Blood of the Rose

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***COMING DOWN DECEMBER 15TH*** A short erotic tale about two male vampire beloveds who awaken from their deathly slumber and prey upon an unsuspecting bereaved woman. ***WARNING*** This book contains highly explicit MFM sex, CNC, blood play, sadism, and cringy humor.

Erotica / Fantasy
Datura Moon
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Chapter 1

Ghostly silver-lined clouds slithered athwart the gleaming full moon as it shed its chilling glow across the frosty landscapes. The pale beams cascaded down upon a peacefully slumbering village, nestled snuggly within the snow-kissed peaks of steep mountain drapes. Mighty evergreens and barren boughs eerily soughed in the alpine winds. The boreal gales sang haunting melodies and foreboding omens of sensual sins.

For beside the moon and above the trees, a celestial scorpion twinkled within the nighttide seas. Its lustrous body sparkled radiantly like diamonds within the heavens black, with a single rubescent star glimmering upon its luminous back. And on this late winter’s night, the ruby light bled its brightest down upon a mountainside crypt hidden just out of sight.

A dilapidated iron bar door neglected for several centuries and half-buried by snow, led to this forsaken grave where no soul dared go. Beyond its weathered and twisted hinges, glimmering cave columns and icicle fringes, deep within the darkness and gloom, there hid a sinister tomb. And within this sinister sepulcher, an ancient evil began to stir.

A sarcophagus engraven with unsettling depictions of vampiric atrocities and ghoulish ferocities laid tucked against the far wall. Then the sound of stone grinding against stone disturbed the deathly silence as a pale hand slowly pushed aside the heavy lid, causing it to fall.

Icy blue eyes swirling with every shade of the winter and equally as cold peered into the darkness of the place. He gazed around the crypt for the first time in centuries, recalling how they’d first become this tomb’s cursed residentiaries. Then a vengeful smile crept across his ethereally handsome face. A cascade of black velvety tresses tumbled down his back while he slowly arose ready to dine, cracking the old unused bones up along his spine.

“Caspian?” The vampire’s deep silken voice hypnotically cooed, as he gently shook his seemingly slumbering coffin companion out of his somnolent mood. “Has the light of Antares not awoken you yet?”

A silvery eye peeked open wide, peering up at the other vampire in annoyance and wanting to hide. Soft snowy white hair tumbled around his exquisite marbled features, flowing like a frozen river down to his waist, as was common for these undead creatures. “It has. But I was hoping for at least five more minutes of sleep.” He drowsily mumbled in an equally deep eloquent voice, showing no effort to make any haste.

The dark-haired vampire swiftly leaned over him with a hiss, shoving his knee between Caspian’s pale naked thighs while giving him a quick kiss. “You have been sleeping for centuries, my love.” He seductively murmured into his ear, peppering gentle kisses along his jawline to make his point clear. His large muscular body hovered over the other’s equally sized masculine frame. “Now is our chance to once again indulge in the divine delicacy of the living and all things sanguine.” He eagerly whispered his claim.

“Desmond...” Caspian lustfully said, threading his long frigid fingers through the dark silky strands of his lover’s head. “Perhaps we should indulge in other pleasures first? Hmm?” He hummed while gently swaying his hips, causing the tip of his erection to lightly brush Desmond’s sculpted abdominals while lightly caressing him with his lips.

Desmond’s full lips ghosted over Caspian’s in return, teasing him with the anticipation of a deeper kiss while softly smiling to reveal his pearly white fangs. Then his expression changed to one that was stern, ignoring the desire in their burly tight wangs. “After we’ve fed.” He smirked, then swiftly leapt out of the sarcophagus with his long black hair swooshing like a cape as he perked.

Caspian finally sat up with a scowl and a frustrated huff of chilly night air, as he watched Desmond begin to dress in solid black 18th century casual wear. “You know, you’re no fun with all your insatiable bloodlust, and what have you.” He murmured with a roll of his eyes, wishing they had more time for loving before the sunrise.

