Blood of the Rose

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Chapter 2

Oh, fucking hell no!

Swift as lightning, I reached into my pocket and yanked out my phone in a crazed threatening manner, holding it up for the two lecherous lardheads to see. “Don’t you dare touch me! You will let me go, right now! Both of you! Or I’m calling the cops!” They both hissed like cornered house cats and flinched backwards once the screen lit up, as though it were some sort of horrifying apparition.

Okay... That was kind of weird.

In an instant, the dark-haired man had my phone in his hand and was crushing it to mere smithereens before my very eyes. The screen blackened with a jagged web of cracks highlighted by the moon before completely shattering. I stared in absolute horrified shock, having not even seen him move to grab the thing. He aggressively flashed his sharp inhuman teeth, then furiously threw the dilapidated remains of the phone across the graveyard with a detestable growl.

“My phone!” I desperately screamed with an outstretched arm, watching as the pieces were swallowed by the thick blanket of mist swirling across the ground. Like most people born to the younger generation, that $400 piece of mind-numbing metal and plastic was like a precious child to me.

“So, it would seem we have a witch on our hands!” The dark haired-man accusingly sneered in my face.

“And a pretty one at that.” The pale one’s lustful gaze raked over my now trembling form with twisted admiration.

The loose fiery ringlets of my hair bounced around my face as I quickly looked between them with fear and confusion. “Are you two crazy!? I am not a wit-”

Once again my lips were assaulted with a cold hypnotic kiss, swallowing away my protests. Unlike my first unwelcome smooch of the night, this one was more like the sensual caress of a solicitous lover. Snowy locks dusted my cheeks as the man ardently tightened his grip on my hips, pressing the hard masculine desire within his pants against my stomach. It was difficult to feel him through the thick swathing of my jacket, yet utterly unmistakable. His tongue gently dipped into my mouth, then he deepened the kiss with yearnful hunger.

Oh my!

A foreign flush of heat danced within my navel, and it would have been quite easy to lose myself to such a tender touch. Yet my hands slipped up along the rough material of his coat between us. I tried to push him away, attempting to break the oddly mesmerizing kiss. But then, I felt another large hard body pressing against my backside, keeping me pinned to the pale man before me. Long cold fingers grazed my throat to sweep my hair off to the side, making me shiver beneath their gentle touch. Goosebumps arose across my delicate skin as the slender bow of my neck was unveiled. My misty breath swirled out around our faces as I gasped away from the kiss. A second pair of lips began dancing just over my carotid pulse, peppering wet sultry kisses beneath my ear.

The star-jeweled heavens peacefully sparkled above, while my heart fearfully slammed in my chest and dread coursed through my veins, quickening my pulse. Those silver eyes widened before me with some sort of equivocal craving, then the soft cold lips which had seemingly worshiped my own mere moments ago violently crashed back down over my mouth. He roughly dragged his fangs along my bottom lip, leaving behind a slight sting while provoking twin beads of glistening crimson to paint my lips.

“No...” I whimpered and tried to turn away, right before he grabbed my face and ravenously drank the scarlet nectar from my bleeding mouth.

He sucked and licked licentiously, softly growling as he did so like a starving man. The second pair of lips trailed up from my neck and along my rosy cheek. Then to my surprise, a second tongue slipped to my mouth to dance with that of the other man, both greedily tasting my blood in a strangely erotic three-way kiss. A deep throaty moan came from one of them, while the other headily exhaled a predatory purr into my mouth. Their crimson-glossed lips then embraced one another and their faces pulled away from mine. I remained tightly trapped between their large excited bodies, awkwardly watching with wide wary eyes as the two eerily handsome men began passionately kissing just above me.

What the fuck is even happening right now?

With a flash of fangs, the dark-haired one suggestively nipped at the other’s lower lip, then slightly pulled away. One of the large hands left my waist, while the pale man affectionately tucked a lock of raven hair behind his companion’s ear.

“Hmm... No, I don’t think she’s a witch after all.” A malevolent grin flashed across his ebon-curtained face. “Just a mere mortal morsel.”

...A mere mortal morsel!? Oh no!

