Blood of the Rose

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Chapter 3

The snow burned at my knees while tears burned at my eyes. I desperately grasped at his legs, feeling his hard thick flesh forcefully glide between my lips. His taste was a bit salty, and surprisingly, under different circumstances I may have found it oddly enjoyable. The ridge of his tip then slid to the back of my tongue, nearly choking me as he filled my mouth completely.

“Take it all, my sweet innocent rose.” He darkly commanded, right before violently shoving it all the way down my throat.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I pathetically choked on his cock. Each time he pulled out, I desperately gasped for air, then gagged and sputtered as he violently shoved it back in. His face contorted into an expression of pure sexual malice. The tips of his fingers dug painfully through my hair, while he hissed and grunted in pleasure above me.

Two large hands suddenly grabbed my inner thighs and spread them wide apart, dragging my knees along the cold unforgiving ground before slightly lifting them up. Cool breath fanned my bleeding feminine center, then a pair of soft lips lightly brushed against my scarlet-dew glossed petals like the faint kiss of a ghost. And while my mouth was being utterly tormented, the most foreign blissful feeling suddenly bloomed between my legs.

At first, I didn’t understand what was happening down there, my mind too muddled by the giant dick dipping into my throat. But something soft, wet, and silky had begun sensually gliding between my folds, sending shivers of warmth coursing up my spine and coiling within my core. Then the caress of velvety white hair on my inner thighs had me nearly bucking back in surprise.

Oh my god! He’s licking at my blood!

I shamefully moaned around the thrusting cock in my mouth at the heavenly feeling... Still gagging, but moaning too. Caspian’s lips pressed roughly to my lower pair in the most sinful way, making my stomach tighten with new and unknown pleasures. His ministrations became more earnest, delving deeper with raw growing hunger. The silken length of his tongue prodded at my tight entrance, flicking into it with wicked intent. I stiffened further, feeling more heat budding within my core from the delightful invasion, creating a desperate yearnful craving of my own.

Desmond’s grip on my head tightened further and his thrusting became even more furious, making it hard to concentrate on the sensation between my thighs. “Grab her throat, Caspian.” He breathily grunted. “I want you to feel my cock twitching while I come between her lips.”

I felt those lips pressed to my hidden petals turn up into a smirk. A strong arm reached around and snaked up my midriff, reaching over my right breast, then stopping to give it a sensual squeeze before slithering to my throat. His cold fingers wrapped around and tightened over my windpipe, making it all the more pleasurable for Desmond as he thrust into my bulging throat. Then the tongue that was lapping away at my essence began flicking over my hidden rosebud.

“Oh!” I tried to yelp in surprise, but my voice with muffled by Desmond’s devious dick.

I squirmed and tried to scream from the erotic feeling coursing through my veins. Tears cascaded down my cheeks while my lungs burned for oxygen. Desmond’s thrusting became uneven and sporadic, his groans of pleasure turning into desperate growls of need, the masculine sounds only heightening my own desperation. Caspian’s lips suddenly wrapped around my little pearl of pleasure, then he furiously sucked like his life depended on it, causing the budding heat within my core to finally blossom. My whole body shuddered and went rigid as a blissful wave of tingles spread across my skin. I wantonly screamed over Desmond’s cock while releasing into Caspian’s waiting mouth.

“Fuck...” Desmond growled as his cock began to twitch within my throat.

I could feel his muscular thighs tense and flex beneath my hands as a deep sultry growl tore from his throat. Thick rivers of cum began to flow down my throat, causing me to gag and instinctually try to spit it out. But his cock remained lodged inside of me, forcing me to swallow every last drop. Caspian continued to suck and swirl his tongue over my pussy lips, drinking in the mingling essence of my lifeblood and pleasure.

An owl hooted in the distance while my fingers weakly clung to Desmond’s pants, my knees and toes numb from the cold. I strenuously panted against his still erect cock, desperately trying to catch my breath. Caspian lewdly licked from my clit all the way to my ass, then began peppering little wet kisses up my spine, with his silky hair tickling my sides. His large hands cradled both of my breasts as he slowly rose to his feet, carrying me up with him. Then his bloody lips connected with Desmond’s love-slacken smirk.

