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A Dangerous Game

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Valentina may be in for more than she planned, when she and her lover get busy while still in costume from a show. It seems he's still in character, as Dr. Henry Jekyll...for now.

Erotica / Horror
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Chapter 1

A Dangerous Game

Such a handsome man, I thought to myself as I watched the show. My numbers were over, my face was washed and I was back into civilian clothes so I could watch my very sexy lover perform the transformation scene from Jekyll and Hyde.

Dress rehearsal, the night before, had been a trip. He had gone early in the evening, testing his costume and the change. As a result, I had spent the rest of the night in low-grade subspace. Dr. Henry Jekyll’s costume had hit every note for my steampunk aesthetic, and I have always had a weakness for psychopaths. But, I went home, just as I should, because we all needed sleep before the show the next day.

I gasped as he rolled off the low stage. It was a good fall and I was pretty sure he was all right. It was definitely planned and executed well. There are benefits to being a theater geek. And the transformation went on, terrifying and delighting the audience.

I was in the green room when he made it back stage. “What did I tell you? Not a dry seat in the house.”
He laughed and drank water, sweating from the performance. I turned the desk fan on him. After he hugged me, he looked into my eyes. What he saw made one corner of his mouth go up.

“Want to stay tonight?”

“Yes, please.” I knew I was giving him subby eyes and shook my head. “Sorry, sorry.”

“Don’t be. Just hold that thought. We have rest of the show to get through.”

“Only two more numbers. And we are both done.”

Get through them we did and the drive to his place was lost in a haze of hopeful fog. I stopped briefly at home and changed. Tiered skirt, band collared shirt, vest and top hat with goggles on the brim were the order of the evening. I even managed to find the proper boots and zip them on. I got to his place and left most of my gear in the car, taking in only my kit and a clean shirt. He made it well before I did and was waiting for me in the bedroom, back in costume. A man in an ascot and vest just sends me.

“I know what you like, Valentina.” He flicked the brim of my hat up and studied my eyes a little more. The hazard of being personality-by-committee is not everyone likes the same thing or the same people. One of us had a lover the others couldn’t stand for a while. It was rare for me to have a female alter out in public. “It is Valentina, isn’t it, and not Hester? I watched you walk and it wasn’t Nick’s stride or that cocky bastard Dean’s strut. And Hester has gotten a lot more no-nonsense than she used to be. Last time I saw you walk like that, you were wearing a pink blouse and flirting with that one Christian horror author.”

I laughed at the memory. “I wasn’t flirting. He was signing books for Mom.”

He pulled me in for a kiss. “Flirt.”

“Whatever. It was years ago. And yes, Valentina. I think. It seems to fit tonight. Shall we find out what she is like, beyond a couple songs?” I didn’t know my new drag character all that well. I wasn’t sure if she was going to stick around or just remain a character. “And I know who to expect from you tonight. I saw which aspect was out.” I wasn’t the only multiple in the relationship either.

He smiled back, and my knees wobbled. I loved this man. Had loved him for years, even if we didn’t often share a bed. And this look was just icing.

I stepped a little closer and he pulled me in for a kiss, me bending to reach. He was shorter than average and I was taller than most men. I had missed these kisses. It had definitely been too long. We nuzzled a moment, and I rested my head on his shoulder, smelling the English Leather cologne. For such a young man, he had some old fashioned tastes, one more thing I adored.

“So, my good doctor, have we a tot of brandy about? It seems the thing for this evening.” My knees creaked as I settled on the edge of the mattress and gave him a wicked grin. The captain’s bed platform base was still on backorder, and I expected we might miss it tonight. “After all, I know you keep it for Mr. Utterson, who drinks it to mortify his taste for wine.”

He vanished and returned with a bottle of cheap brandy and a couple of shot glasses. “Just a toothful. We don’t play altered, remember?” And that was my lover, costume or not. He had rules and we always adhered. “You have your words if you need them. I know what you’re wanting and it could go bad quickly.”

I nodded. “And not just for me. You have yours, too.”

He poured us each a small sip. I raised mine, back in character, “To a tour de force tonight, and to my very flash toff and all our melting moments.”

He blushed but drank. “So, lovely Valentina, what is the plan for tonight?”

“Whatever my dear doctor wishes. Shall I complain of nervous hysteria so you may solve that problem? I recall your cures for that malady very fondly.”

He laughed and leaned over to kiss me again. “I think that might be a splendid place to start. Shall we warm you up a bit, my dear? I recall you need extra help to finish completely.”

I smiled. “Delightful.” He opened my vest and blouse and shoved my bra up so he could enjoy my tits. Not like he hadn’t seen them. Nudity was a casual thing at his place. But now, he was enjoying them with intent, gentle squeezes and the occasional kiss. Sometimes he just looked at them, as if contemplating what to do next.