Silver eyes gleamed down at my face like liquid starfire as the pale man considered the other’s words. “Well, witch or not. I am quite fond of this one.” He cooed in a smooth sultry voice. “Shall we have her now, my love?”

“Hmm...” The man behind me hummed in pseudo thought. “Let us take her to the back of the cemetery where no souls shall see.” My hazel eyes abruptly widened as his hand swiftly clamped down around my blood-stained mouth, yanking me to his chest. “I plan to do wicked things to our sweet little rose, and I don’t want any interruptions.” His icy blue eyes twinkled with sinister delight.

“Agreed, let us be discrete until we know more of this new modern world. We wouldn’t want to start some sort of ballyhoo here.” A pale hand playfully twirled a lock of my hair just as the other man began to haul me away.

Oh shit! These guys are crazy and I’m actually about to die!

My screams of terror were muffled as the two mysterious madmen began dragging me across the snowy gloom-shrouded graveyard. I thrashed and desperately tried to dig my boots into the frost-laden ground, fearing for my very life. Tears poured from my eyes and my soul welled with sheer panic. The dark-haired man who held me seemed to relish in my distress, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d even dare say that it was turning him on.


“Did you get her name by chance?” The man’s silvery gaze brightly glistened in the starlight as he casually strolled along behind the psychopath who was aggressively manhandling me through the slabs of stone. I tried to forcefully elbow him in the stomach with a grunt, but it seemed to have no effect.

My legs frantically kicked up into the air, as he slightly lifted me off the ground to prevent me from hooking my foot around a low-set grave. “Yes, it’s Roseanne.” He grinned back at his companion, seemingly unphased by my struggles. “Quite fitting for a little red-haired beaut like her, I’d say.”

“Roseanne...” His white gossamer hair softly swayed in the breeze like a glimmering snowfall, as he sensually purred behind us while flashing a charming grin. “Well, my sweet Roseanne, my name is Caspian, and this is my beloved, Desmond.” He formalistically gestured to himself then to the man holding me as though we were meeting over a fancy dinner table, and not like they were dragging me off to my impending violation and death.

The menace apparently named Desmond rolled his eyes. “I’ll never understand your need to introduce yourself to the food.” We began journeying down a steady slope leading to the forest edge where the graves were few and sparse.

The food!? Holy shit! Are they cannibals!?

Two twisting trees hauntingly loomed above us. Their brooding black boughs drooping with the heavy weight of the glimmering snow. Small icicles dangled upon tiny twigs like louring crystalline tears frozen in time, a few snapping off as Desmond’s shoulder brushed against a particularly sullen branch. The snow appeared to be more shallow here, with tiny twigs and small shrubberies poking up through its shimmering surface. Shadows of the lofty looming spruce crept along the forest line, veiling sections of snow from the lucent rays of the moon. It truly would have been an oddly peaceful place under different circumstances.

The crunching of footsteps came to a stop, then he suddenly yanked my head back by my hair and viciously spoke to me from behind. His cruel cold breath fanned my ear, causing a shiver to creep up my spine. “Scream, and I’ll snap your flimsy little neck.” He growled, then roughly tossed me to the ground.

I landed in an unceremonious heap, my hands and knees digging into the cool solid snow with a yelp of pain. My chest heaved as I rolled over and frightfully stared up at them, panting and fearing for my life. “Please... please...” I whimpered with wide teary eyes. Caspian was already removing his jacket, revealing an alluring glimpse of a perfectly sculpted masculine torso, looking far more enchanting than I would have liked to admit. “Please don’t kill me. I’ll willingly give you my body, but please, don’t take my life.”

Desmond’s head tilted in thought with a slight snicker, an intrigued glimmer in his icy stare. The snow ominously crunched beneath his boots as he slowly approached and crouched down before me. He remained eerily still for a moment, looming above my trembling frame like the shadow of death, the only movement being his long dark hair softly fluttering behind him in the misty breeze. Then his hand steadily reached out and gently cupped my chin, forcing my hazel eyes to meet his piercing predatory gaze.

“You would willingly give us your body in exchange for your life?” He sinisterly questioned with a raised brow. The intensity of his stare making me feel as though he were stabbing my soul with sharp daggers of ice.

“Ye-Yes, I would.” I fearfully stammered, confirming my supine suggestion.

