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Lycan Soulmates #2: LYCAN DYSTOPIA: LLYRIAN [18+]

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Helena is his slave. King Lycan of Dystopia. Lyrian, also known as Imber (Rain), rules the Earth (Llyrian). Will she cry and be his rain? Or fight and be his Queen? SCIFI / DYSTOPIA / HORROR-EROTICA -·=»‡«=·- - -·=»‡«=·- Author's Note: New readers welcome. LYCAN DYSTOPIA: LLYRIAN is a totally separate read from the rest of the series, so you don't have to read O L N if you don't want to. This brand new story is set 500+ years post Onyx Lycan Nightclub [ O L N ] which you can read for FREE, if you'd like :)

Erotica / Horror
C. Swallow
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Chapter 1

WARNING: Dark themes, horror themes, horror romance, horror erotica, 18+. Everything in this book and series is make-believe, it is a sexual fantasy, hence erotica + horror as the subgenre / theme / setting. This is the premise. This does not mean I think this type of scenario is realistic or ideal, it's just a fantasy for you to enjoy safely like a thrilling movie etc. There are themes of degradation, BDSM and slavexmaster kinks (key word: KINKS ). This does not mean I endorse this shit IRL - it is just an over the top, delicious fantasy with deliciously demonic Lycans. If this does not sound right for you, please just skip. Do not read if you are under 18. Enjoy :)

Year 2540

Helena, 20 years old.

I could die today.

I was still wrapping my head around this concept that I had never entertained in my two decades of life being one with Eleyrion (the renamed Earth).

The Age of Eleyrion was simple – everything was balanced. Our cities were green and people are in the science-eve program. Completely virtual, we live and work from home. We all equally contribute – I choose random social assignments every day, which is the stuff I was qualified for and interested in. However, today wasn’t socialising with the older population, or guiding toddlers out into the gardens for green exposure, or checking in with young adults who were unsure what to focus their study on.

Instead I was assigned to a classified shift. Top secret. A little old world ‘deadly’.

I could die. Did I mention that? No one talked about death in Eleyrion, I could barely understand the concept. But now it was plausible.

Before I started my shift I received my special instructions last night. I read through everything five times diligently. This job was about the most dangerous thing on Eleyrion. They aptly named it; The Guardian.

Why was I being so dramatic? Well, it’s this simple. Half a millennia ago, through science, the supernatural world was found to be very real, and the root cause of all evils.

Completely and utterly, the supernatural veil used to touch and corrupt humanity; but science had changed that.

When I say the Age of Eleyrion is the Age of Peace – I mean people didn’t even swear. We learned what the concept of a bad word was, but… I mean… nothing of such a kind was uttered on Eleyrion. It was just another thing I had no concept of.

Taboo, yet another dark, strange, old world thing, had changed. No one practiced taboo. I understood it as some kind of desire to do with something strange or unacceptable, something like that. But what even was a ‘desire’? Uh, again, an elusive, old world concept that I didn’t really know of…

Which makes this dangerous job for the day, all the more confusing.

All I felt was positive true emotions. I had never felt anything but love and a blooming steady energy flow. Like everyone else. We could feel the electricity in our bodies, in a steady rush. There was always a constant of dopamine and serotonin. The Eve State is what we experienced while alive and uncorrupted, I can’t even imagine what humans felt before the year 2040.

So why was I even thinking about the dark concepts of the past? Whatever dark meant. All I knew is it wasn’t ‘this’ feeling I had now. I don’t know what this feeling is, exactly.

I hop off the bus that’s dropped me off at the largest techno-skyscraper in my city.

Aptly named The Sky Breaker. It was invisible from far away and only seen when there was a storm and lightning hit its surface – lightning never touched us while Sky Breaker was here. So that’s what we thought it was. Just a giant lightning rod.

I learned last night that was a fallacy.

The entire thing, as I can see now, is one-hundred unoccupied floors. This was the classified mess-Section. It’s true purpose, an undisclosed secret.

Completely random workers were assigned to do this shift, only once in a life time, and for a long tenuous 24 hours. I feel a little strange-excitement as I smile, approaching the host outside the front doors.

In our perfect world. Inside this huge building, this is where the perfection met the ‘mess’ held at bay.