He broke out the Hitatchi magic wand, a distinctly un-period instrument, not that I cared. “Roll over, dear.” I lay on my stomach and he ran it over my back. “No knots from earlier to get in the way of our pleasure.” He focused on my shoulders until they relaxed. “You carry too much here. And I worry on performance nights because you always overdo it.” I couldn’t argue with him, so I smiled over my shoulder, lying limp and boneless in his bed.

“Do you need a round with it, love? I wasn’t the one who fell off the stage, after all.”

“I’m fine. I’ll want a long soak in the morning. Roll back, darling, and we shall let the fun begin.”

The buzz of the huge vibrator, even on low, smoothed out my tired muscles. When he zapped one nipple with it, I giggled. He repeated it on the other and kissed them both.

He let it lie on my belly, still humming, and took some time to kiss and stroke me. I loved it when he kissed my face and neck, while being sweetly gentle with my breasts. He lingered, sucking the nipples until they were hard and sensitive, and then blew on one lightly. I shivered.

“Let us see if we can put your hysteria to rights, my dear Valentina. Plenty of paroxysms before we settle in for the night.” He eased my skirt up, baring my thighs inch by inch, teasing the revealed skin with both the vibrator and his hand, sometimes with kisses. I had left off panties. They only slowed things down. “Ah the gates of Heaven await.”

He got the vibe placed where it would do the most good and then held me and kissed me, occasionally teasing my nipples or stroking my skin. I clung around his neck, the waves of pleasure rolling over me, unable to do more than gasp and pant. He’d get his, all the caresses and handling he wanted, when I could think again. I thrust against the round head of the toy, and he kissed me deeper, swallowing my screams as I came.

“Good, darling. Again, for me.”

That was all it took for a second to sweep me and a third. “Please,” I gasped.

“A little more, love. You’re almost ready.” He rolled a nipple gently and I climaxed again. “Shall I leave it there, driving you to ecstasy as I love you?”

A keening moan escaped me and I scratched him, barely noticing. He just laughed.

“We’ll get you ready yet. But do be careful, Valentina, that sort of thing can have side effects.”

I had come down enough to widen my eyes in mock fear. I heard the undertone of a growl in his voice. He was so sexy, especially when he was all commanding like this, just quiet power. The whirlwind would come later—I could see it gathering in his eyes already-- and, oh stars, did I want it.

He drove me to one last peak and then turned off the machine. “My turn, lovely lady. Nice and easy.” With a quick unzip, he freed his cock. I wanted to lick and suck, it had been so long since I had the chance, but he gently held me down with one hand. “Kisses later. He is quite ready and anything you do might set him off too early. You can re-awaken him afterward.”

“All right.”

He settled himself between my thighs and lifted my hips a little. “All red and wet and open. You look delicious, and quite wanton. Naughty girl.”

His entry was easy and soft, leaving me full but not hurting. That was for later. I wrapped both arms and both legs around him, locking him in. We rocked for a bit and he rolled off, flipping us both over.

“Arms are tired, darling. Been a long day.”

“That’s fine.” I moved my legs out from under us and rode him, both of us still half dressed. But my own day had been long as well and my knees were deeply unhappy with me. “Ugh, let’s spoon if that’s all right.”


“What else, doctor? Bone spurs are a nightmare.”

He curled up behind me, despite the fact I had four inches on him. The thought of “jetpack” floated through my mind, but then he was inside again, with one firm hand on my hip.

“Do you need the machine?”

“No, love, just some fingers will be fine.”

He obliged and I tightened down around him, making it good for him too. We stayed like that a long time, tired and half dozing. I heard him snore softly for a few moments. We would both be better with a nap.

It was almost three when we woke up. I woke up first and realized he hadn’t climaxed. All the dried slickness was my own. I rolled to face him and kissed him awake.

“Not quite how I’d imagined it going,” he said, tucking his soft cock away. “But good.”

We lay in a tumble of half-removed clothes, my hat and his ascot tossed well aside. I smiled at him and he kissed me softly.

“Wow. We need to do that more often,” he said.

I chuckled. “Definitely. But my vest has twisted. Can you help me out?” I sat up and turned my back so he could remove vest and blouse and unhook the bra we had merely shoved upward to get it out of the way.

“Naughty, modern woman going about only half dressed,” he teased as he helped me out. “Where’s your corset, my wicked Valentina?”

“But, doctor, you always say that corsets are the cause of so many female ailments that I simply followed your advice and eschewed it for this visit.”

He trailed his lips across my bare shoulders and nibbled my neck. That always made me squirm. He reached around and cupped my breasts.

