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Arcane Academy 18+

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Camellia is an orphan who lives in the small town of Órvian. When her best friend Rae transfers away to a prestigious school in Golden leaf, Camellia followed her. The school is an elite academy for gifted people with "Arcane abilities." There she meets Elijah, a moody boy and the leader of the elite group. Whereas they get along like fire and water, they are also undeniably attracted to each other. Despite her initial view of the school, Camellia slowly finds out that beneath the grand façade of the academy, there is a never-ending stream of lies and buried secrets deeper than she could ever have imagined. Little do they know, her enrollment in the academy set the gears in motion for an event greater than tragedy.

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1. The New student

"You must be the new girl."

She said with an overly sickly sweet smile, I internally rolled my eyes she is so fucking fake. If it weren't for her status on the campus I would have tolerated this shit.

She tucked a lone strand of her rich chestnut brown hair behind her ears and eyed me subtly. Her bright blue eyes scanned my attire, blinking curiously if I could be their next target for their sick entertainment.

I knew her type very well, I had dealt bitches like her before in my old school and I will not hesitate to put her in her place if she crossed the line. Girls like her have always irritated me. I matched her stare head-on as the corners of her mouth twitched. High school sweethearts or not, I would not let some pompous rich kid intimidate me.

"That, I am,"

I announced with a clipped tone. She may be branded as the campus sweetheart but I had my doubts.
As much as I want to retort something sarcastic I reigned my emotions.
I take a deep breath and remind myself that I need to be on my best behavior and stay low.

Getting into this campus was hard, but if your family is influential, rich, and has the abilities then you have the ticket to enter the academy. I was the few lucky ones who got the privilege to enroll in the academy. The Academy who have many people who are sought after.

It was still a mystery who my mysterious financer is.

Without looking if I was following her or not, she began the tour. I fasten my pace but I keep my expression in check. I was a bit ticked off by her rude behavior.

High school sweetheart my ass.

We walked around the school and she would point out different landmarks to me, the gym, mezzanine, music hall, and auditorium. It was tiring because the campus was a bit huge and I feel like my legs would give up at any minute.

My mind drifted back to the times when I was with Rae. I remember when she came bouncing on her feet with a cheerful smile on her face. I raised my brows at her silently asking her what is going on but instead of answering she burst into a fit of giggles. Her bloody red coated lips stretch in a wide smile and wave the crisp white paper on my face. She is such an airhead, sometimes I wonder what is going on in that pretty little head of hers. I chuckled in amusement, she haven't changed a bit.

Rae and I have known each other since our time in the orphanage and were lucky to be adopted by some wealthy family from the Golden Leaf.

"You wouldn't believe what happened! Oh God," she squealed and fan herself with her dainty hands. Her voice was laced with excitement, eyes wide in anticipation. I smile and urge her to continue. "The Big Five invited me to attend their party tomorrow!" she squealed again and I rolled my eyes. She knew that I detest that group. My brows knitted and I think I know where it is going.

"What about them?" her smile dropped and she narrowed her chocolate orbs at me.

"This is serious! This is not to be taken lightly," she chastised but I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly. I never understood her fascination with them. Some people worshipped them like Gods and treated them like royalty.

The Big Five is what people called them, or the "it" group. The five legendary families who have Arcane blood running in their line, the five heirs who have the world right under their palms. Just the mention of their names sent me chills on my spine.

"Oh God, what should I wear? I can't be late! I don't want to disappoint them!" she gushed and went to her closet and start rummaging the contents. I frowned and shifted in my seat getting comfortable on the soft mattress.

"It's just a party, don't freak out. Just go with the dress you feel comfortable with, and be just you. I am sure they will like you." I tried to play it off but it left a bitter taste on my tongue.

Rae stops fussing with her hair and threw herself at me.

"Ow, what the-"

"Thank you for this Cam, it means a lot."

I pat her head and groaned. "Can't breathe." I gasped and she breaks the hug, laughing at my misery. As she walks away, I wish I should have followed her. I was unaware of the events that would happen next. I didn't know that it would be the beginning of her thorny path. Her biggest downfall.

If there is someone to blame, it should be them, The Big Five. Sinfully stunning, wealthy, wicked, and cruel. Yet, despite how horrible they are, they were able to capture everyone else's attention, luring the innocent ones into their trap, promising the glam and the privilege that they craved. Sadly, my best friend fell into their trap.

They knew what they were capable of and they used it to their advantage. Rae wanted that, she wants to be like them. But no matter how much she tried she will never be them. She can hang out or talk to them but she will never be part of their group. I had always known that Rae wanted everyone else attention. She thirsts for it and hungered the compliments people threw her way.

