enough to push somewhere deep into your gut. Feeling him explode against some inner wall like no one else. Exploding as he called out your name.

Oh, Sheila. Fuck!

Oh yes. That’s you all right. Soaking it all in.

Feeling your heart racing and building to a climax.

Your body shaking as you touch yourself and remember the tongue lapping against your clit. The Spanish man’s wide tongue making you babble incoherently as he flicked your clit until you exploded with cum. Into his face. Surprising him as much as you.

With the volume. With the intensity.

You feel that climax even now. As though it never stopped. As though your body never stopped shaking.

Your heart ready to explode. You couldn’t catch your breath. You can’t stop moaning. You can’t stop touching yourself any more than you can stop your body from tingling with erotic energy any more than you can stop touching yourself.

You love your body.

You sexy woman.

You love all the men. Big, small, young, old.

In you. On you. Under you as you pumped them. You rode them to their own climax. They are still masturbating to you even now. They will never forget a fuck like that.

Just as you can’t forget it now.

Your coursing blood remembers so many massive orgasms.

Your beating heart recalls countless explosions. Gallons of fluid.

Expelled from your body. Fluids pumped into your body. Your mouth. Your vagina.

Your ass.

You didn’t think you would enjoy that first time.

He said it would not hurt.

His dick was thin, but it was long.

It hurt, but not for long. The burning turned into a pleasure you had never expected.

You were panting like a puppy and begging for him to continue.

Even when you felt him pop, you rode him right into his next ejaculation. Never letting him escape your dark, forbidden hole.

He dared open that vault and you would not let him leave.

Feel your ass as you think about this.

Your heart racing as you recall your thunderous orgasm with him buried in your backside.

You were sore the next few days, but you welcomed him back that next weekend. You couldn’t even wait to remove your dress. You fucked him right inside the bathroom after coating him and you with plenty of lube.

No need for lube now. You are so wet.

And hot.

Your body is shaking as you consider all your encounters.

All the wonderful dicks.

Against your body.

Touch yourself all the places you recall male meat touching your skin.

Inside you.

Multiple places.

Feel the wetness in all those areas.

Beginning with the nervous hand up to your breast and ultimately a long cock shoved unceremoniously up your asshole.

Begging for cock.

Seeking the climax.

Feeling your body reaching that climax.

Feel your body.

Your stomach.

Your ass.

Your breasts.

Heart thumping beneath.

Your pussy.

Blood rushing and swelling.

Deep inside.

Feeling your climax as your body trembles.

Your moans intensifying the feeling.

Trembling leads to moaning leads to more trembling.






Memories of being fucked.

Memories of hearing them cum.

Before you.

After you.

With you.

Multiple orgasms.

You can’t even remember them all.

What a life!

What a body!

Memories of the joys of your body.


Fucking sex!

Oh fuck, yes!



Oh, Sheila!

Lovely body!

All yours to enjoy.

Fuckin’ amazing!

Enjoy it!

Fuckin’ yes.


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