A sinister grin twisted across Desmond’s perfectly handsome face, his eyes gleaming like ice as he slipped his calf-high boots on over his tight trousers in just the right place. “What can I say? I enjoy the bacchanalian pleasures in life.” He lightly shrugged, then gently grabbed the other vampire beneath his chin and tugged. “But fret not, my dear Caspian, for I fully intend to satisfy every craving I have tonight.” His gaze lewdly flickered over Caspian’s nude ivory body before he cruelly stepped away, leaving his beloved in sexual dismay.

“Let us make haste then, because I’m already hard.” Caspian playfully gestured to his throbbing cock with a smirk, then gave it a jerk.

He swiftly crawled out of his deathly place of slumber, dressing in a similar fashion as his wicked companion in dark shades of ebon and umber. He appeared like a moonbeam all clad in shadow, with his wintery hair flowing over his broad shoulders and down his back like a cascade of snow.

Together, the two villainous vampires silently stalked out of their frosty tomb. Desmond prowled down the dark cavern corridor with malicious determination, like a true predator of the night, moving with elegance and agility ready to bring doom. Caspian casually bumbled along on his right, happily grinning with excitement upon their cessation. With a loud ghastly screech and the chipping of thick ice, Desmond pushed open the iron gate just wide enough to suffice. The pale glimmering world of the living was revealed to their unholy eyes, set eerily aglow by the malevolent moonrise.

The full moon still hung low in the young night sky, casting long chilling shadows over the icy snow-clad ground and mountains high. Barren trees sinisterly twisted their dark trunks up to the heavens from distant knolls, with frightful webs of entwined branches appearing as though they wished to ensnare poor unfortunate souls. Desmond stepped out just as he pleased, the deep mountain snow reaching up to his knees. He hungrily peered down upon the slumbering village below, noticing how lights from the village gave the blanket of mist covering the low lands a ghostly glow.

Evil grins adorned their unnaturally handsome faces, then Caspian frowned when he noticed he’d forgotten to tie his bootlaces. He leisurely wove the threads into their correct places, ignoring Desmond’s complaints about the delay. Then like two devils on the prowl, cruel and foul, they hastened down the mountainside in search of their prey...


My coal-black boots crunched over the trodden-down snow upon the slippery sidewalk, with my legs cutting through the opaque fog which ominously slithered across the deserted road. The haze created an eerie halo around each cast-iron capped street lamp, a promise of the approaching spring weather on this late February night. I held a bouquet of red roses against my chest with one hand, with the other stuffed into my navy blue peacoat as I turned to traverse the lofty iron gateway leading into the town cemetery.

Here, the snow was far less trampled, evidence of the lack of company which the dead received. The old iron bar gate was left slightly ajar, no doubt courtesy of the handsome young grave keeper, Bennett, who had taken a liking to me. He usually made small talk since I frequented this solemn place every Friday night, visiting the resting place of my late brother, Lawrence.

Tears welled in my hazel eyes as I slipped through the gate, trying to stuff away the painfully tragic memory of his passing. My cloudy breath mingled with the fog as I paused, taking in the unusually eerie silence and solitude of the place. I removed one of my grey wool gloves and retrieved my phone from my jacket pocket. The screen lit up, revealing a cheerful picture of my brother and I during a summer vacation at the lake, and also that it was only 8:32 at night.

Only 8:32? Strange that Bennett isn’t waiting for me...

A boreal owl softly hooted in the distance, while I warily made my way through the snow-clad slabs of stone. Fog eerily drifted past the haggard trees as they menacingly loomed above, their gnarled branches shimmering mystically in the moonlight while they drooped beneath the heavy weight of crystalline snow and ice. I ran my finger along the curved top of one of the headstones, watching as it left an indentation in the wet snow.