Despite her perfection, she wanted more.
She wanted what the Big Five have. But what she didn't know is that she is just digging her grave. Once you fell into their trap, there is no way back.

The Big Five were like a drug. While you're in high, you were unaware of the harmful effects it will cause you. Slowly, it will consume you until you're hooked, and addicted. And when you're under their grasp, you can never say no to their demands.

However, I can still fathom her sudden change. Since the day she met them, Rae devoted her life to being their loyal servant. I still hate the title she was given. Rae is a person, not some entertainment. The burning hatred I felt for them was beyond what someone could ever imagine. They are the worst people alive.

Not that mattered anymore, what was done is done. The Big Five had committed crimes against me. And I am going to make them pay. Whether it was directed to me or someone else, I will not hesitate to expose their ugly selves in the world. I had enough of their bullshit, to think they can get away with everything? Nah, I think not.

Because behind the glamour and their wealth, hides the monster within.
And by the time I was done with them, they will be the ones who will look up to me.

I will take everything they care about.
My endgame is to watch them fall. It's not about gaining powers no I'm far from that. What I want to see is for them to suffer.

To feel being humiliated. To understand how it feels to sacrifice everything for someone you loved.


I wanted them to feel pain.

This drive to deliver them to their doom. I can't wait for it to happen.

I want revenge.

For the few past months, I have studied them. Their strengths, weaknesses, the places they like to frequent, and their family and friends. After all, I was evil just like them—and I will not hesitate to use and exploit their weaknesses if necessary.

I will do everything in the name of revenge.

Because, while they enjoy their lavish and glamorous life, they were unaware that maybe, or just maybe that someone is out there knew the truth and is digging into their graves and unraveling the truth.

In anyone's eyes, The Big Five were just normal and troublesome kids, but looks can be deceiving sometimes. Don't be fooled by their charismatic charms and persuasive words, for they are vile and treacherous snakes.

I have seen it many times, saw how they act, how they twisted the truth and convinced everyone into believing their fabricated lies.

But, that is where they are wrong, they can fool everyone but not me.

Little by little the public will see what they truly are. What monster lurks underneath their façades. How vile and evil they are. It's a long process but I am willing to risk everything just to bring them down.

The Big Five will not know what will hit them, and by the time they realized, I was long gone.

I might not possess the abilities they have but sure I've got tricks under my sleeves. They can enjoy their lavish lifestyles, for now, however, I advised them to count their days. Because their time has come and nothing can save them.

Not even their money.

In a society where money is everything, let's see if their money can save them.
This plan should be foolproof. Because the group that I want to take down is not to be taken lightly. They were the Elites. The top dogs of society. I have studied their profiles in the picture but meeting them in a flesh was different.

Cassandra's cold cobalt eyes narrowed as she snapped her perfectly manicured nails in front of my face.

"Are there any more questions?" I snap out of my thoughts and schooled my expression. Anger coiled in my belly and I want to throttle her so bad that she will be crying home for help.


"Very well, I have important things to attend to. Ugh, God knows I have wasted enough time on this tour."

She muttered the last sentence to herself but I still caught it.
After she left, I was left with my thoughts.

"Such a bitch. I wonder what Rae saw in her? she is so fake that I wonder if her boobs are real."

A loud laugh boomed behind my back and I gasp in surprise and turned my head, eyes narrowed into slits.

The boy was hunched over, hands on his stomach as he wipes the invisible tears in the corners of his eyes. I rolled my eyes and walk away. I don't have the leisure time to deal with brainless people. I ignored him and clutched the strap of my bag in my hands. I fasten my little legs and look for my designated room. Heavy footsteps followed.

"Hey, wait up!"

I continue to ignore him and descend the stairs. I was halfway when the boy jumped on the steps and blocked my way.

I groaned in annoyance.

Can he take a hint? He is so dense and I wanna smack some sense in his fucking head. My left eye twitched and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What do you want?" I snipped, venom laced in my voice. How can I be so careless? Anger burned my skin, like a live wire snapping. I berated myself for being careless. I was in the territory of an enemy and I can not have any more slip-ups.

"Just a moment." He pants, hands on his knees while he catches his breath.

"I didn't expect that these little legs can move faster."

"It's that a compliment or an insult? Because you're about to answer with my fist."

I gritted my teeth annoyed when he didn't answer. I crossed my arms and glared at him.