A wicked laugh bellowed from his chest, as though he were genuinely amused. “I’ll tell you what...” He quickly glanced over his shoulder at Caspian, who was distractedly grinning down at his bare pectoral muscles while egotistically flexing them like a total himbo. “Caspian!” He shouted, making the pale-haired man jump to attention and hurry over, listening intently. “Because we both find you very pretty...”

“Pretty as a rose.” Caspian mused.

“Yes, yes.” Desmond dismissively waved a hand at him. “I will make you a deal.”

I warily nodded my head, hoping that this would end well. “Al-Alright.”

His eyes flashed back at Caspian, then they both exchanged devious smirks. “If you give us your body.. and.. pleasure us well enough tonight, we’ll extend to you our graces and let you live.” His expression then darkened and his tone dropped an octave. “However... If we are not thoroughly satisfied with you, we’ll drain every drop from your veins and leave your lifeless corpse to rot betwixt these trees.” He gestured at the two twisting trees on either side of us.

The distant boreal gales howled down the steep mountain slopes, causing the trees to creak and clank above us. A few little sprinkles of snow fell from the swaying branches, catching in my ruby locks like sparkling diamonds. My palms were becoming numb as I pressed them into the frozen earth, staring up at the two ethereally beautiful monsters before me with squared shoulders and a look of confidence.

“Deal.” I bravely stated, since having a chance to live was still far better than none at all.

Although, bravery was to last thing I could feel flourishing within my soul. I was a virgin about to fuck two sharp-toothed, blood-sucking, cannibal murderers in exchange for my life. I’d only ever kissed one man before these two, and he’d told me I was terrible at it. That had ruined all my confidence and I never tried pursuing anyone ever again... And now I was probably a dead woman because of it.

...Thanks a lot, Garrett.

“Excellent.” Desmond said with a sinister grin, making me feel as though I’d just sold my soul to the devil.

Caspian was grinning too but he looked far merrier, more like an excited child who’d just received a new toy. He gently dragged his hand down my front, softly purring in approval. “A beautiful red rose from my beloved.” He murmured.

Desmond lovingly smiled at him, giving him a quick tender kiss. It was the first hint of softness I’d seen from him yet. Then his expression once again froze over with a fiendish sneer as he turned back to me. “You can start by taking all your clothes off, then I want you to crawl to me like a bitch and beg to suck my cock.” He stood back up and took a few steps back. “And don’t keep me waiting.”

My heart slammed with anxiety and I scarcely remembered to breathe... This was actually happening... I hastily scurried up to my feet, then with trembling hands began to unbutton my jacket in a hurry. Desmond watched with a sadistic smirk, while Caspian eerily circled around me. The moon glowed upon the back of his head like a ghostly halo as he appeared on my right. The shadow cast over his features had my heart nearly stopping in terror. It was then that I realized the light in his eyes was not a mere reflection of the stars, but they were in fact glowing like two spectral lunar orbs. These two men were not of this world...

...What are they?

I fearfully pulled my dark green sweater dress off over my head, leaving me in only black leggings, boots, and a lacy red bra. Desmond’s hungry gaze drank in the sight of my exposed pale flesh, and he flashed another sickening fangy grin.

...Holy shit! The blood drinking... The fangs... The glowing hypnotic eyes and cold skin... They’re definitely vampires!

I kicked off my boots, then began pulling down my leggings, revealing my matching lacy red panties. “You’re- You’re vampires? Aren’t you?” My whispered question floated upon the mist, while my frightened gaze sought out Caspian’s lustful smile.

“Indeed we are.” He purred while taking a calculated step toward me. A twig snapped beneath his boots as he slowly stepped behind me and roughly grabbed my ass with both hands. “And this is one callipygian peach.” With a lusty chuckle and a pervy growl, he gave my left cheek a lewd smack. He then circled back around, and his hand abruptly dove beneath the front of my panties. I gasped as he boldly shoved two fingers between my most intimate feminine petals without any warning... Then his brows furrowed in confusion.