I warily stood trapped between them, exhaustedly leaning my back against Caspian’s front while they continued to passionately kiss. It was then that I realized that he’d removed his pants, and his bare hardness was pushing into the curve of my back. His hands moved from my breasts to seductively unbutton Desmond’s jacket, revealing his sinfully sculpted abdominal muscles. Caspian pushed the sleeves from Desmond’s shoulders, squishing me into Desmond’s bare flesh while they moaned and growled into each other’s mouths. Just as the discarded jacket fell to the frosty ground, Desmond’s large hand took possession of my left tit, giving it a rough squeeze.

“Now, my sweet little rose.” Caspian seductively purred into my ear, then gave it a soft sensual kiss with a gentle nip on the lobe. I jumped as his hand reached down between my legs. He skillfully grabbed me with his middle finger pressing into my pussy and his thumb pressing into my ass, his ring and pointer fingers cradling my outer lips. “We’ll be tainting your innocence tonight... All of it.” His fingers alternated between my two holes to make his point clear. “This here is going to hurt...” His finger pushed further yet between my lower lips, making me wince from the slight twinge of pain. “But not nearly as much as this.” His thumb shoved deeper into my ass, and my body full-on jerked with a yelp. “Would you like us to help numb the pain?” He almost lovingly offered, then tenderly kissed my cheek.

“No!” Desmond quickly hissed in disagreement. “I want to see the pain in her eyes while I deflower our sweet red rose!”

“I told you, I’m quite fond of this one.” Caspian shrugged, then gave my cheek another quick peck. I quivered in fear, pleading to any and every diety that Caspian would be the victor of this slight disagreement. “I want to take good care of our little rose, help her enjoy this as much as she can.”

Desmond angrily growled, flashing his fangs in aggression. Yet he seemed to wish not to displease his beloved. “Alright, fine. But I’m taking her cunt first, without giving her any accommodation... Then you can pleasure her ass as you please.” He begrudgingly rolled his eyes. His hands furiously lashed out and wrapped around the backs of my thighs in a bruising grip. “He may desire to please you, but your virgin cunt is mine and I will not be gentle! Do you understand, little rose?” Caspian helped him position my thighs as Desmond lifted me up to wrap my legs around his hips, opening me up to him.

“Y-Yes.” I stammered in terror as the tip of his massive throbbing cock nudged at my virgin center.

My blood felt like ice and panic gnawed at my gut, threatening to claw its way out of my soul like a frightened beast. I knew I had agreed to do this. He’d kill me if I hadn’t. But it was still the most terrifying moment of my life. My trembling hands grasped at his broad sturdy shoulders, with his hands tightly squeezing my thighs, holding me up between their tall masculine frames. Caspian reached in between us and grabbed Desmond’s cock, rubbing it back and forth along my entrance.

“Fuck her now, my love.” He cooed. “I am very eager for my turn.”

With a cruel smirk, Desmond’s icy gaze shifted to meet mine. His fingernails dug painfully into my legs, eliciting little droplets of blood to bead up around them. Then he violently slammed his steel-hard shaft halfway inside of my tight virgin hole with a merciless growl. I screamed in pain and tightly closed my eyes, writhing at the sharp burning sensation of it. Glistening tears dripped from my long lashes as my head fell to his shoulder, my whole body tense with protest.

“Look at me while I fuck you!” He furiously roared like a snarling animal.

I gasped with my mouth remaining open, having no choice but to lean my head back while prying apart my teary eyes. I couldn’t believe just how painful it truly was. It felt like he was ripping me in half. Caspian’s hands began to tenderly fondle my breasts, while he whispered sweet comforting nothings into my ear. Yet all I could focus on was the searing pain radiating through my vagina, and the sadistic enjoyment written across Desmond’s grinning face.

He began to bounce my body up and down over his, brutally spearing me with fiendish delight. His hips forcefully pushed up as he aggressively pulled me down, going deeper and deeper each time. His malevolent blue gaze never left mine while he repeatedly penetrated and defiled my sacred vessel, eyes twinkling with malicious satisfaction. Long raven locks swayed with every forceful thrust, falling between our entwined bodies like threads of silk.