The boy stood at least six feet and two inches. Sweat beaded on his neck, and the shirt he wore hugged his body perfectly, accentuating the muscles on his arms. His hair was blonde, and when he lifts his face, I catch the hazel hues of his orbs. Stunning, and so mesmerizing.

No. Snap out of it. I can't have any more distractions.

Remember, Camellia. Boys like him are dangerous.

"You're blocking my way, please get out." I hissed and eyed him in disdain.

"You didn't know who I am, don't you?" he states bluntly, the playfulness long gone and was replaced with amusement.

I masked the anger in my voice racking my brain for any recognition of this man. When I find nothing, I smiled at him sweetly.

"No, and please kindly fuck off." I pushed past him but he didn't budge.

Is this man a made of rock or something?

"You have guts. New girl." I took a step back and braced myself. My shoulders were tensed and I prepared my body for the retaliation.

''No one has talked to her like that and left unscathed. You're lucky that I was the one who caught it not them."

"Okay, so? what would you do about it?" I challenge with the edge in my voice?

This man is asking for it. He took a step back and I breathe a sigh of relief.

"Nothing, just be careful next time."
With that, he puts his hands in his pockets and walked away.

"What a weird guy." I thought to myself, my hands are still shaking from the adrenaline. I was not used to fighting physically, but what I lack physically, I compensate for with my brain.

Going back, as far as I know, the Big Five has only five members. I haven't seen his face and this is concerning. I hate that I didn't know anything about my enemy. It's like walking in the fire in a blindfold, and I hate it.

Gritting my teeth, I wandered through the grand hallways. The Victorian sculptured art greeted my eyes and I take in the beautiful paintings of the school, with cream-colored walls I feel like I was in a massive palace. I ran my eyes to the paintings appreciating the origin of the academy. Many prodigies were from this school and were well known in different parts of the world.

I wandered until I reached the music hall. I carefully opened the door and was mesmerized at the sight in front of me. There was a big chandelier hanging on the ceiling, the room was painted gold, and there were sculptures of Olympian Gods in the corner, the sunbeams only highlighting the beauty of the room, so ethereal.

The ray bounces on the wooden polished floor as I bask in the beauty and aesthetic of the room. Different instruments are neatly placed in the corner. In the heart of the room sat the grand piano. I brushed my hands on the smooth lid of the piano and gently opened it. It was my favorite instrument, Rae and I used to play it together, but when her foster mom died, she stopped playing. The death of her mother broke something in her and she was never been the same. That is why Rae became eager to get the Big Five's attention, she craved the affection and the devotion that comes along with it, and to fill the void inside her heart.

Once I settled myself on the leather cushion seat, I brush my fingers on the keys. It felt foreign, it's been so long since I play and I think I'm getting rusty.

My fingers glided across the keys as the soft tune filled my ears, I closed my eyes and remember the good times with Rae. I play the song of River flows in you it was beautiful and matched the mood I feel right now. I closed my eyes as I matched the rhythm drowning in the memory that I memorized by heart.

I was lost in the music that I didn't notice someone enter the room. When I was done playing, I was startled when I heard loud claps and cheers in the room. Setting back the lid I twist my body and look at the source.

Great. So much for staying low.

In front of me were the three people that I least expected.

The first guy I see has a massive grin on his face, he was the one clapping and has warm brown eyes. He has sandy blonde hair and is tousled to the side, he wore a casual V-neck shirt that hugged his biceps and dark-washed jeans.

"That was fantastic!" he cheered. I kept the retort that is bubbling inside and schooled my expression.

The second guy was smirking at me eyeing me from head to toe, and I swear I saw him licking his lips as he eyed my body like a piece of meat.

I scoffed internally. He looks like a manwhore. He was smirking at me and it was starting to creep me out.

He donned a white v-neck shirt with a jeans jacket that rolled up on his arms, with black jeans and vans. Yeah, striking.

Good thing I was wearing my jeans and not some skirt. I meet his stare and shot him a disgusted. His smirk turned into a full-blown grin and I groan internally.

"Nice play, I haven't seen you around, are you new?"

I shrugged my shoulders and muttered, ''No, I'm just passing by" Then I returned his smirk.

"Hmm, feisty I like it." He licked his lip and leaned on the wall. "What is your name babe?"

"Can you ask an easier question?"

with those parting words, I turned to my side and gathered my stuff. The one who clapped his hand muttered the word "burn" and he smacked him on the head. Laughter bubbled inside my chest but I suppress it. I can not be distracted, it was just their façade, and I was not gonna fall into their trap.

My eyes peered at the last guy in the corner, He had jet black hair, darker than sin itself, and has striking emerald eyes. His gaze was cold and sent a shiver on my spine.