“Are you aware today of your position, Helena?” the host of the mess-Sector is a robot, dressed in a silver reflective suit, matching the pillars before the doors. To avoid emotional attachment, all robots had no eyes and no faces. Only a smooth silver skull.

“Yes,” I answer confidently.

“Did you read all the instructions?”

“Oh yes, it’s simple,” I nod, “Report any disturbances and cause a burn in the infected rooms if necessary.”

“And never hesitate,” the host hesitates, leaning down, the robot lowers their volume to a whisper, “I’m not supposed to tell you this, although my job is to ensure your safety… so a word of indirect advice, try not to look into the rooms, only rely on your tablet’s scan. I have reports that many of the workers get caught in long-trances… health effects are unknown, the cause is undisclosed, but the usual theory is they experience a little splash of enticement – which is not as bad as the sin of temptation, but just keep your eyes averted, and you will be fine,” the host says this all very seriously, “Don’t worry too much. But do you understand me?”

“I do,” I answer quickly, my mind soaking up all the information.

The host is appreciative that I don’t ask too many questions, “I’ve already signed you in, Helena – enjoy your shift,” the host opens the door and I walk into the Sky Breaker; really the secret mess-Section.

I stop and stare at everything. It’s all uniform. It’s all glass. There is no one here.

I’m spell bound by how empty it is. It’s just empty glass rooms. One by one. Floor after floor. I had to bypass them all. Inspect/Scan. Report disturbances. Incinerate anything that’s odd or out of place in each separate room or cell. The basic science was incorporated to mimic magic, but a soul had to be present for the clean to even initiate. It was something about quantum strings that were activated when a soul was nearby.

That’s why I was here.

I walk toward the first glass room, where the incinerate button is present, and I take out my tablet to do the scan. I downloaded a program that could scan for inconsistences… or in worst case scenarios, breaches.

I use the tablet to ‘look’ into an empty glass box room, I clear it, and I walk to the next room.

The first floor is easy, I clear every room.

Even so, I can’t help but think about something; The Guardian was standing between Eleyrion… and… mess… or… literal hell. Whatever hell was.

Still. My job was easy.

I just couldn’t believe how easy.

Because without this – we would all be corrupted.

And I can’t imagine what that would even feel like. I really have to stop trying to imagine it, I had never experienced discomfort in my thoughts, so I really shouldn’t try.

I can only appreciate the engineering of this place, the marvel of human evolution and intellect.

That’s all I do for hours, from three hours onward I find small inconsistences, upload reports and incinerate/burn the rooms clean. It’s just pressing buttons.

In six hours I eat lunch and rest for thirty minutes, browsing the science-eve web where all my family and friends are socialising.

In twelve hours I’m half way through the building. There are no more inconsistences.

In thirteen hours there is one more inconsistency.

None of the inconsistencies I witness because I listened to the host. I choose to keep my eyes averted, so I just get the notification if there is a problem and I hit burn.

Every next hour that passes, shows no more inconsistences.

The second half of the infamous Sky Breaker seems to be clean already, I guess the other shift worker did a thorough job.

I walk off the ramp onto the hundredth floor in a record 16 hours – however, it’s at this floor that my tablet dies.

I didn’t even realise the battery was low. Which was quite unlike me. I was sure it had two weeks-worth of battery. Oh well, I guess…?

I put the small device in my pocket and lick my lips as I remember clearly the manual procedure without an electronic scanning device.

I had no choice now. Look into the rooms. Any visual inconsistency. Burn.

It just meant actively looking.

I check out the first room, and I peer in. Glass walls. Glass floor. Nothing.

Second room. A fleck… a blur on the floor. I’m not sure if that’s inconsistent, so I burn anyway just to be safe.

Third room. I see a moving and levitating shadow and I press burn before I can even imagine what that could mean.

It seems these “inconsistences” are designed to have you trying to focus, to bring out a shape to mind. So it was smart that I had decided to burn immediately without thinking.

However, after that burn, before I go to the next room, I pause… I rethink.

For efficiency… should I burn all the rooms? Just in case… I knew you were allowed, but the higher ups wanted data of the inconsistences, not needless waste. It was just for emergencies, and I wasn’t sure if this classified as an emergency situation… was my life in peril? Hmm. No.

I just had to keep looking into each room.

As I’m side stepping down floor 100, I am slowing down.

And my eyes keep looking down the corridor.