“Indeed, these lovelies should be free.” His fingertips teased my nipples awake.

“Again, love?” I looked back at him. He was still mostly dressed, his vest open and fly unzipped, but pants and shirt still on. “Maybe you need out of some clothes too.”

“I’m fine.” He tugged me back down for more kisses. Afterplay was my favorite. I almost never got kissed enough and he always tried to make sure to satisfy me that way as well as with orgasms. We tumbled a bit and I got my hands in his hair. The stubble of the undercut sides gave way to the thick softness of his ponytail, caught back in a loop for this session. It made him look respectable. The kisses got more ambitious and I tugged a little at the ponytail, knowing he liked his hair pulled.

I heard a faint popping noise, the sound of a small hair elastic no longer able to contain the thick mass within it. Waves cascaded over my hands and I buried my fingers deep in them, kissing him more desperately.

The kiss changed. A low chuckle in his throat began it, then the soft melding of lips turned to light nipping. He forced my jaw wide with his mouth and his tongue gagged me. I struggled a little, not sure of this.

Hard fingers found my nipple and pinched them with a vicious twist. I fought my way free of his mouth and pulled up. The face beneath me was no longer my sweet lover playing at being a Victorian doctor, but rather bore the stamp of Satan himself, twisted and cruel, giving the appearance of deformity without any actual damages. He laughed again, sending chills through me.

“Wicked Valentina thought she could play with fire and not get burned,” he said, his voice lower than usual. He flipped us over until I was beneath him and then shoved one knee between my thighs. “And I get to enjoy the tasty morsel in all the ways he wouldn’t.”

One big hand snarled in my hair and yanked my head back. I gasped, and then cried out as he bit at my throat. I understood there would be no kisses, only bites from here on. I was in the hands of distilled evil, concentrated cruelty, and all the darkness of one man’s soul. It was going to hurt and I would love every minute of it even as I hated it.

He rose up on his knees, both of them between my own legs, and pulled me to sit up. “Taller than Long Liz Stride before the Surgeon of Whitechapel did for her,” he gloated. “Think the coppers should find you the same way?” The hand never left my hair as his other reached into his pants. “Takes a bit of work to get a second out of me. So earn your sixpence.”

He shoved me into his crotch and ground his half-hard cock against my closed mouth. I didn’t remind him he hadn’t had a first. “Suck it, whore. You wanted this, now take it.”

I opened up and took him in. He crushed me close against him making me swallow all the way to the base. I felt something cool and smooth sliding around my neck.

“You do that so nicely,” he said, as I started to have trouble with the growing shaft of flesh in my mouth. The head bumped against my soft palate and I tried not to gag. Then I realized he probably wanted me to gag and choke and let him have his sadistic pleasure at it.

The softness at my throat began to tighten. The cravat, I realized as he pulled it very snug. I could still breathe but, between the improvised noose and his cock, it was a challenge.

“Keep going or I’ll keep tightening. And I really hadn’t planned to kill you quite so early.”

I kept sucking, giving him all my best techniques. He eased off the hold and let me breathe some, giving me room to work. I swirled around the head of his cock and stroked the length. I kept the suction nice, not too much, not yet.

He twisted the scarf again and I could hear the blood pounding in my ears. I cradled his cock on my tongue, pushed it against the roof of my mouth and sucked hard, rippling my tongue along the underside. I could taste the early pre-come leaking from his slit and I tongued it gently.

He shoved me away but arrested my fall with the cravat around my neck, making me cough.

“Such a good cocksucker you are, girl. But I have other pleasures I want from your pretty body. A giant stage on which a thousand dramas might be played, and I have a taste for the theatre.”

He slapped me hard, leaving florid handprints on my breasts, over and over, until I was bright red and flinching from his blows instead of rising to meet them. A hard twisting pinch of my nipple again reminded me this was all for his pleasure not mine, as did another twist of the cravat. My blood pounded in my ears and I was going to have the headache of the Western World in the morning. Any pleasure I wrung from it was immaterial to him.

I gasped and got wetter from that thought than I had been from the treatment. The laugh again and he flipped me over, face down on the mattress. The cravat eased but never went away.

“So many options,” he mused, running rough hands over my back. I noticed he was still being careful around my right hip and its sciatica. A hard swat made me reassess how careful I could expect him to be. “He already had an amble down cock lane and I don’t fancy a buttered bun.” Another swat and he spread my cheeks. “That looks so delightfully tight. Care to be a boy for the evening, pretty dollymop?”

“Please,” I managed. “Please, he didn’t finish. I’m not really used goods.” Nick-my usual presentation-would have leaped at the idea, but Valentina was apparently fussier. Then again, Nick would be giving back as good as he got, instead of just letting himself be ravished. Maybe. He’s a sucker for breathplay.

