Hanketsu Part 3

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Kevin met a young guy with a perfect ass to make his dream come true hanketsu but he didn't know how to ask the guy to wear a hanketsu bikini bottom. Kevin's friend, Luna, invited him to her luxurious beach house where she had a big wild parties with her lovers. Kevin thought that was a very good idea. Kevin asked the young guy to go there, maybe he could ask him naturally to wear a hanketsu swimwear. Kevin was exited but there was a problem. He was scared of water.

Erotica / Romance
Yuki Sembommatsu
Age Rating:

Part 3

“Hanketsu Part 3” Yuki Sembommatsu, edited by Louie

Kevin was sitting in the university cafeteria having a lunch of katsu curry – a dish made with breaded and deep fried pork cutlet, Japanese style curry and rice – but it was getting cold. He was intently watching a Village People video, waiting for the moment when the singer, dressed in a caricature Native American costume with war bonnet and skimpy loincloth, turned his back to the camera exposing his “hanketsu.” He paused the video at this point and zoomed in.

His concentration was broken when a guy walked up to him and asked, “Hi, I met you at Luna’s party the other day. Do you remember me.?”

Kevin searched his memory but couldn’t remember him. If he was at Luna’s that night he was probably straight and Kevin wouldn’t have been interested.

“Hey, did she get you into a bikini bottom for her little hanketsu fetish?”, he asked with a familiarity that Kevin did not like.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just her friend.”, Kevin replied visibly annoyed.

“Oh, I thought every guy at the party had gotten into her pants.”, continuing with rude familiarity.

Kevin put his phone in his pocket as the guy sat across from him, uninvited, with his lunch of katsudon – a dish similar to Kevin’s but without the curry.

Since the guy had already pushed the conversation into intimate territory and, assuming by what he said that he’d been one of Luna’s sex partners, Kevin felt comfortable asking the question, “How did she get you to wear that thing.”

“She just threw it at me across the bed and said ‘put this on bitch and let’s have some fun!’”, he said, which pretty much matched what Luna had texted him the night before when he asked her how she did it.

He still had no idea on how to ask the guy with the perfect ass to get into the hanketsu costume - if you could call that tiny piece of cloth a costume.

The night he met the kid he gave him his chat ID and made him promise they’d meet the following Sunday. During their online chat Kevin began to realize that this kid was much more savvy than he originally thought, and this made him nervous.

Sunday found Kevin waiting for the kid in the cafe they went to the night they met. It was in a part of Shinjyuku that had a lot of gay bars and coming here was always a dream he had when he lived back in California. Just then he noticed a nice looking young guy wearing a black baseball cap with the New York Yankees logo and black skinny jeans – so tight they could almost be considered leggings. He barely recognized the kid in this attire. He came up quickly and got behind Kevin and seemed to be trying to get a look at what he was doing on his phone. He hoped he hadn’t gotten a peek as he’d made his phone’s background out of a close-up of Felipe’s ass-crack.

“You’re hiding something from me aren’t you Kevin?”, the guy asked knowingly, “Hey, don’t you remember me? Well maybe you’ll remember this ass that you seem to be obsessed with.” he added jokingly.

Kevin was still amazed by the way he looked. The punk look was gone. His hair was neatly tied in the back and the colored contacts were gone. Kevin felt self-conscious and blushed as he was not used to being with someone so young and also because he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a different guy then the one from the night before, so striking was his transformation. It took a while for that feeling to leave him.

“I just came from the funeral of a distant relative.”, the kid said out of the blue.

“Sorry to hear that.”, Kevin said, not knowing what else to say.

“It’s okay, I never met her when she was alive. They just wanted more people to fill the seats. And, on the bright side, I got some money from my dad. This hair color is just temporary for the funeral. In one wash I’ll get the old color back.”, he chattered on.

“Listen Kevin, if you want to touch my ass just say so. Anytime!”, the kid offered.

“Jeez! Not here!”, Kevin nervously laughed.

