Blood of the Rose

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Chapter 4

Lofty spruce and barren branches swayed in the frigid alpine winds, casting eldritch shadows across the glimmering snow and ice shrouded graveyard. The lucent light kissed my cold tear-streaked face, while I tilted my head back and squeezed my hazel eyes tightly closed. Crimson dyed a small patch of Caspian’s wintery hair as it smoothly glided over my weeping throat. His handsome face leaned forward and stole my breath away with a tender touch from his sultry lips. My tongue wantonly yielded to his, tasting the metallic tang of blood lingering upon his deathly cold kiss. I knew that this was wrong, yet he had done something to my mind which set my blood aflame and made me desperately yearn for his caresses.

With perverse abandon, my legs lasciviously tightened around Desmond’s hips and my fingers clawed at smooth flexing muscles of his back, relishing in the overwhelming feeling of fullness both men provided my lower half. Desmond purred as he feverishly kissed and sucked along my slender pale neck to leave faint pink welts behind, then sinisterly grazed his sharp glistening fangs along my jawline. While Caspian continued to hungrily fuck my mouth with his greedy tongue.

“Now.” Desmond suddenly growled, sending tremors of fear dancing along my skin.

Oh, snap...

Both men simultaneously dragged their hips back in a slow predatory manner, holding me up by my legs while their large cocks partially retreated. They exchanged quick malevolent smirks, then forcefully shoved themselves back up inside of me at the exact same time, causing a wave of nearly unbearable salacious sensations to crash through every fiber of my being. A scream bled from my lips and poured into Caspian’s mouth, while I strenuously stiffened between them like a poor palsied pansy. Caspian’s pale fingers threaded through Desmond’s silken night-spun hair, as they both licentiously licked and kissed at my mouth and throat. Their hips began to create a slow yet powerful rhythm in perfect synchronicity, fucking me at the same time.

I gasped and cried with every thrust, my pearled breasts scrapping against Desmond’s bare chest to create the most wonderful friction between us. Their intoxicating masculine scents permeated my nose. The malevolent music of their growls and moans filled my ears, while their enthralling flavors danced upon my tastebuds. Every inch of my skin broke out into a scorching sweat, as together they stroked the fires of passion deep inside my innermost being.

The wind eerily howled through the clanking broideries of bough etched across the mantle of the stary sky, matching the inner turbulence which swirled within my soul. It felt like both the most euphoric torment and agonizing rapture imaginable. I was still tender and sore where Desmond’s cock cruelly caressed, causing twinges of pain to stab through my core. Yet every inch of Caspian was like the touch of heaven, filling me with divine pleasure I could never have even dreamed of. I was freezing cold yet my blood was on fire, muddling my mind with some blissful yet dreadful unholy confliction.

The icy luster of Desmond’s blue gaze gleamed with delight as he lustfully bit my lower lip. I whimpered at the sting whilst he imbibed upon the crimson blossom of lifeblood perversely spewing between our bittersweet kiss.

“So sweet...” He softly murmured against my lips.

The pressure within my lower stomach turned into a thrumming of heat with every erotic invasion of their masculine members. Caspian’s large hand reached up to gently wrap around my throat, while Desmond reached below to fondle together the twin sacks of their seed. He gently squeezed them against my slick slit, making Caspian hiss in pleasure against my ear.

“Fuck...” His deep velvety voice breathily rumbled.

A chill was subtly seeping into my rattling bones since both sinewy masculine bodies offered no consolation from the cold, yet I scarcely noticed it. Their deathly frames kept me fully distracted as they continued to thrust and flex, caging me in with their ghastly yet alluring vampiric essence. They completely dominated my body, taking ownership of it with every powerful and calculated penetration. It was hard to tell where one ended and the other began, as their arms lasciviously encircled me and their hands feverishly clawed and grasped at every inch of my goosebumped flesh.

Who’s lips am I even kissing right now? Fuck if I know...

The pace rapidly picked up as a sense of urgency fell upon us, making my stomach twist and between my legs grow all the hotter. I could feel the pressure building, carrying me away to a level of desperation I never knew could exist within myself. Both men grew tenser and more forceful, grunting and growling with unbridled need. Their thrusting became short and quick, rapidly moving in and out of my poor quivering core.