“What the fuck is that?” He muttered. My eyes widened as I felt exactly what he was feeling, my cheeks flushing in utter mortification. I sputtered incoherently like a dunce as he grabbed and pulled the bloody tampon from between my lower lips then lifted it up to his face, inspecting it like some strange foreign object. “Eh, doesn’t matter.” He casually shrugged and carelessly flicked it away, likely having surmised its purpose. “You won’t be needing it.”

I gasped again as his hand once more descended down to salaciously invade my center. The unrefined pads of his fingertips created the most unnerving, scorching friction over my tender sensitive flesh. They were so unlike my own gentle dainty fingers. It was my first receiving the touch of a man. So much larger and firmer... rougher than I’d imagined, sending waves of storming apprehension crashing over me for what was to come.

“Hurry it up, my love. You’re distracting her from my orders.” Desmond stated in annoyance, elegantly leaning back against the dark rough trunk of a tree with crossed arms. “I want those plump rosy red lips wrapped around my cock, already.” He lazily pointed at me while circling his hand.

Caspian’s face lit up with amusement, flashing me a secret smirk as though he greatly enjoyed aggravating his partner. His finger circled over my opening, then his hand slowly slipped back out. He maintained wickedly sinful eye contact while sucking his crimson-dipped fingers into his mouth. A deep masculine moan of delight reverberated from his throat as he gracefully took a step back, allowing me to finish my non-consensual task.

With a nervous gulp, I continued to unhook my bra, letting it fall to the shimmering white ground below. The plump twin knolls of my breasts softly bounced as I moved, while my perky pink nipples beaded out painfully in the chilly night air. My hands glided down the sides of my long shapely thighs as I dropped my panties too, exposing a small glimpse of my twin sepals and my firm perfectly rounded ass. Desmond lustfully growled and Caspian lewdly licked his bloody lips. I knew this was totally fucked up, but the way their scorching gazes watched me made me feel like a sensual goddess of immense beauty.

“Stockings too, my sweet.” Desmond lickerishly called, making me realize I’d forgotten to take off my goofy banana-print socks.

...Oh my god! How embarrassing!

I hastily ripped away my humiliating socks, then slowly did as instructed and got down on all fours. The skin on the souls of my hands and on my knees turned pink and I crawled naked over the rough snowy ground, shivering from both the cold and fear. Twigs snapped beneath me while my weight left a shadowed trail in the snow behind me. Desmond leered at me like an insect, making doubt of survival creep into my soul.

...What if I don’t please him?

I fully knew the answer to that. He’d kill me. My stomach twisted with anxiousness as I knelt before him, slowly gliding my tremulous hands up his strong masculine thighs. Although he didn’t seem to give off any body heat, the material of his pants still offered relief from the cold February air.

“Beg.” He harshly whispered down at me, causing me to flinch.

“Pl-Please...” I awkwardly gulped down the nervous lump in my throat. “Please let me suck on your... your...” I froze with panic, staring up at him with wide timid eyes, unsure of what to do.

“Say it.”

“Your cock.” I whispered.

“Take it out and put it in your mouth, whore.” He growled.

My gaze flickered over the firm bulge hidden within his dark outdated pants. I began carefully unbuttoning the two rows of buttons on either side of it, unfolding a strange victorian flap over his manhood. I shrieked as a large fleshy appendage suddenly sprang free, nearly whacking me right on the nose. My eyes widened as I regathered myself, stumbling back while taking in the sight of the massive cock waving in my face.

My poor frightened virgin eyes had never beheld such an obscene sight in all my life. I sat there, staring at it dumbfounded like a fearful little rabbit. It was true, I’d seen illustrations in school anatomy books before. It had always caused a blush to creep over my cheeks as I peeked between the male’s legs before modestly averting my gaze. But those had always been so small. So flaccid. Two dimensional. This thing was something completely different. Dangerous, I dare say. It was so thick and long, with a pearly bead of precum glistening tauntingly upon the silted tip in the lunar light.

How the fuck is that Alaskan bull worm of a penis going to fit into my mouth!?

Desmond looked devilishly amused, wickedly staring down at me with knowing. “Have you never seen a man’s sword before?” He smugly questioned, no doubt greatly enjoying my reaction. I could hear Caspian softly chuckling behind me.

“W-Well, I, um, not- Humph!” My words were mangled as he abruptly grabbed the back of my head and shoved himself into my mouth.

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