SOCIETA OSCURA-Jeck Robernero's Girl Of Innocence

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Jeck… As you already know. That bitch left me. She ran for the hills and landed her ass inside a small, tatty, disgusting mess that I call a hostel. I thought she already knew about me. I am a cold, ruthless motherfucker who kills people for money. I run the fucking Societa Oscura, for fuck almighty sake. Feared and respected by those who know me and my families name. Robernero. How can she expect me to sit back and let her leave? I’m too obsessed with her and she should know that. Sigh, these women are too predictable and God damn annoying. Jezabel… I thought that Jeck was the man for me. We all know what he did. He hurt me and I ran away from him, his family and their stupid list of rules. I went to a hostel and found myself back at home with my parents. Their rules are easier to deal with in comparison to those of the Societa Oscura. Still, I’ve just found out that my Father believes that I should marry the man that took my innocence and he is searching for him. Jeck Robernero. I don’t want to be with him! I told my Father that but, he won’t listen to me. Oh, and guess what? Jeck Robernero is on his way to my house right now and I can’t escape. My parents have locked all of the doors and the windows have metal bars on them. My life is one big mess!

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


As you already know, I grew up in a Catholic Christian family. This meant that I couldn't do anything. No dating, no skin was to be shown at any time. I couldn’t even look at boys! The list was endless. No looking at boys, no touching boys, no thinking about boys, no drinking alcohol, no eating junk food, no having sex, no going to a public toilet. I couldn't move and I certainly couldn't breathe. I needed to get the top grades. A*s needed to be achieved and on all of my test result papers. I felt locked up in a world that made me miserable. Society was a million miles away. I only existed as I worked hard and tirelessly to get into Sterling Academy. It was the best university around. My life was planned out for me. I had a man lined up ready to marry when I finished my years there and I was going to take over my parents bible design company. I hated my life but I learned to just carry on and deal with it.

Meeting Jeck was a exciting time in my life until he quickly became what I was trying to get away from. As he changed to be a man that I couldn’t even stand to look at, I made a solid plan to escape him and his family. I got out of there. I ran for my life. The person who Jeck Robernero had become, wasn’t the man that my heart longed for. The man that looked me directly in the eyes was not him and I didn't know who the man was behind the bubbly Jeck I met at the start of our relationship. He was too dangerous for a girl like me. He played Prince charming, fed me lie after lie and then he became that hidden man who he truly was. A man who didn't give two fucks about anyone. I had no option but to leave him. I can give you information about the man that Jeck turned out to be, but there is a story following on from the day that I left him.

I went to a hostel for a couple of weeks until all of the money that I had in my savings account was used up. It was the only account that I had access to and my father wouldn't send me any funds to help me out financially. I decided that it would be for the best if I was to go back home. That was my first fuck up.

I left Jeck because he tried to change who I was. He hurt me more than anyone ever had. He also lied to me, scared me to a point where I didn't know if he was joking or if he was being serious. I could never sit still and relax when I was around him. I was petrified of the man that he had become. From where I left you in my story, he twisted and morphed into a man of any woman's nightmares. Not a man who you should trust. Hell, I was terrified of him.

I wasn't allowed to speak to any of my family. He threatened to hurt me and made me do as he wanted me to. When he said that he would force me to submit, he meant it but not in a positive way. He was close to destroying who I was.

I cannot breathe. My heart is beating ten to the dozen, my hair is dripping wet as I throw the duvet cover over my legs and tuck myself in. Closing my eyes, I fall asleep thinking about the conversation that me and my Father had. I need to marry Jeck Robernero.



I stare up at the white ceiling inside my bedroom. I’m not focusing on anything in particular, I’m just zoning out trying to get to sleep. The door opens up and I hear a tired, rough voice.

“We need you boss.” Why would my men need me now?

“What is it Joe?” I ask my right hand man keeping my eyes closed.

“Get the fuck up!” Kai storms into my room and grabs my wrist dragging me across the bed.

“I’m not sorting your shit out for you. Get up!” Kai shouts. I growl. Am I never allowed to sleep?

“Boss!” Why is Tom here? For fucks sake, fine.

Shoving Kai back, I hold my hands out in front of me. “I’m getting up. Jesus fucking christ, you lot piss me off.” Sliding to the edge of the bed, I rub my eyes with the palms of my hands. Standing up, I turn to look at Joe, Kai and Tom.

“Can you let a man get dressed?” I sigh. Joe, Kai and Tom leave my room and I wait until Kai closes the door over completely before I stand up in my boxer shorts. Stretching, I breathe out deeply.

“Why me?” Whining to myself, I enter the bathroom to get a shower. It’s two o’clock in the morning and I have to get up out of bed. I wouldn’t mind, but I had a whiskey before I lay down and that was only ten minutes ago.

Stepping out of the shower, I brush my hair back with my comb and enter my bedroom. Pulling on a brand new black suit and a black shirt, I walk to the shelf next to my bedroom door and spray some deodorant on before I open the door and step out into the hallway.

“You took your time.” Kai stares at me. His point is what exactly? He takes longer than me to get ready so he can’t say anything to me about timekeeping.

Walking down the hallway, we make our way to the basement where the lock up is.

“Who’s been brought in?” I glance over at Kai who smirks.

“Just wait and see.” Wait and see?

All the men that work down in the basement walk over to the door as I approach it. I don’t expect for my men to bow down to me, drop to their knees or salute as I walk towards them. I do want them to do their jobs correctly and a sign of respect isn’t needed in my world. I guess that is the reason why I don’t understand the Royal Family and the way that their guards show them respect.

I hear a man screaming. I didn’t get any soundproofing installed in the basement because my home is in the middle of nowhere. Nobody can hear him even if he wants them to.
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