With a low growl reverberating within his chest, he finally sank all the way in, holding me there at the hilt. My legs wrapped tightly around his waist in some desperate attempt for stability, while my sensitive pearl rubbed up against the short dusting of hair adorning his pubic bone. My whole body shuddered as I adjusted to him. Blood flowed over his fingers while he snarled and gnashed his fangs in my face with glowing eyes, relishing the way I flinched away. A whimper of pain fell from my quivering lips, causing his dick to happily twitch deep inside of me.

“How does she feel?” Caspian purred while grinding his erection against my backside, becoming friskier by the moment like a wild animal ready to rut.

“Divine.” Desmond purred back, then pressed a deep passionate kiss to my lips. I struggled to kiss him back, barely moving my lips in return. His kisses sensually trailed down over my cheek, moving to the side of my neck before leaving a long lingering lick. “Take her while I feed.”

A scream bled from my soul as his sharp teeth abruptly pierced my tender throat. Desmond’s bloody cock slipped out of my womb, leaving me feeling oddly empty inside with my legs trembling around him. But then, Caspian eagerly replaced it, taking me from a different angle and caressing new secret places inside myself. I was quite sore, but he was gentle with his invasion. He slowly pumped in and out a few times with tender consideration, then stopped while completely sheathed in my heat.

“You have the most soft and silky, resplendent little cunt, my sweet.” He throatily purred into my ear, voice dripping with velvety pleasure. “Now, let’s see how this beautiful ass feels, shall we?” He gave my buttcheeks a squeeze.

His cock slipped away, glistening with my blood as the tip glided down to my second hidden doorway. My fingers forcefully threaded through Desmond’s hair as he continued to lap away at my neck, while anxious anticipation fell upon me like a blinding shadow. I was so terrified of feeling such pain again, especially back there! Yet, my fears seemed to come true as Desmond violently rammed into my pussy once more.

I yelped and thrashed, fresh tears streaming down my cheeks. Caspian’s face suddenly appeared on my left, the opposite side of where Desmond was drinking from. “Look at me.” He softly spoke. I did as he asked, dragging my gaze up to where it instantly locked on his, completely unable to look away despite Desmond’s forceful penetrations. It was as though he was weaving an entrancing spell over me. His eyes brightly glowed, swirling like living liquid mist as he held my gaze. It was utterly mesmerizing and truly terrifying.

“I am bringing you great pleasure.” He cooed in a deep hypnotic voice, as his cock began to slowly and gently sink inside of me. “You are enjoying my company far better than Desmond’s.” Desmond made an irritated grunt against my neck in response. Although, he didn’t need to charm me into thinking such things.

My lips parted in a soft ‘O’ as pleasure began flourishing throughout my entire body. I knew that his cock should have felt far worse than Desmond’s had, yet it felt downright blissful. I moaned like a wanton whore and eagerly tried to wiggle further down onto him, surprising myself with my promiscuous behavior.

“Careful, my sweet rose. Pleasurable or not, I could still hurt you if we go too fast.” He chuckled while gliding his nose up the side of my neck. He breathily smiled against my skin, then his teeth swiftly sank in.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head at the euphoric feeling of it. Unlike when Desmond had bitten me, this felt utterly amazing. But as Desmond’s fangs pulled out, they left a sharp throbbing pain in contrast. It was so confusing. One man was causing me so much pleasure, while the other was causing so much pain. My body didn’t know what to make of it.

Desmond’s lips trailed down my throat and to the soft swell of my right breast. His wicked tongue danced around my beaded nipple, suckling it into his cold wet mouth. I gasped while he roughly caught the sensitive flesh between his teeth, giving it a licentious tug.

Caspian kissed and nipped at my neck, sensually lapping at my blood while slowly sinking up to the root of his cock. He and Desmond exchanged devious glances, then Desmond sank all the way inside of me too, leaving my lower half completely filled by their huge straining cocks. The stretch was like nothing I’d ever felt before. Both pushing at different areas, yet rubbing against one another within my middle. My head lulled back to gaze up at the bejeweled midnight sea of stars, while my insides trembled and ached for something unknown.

Both men straightened their heads back up, with my hips firmly pinned between their two pelvises. “Let us bring our little rose some more pain.” Desmond sadistically cooed.

“And pleasure.” Caspian purred in agreement.

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