Looks like I found the Alpha of the group.

He was silent, his eyes assessing my every move. Curious if I could be a threat or prey for their entertainment.

But what they didn't know is I was more than that.

The sandy blonde hair dude smiled at me, his eyes twinkling in mischief promising trouble in his way.

"I like this girl, no one has ever talked to him like that." he mused, the guy just rolled his eyes and shoved him playfully.

''Shut up."

"So grumpy, what crawled up in your ass? You're being mean again."

"That isn't your business and please shut the fuck up before I fucking punch your ugly face." he hissed.

"So violent. Eli, please help me!" He cried out. Elijah ignored him and he pouts.

What is with these people?

Seb chuckles and introduces himself.

"Right, I'm sorry. Where are my manners? My name is Sebastian but I go with Seb."

I nodded my head in understanding and kept my lips sealed. There are many things I want to ask him but reigned my thoughts inside my head.

The less you talk, the less the mistake.

I have come to terms with that for a long time and I didn't want them to know me. There is no way I'm revealing myself to my enemy. It's like asking for your death.

The big five, I have known them for years but having seen them in the flesh was unnerving. These are the people who hurt my best friend.

How can they act so freely despite what they did?

Seb points to the brunette next to him. He scowled and swatted his hands.

"This is Constantine but you can call him whatever you want." he laughs at the last part and Constantine shoved him hard.

I feel the eyes of the green-eyed devil on the side of my face but I didn't look. He uncrossed his arms and grab them on their neckline.

Seb continued laughing.

"And that guy, who looks like has a stick on his ass is Elijah."

My pulse raced quickly.

Just his name sends chills to my spine.

Of all the people that I get the attention to, why them?

These three were the top dogs in our fucked up society. The wealthiest among the socialites of Golden Leaf. The people who conquered the world.

I am nothing compared to them. But that wasn't the problem, the problem was that they saw my face.

Elijah was the heir to the De Ville empire. Which owned multi-billion dollar companies across the globe. The head of the group—and the grandson of the very founder of the academy. With this title and privilege, Elijah practically owned every person in the academy, he controls what was going in and out of the academy. All the people in the academy knew not to mess with their King. Because when they do, they will never see the light again.

Constantine Ivanov was the son of a famous tech business tycoon that owned a company worth billions. With the latest software that they released, it was well known in the industry.

Blessed with good looks and proficient knowledge, he can dig every secret you have hidden. Constantine was magnificent, not only in the computers but behind closed doors as well. I have seen him multiple times in every media and tabloid across the city. No sane person knew their name.

Sebastian West. The heir of West Medical group. Their breakthrough discovery of the Arcane abilities was the highlight of their success. Arcane people who specialize in healing were recruited into their facilities.

In this close-up, I could feel their raw power. The big five didn't earn their titles by their name, it was by the otherworldly power that defined them.

It only fueled the hate I feel for them. Admittedly, they have the power and the wealth that anyone could have wished for, but they abuse it and used it to their advantage.

They didn't care about the consequences because someone will fix it for them. They are selfish and self-centered people that have nothing to think about but themselves. It hurts to think that these people were once idolized by Rae.

"Alright, time to go. I deeply apologize for these idiot's behavior, now please excuse us." He muttered and dragged them out of the room.

I was left in the room mouth hanging open. What the hell was that? They just can't come and go as they please like that!


"Good riddance." I sighed, and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. My shoulder slumped in defeat as I gathered my things.

"This is not good. I didn't want them to see me yet."

I was caught off guard. I thought that they are on their stupid vacation, damn it.

I was unprepared to meet them there. Another thing that I should be wary of.
I hope that they will forget my face and move on. I didn't want to be in the spotlight, it will be hard to carry out my plan if I was on their radar.

I remember when we are in the orphanage I was lame and nerdy back then, my body is like a child I was bullied because of it. A pretty girl dressed in a cute dress saved me and chased off the bullies with her powers, since then we became inseparable. I have always wondered why she is so different from the other kids in the orphanage until she told me that she is an arcane.
I was confused at first and I'd never heard that word before. Until she showed me her abilities. But having an ability has a downside as well. As the words reached the ears of their headmaster, Rae was scheduled for adoption from one of the wealthy families in the Golden Leaf.

I knew that they are something off about the Big Five.

Every year, they hosted a party for everyone to join. At this party, they can select the poor victim they choose, and sadly Rae is one of those people. With just a little taste of power and glam, she was swept away into their world. Filled with luxury, drugs, and fake friends, she eagerly grabbed the opportunity to be with them.