I’m just thinking about the end of my shift and the last glass cells. I’m… I don’t know what I am. I just keep glancing down the corridor repetitively, as if looking for something.

Is this confusion? I must be dehydrated. I reach for my water bottle at my hip, connected to my belt, but it’s empty.

Okay. Fine. I speed up.

To my luck, the rest of the rooms have no inconsistences. I see nothing. So I don’t burn.

In twenty minutes, I’m done.

I don’t leave right away. I’m looking out the window at the end, out at the night sky and the tumultuous grey electric clouds. A storm. How exciting! I feel a rush of happy-hormones and I sit cross legged, I lean back on my hands and I watch the clouds approach.

This was a good way to end my shift.

If I was lucky, I could witness lightning strike the building, and maybe it’d even scare me a little –


My vision goes pure silver as I get exactly what I wish for.

The building vibrates and absorbs the lightning strike, while the thunder almost blows my ear drums out. They ring.

My feeling of elation turns to a rush of something else I can’t understand as I turn around from the window and stumble to my feet, feeling winded from… an unexpected physical jolt, I guess.

I look down at my palms – they’re trembling hard. My whole body is trembling.

Oh my god… is this adrenaline?

Am I in s-shock?

What a feeling.

My heart was racing so fast.

I had never felt this before!

I have to get my breath back, I’m breathing heavily, as I turn and I lean on a panel of glass, using it as support to relax so I don’t faint.

As the storm clouds pass over the Sky Breaker, and the pelting rain abruptly ceases, I stand up straight… and I notice an inconsistency almost immediately.

I think it’s in the glass box in front of me, except it’s actually a reflection of what’s behind me.

I spin around and stare in at a completely darkened box.

Did the lights blow out?

I stare a little longer… and my eyes widen slowly.

That, is not an inconsistency.

An unfiltered black, curling and blooming and expanding cloud was more of an extremely rare BREACH!

Another shock hits me.

I didn’t have my tablet open to report it, either!

I had been memorising the inconsistencies, but breaches needed emergency personnel. Breaches were so serious, that if the person on duty was infected, you were also… uh, incinerated.

Which was the risk of death. Infection from the supernatural forces being kept at bay, resulted in your execution, for the safety of everyone else in Eleyrion.

I’m not so certain of my fate anymore.

I’m staring at a tiny line of cracked glass on the breached cell, and then I’m looking up at the black shadow.

I had to press burn as quickly as possible.

I walk over, I reach for the button… but after only hesitating a second or two… I hesitate even longer.

I put my hands on the glass as I look deeper inside.

Red beams of light are shining out of the black cloud now, scattering in all directions.

Two red beams float around and then suddenly line up with my gaze.

I can’t look away.

A hard knot unfurls rapidly in my gut.

I feel hot.

Very hot.

My senses are all on fire. My insides feel twisted. My fists clench against the hard, cold glass.

While I watch the red light, a giant figure with shiny techno-claws… knives? Blades. No, I said claws. They’re really claws. On this thing. As it steps out of the shadow.

Eight foot tall.

Fur like a wolf.

It’s hellish gaze on me.

Eyes wide, I turn away from the black cloud and I – press.

The button.

While I don’t look, an inferno ignites, splutters, and fades.

The burn failed.

I look over my shoulder, into the glass box.

The red light starts flooding over the whole cell, beaming out from the monster sized demon, then it beams out the crack in the glass, and the light touches me.

I had been breached.

Something supernatural had infected me.

They were going to execute me.

But I can’t move now, because the light or whatever was making my blood boil, my throat dry, my insides, so, so twisted, my feelings – exploding in my mind and my chest.


I’ll be executed.

I’ll be burned for this failure of Eleyrion.

By the glass, I see fog and hear demonic words. I don’t look up further than his middle.

Fuck you, bitch. Look at me!”

I scream abruptly and jump back.

My scream fades out, an awkward empty echo across the floor. It was just snatched out of me. What did he just say to me?

Trembling with the fever of too many emotions literally plaguing my system, I look up to the breach.

To the demon thing. It has a wolf’s head with sharp rows of teeth, all fangs, he is drooling, he is all muscle, his eyes are all red, his… oh my god his… cock… is very hard.

I jitter from head to toe as I take in a giant horny demon.