Their pelvises pushed unbearably tight against my lower half, firmly squeezing me with heated desperation while I gasped and sputtered between them. Desmond’s mouth covered mine to drink in the scream of my pleasure-filled agony, as my inner walls began to pulsate around them. Stars flashed within the darkness of my mind, while tingles sparkled up my spine. Cold blood pooled around my nails from how tightly I was holding onto Desmond’s shoulders, tearing his skin as they furiously tore through my body.

Caspian feverishly leaned forward and began kissing and licking away his beloved’s blood, dancing his silky tongue across my straining fingertips. Moans of release echoed throughout the eerie gravesite, as their cocks twitched and emptied inside of me, filling me completely with their undead seed.

As our crescendo ebbed away, I trembled while still listlessly holding onto Desmond, exhaustedly burying my face into the bow of his neck. Wispy raven locks whimsically tickled against my cheek, while Caspian’s long cool fingers brushed the ringlets of hair from my neck, allowing him to softly flutter his lips up along it. Both of their bodies were still tightly trapping mine between them, yet a sense of gentleness seemed to now enshroud our encounter.

“Did I pleasure you well enough to earn my life?” I breathily whispered against Desmond’s cool skin. My heart sang with anxiety, and the fear of having been no good to them flashed into my mind like an ominous streak of lightning webbing through the storm clouds of uncertainty.

A deep wicked chuckle rumbled within the pit of his heartless chest, making me numb with trepidation. “My sweet rose, how can you expect me to answer such a thing when I have yet to even taste you?” He leaned back to mischievously peer into my eyes.

“She tastes wonderful.” Caspian optimistically chimed in with a lusty grin. “I can’t wait for you to try her too, my love.”

...They just practically pummelled my vagina and ass to death, and they’re still not done with me!? What the actual fuck!?

My eyeballs practically separated from my face as I took in his words. “But-But you just came inside of me! Both of you did!”

“I know.” Desmond darkly cooed while pulling me off of him.

An unexpected emptiness filled my lonely center as they withdrew their sinful appendages of pleasure. Caspian’s large strong arms slipped beneath my weak shaky legs and cradled me closely against his hard chest with tenderness and care. Meanwhile, Desmond sank down to lay upon the glimmering white blanket of snow. His pale naked body looked lustrous in the gleaming light of the moon, with his long inky locks sprawled out around him like a cape of the blackest velvet. Wicked blue eyes glowed as though his soul held icy enchantments of graven profanations, lingering with lust upon my exposed shivering skin.

“Now my love, sit her cunt upon my face.” Sharp fangs flashed behind his sensual lips as he wickedly grinned up at me.

Caspian’s eyes twinkled with delight as he took a few crunching steps toward his lover. I swallowed the lump of fear in my throat, praying to any and every deity that I could possibly think of that Desmond would be kind to me down there. My trembling hands grasped at the hard ridges forming his sinfully chiseled abdominals, while Caspian gently lowered me so my knees were straddling the raven-locked head and sinking into the snow. Every muscle in my legs felt limp and noodly, weakly shaking as I struggled to properly hold myself up.

“Oh!” I gasped as Desmond’s tongue began to sensually slide between my folds, purring in approval as he did so.

“Fuck, she is delicious.” He growled against my pearl while squeezing my hips painfully hard.

I yelped and fell further forward, shuddering as his teeth gently nipped at my brutalized button. Peering up with teary eyes, I found that I was suddenly nose to nose with Caspian’s smirking face. He was predatorily crouching between Desmond’s powerful thighs, with his soft white hair elegantly flowing over his strong broad shoulders and down his back. His smoldering silver gaze never sundered from mine as he lewdly sucked the tip of Desmond’s hard glistening cock between his full lips. Desmond gasped against my cunt, making me jerk and moan as his fingers tightened further yet around my hips.

Caspian sucked Desmond’s length all the way down into his throat with skilled proficiency, then licked as he made his way back up, moaning in delight. I stared as though hypnotized by the erotic sight of it, feeling the heat swiftly increasing between my legs. I gasped while Desmond’s tongue twisted like a snake inside of me, feverishly lapping away at both of our combined releases.

“Taste him with me.” Caspian lustfully cooed with the wanton timbre of a siren. There was a lopsided lust-stricken smile on his face, then his tongue darted and swirled over the tip.

I have no choice but to oblige him... I reassured myself to help snuff out any budding feelings of genuine desire to suck on the sadistic vampire man’s cock again.

