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Call Him Daddy

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I’m new at writing so feel free to leave your criticism 🫶🏼 This is a sexual story with erotic writing, don’t read this if you’re a vanilla type😉 Here we go…… Cat is just a little innocent 20 year old girl, focusing on her studies, trying to find work as an intern as she is going into her last year of college. How long will this last when she is forced to be around her friend’s handsome father that she can’t keep her eyes off🫣 Doesn’t seem like he wants to keep his eyes off her either. Will she give in to his sexual presence🤔

Erotica / Romance
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The knowing

(I cant believe mom and dad hate each other after being together for almost 40 years. They can't even be in the same room together without wanting to kill each other)

(Since dad lost his job last year, things have been tough, mom was always a housewife and didn't need to work. Luckily my scholarship is fully paid)

Since you moved out 2 years ago, things have changed a lot. You used to live in a dorm room with your friend Anna but since your other friend Liana in the dorm room next to you was raped, you and Anna both moved out.(I still can't believe that happened, they never even found the guy who did that to her)

You had to move in with your Aunt, it's not the best but it will have to do. She brings home random men almost every night and she' s constantly drunk, since my Uncle passed away, she's never been the same.

Anna moved in with her dad after the whole rape situation, I've only met him once when he gave me a ride to my Aunt's house from college.

God, that is one handsome man, I don't even know his name.

Probably better that way, you cant seem to control the throbbing between your legs when you see him, he's Anna's father but he got her when he was only 15 and she's two years younger than I am. 33 doesn't seem that old.

You shake your head when you realise what you're thinking about.

Anna is my friend, I cant be thinking about her father like this, and it's not like he'll ever have eyes for me anyway, he most probably sees me as just a college kid.

I have to get ready, Anna and I are going out tonight, We haven't seen each other in a while, Im excited to have fun with her again.

You take a steamy shower, the hot water touches your skin and you think about how lonely you've been, your hand slides down your silky wet skin until it reaches your throbbing folds. You start to slide along your pussy feeling how wet you are just with one touch, 'you've never had sex before so this is how you always find a release' your start rubbing your clit as you feel your legs shaking, your orgasm is near. Just as you're about to cum the image of Anna's father flashes through your mind and as you release, the word 'daddy' slips your lips.

You quickly wash up and get dressed, you slipped into a tight little black dress that hugs your curves and ass perfectly. You wait for Anna to come pick you up.

When Anna arrives you jump into her car and you two catch up while you're on you way to the club.

The club is packed, as you reach the door, the two huge built bouncers ask Anna for her ID, they let you in as you look more mature, Anna has a beutiful body but her curves wasn't as obvious and defined as yours.

You two head to the bar and order a round of shots, while waiting for the shots you notice a familiar face - A-Anna.. Is that your dad?

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