Two more swats accompanied the nasty laugh from behind me. “You have passed through so many hands that it’s amazing you’re not transparent with wear. I will have my pleasures in any way I desire them.”

“Yes.” It was all I could say and surely I hadn’t meant it to sound that eager. It should have been resigned and defeated, the sound of a virtuous woman being destroyed by a monster. I should have slumped into the mattress and waited. I couldn’t. I wanted him too much.

Without warning or preparation, he yanked my hips up and drove his cock into me. I had dried out some from earlier, and felt the friction. I didn’t scream, but a small noise escaped me. He yanked on the cravat and I gasped for him.

“Ah, sweet love,” he sneered. “Always hurts a little, doesn’t it? And that’s only me. What if I tried fitting in that contraption you were riding with such abandon earlier? Would you like it? Or my hand?” He raked his nails down my back, leaving scratches that burned. “All of it.”

“Please, no,” I whispered. A three or four inch diameter disk was more than I really wanted, and I wasn’t sure I was up for fisting. He swatted me again and tightened the cravat. I remembered a standing playtime rule, each please was a blow. It really had been too long. I shut my mouth and rose to meet his pounding. I was definitely getting wetter as the blood pounded in my ears. I could feel the headache starting and my lips tingled.

Bruising fingers yanked me back on him. His cock slammed as deeply as he could, battering at my insides, making me wetter, making me hotter with each stroke but not the right stimulation for an orgasm. That was fine, this was about his pleasure. I had enjoyed mine already.

And the thought of that only made me more aroused. I had an idea and squirmed under him, tightening down and trying to force him out. It took him by surprise and I actually managed to get out from under him for an instant, wresting the cravat from his hands. We both blinked and I scrambled off the mattress.

I flung the cravat away as I scrabbled on the wooden floor, trying to get to my feet. I spared a glance back at him. His hair hung in his face, and his features had twisted into an animalistic snarl of raw anger that was both terrifying and arousing. He caught my ankle before I got more than two steps away. His other hand seized my thigh and I knew that one would bruise. I let myself be dragged back, and did a very careful fall of my own onto the mattress as he pulled me down. In an instant, he had me pinned underneath his body.

“Devious bitch.” His knee slammed between my thighs, spreading them. He shoved my skirt out of the way impatiently. Then he was in me again, my wrists trapped in his iron grip above my head, his whole weight held on them. “You’re going to hurt for that.”

He slammed back in, but this time his hand was there too, fingers closing on my clit until I yelped. He rubbed it as he fucked, rough and hard, making me want to come and cry at the same time. I arched up and worked with his motion, trying for a climax.

He reached it first, burying himself deep inside me, holding still. He took his hand out and hooked the fingers into my mouth. I knew better than to bite them. Instead, I licked them clean, sucking and teasing, implying I might be ready for a second go-round.

“Slut,” he snarled and slapped me across the face. “Think you can butter me up like that? I want your fear. I want your cries.”

In response, I licked a trail up his neck and cheek. “You can try.” But I took a good look at him. We had enjoyed our fun, but the pleasure was passing for us both. Instead of more attitude, I brushed his damp hair out of his face, wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, long and deep.

He looked more himself when we parted. “It’s very late. We’re going to wake someone if we keep carrying on like this. Toss me the yellow pillow.”

I did with a smile, hearing his pause word, and knowing we were done for now. “Have I possibly mentioned I love you?”

“Silly Valentina. Let’s get check you over before we sleep. It was a very full day.”

“Oh my dear doctor, you have no idea.” I slipped off the skirt and helped him out of his shirt and pants.

He checked my face and rear and everywhere else he had hit or hurt me. “You look fine, mostly.” He tapped my thigh, where he had dug in to pull me back. “Do you need an ice pack? Your face shouldn’t mark.” He rubbed gently over the scratches on my back and I hissed a little. “I didn’t break the skin. You’re just going to have some color. Again, icepack?”

“I’m fine, love. How are you? You didn’t hurt anything did you?” I pressed my forehead to his. “And in here? I know being the brute takes it out of you.”

“I’ll feel it in my hands and legs, hell everywhere, tomorrow. But that’s why I have a jacuzzi. It was all very worth it. I haven’t seen that dazed look on your face for a long time.”

“Too long,” I agreed. “Thank you.”

We curled up together under the light blanket. “My pleasure, sweetheart. I love you.” He kissed the top of my head and let me snuggle into his shoulder.

I was almost asleep when I heard the low growl, and his fingers dug into me for just a second.

“Soon,” Hyde promised.

The end

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