Tentatively, I lowered my lips to meet Caspian’s. His hands grasped at Desmond’s strong manly thighs while he passionately kissed me like a long-lost lover. He then threaded his fingers through my scarlet tresses with a smile and pushed my mouth down over Desmond’s straining erection once more. My lips curled over him while he kissed the intimate petals of my femininity, both of us pleasuring one another with our mouths.

“Suck your cheeks in for him.” Caspian huskily instructed.

The snow numbed my cold red knees and glittered upon the weeping icicle-adorned branches above us. I did as he asked and sucked in my cheeks to create more suction within my mouth, earning a throaty groan of approval from Desmond. Caspian seductively stroked his own throbbing cock as he licked and suckled on Desmond’s balls, then trailed his tongue up after me as I lifted back up. Both of our tongues began to friskily fence around Desmond’s grith, creating hot wet suckling noises as we did so.

Desmond’s lips forcefully curled around my rosebud, then he abruptly sucked painfully hard, sending a shock wave of pleasure coursing through me. An impassioned scream spilled from my lips, as Caspian hastily grabbed my hand and wrapped it around Desmond’s cock with his. He squeezed tight making it so we both vigorously jerked him off together, while my cunt spasmed in release against Desmond’s soft cold lips.

Thick spurts of passion glistened in the pale lunar glow as he released his seed into Caspian and I’s awaiting mouths. His hips torridly bucked and his stomach flexed wildly beneath me. Caspian pressed hot open-mouthed kisses to my lips, flicking his tongue out to lap away at Desmond’s cum from the corner of my mouth.

“You were right to be fond of this one, my love.” Desmond’s breath fanned my glistening pussy as he spoke. His large hands caressed up my inner thighs then gave my butt a rough squeeze. “Her taste is exquisite.”

Caspian’s kisses tapered away with a few affectionate pecks. “I know.” He smiled at me with a look that reflected that fondness.

A few after tremors swirled up my spine like a flurry of snowflakes as Desmond gave me one final lick between my legs. My heart pounded with anticipation while I thought about the idea of going home and living with this wild memory of lost virginity. And as pleasurable as it had all been, I hoped with all my soul that would never encounter the like of these two ever again. I smiled to myself, certain that they were finally done with me. There was no fucking way that these two lecherous undead creatures could possibly come again.

Caspian slowly dragged my limp body forward, making my wet pussy glid down the length of Desmond’s torso. My sensitive clit throbbed back to life each time it passed over one of the hard ropes of muscle forming his abdominals. Caspian lustfully growled while his large hands lifted me up beneath my thighs, then to my utter shock, he abruptly impaled my weeping cunt with his still rock-solid cock as he knelt in the snow.

Holy fuck!

I breathily inhaled and deliriously sputtered, weaving my arms tightly around his neck to lace my dainty fingers through his silky hair. Whatever seducer’s spell he’d cast over me was definitely still in effect. Tears of pleasure cascaded down my cheeks from the mere feeling of having him inside of me. Every inch of my skin where he touched blossomed to life and I felt as though I were suddenly drowning in waves of rapture. My enervated legs struggled to wrap around his hips while he slowly leaned forward, gently resting my back upon the cold snow.

...Wait? Where did Desmond go?

The answer to my question became known as he came into sight, looming over Caspian like a malevolent specter of death. His long fingers gently caressed over the other man’s shoulders, making Caspian visibly melt into his touch. He knelt down and neatly grabbed a fistful of Caspian’s hair, then aggressively yanked it back and licked up along the side of his neck.

“Shall I fuck you while you fuck her, my love?” He darkly purred into his ear, dark hair softly catching on the fridged breeze.

Caspian hummed in delight and his cock excitedly twitched inside of me. “I was hoping you would.” He perversely grinned while peering back at his beloved. The bright blueish moonlight kissed his strong brow and shadowed his sharp jawline, making his ghostly profile seem all the more ethereal and alluring.

A dark chuckle rumbled from Desmond’s chest. With sinister delight, he mounted Caspian’s backside, spreading his thighs on either side of our entwined legs. Caspian’s face twisted in ecstasy as Desmond began to slowly sink inside of him, making him push even deeper inside of my womb. Both men moaned in pleasure, hissing and growling as their bodies joined as one. Caspian’s arms wove tightly around me, somewhat protecting my bare skin from the bite of the ice while his lips heated pressed to mine in a fit of utter rapture.

