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Dark Pleasures (1) - Cruel Pleasures

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Cruel Pleasures (Dark Pleasures Book 1) Two Lovers broken apart by a cruel event. and Maybell is responsible for a heinous act. She is responsible, and so she deserves to be punished. She deserves everything that he does to her. Doesn't she? The other Lover is a powerful man. Isiah Lee. And he wants to get revenge. He wants to stop the pain. The painful madness of love betrayed. She deserves everything that he does to her. Doesn't she? A sensual story of cruelty, pleasure...and maybe renewal. Isiah lee is the billionaire son to a technological dynasty. Maybell Foster is a jewelry saleswoman. They are in love, but Maybell betrayed Isiah. She betrayed their future. She killed them. Torn apart by her actions Isiah is broken and revenge corrupts his heart...driving their love to a dangerous place full of pain and tortured desires that they both indulge in because they are both too weak to walk away...

Erotica / Thriller
Crimson Petals
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Chapter 1 - Come (Cum)

Chapter One – Come (Cum)

Maybell Foster Got exactly what she deserved.

In the soft autumn light the young coca colored woman basked in the crisp 70 degree sunset over the hills in upper East Chicago. Long bare legs and ebony colored arms glowed in the orange light. While gossamer green eyes, full pink lips and a slim face framed by black curly locks soaked in the last rays of the day making her hair blaze like obsidian.

Thee were the last minutes of her freedom.

Because her nights now belonged to revenge and pleasure pain so sharp it was enough to drive her mad.

“Blip! Blip!” Said her cell phone just as the sun sank off, turning the sky into a pastel painting full of blue, orange and peach russet clouds. The chirp of insects and the “whoosh” of vehicles across the overpass hanging far above her head were the only sounds and for Maybell the phone easily overshadowed them all.

It wasn’t a call. It was a text. A summons that made the young woman tremble and tears spring to her eyes.

Don’t look. Don’t go to him....Your wasting you time.....

She tried often, every night, to fight it. But Maybelle’s always ended up looking at the phone. She always read the text. She didn’t care if she was wasting her time.

And she away ran, heart pounding, and flesh quivering to answer his summons.

All in all Maybell was a normal, soft, sweet woman of only 21 years. She had a lucrative job as a diamond sales woman. Two cats. And an associate degree in business. She also had a loving family and a stable financial career.

And yet this all seemed second to the bringer of cruel lust. The man she had betrayed. The man who called her now.

Maybell got what she deserved.


Taking a shuddering breath Maybell stood up from where she had been sitting against the hood of her small Honda.

She looked at the text.

[Are you coming tonight?]

A short sentence. The same exact sentence He had been sending to her for nearly two weeks now. A double antandre meant to make her squirm.

The text. The summons. Or was it more like a challenge? A dare? HE wanted it to be her choice. He wanted her to choose him, because she hadn’t chosen him before.

What are you going to do? You can stop this....He’s destroying you and you’re just going to let him?

Swallowing a small chill Maybell pressed her long dainty digests to the screen of her iPhone...replying.

[Don’t I come every night?]

It was witty and simple and also held the double meaning. She was proud of herself.

There was a pause. There was always a pause lately. Before this had al began He had been quick and attentive with her in all things, even messages, but no more.

Now he was slow, as if he were bored or busy and had a million other things to do, rather than respond to her insignificant words.

Maybell sighed.

I want to go back....Why can’t we just go back?

“Blip! Blip!” The phone buzzed in Maybelle’s hand taking her thoughts. She glanced at his reply.

[Good Girl. Let’s make sure you do the same tonight. Make me wait....I dare you...]

Sweating slightly, Maybell exited the text messaging screen and nearly cried out in horror as the time glowed bright white on her phones screen. 7:08pm.

With little dignity the woman scrambled up and down the roof of the car. She was not a small woman, built more like a compact amazon, sporting a healthy frame full of curves, she found herself nearly bouncing off the hood as she rolled to her feet, snatched her purse, hopped into the driver’s seat and pulled off.

Crap! Every time he cuts the time a little shorter. Ill barely make it!

With a grim smile, Maybell shook her head and gripped the steering wheel.

He wants me to be late so he can make me suffer more for breaking my promise....

7:09 pm. Read the clock in her dash board as she merged into the street and headed towards the center of the city.

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