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Deepest Desire

By cutebabe692005 All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Thriller

Chapter 1

In the beginning of the end there is always something that isn’t finished, for me it was him. The life I knew and wanted wasn’t there or even close enough to grasp. I knew I had to make a way to see him one last time before we had to say our final goodbye. Only getting there was the problem without a way of getting a hold of him or being able to see him nonetheless it seemed impossible. So I set out on a journey to be with the one that I knew I couldn’t have in the end.

My name is Katrina I am 25 years old and I live in a tiny town out in the middle of nowhere. There is only one gas station and one grocery store for the whole town. Population is 500-600 people depending on the time of the year. Neighbors helped neighbors it seemed like it was the perfect place to live. The town would have carnivals to bring in the fall months. There would be rides of all sorts, dunking boothes, and the games that everyone is familiar with that came with the carnivals. There would be eating contests, dancing contests, cooking contests, and even dancing contests. The events happened the week before the kids would return to school, so that they would be quiet ready for the days to slow down. Everyone in town joined in and helped set it up. Most were doing the games and in the contests. But the few that didn’t join in, in all the festivies thought that it was a joke, they were the outcasts in the town the ones that always stayed in trouble in or out of school. As the kids went back to school and the town settled down from the carnival the fall season would begin to set in. The trees would have all the beautiful hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown. The town looked like it came straight out of the movies. The day after Thanksgiving the town would start getting ready for Christmas, by decorating the town with lights streaming from one edge of town to the other, and there would be a humungous tree in the middle of town, that had been there for generations, that would be decorated to bring in the Christmas joy. Carolers would go out caroling, decadent dishes would be made to taste before the feast, and presents were put under the tree. In the quaint little town everyone was included on Christmas Day.

I loved living in the quiet little town and I enjoyed the life I lived. I didn’t need anything else, sure I was 25 and single, but I didn’t want to complicate things with a relationship. I was going to college so that I could become a productive person in society. I hadn’t yet chosen the profession that I wanted to do, I was keeping my mind open in every aspect. I knew that once I finished college to get a job I would have to leave the town that I called my home for so long. I wasn’t ready for that, not yet. I had my parents near by, my friends, and all the other people that I cherished so much. I knew that I had to leave, but I was enjoying my life here. I was going to pick out the best present I could find for my parents, although they told me I shouldn’t get them anything, they were just being modest. Every year I went into the city to find them the perfect gift, this year wasn’t going to be any different, or so I thought.

It started when a new family moved in town. They seemed quite pleasant when they first came. The man was of a decent age in the mid forties . He had beautiful skin, without wrinkles or a single disposition anywhere to be seen. Hair that laid perfectly without movement from the wind, ice blue eyes that could pierce your soul. The woman was a little younger, but still didn’t have a trace of aging on her skin as well. Her hair was long and flowing unscathed by the wind or the temperature. She had dark brown eyes that could see the darkness that was held inside. I was a good neighbor as was the rest of the town I introduced myself to the couple and as did they their names were Greg and Bethany Sholoudaron. They had wanted to move from the big city to be close to nature. I had thought that it was a good thing that people were realizing that the little town still had things to offer. As the days went on even before the Sholoudarons moved completely in things seemed to change about the quaint town . But no one knew what kind of changes were coming. Greg and Bethany were very successful, and they used their money without thinking. The house that they had moved into wasn’t up to their expectations, so they were remodeling. People were in and out at all hours of the day and the night hammering and banging. The noise almost became unbearable until one day it just stopped. That’s when we saw them begin to move all of their things in to their new home.

After they had settled in I had become curious of the new neighbors, so I went to find out a little more about them. Over time I had began spending much more of my time at the lovely home they had turned the once broken down home into. I had become good friends with Bethany. I was with Bethany more of the day than my own friends, no one had thought that to be strange, I was making the new comers feel welcome is the thought of the town. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t made my own mind up about being so close. Bethany had put me in a trance that I wouldn’t ever be able to get away from. For Bethany saw the darkness inside my soul. Bethany began asking questions that no one else had ever asked me. I thought that she was trying to get to know the real me, the person that no one else got to see, but she was using all of this to hold me there. I had hid my darkest desires from the townspeople. No one knew how dark my thoughts were and I wanted to keep it that way. Bethany could be trusted with my secrets, only that she didn’t talk to anyone in the town except for me. The more she wanted to know the more I told her all the way to the very depths of my soul. She began to unravel the things that I hadn’t said, like the fact that I dream of a man that could take every fantasy that I had ever had and make them come true, or the fact that I hadn’t had the satisfaction of having a man show me the way a woman should feel behind closed doors. It was all true, but how did she know without me telling her? Had she read my thoughts or was it that obvious to someone that knew more about the world, than the people in our town? Either way she was right, I didn’t know how but she was right.