“You know, Kevin, there have been a lot of guys who’ve wanted to touch my ass. Even, a few times, on a crowded train.”, the kid volunteered.

“Really? On a crowded train? How do you handle that?”, Kevin said, feigning disbelief.

“Well, if he’s hot I just let him have his way. For example, the other night I was wearing shorts, you know the loose satin kind basketball players wear, and this guy behind me reached in through the leg. I never wear underwear so he had easy access to everything and started slowly rubbing my bare ass.”, he said and searched Kevin’s face to see the effect.

“Bare ass!”, Kevin cried out, the story having the effect on him that the kid was obviously trying to elicit. All heads turned to them immediately.

“What did you do?”, Kevin’s mouth had dropped open.

“I gave in to him. At first his hands were shaking but soon they became confident and strong. I imagined that he didn’t do this kind of thing often. I just moved slightly and stiffened my ass muscles to let him know it was okay and that I was enjoying it. I half expected him to reach around as there was such easy access had he wanted to go further, but he seemed happy with fondling my ass. Had he reached around he would have found out how much I was enjoying it. Encounters in public are, for me, always a big turn-on. Besides he was obviously a poor salary-man, you know the kind who work hard from before dawn to well past dusk and get no appreciation from their family. I figured he could do with a little excitement in his life. I imagined him going home to his little apartment with a wife who served him dinner with fake enthusiasm. Somewhere during his meal while his wife was complaining about something or other a tiny smile would appear on his face as he remembered our encounter.”, he said finishing his little anecdote.

Kevin suddenly was feeling jealous. He’d never imagined that he’d become obsessed with an ass that was in such demand, but at the same time he understood the attraction. The kid then opened his shopping bag to show Kevin its contents.

“I got these with the money my dad gave me at the funeral.”, he said.

Kevin could hardly believe his eyes as he saw the colorful bikini bottoms, that seemed three sizes too small, in the bag. It was as if he’d read Kevin’s mind.

“Why on earth did you buy these?”, Kevin said acting shocked.

“I’m gonna wear them at the beach. Don’t you think they’re cute? I think they’ll be just the thing to show off my ass.”, he explained.

“So you’re actually gonna swim in these?”, Kevin asked with fake disbelief.

“Oh Kevin, this is the first time you’ve actually sounded interested in me. Do you still want to know my name. It’s Kentaro, like the actor that was arrested three times for cocaine use. My mother loves him so she named me after him.

Just then Kevin was struck with an idea. He remembered that Luna invited him to visit her beach house in Hayama. She hosted wild parties there and the whole scene was described to him by someone who said he’d been to one, thus:

Luna held court over the affair in a long revealing sapphire-blue dress standing by the Jacuzzi at the head of a swimming pool, which was illuminated by multicolored lights. There was a bar with two professional bartenders in their forties, dressed up in white tuxedos that looked straight out of a James Bond movie, who also doubled as her bodyguards. The atmosphere was that of a disco or a decadent nightclub. Scattered in and around the Jacuzzi and swimming pool were about thirty young naked guys. After the party got into full swing and everyone was either drunk or high, Luna snaked her way through the sea of firm, young, wet naked bodies. With a glass of pink champagne in her hand and her stupid little dog Takuya (named for her favorite singer in an Idol group), dressed in a gown of its own, under her arm, she took photos of the whole chaotic scene for her Instagram, where she had at least 15,000 followers. There were no complaints from the men about the photo taking as they were either too drunk to care or felt that they really had nothing to lose. She stayed aloof from the whole chaotic scene and just seemed to enjoy watching.

“Listen Kentaro, I just had an idea: One of my friends invited me to her beach house and asked me to bring a friend if I liked. What do you think? It’d be a great place to break in your new swimwear.” Kevin asked trying to get him into those bikini bottoms in the most round about way. He would have that ass all to himself, he thought, and not have to share it with everyone on a public beach.

His initial joy at having found a way to get Kentaro into those bikini bottoms was beginning to be replaced by a darkness slowly entering his head – it was his fear of water.

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