Since then, Rae has never been the same. She grew more ambitious and the need to be in the spotlight drove her into her utter destruction.

The Big Five were the most wicked people I have ever seen. Once they get bored of you, they will toss you aside like some trash. But that is not how it ends, they will destroy you little by little, starting with your reputation, friends, family, and lastly yourself.

In a world where the rich treated the poor like dirt, the power they held over us was scary. Every whim and caprice, every action and order, you have no choice but to follow and do their bidding. If not, then you are signing your life with death. People like them were not known for mercy. It was like playing a game.

They played dirty and didn't play the rules. Why? because it was them who make the rules. They got their way by blackmailing and blood. Again, who would want to cross with the Big Five?

Nothing but me. However, today I was almost caught in their trap. I thank my lucky stars that I survived that disastrous meeting.

An uncontrollable shiver runs through my spine as I reckoned with the intensity of Elijah's gaze. His gaze was so cold and calculating. Hell, that boy was intimidating not just by his name but by his massive frame that towered over me. All of them are but Elijah was the tallest and scares the living crap out of me.

The way his eyes lingered and raked every inch of my body. I felt violated and exposed. I didn't want him to look at me like that. He disgusts me. All of them are. Funny how Rae and I are opposite. While she did everything in her power for them to notice her when I will do everything for them not to notice me. I was here for one purpose. And that is to deliver the exact revenge I was planning for them.

My thoughts lingered on the boy I have encountered earlier. I hope he is not like them. He seems nice and I didn't want the Elites to corrupt people like him.

After the disastrous meeting with the three, I walked and search the girl's dorm. After the grueling fifteen minutes, I finally found the dorm.

The door is made up of cherry wood and there was an intricate letter that is carved meticulously with a bold letter that says girls dorm. I fished out my keys in my pocket and twist the knob. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of my room.

The walls are painted pale pink with a splash of grey. As expected of the Academy, they never failed to amaze me with their grandeur lifestyle. I put down my bag and marveled at the sight.

"Are you serious? it's like I'm living in a condo!" I exclaimed gasping in awe.

Grey curtains adorned the window, there was a queen-size bed at the heart of the room with grey sheets and lush pink pillows. There was a grand chandelier that hangs on the ceiling, a white vanity on the side with a pink chair, and a dresser in the corner.

Oh, God. It's like I'm living in a dream! I wonder what is Rae's reaction when she first got here? I bet that she was amazed too.

Snapping out of my thoughts I began to kick off my rugged shoes and jumped on my bed. I screamed in delight as my body bounced on the soft mattress. The silk sheets feel nice on my skin and I breathe a blissful sigh.

"I can't believe I made it so far, don't worry Rae, I'm going to carry out my plan and have them pay for all the sins they did to you."

I sighed and made my way to the bathroom feeling parched. As I twist the golden knob, my mind was blown.

The beautiful tiles were a tint of pink with purple on the edge, and the sink is made up of marble with a wide mirror. There was a glass door and tub inside. Different and expensive brands of bath supplies are stored in a cabinet. Overall the place is crazy.

Later, a knock disrupted my blissful thoughts I frowned because I was not expecting any visitors.

"Who could it be?" I asked and smoothed my shirt fixing the crumples and combing my tangled hair with my hand. I glanced at the mirror and grimaced at myself. The sky is dark I must have dozed off without knowing.

The knock grew louder and I grumbled in annoyance.

"Alright, alright I'm coming!" I shout and hurried to open the door.

My brows knitted when I saw no one.

"Must be a prank," I muttered and shook my head. I was on my way when I notice a small crisp envelope on the floor together with a black velvety box with red lace ribbon on it. I picked it up on the floor and noticed that it was addressed in my name. I closed the door with my feet and flopped on my bed.

Opening the letter, my eyes widened.

"An invitation letter?"

The note fell on the floor as my heart skipped a beat.

Wear this for me tonight.
- A

"The same banquet that Rae attended before," I muttered in a daze. My hands began to shake and I crumpled the letter in my hands.

My eyes moved to the black velvety box and I undid the ribbon with a speed I didn't know I possess.

Inside was the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen in my life. It was made of the finest silk that glides against my skin, the dress has thin spaghetti straps and has a plunging neckline that shows a generous amount of cleavage with slits on each side.


That was the only word I could say. The dress has a matching feather mask for the banquet tonight. My heart jumps wildly in my chest. I have never been invited to one of the parties before so this will be my first.

Oh God, I can't wait till the evening arrives.

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