Bethany had found out my secret and was using it against me without my knowledge. I knew that my thoughts and desires would be looked down upon because it was morally wrong. My body ached for the need, and that need got worse as I spent more time at the Sholoudarons place but I didn’t know why or how to control it. I hadn’t been in this situation before all I knew was that I had to find a way to get some relief from what I was feeling. I tried everything, even staying away from Bethany to see if that would help, it only made it worse. I tried masturbating to no avail. I finally gave in and went to go see Bethany. To my surprise the closer I got to the house the less that need, needed to be released for the moment. Bethany made us some tea as we sat and talked. I felt like I was connected to the house, or maybe it was Bethany, I didn’t know. The one thing that I did know is that I didn’t want to feel that agonizing pain from not getting my needs met. Bethany asked if I would like to stay the night, that I looked exhausted. I felt exhausted, but I knew I had to find out how to realease some of this pressure that was building between my legs. Once again right on que like she was reading my mind, Bethany had said “Go soak in the tub, in the guest bathroom it is right off of the room you will be sleeping, I will be in there waiting on you to get out so we can solve some of the problem that you are having.”

I slipped my clothes off while the water was running in the massive tub. I looked around at the surroundings in the lovely bathroom. It had a stand-up shower that could accomodate at least 5 grown men. There was a mirror in almost every direction that I looked. The only window that was in the room looked out over the river that ran on the edge of town. It was a magnificent sight. I tested the water to be sure I hadn’t gotten it to hot for me to slip my completey nude body in. As I was laying in the tub relaxing, my mind began to drift to all the amazing things that I had yet to experience. I let my mind drift to every desire that crept up in my mind. The longer I laid there, the more intense my thoughts became, I couldn’t take it anymore I had to get out of the tub so my mind wouldn’t wonder anymore. I stepped out of the tub, not really remembering everything that Bethany had said, I wrapped a towel around me and was astonished to find Bethany lying in the bed I was to sleep in. Had she really meant everything she said? Bethany was wearing a black lace sexy that was completely see-through. Her body was beautiful as she lay there, every curve in the right place, and her breasts were of ample size. I hadn’t realized that I was just standing there in the doorway admiring her body, not making a move, until she startled me out of my daydream. She had gotten off of the bed and made her way to me, taking the towel from around me she led me to the bed she had been laying. Before letting me climb up on the bed, she turns me around to face her, my heart beating so hard and fast that I swear she could hear it, she takes a step back and says “Let me admire my canvas, before I take it for all it’s worth.” I began to blush, she leans toward me placing a soft small kiss on my cheeck, before saying “No reason to blush, your more beautiful than words can describe.” She then kisses me ever so gently but yet overtaking my mouth with hers, I feel her hands all over my body not leaving a space untouched by her soft warm hands. She plays with my breasts paying extra special attention to my nipples, she began kissing her way to my neck, where I can feel her hot breath against my skin making me become moist. She kisses her way to my breasts as her hand slides so softly over my clit making me twitch with pleasure. Feeling my body move with her touch she takes her hand and slides it further down until the tip of her finger can tease my warm, moist pussy, making me wiggle from pure pleasure. She slowly slides her finger inside making me release ever so slightly, being sure not to let me fully let go. Taking her hand away and standing up right she pushes me on the bed wanting to taste my warm juices that are at the verge of spilling out, just from her touch. She elegantly slides out of the gown she is wearing, climbs on the bed next to me, starts by penetrating my mouth with her tongue, teasing the tip of my tongue until she fully engulfs of mouth with hers. I moan as I feel her body on mine. I let my hands explore her body taking in how every part of her skin feels below my hands. I let my hands engulf her breasts as she moans from my touch. I slide my hand across her smooth body until I reach her clit. I tease it with the tip of my finger, only letting her breath when I slide my finger to get her wetness so I can tease her clit some more. Her breathing becomes short and rigid wanting to see how she feels inside I slide my hand down to feel the depths within. She has made my body her playground, she has slid her hand down my body into my now dripping wet pussy, taking me closer to the edge with every twitch of her finger not letting me feel the pure ecstasy of having an orgasm. Our bodies are moving to the rhythm of the other, wanting to release as much as the other. She kisses her way down my body, taking her time to pay special attention to my clit. Taking her tongue and teasing it, barely even clipping the edge of her tongue on it making me arch my back with every small release she allows me. Then I feel her engulf my wet pussy with her mouth taking her thumb to tease my clit. Her tongue jabbing in and out of me in long strides then in short strides. I am unable to control myself as my moans become louder as I get closer to having an orgasm. She jabs her tongue in me and all I feel is the tip of her tongue hitting my sweet spot. I scream as I get closer I’m about to cum. She begins to move the tip of her tongue even faster and harder as I get closer my legs begin to tremble, and then I feel pure ecstasy. Feeling good about what she has done Bethany leaves me to fall asleep.

The next morning when I awoke there was a breakfast tray lying on the bed. Strawberries, waffles, and a cup of coffee with sugar and creamer just the way I like it. There was a note

Katrina, Feel welcome to stay as long as you would like. There are fresh clothes in the bathroom for you.

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