Punished: His submissive

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Electra has been a private assistant at Thorn Enterprises for years. She loves her job and she has a great relationship with her boss. But everything will change when the old CEO steps down and in his place will come his oldest son, Bastian Thorn.  In a moment, Electra lends her eyes to Bastian, she is enchanted by him, she is drawn to him. He is like a magnet for her. But his behaviour toward her is horrible. He is bossy and arrogant, and eventually, Electra almost quits her job. She decides to stay and give her boss one last chance, and in return, he will give her the best experience of her life. But, Bastian is dominant throughout and through, and Electra doesn’t have any experience with that kind of lifestyle. She wants to stay with him, yet she isn’t sure she’ll be able to fulfill his expectations.  Will they be able to cooperate?

Erotica / Romance
Sis Ka
4.7 103 reviews
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Before you start

⚠️~~WARNING~~ ⚠️

*mature content
*strong language
*very explicit sex scenes

Please note that the whole book is about the bdsm relationship between the main characters. Everything that will take place is happening with the consent of both of them. Sometimes a third party is included. There is NO rape, abuse, or violence present in their relationship. But it’s a story between the dominant and his submissive.

*If the idea of being owned by someone is cringy for you, don't start to read this book

*If you have problems with different types of sex and you have a strong opinion about spankings, ropes, floggers, canes, butt plugs, etc., don’t start to read this book.

*If the choking, blindfolding, and bondage are bringing you bad memories because of some trauma, don’t read this book.

*If, for some reason, you’re against gxg and bxb, don’t read this book.

Otherwise, I hope you’ll like it. It’s full of sex scenes, and the main characters are starting their journey from the absolute beginning, so even if you know nothing about the lifestyle, you can discover it here. Also, the story can be an inspiration for you to try something new with your partner.

An explanation of a term, with which you’re probably not familiar:

CNC (consensual non-consent) - when a sub previously consented to the idea of scenes that she doesn’t expressly consent to. In those scenes, her partner, dom, might take her by force. Best example is rape kink. But remember, it’s an erotic role play, not a real thing. But it might be more extreme than other bedroom role playing.

Side note: I’m posting blank chapters, so the book is listed on the front page of Inkitt app, in order to gain more readers. If the name of the chapter is just random letters, it is not a new chapter, just a blank one. Every new chapter has a name.

Happy reading, my dear lovelies ❤️❤️❤️ Enjoy 😊
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