Greif enveloped my heart as I made my way to Lawrence’s gravesite, kneeling down upon the cruel cold earth where he forever rested. Tears gently fell from my downcast eyes while I mournfully laid the bouquet of roses before the dark grey stone engraven with his name. The bloodred petals looked beautiful against the snowy white ground, and if I wasn’t suddenly feeling a strange sense of unease I would have further admired the winsome look of them.

I warily lifted my head and glanced around, tucking a wavy lock of my naturally dark red hair behind my ear. Something seemed off about this particular visit to the cemetery. It felt as though something dangerous was lurking just beyond the shadows where the moon seldom reached. Something deadly waiting to ensnare me within its ghastly clutches. Something watching me with nefarious eyes. My gaze then trailed up to the moon, noticing the unusual blood-red star twinkling just below it. Every hair on my body stood straight up and my heartbeat quickened.

I think I should cut this visit short and leave... immediately.

Not wasting any more time, I stood back up and dusted the snow from my knees in a hurry. The ominous feeling became suffocating as I took one more quick glance around... then froze completely in fear with my eyes stuck upon what at first appeared to be some sort of strange apparition.

The silhouette of a very tall broad-shouldered man loomed within the moonlight and mist, betwixt the twisted trees. He began lowly humming in a deep baritone voice, the sound as beautiful as it was unsettling like a siren’s song. I seemed to lose track of how long I stared at him, wondering if it had been mere seconds or full minutes? He stood so still that I began to wonder if he was even truly there at all. Or was the mist playing tricks on my mind?... Then he suddenly took a step forward, breaking me out of whatever spell I was under.

...Oh god! Who is this creep!?

“Bennett? Is that you?” I warily called with an awkward wave of my hand, although whoever was approaching was far too tall and well built to be the lean-muscled, average-height grave keeper... Is he a freaking ghost!?

A dark closed-lipped chuckle came from the mysterious man. “No, sweet thing. Bennett’s not here anymore.” He sinisterly cooed in amusement, now halfway across the graveyard towards me.

My breath hitched in my chest as the moonlight illuminated his stunningly ethereal features. Long hair, black as a raven’s feather, framed his unnaturally handsome face. He had flawless skin that was as white as the snow, with thin blue veins webbing fainting up from his neck, over his strong sharp jaw, and across his high cheekbones. His icy eyes were deep sapphire around the edges of the irises, then they gradually swirled into the palest shades of winter blue just before the black of his pupil. They malevolently gleamed, almost glowed, with predatory prurience as they hypnotically floated before me... And then I suddenly realized that he’d somehow wandered right up in front of me and was leaning down to look into my wide fearful eyes, far too close to my face for comfort.

...What the fuck!? How’d that happen!?

I quickly jumped back with a small yelp and grasped onto Lawrence’s frosty headstone behind me, staring up at him like a skittish little mouse. It was then that I noticed just how oddly outdated he was dressed. He looked straight out of the late 1700s! With a sinister smile, he elegantly swooped his long impressive leg a single step closer, slightly bending his knee to trap me between himself and the stone.

My lips nervously pressed together as I mustered up the courage to kindly tell this handsome but creepy weirdo to fuck off. “Excuse me, sir, but would you please mind giving me some space? I’d like to leave now, and you’re standing in my way.” I tried to confidently say, hoping he didn’t notice just how spooked I truly was by our peculiar encounter.

He only moved closer, reaching out to gently caress my tear-stained cheek with his ice-cold fingers. “Actually, I’m afraid I must adjure you to stay. It would be a shame to see a pretty little thing such as yourself bid farewell while the night is so young.” He purred with a strange yet dangerous allure, then reached down to pick up a rose. His long silken hair appeared lustrous in the pale moonlight as it draped over his shoulder and tickled the snowy ground, before he straightened himself back up. Abruptly, his free hand lashed out to grab my chin and he roughly dragged his thumb across my lower lip. “What’s your name, girl?” His eyes briefly widened as he harshly spoke.

“Nope, sorry!” I quickly pushed his hand away with the back of mine while shaking my head. “I really need to go.” My foot stumbled to the side as I tried to make a hasty escape, weakly shoving him away. “Oh!“... What the!?