I force myself to look up at his crimson eyes, and I wince with the effort. I speak to the monster, “Who are you? Where are you from?” I ask, breathless after all those words, while my tongue was barely able to articulate the questions.

“My name is Imber, I’m from… hell,” the monster drawls at me through the glass, the only thing protecting me from him, it seemed so pointless, I’m sure he could smash through it.

I keep looking at him, as some other emotion plagues me.

Whatever it is, I am anticipating death, even as I boldly force myself to ask him, “…what are you, Imber?”


I have to protect Eleyrion from this demon Lycan thing who I cannot burn.

I clench my fists and I stutter at him, “Y-You’re not welcome in Eleyrion. Please. Go back to… to… to h…” I can’t say that word, hell, out loud, so my mouth just hangs open as air exits my mouth, rather than the word. Please go away.

“You’re so polite,” Imber starts to bare all his teeth.

“If you don’t go, they will kill me,” I whisper at him, “Please go away. Disappear.”

“What is your name, bitch?” Imber lowers his tone and his head to my level.

“Helena,” I tell him, a little more confident that he hasn’t smashed through the glass.

“Silly girl. Hell is in your name,” Imber smirks, “Why aren’t you running away?” Because there was no where to run to.

“Take a wild guess,” I joke, laughing, kind of swallowing air and breathing weird and uneven. So I guess I was corrupted because this was what being imbalanced felt like? This was a strange experience so far.

“You don’t run because you like my giant cock,” Imber guesses.

“That’s not why,” I whisper and immediately stare at his giant cock, then I look back up at him, blushing and smiling, because he’s smiling, “I’m s-sorry. I didn’t mean to look.”

“You can look, bitch,” Imber licks all his fangs, and then brings out his claws closer to the glass, toward the door where there is no handle for him to hold. He presses his paw, or hand, or whatever, on the door, and I quickly put my hand on the door as well.

“No,” I whisper, smiling uncontrollably again when he looks at me, “You can’t – y-you’re not allowed to come out,” I think this feeling in me is nervousness, “Please. Please. Stay in there. They’re going to kill me when they realise there was a breach.”

“What will they do to you?” Imber moves his head closer to the glass but does not break through, “Cut your head off?”

“No,” I’m now laughing uncontrollably, “We’re not that barbaric, but I will be incinerated…” I can’t believe I was about to whisper this, but I wanted to, “…it has been nice meeting you so far. Imber.”

“So you’re going to die soon,” Imber repeats, wanting to stay on the topic of death. I didn’t really know how to discuss this topic, so I try to shrug it off, and he suggests, “So die by my hand instead. We’ll have some fun together first.”


“Y-you’re offering to kill me?” I ask, looking up at him again, blinking rapidly, “What fun?”

“You don’t really know what death is, do you, bitch?” Imber asks, point blank.

I shuffle back a bit. He swore again. I don’t really understand what it means, I just know it’s corrupt.

“Of course I know what death is,” I answer him, “Of course I do. It’s the end. The end.”

“You don’t know. Bitch, you’re cute,” Imber presses the tip of his blade to the crack, and pushes – the crack spreads.

“What are you doing!?” I blurt, losing my smile, “Please don’t do that.”

“There’s people coming to take you to ‘the end’,” Imber says, “I’m giving you a choice, come with me,” he sticks his claw in and the entire glass door shatters into millions of shards.

Now there is no barrier between us.

I cross my arms over my heated chest, and I breathe a bit deeper as I look him over, as he steps outside the cell and into my personal space.

I bite my lip as I face his engorged cock, straight up between us.

I stare at it.

“Come with me,” Imber steps around me, “Come with me, Helena.”

“Where?” I ask when he stands behind me, and I see the black cloud, floating.

To me,” Imber whispers cryptically in my ear.

“Please, Imber,” I beg him as I shake my head, keeping still as he moves around me, “…you know I can’t go with you.”

Imber suddenly caresses my exposed neck with his sharp claw, right along my jugular – without cutting it, mind you.

Just as his claw leaves me – my vision shifts diagonal.

Oh, god, was time turning backward?

We had that function in Eleyrion.

My vision keeps splicing.

Everything is fragmenting.

I’ll find you again, Helena, just call to me by name.

Imber’s deep, guttural voice sinks into my head, deep, deeper… deeper

I fall apart.

And I wake up, 10 minutes ago.

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