Desmond began to forcefully thrust into his beloved, his hips powerfully slamming against him, making Caspian grind up against me with every amorous invasion. Caspian breathily groaned against my lips, then trailed his affection down along my neck to the peeking blooms of my breasts. He torridly licked and sucked on my bosom, while his long thick cock stroked my innermost being with each snap of Desmond’s hips.

Both of Desmond’s hands suddenly landed on either side of my head, fingers strenuously curling into the crystalline snowflakes. His lips ravenously crashed down upon mine like that of a starving beast, with his body crushing Caspian’s into mine. His dark silky hair curtained my view of the moon, while my hands grasped at Caspian’s pale tresses. Our tastes lingered upon our feverish kiss, as his tongue dove deep into my wavering mouth with heated passion.

I was so spent and so sensitive that another orgasm began to quickly take over my senses. My whole body was wracked with tremor after tremor of mind-shattering bliss. My eyes rolled into the back of my head while I held onto Caspian for dear life, tightening my legs around his hips. The pulsations of my inner walls caused his own pinnacle to peek, as a rush of liquid seed filled my womb yet again. His sharp teeth suddenly pierced my right breast, drawing out the crimson nectar which he so desperately sought.

Desmond shuddered and released into Caspian as he reopened the wound on my neck. My body grew impossibly weak and cold as they drained me of my lifeforce, feeding their voracious appetites for the ambrosia which coursed through the veins of the living. The nightwind gusted against my freezing flesh, chilling me all the way to the bone. Our entangled bodies laid in an erotic heap, while my shivering lips turned blue.

“Will you let me live now?” My teeth chattered through my words.

Desmond hummed against my skin, then sat back and wiped the crimson drizzle from his chin. Caspian’s mouth released my breast, and his silver eyes sought Desmond’s icy stare with a pleading gaze. He pulled me up and cradled my limp frame to his chest as though I were something precious to him, while Desmond’s arms wrapped him in a tender embrace. I weakly curled further against Caspian in a desperate search for warmth, even though his skin felt cold as death.

“I suppose I am satisfied, and a deal is a deal...” Desmond nonchalantly waved his hand. “However, I’m afraid you are already too close to dying, my dear rose. You’ve lost so, so much blood, and you’re currently freezing to death. You’ll never make it out of this cemetery alive.” He smirked.

Anxiety began to course through my veins upon hearing him say that. Tears welled in my eyes as I weekly clung to Caspian, knowing that it was the truth. Even if they did let me go, I wouldn’t survive. I was surely going to die this night.

“B-But you promised.” I sniffled, knowing full well that saying such things would get me nowhere. Transitoriness was now forever fettered to my fate.

“Yes, you promised her!” Caspian agreed while tightening his hold on me, seeming equally upset about it, oddly enough. “She gave us her body, and I desire to keep it!”

“Relax, my love.” Desmond rolled his eyes, then deviously twirled a lock of my scarlet hair. “We can’t exactly have more than one beloved, now can we?”

Caspian’s brows furrowed in thought. “No, I don’t believe so.”

“So, perhaps we could take her as our mistress?” He suggested with a simple shrug.

...Oh, shit! No, nopity nope!

A wide grin lit up Caspian’s face. “Yes! A mistress!” He leaned in and kissed the top of my head. “I like the sound of that.”

I tried to protest and tell these two blood-sucking seducers that I’d rather them leave me to die out here than be tethered to their rotten souls for all eternity, but life was swiftly leaving me. I could feel the cold cruel hands of death reaching up from great darkness to drag my soul down to forever drown in the voids of the unknown. I was too weak to protest as Desmond pressed my frozen lips to his bleeding chest, letting the thick metallic river flow down my throat.

His lips lovingly pressed to Caspian’s while I unwillingly drank in my fate of eternal undying. “Do you think she will feel the same pain that I did when you sired me?” Caspian worriedly asked into the kiss.

Desmond broke away and gently cradled my face within his hands. Blue eyes thoughtfully searched mine as his thumb tenderly wiped a small trickle of blood from the corner of my mouth. “I hope so.” As soon as those words left his mouth, he abruptly snapped my neck.

And everything faded into nothingness.

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