His strong arm swiftly snaked around my waist with exquisite grace, pulling my lower half to him while leaning me back. The mist slithered around us while his hypnotic blue eyes bore into mine with whimsical deviltry. “Hmm...” He hummed while dipping his head down to run his cold nose up the column of my throat, inhaling deeply. “But how can I let you leave when you have yet to tell me your name?... Like I asked.” There was a threat hidden within his velvety tone.

My hand trembled as I held it next to my chest, seeming unable to refuse his request out of fear. “Roseanne.” I frightfully whispered, hoping that would be the end of it and he’d let me go.

“Ah!” He smiled with sinister delight, then twirled a lock of my red hair between his cold pale fingers. “A red rose, indeed.” He mused.

I was about to ask this guy to leave me alone. But as I opened my mouth to speak, his lips crashed to mine in a ravenous, crushing cold kiss... Oh my god!... My eyes widened in shock and a gasp was ripped from my chest. A cool silky tongue forcefully thrust its way into my mouth, stealing my taste from between my warm lips and replacing it with a strange metallic flavor. His hips sensually gyrated against mine while his hand wove through my rubescent hair at the back of my head, holding me hostage to his lustful invasion.

Although his wavering lips were soft and pillowy, there was an abnormal chill to his breath. As though his very soul was frozen in a frosty unnatural death. And that’s when I realized what exactly was so off about his kiss... Blood!... His lips taste like blood!

The kiss suddenly broke with a sharp inhale and a gasp of pain. He’d taken my hand in his with the rose clasped between them, then pressed one of the sharp thorns into the pad of my thumb. My eyes widened in fear as I watched a small trickle of crimson begin to flow down to my wrist. There was a devilish glimmer in his eyes while he boldly made eye contact and held it. His silken tongue seductively traced the scarlet stream, slowly gliding up my thumb before sucking the tip into his mouth like an absolute freak.

What the actual fuck is going on!?

“Stop it! Let me go, you creep!” I panicked and wildly thrashed in his hold, trying to rip myself out of his unsolicited embrace.

He immediately released me with dark maniacal laughter spewing from his bloody lips, seemingly letting me get away on purpose. I took the opportunity without a single second of delay and frantically scrambled off to the side, stumbling over his sturdy leg. My feet kicked up snow as I took off in a frightened sprint, desperately trying to get the living fuck out of there as soon as possible... Only, I slammed right into another large strong chest before I got even a few measly feet away.

My wary gaze slowly peeked up at the pale ghost-like man before me. His stark white hair and silver eyes seemed to glisten like starlight in the moonglow, entrancing me with their spectral aspect. Like the other man, he was unnaturally handsome with his tall well-built body clad in outdated attire. Although he seemed far less wicked, friendly almost. His large cold hands clasped themselves around my hips, firmly holding me in a seemingly protective manner. The eerie mist was set agleam like a celestial-born spell as it swirled around us, and I felt as though I’d fallen into the arms of a heavenly being.

A rescuer!

“Oh thank goodness!” I exclaimed in relief. “Please help! Th-That man was harassing me!” My trembling fingers grasped at his coat as I fearfully peeked back at the malevolent dark-haired stranger.

A slow lazy smile stretched across his enticing full lips, and that’s when I noticed the small smattering of crimson on the corner of his mouth. “How did she taste?” He asked the other man.

...Oh shit, nevermind... I’m in danger...

“Sweet... Virgin...” The most sinister smirk I’d ever seen in all my life twisted upon the dark-haired man’s face, revealing an inhumanly long slightly curved fang. “...And she’s menstruating.”

I wasn’t sure what was more horrifying, the sight of that unnatural fang or the fact that he knew I was both menstruating and a virgin. I slowly dragged my terrified gaze back to the other man who was holding me.

He smiled down at me almost endearingly, showing off a pair of sharp pearly fangs of his own. “Wonderful. I’m in the mood for dessert.”

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