The stranger who wasn’t a stranger anymore.

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An earth shattering one night stand that turned out to be more. Hannah was a good girl. The kind that would never use a fake ID, go to a bar and have a sexy one night stand with a stranger. One that definitely wouldn’t lie to said stranger and get into loads of trouble when she finds out who exactly he was. And yet, she did all that. After all, they say a good girl was just a bad one who had never been caught right? Join Jesse and Hannah as their forbidden romance unravels and burns everything in its path. Will they be able to come out of it unscathed? Or will they be caught in the flaming embers and be scarred forever?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

The music roared and shook the floor like there was a rumbling beast beneath us. Sweaty bodies swayed around me, couples dancing and kissing, and some dry-humping each other like there was no one else in the room. I threw my hands up in the air as I recognised the next song “Hips don’t lie” and felt the enthralling enthusiasm of the crowd around me as they began jumping and shouting the lyrics. I joined in, throwing in my best dance moves as the adrenaline caught up to me.

I couldn’t remember having a better night.

People said going to bars alone was pathetic but trust me, it beat going out with anyone else. Strangers around you, nobody to judge, what else could you need?

I felt hands settle on my hips from behind me and leant back, not caring even the slightest bit that this was a stranger. I was here to have fun. My hips continued to move even as he pulled my back firmly against his chest, letting me feel hard muscle and an even harder erection against my ass.

“I have been watching you all night,” he said above the music, his breath making my ear tickle.

“Like what you see?” I asked teasingly, pushing my ass further into him.

“Hell yeah, baby. I wanna rip that tight dress off your body and eat you out until you scream my name.” My alcohol-induced mind thought that was sexy as fuck and decided to throw my arms around his neck so that my entire body was plastered against his front. And then I began moving, grinding shamelessly on his aroused dick tenting his jeans. Who was dry-humping who now? Not so dry with how wet his words had gotten me.

He groaned into my ear, the rumbling of his chest mixed with his honeyed, smooth baritone making me itch to hear more of those sounds. And I hadn’t even seen him yet.

He didn’t waste a single second as he swirled me around in his big, strong arms and caught my lips in a demanding kiss. He even tasted like honey. His teeth sucked my bottom lip into his mouth, making me gasp, and thrust his tongue to play tango with mine. His hands dipped from my hips to my ass, squeezing my plump cheeks and pulling me harder against him.

“My apartment isn’t far from here,” he suggested, not letting me answer as he swallowed my lips in another heated kiss.

“What are we waiting for?” I gasped into his mouth, moaning with the loss when his lips left mine. He clasped my hand in his and made quick work of navigating through the crowd and out the bar. I didn’t even notice the crisp breeze, I was burning enough from inside to keep me warm for the night.

“Did you bring your car?” he asked, voice sounding gruff and so damn sexy that I wanted to throw myself into his arms and let him ravish me right here in the open.

“No, taxi,” I moaned, wishing we could hurry up. The streetlights were too dim for me to make out his face properly but I caught the sharp edge of a chiseled jaw with a five o’clock shadow enhancing his features.

We finally reached his flat an eternity later and he couldn’t seem to help himself as he pushed me against the wall while we waited for the elevator, lips devouring mine. I threw my arms around his neck and jumped when he cupped my ass again, making my legs wrap around his hips. Finally, the elevator arrived and when it reached his floor, it couldn’t have been soon enough.

I had no idea how I got into his bed or how I was suddenly naked, gripping the sheets and moaning loud enough to alert any neighbours as he made good on his promise from before.

“Jesse,” he said as he rubbed my clit furiously, lips shimmering with my juices. “That’s the name I want you to scream when you come.” And with that, he buried his head between my thighs again.

I don’t know what it was, his words or his tongue or his fingers but right after, I came undone all over him, writhing in pleasure when he took my clit into his mouth and sucked on it hard enough to send me into a second instant orgasm. I was trembling, mind in cloud nine when he climbed over me and painted my lips with my own taste.

“Jesse, I need you now,” I panted, feeling him hot and hard on my inner thigh. It didn’t occur to my mind at that time that I was offering him my virginity on a silver plate. All I knew was that I needed him inside me. I was physically aching for him.

My words were his undoing because quicker than flash, he reached into his bedside drawer before I heard the rip of foil paper and felt him rolling the condom over himself. He repositioned himself between my legs and guided his engorged dick to my gushing cunt. He raised his hips above the bed before pushing into me in one smooth move, getting only half his length inside me as I arched my back and screamed at the sudden pain and fullness. In his desire-clouded mind, he must have taken it as pleasure because he groaned low in his throat.

“Fuck, you’re tighter than I had ever imagined.”

Slowly, he withdrew and I released a breath, almost wanting to tell him to stop before he thrust back into me, slower and deeper this time. I don’t think he noticed my hymen break but he did see the tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Hey, are you okay? Am I hurting you?”

His concern made me hide what had really happened as I offered him a weak smile. “You’re just so big.”

His worry faded and a smirk sat on his plump lips. I was still struggling to hide the pain but his stillness in me was letting me adjust.

“Relax, baby. I’ll make you feel on the top of the world once you get used to my cock,” he said cockily and bent down to take a sensitive nipple into his mouth, rolling it around his lips. He must have felt me squeezing him and releasing more fluids because he looked up at me under his lashes. “Your tits are your weakness, huh?” And then, with a cruel smirk, he renewed his sucking and squeezed and mashed my other breast, making me moan and forget all about the pain and discomfort. His teeth found my nipple and the moment he tugged on it, I spasmed over his cock, lubricating him enough that he started moving in me again.

Pleasure uncoiled in my belly like a snake, all traces of pain vanishing. I pushed my hips upwards to meet his as he began increasing the pace while sucking my other nipple, making me see stars as I writhed below him. I couldn’t even count how many orgasms I had already had.

After a few minutes of this, his hand left my bosom and travelled to my leg, lifting my calf up to pull it over his shoulder, now making his shaft hit depths I didn’t even know existed in me.

“Jesse, Jesse, Jesse,” I chanted his name like it was a prayer when he started pummelling into me with short, hard thrusts. It didn’t take me long before I felt another orgasm building.

“Fuck. You feel so good around my cock,” he growled, laying both forearms on either side of my head so he could piston into me with wild abandon. “I’m gonna cum, baby. Fuck, squeeze my cock just like that.”

His words pushed me into another mind-spiralling rush and I felt him release with me inside the condom as I milked him for his worth. He collapsed onto me, slowly pulling his dick out of me and throwing the condom away.

“Too heavy?” he asked me and I shook my head as he lay on top of me again, both of us panting as he pressed his face in my breasts. I was so tired. “I usually have more stamina than this but damn, you have me ejaculating like a teenage hormonal boy,” he said, face nuzzled in my breast. “You didn’t tell me your name.”

“Bree,” I murmured sleepily, registering his words but didn’t bother thinking anything of them. And soon, I dozed off into dreamland without hearing his response.

When I woke up again, it was still dark outside and my head pounded like a drum. Jesse’s arms were wrapped around me from behind, one of his palms resting on my sore breasts. Actually, everything of me felt sore. Carefully, I moved his hand away, stilling when he gripped my hip and nuzzled his face in my hair before letting out a breath when I realised he was still asleep. I tried again and managed to release myself from his grip before I began the hunt for my clothes and shoes. I quickly found my dress and heels but my bra and panties were nowhere to be seen. Muffling a curse, I crept towards the door, pausing for a moment to look at the man who had taken my virginity and fucked me to oblivion. I still couldn’t see much but I let myself one more look before I made the walk of shame and hid in my bedroom.

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